Wednesday 7/20/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Frankie is concerned about Asher when he asks for another prescription for pain medicine because he claims Colby lost his pills. Frankie calls Caleb who comes to the hospital and Frankie advises Asher to get help for his addiction. Asher says he isn’t an addict but Caleb tells Asher he is moving out of the Chandler mansion and coming home with him. Caleb later goes to the Mansion with Caleb and sees a drunk JR and tells him to get some help. Tad is moved while reading pages from Dixie’s diary and after having a talk with Cara about his Tad the cad past he asks Cara to help him say good-bye to Dixie. Greenlee has a dream about seeing the project Orpheus logo and being locked in a room with another patient but she can’t see who the other patient is so she and Ryan decide to make David think that she is in pain in her legs from the injuries sustained from the motorcycle accident so that David will want to help her. David falls for the story and Greenlee tells Ryan that this way she will find out more about Project Orpheus.

Griffin talks to Maria who remembers that the credit card David gave her when she was on the run for murder had the project Orpheus logo on it. Maria tells Griffin that if he needs help to keep David from hurting any more people then she will be more then glad to help him. Griffin confronts David and asks him if he has been testing out the project Orpheus research on humans. JR continues to drink because he doesn’t think that anyone cares about him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that it’s good to have her back at work; it wasn’t the same without her. Now Taylor and Steffy are paying the price. Taylor speaks to a picture of Ridge and says she will never stop loving him. Someday they will find their way back together again. Bill stops by. He’s looking for Steffy, but tells Taylor that he heard what happened and he is sorry. She confides to him that as a mother she hasn’t a clue how to help Steffy. Bill says the way he sees it that Ridge has a pattern and he’s always going to treat her and her family as second best. She shares with him that Stephanie offered Thomas 25% of the company to do her bidding by lying about Brooke. Bill realizes it is a business deal as much as personal. Hope tells Steffy that it doesn’t seem like she is angry with her brother. Steffy muses that she hates what he did, but he is her brother. He sold his family out, but made one heck of a business deal to get the 25%. Brooke does not deserve Ridge over his other family; it’s as simple as that. Ridge tells Stephanie that it is not fair for her to give Thomas her 25%; he does not deserve it for lying about Brooke. She can not change her will; it is an irrevocable trust. Thomas walks in as Ridge wanted to see him, but wasn’t sure he would come. Thomas says he would like to say something first. He’s sorry that he lied, but he can’t take that back now. All he can do is be a man and accept responsibility and promise them that nothing like this will ever happen again.

Steffy tells Hope that she thinks she has every right to be angry with her father. They are always the other family; he always chooses Brooke, R.J. and Hope. There has to be something in there for them. Ridge tells Thomas that he is killing Taboo. Stephanie begs him not to as she would be punishing him for something she started. Ridge says if he wants to redeem himself, then he can sign the agreement to give back the shares. Bill asks Taylor if she has read Stephanie’s will. She admits she hasn’t. He advises her not to give the shares back; it is their legacy and eventually Thomas and Steffy will have controlling interest. Steffy comes home and gets Taylor to promise to go to FC now and talk Ridge out of this. She tells Bill that here he is again; just the man she needs. They kiss. She gloats that with Thomas’s 25% and her 25% and Bill’s 12%, they would be the controlling force someday. She likes the sound of that. Taylor barges in just as Thomas is signing the agreement to give back the shares….only not to Stephanie but to sign them over to Ridge so he can make sure someday that Thorne, Felicia and Kristen are included in this. Taylor says this is not legal as she is trustee of the will and she has not signed. Under no circumstances is Thomas to sign back over those shares.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the Cheating Heart, Chloe saw Justin and Adrienne and told them about performing in Brookville.  Justin wondered if that was how she got the money for her apartment.  Quinn walked in and overheard their conversation.  Chloe lied and said that it was how she got the money.  Vivian called Quinn while he was listening to Chloe and Justin talking about what she has to do to get her son back.  Vivian wanted to meet Quinn and his drug pusher at the pier.  At the Brady pub, Stefano bragged to Kate about going free.  Kate was happy because she didn’t know what she’d do without him.  Gabi ran into Stefano and Kate.  Kate wondered if Gabi was okay.  Gabi said that she’s not alright because of what Stefano did to Rafe, Sami and the kids.  Gabi and Kate started fighting about Stefano.  Gabi walked away from her.  Kinsey and Chloe walked in the pub.  They were talking about Chloe’s new job.  Kate was not happy to hear that Chloe could get her son back because of singing at the club.  Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion to find Sami.  EJ said she wasn’t there.  EJ told Rafe that he gave Sami full custody of the kids.  Rafe didn’t believe him.  EJ told Rafe that he gave Sami the documents.  Rafe wanted to know what he’s up to now.

At the Sapphire Club, Jennifer and Daniel kissed.  They also started talking about what happened in their relationship.  Jennifer finally mentioned that Carly has feelings for him.  Daniel didn’t believe that.  Jennifer didn’t want him to talk to Carly about what she told him.  Vivian met with Quinn and Phillips.  Vivian wanted Phillips to make sure that Carly buys drugs from him.  Carly was at the park.  She was upset about seeing Daniel and Jennifer kissing at the Sapphire Club.  She thought about meeting Phillips and about his offer to sell her drugs.  She left the park.  Rafe continued to question EJ’s motive for giving up custody of the kids.  Stefano overheard EJ and Rafe’s conversation and was upset.  Stefano didn’t like how EJ gave up his rights to his kids.  Rafe eventually left the mansion.  Stefano wasn’t going to stand for EJ’s decision.  EJ said he had to do it.  Stefano said he was wrong. Phillips assured Vivian that he had everything he needed to get Carly hooked to drugs.  Carly saw Phillips on the pier.  He approached Carly about the drugs.  Carly refused to get the drugs.  Phillips put his card in her purse.  Phillips dropped a baggie of drugs on the steps.  Carly picked up the baggie and walked off.  Vivian watched her take the baggie.  After hearing Kinsey and Chloe talking, Kate made a phone call to get the number for the nightclub.  She tried to get the club owner to make sure that Chloe didn’t sing there.  He didn’t listen to her and hung up the phone.  Kate had to find another way to get to Chloe.  EJ and Stefano continued to talk about EJ’s custody agreement.  Stefano ended up walking away and making a phone call.  EJ dropped to his knees in pain and collapsed.  Quinn told Vivian that Carly took the bait.  Carly pulled out the baggie and thought of Jennifer and Daniel kissing.  Her hands started to shake.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Carly and Jax continue to argue about the custody of Josslyn. Alexis arrives at the Metro Court and tries to stop Jax from screaming at Carly. Sonny and Brenda continue to talk/argue about…well…Carly and Jax. Sonny just wants Brenda to come home – but Brenda says that she can’t.  Carly goes to see Brenda – argument ensues. Carly goes to Sonny’s house to talk to him.

Siobhan calls Elizabeth out. Elizabeth tries again to apologize to Siobhan. Elizabeth and Lucky talk about what happened with Siobhan. Jason continues to be mysterious with Sam. He calls Maxie over and asks for her help – knowing that he might regret it. Maxie argues with Jason about the color of his shirt. Maxie arranges for everything – including the ring. But Jason picks out the ring, himself. Sadly, Maxie tries on the ring – and makes a big mistake. Meanwhile, Sam goes to get some advice from her mom, Alexis.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Joey gives Kelly an exact replica of a Christmas ornament they had bought together, years ago. David is worried about Dorian. John searches the Minuteman Motel looking for Sam. He follows the trail of Silly String to Echo's room, where Superman Sam silly-strings Echo to the wall and untapes Dorian. John asks Sam about the man that brought him there. Sam says it was the man with the line on his face. John takes Sam home. Echo is arrested. Dorian and David are reunited at the police station. Natalie tells Viki about the man with Todd's old face. Outside Todd's house, Original Todd demands that he and Todd go into the house so Blair and Tea can decide who is really Todd, but they are interrupted by another armed man, who says Todd's family will be executed if Original Todd doesn't go with him. The man becomes many men. Original Todd uses Todd as a human shield and backs away, but someone hits him over the head. The man in charge tells Todd that they will take care of everything, they were never there, nothing ever happened, and Todd must never speak of it to anyone, but especially not his brother-in-law, Tomas. Sebastian wonders if Tomas is worried about Sam or if he is worried about his secret. He asks Tomas about his CIA file and special skills. The men take Original Todd to the docks and tell him that he killed his future with the organization when he allowed himself to be seen in Llanview. They shoot him and push him in the water.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone gathers for Sharon’s sentencing all except Nick, Phyllis and Noah. Sharon is sentenced to 30 years without the possibility of parole. Victor and Sam declare to help Sharon get out of this mess. Phyllis and Nick have breakfast together but vows to be only friends. Diane watches them the whole time that they are eating breakfast. Eden tries to console Noah when he doesn’t go to Sharon’s sentencing. Nick confronts Diane about her watching him and Phyllis. Nick lets Diane know that he doesn’t hate her, but she needs to stand on her own two feet and stop letting men manipulate her. Diane gets a call from Adam and goes to meet him at his hotel room. Adam tells Diane that she is going through with their plan and no backing out. Phyllis tries to find out information on why Adam had changed his feeling toward Sharon.

Sharon tries to call Adam but he refuses to return her calls. Adam tells Diane that they are going to frame Victor for her death. Adam tells Diane that she will sign over custody of Kylie to Victor. Sharon calls Diane again and Diane answers the phone. Phyllis confronts Adam as to what he had done with the evidence he had found to clear Sharon’s name.

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