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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. takes A.J. for Tad to watch but doesn’t want any of Tad’s advice concerning his drinking. Scott comes downstairs and finds Marissa’s baggage in the foyer. Scott asks Marissa about it and she tells him that she is moving out. Marissa lets him know that she is in love with someone else that someone is Bianca. Scott is surprised. At the Confusion bar, Jesse runs into Liza and finds out that she was fired. Angie and Maya spend time with Lucy, but Maya is harassed by phone calls from Mookie. Angie begins to get suspicious when Maya refuses to answer the calls. Jake checks on Amanda’s lab results and finds out that Amanda is due for a biopsy and he schedules it for that day. David visits Dixie and starts to give her another injection when she suddenly reaches up and grabs his arm. David soon controls her or so he thinks and proceeds to give her the injection. Jesse remembers burying his stillborn daughter. J.R. walks into the Chandler living room and finds Marissa as well as Scott. J.R. orders Marissa to leave.

Jesse is unnerved by Maya’s closeness to Lucy and thinks that Maya is Lucy’s Mother. Brot tries to relieve Jesse’s concerns. Jesse seems to be calming down a little bit over his concerns until Mookie comes to visit. Jesse notices that Mookie is African-America and could possibly be Lucy’s father. Jesse comes to the conclusion to order a DNA test on Lucy to see if she is Maya’s. Liza brings Tad a package which is from Dixie’s father. David leaves Dixie alone, thinking she is knocked out, but she opens her eyes as soon as David leaves her alone. Tad opens the package and finds Dixie’s diary. Jake calls Tad to join him at the hospital for Amanda’s biopsy. Kendall confronts David if he is the one, who had kidnapped Erica from her wedding. Griffin calls Maria Santos for help with David.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy thinks back on what Bill told her – that he loves her. She’d cold toward Thomas and wonders if his conscious hurts him this morning. Thomas says he wishes he hadn’t done all the things he did. Bill is surprised to see Liam sneaking up on him in his office when he thought he was out of town on business. Liam admits that he didn’t go. He came back and saw him and Steffy together. He’d like to know if this is the end of something or the start of something. Bill sloughs it off that Steffy thought her family was getting back together, but it didn’t happen. She was very upset and he was there to comfort her. Liam says yeah he seems to be doing a lot of that lately. Ridge stops by just missing Thomas and Steffy so he asks Taylor how Steffy is. Ridge tells her the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her and Steffy; he wishes he could go back. He’s there to pick up a few things. Steffy confides in Thomas that she is better than she was last night. She never should have drove off in that rain, but Bill called and met her at the cliff house and all is all right now. Thomas says he is glad, but warns her that Bill is a married man. Steffy says yes….. to Katie. Seems every time she wants something, a Logan is in the way.

Bill tells Liam that he did not sleep with Steffy. She is a fighter and she will use all of this to her advantage. That’s what people like the two of them do. Hope drops in on Thomas and can’t believe that Steffy is defending him. Steffy doesn’t understand why she is even here; she lost nothing. Taylor is definitely against it, it’s not fair, when Ridge conveys to her there will be consequences to Thomas’s lies. He is pulling the Taboo line. Liam says he gets it that he and Steffy have been through some very intense stuff and he was there for her. Bill says Steffy does not deserve to be treated like second best. Liam reminds him that she is beautiful, sexy and has a lot going on for her, but she is the same woman who took Forrester Creations away from him. He just wants his dad to be careful. Bill points out that Ridge promised both Taylor and Steffy there would be a relationship and now he has let them down once again. He expects loyalty from his son and doesn’t want him to mention a word of this to Katie. Ridge tells Taylor that he and Brooke really are happy. She did not betray him. Taylor retrieves Brooke’s wedding ring and asks Ridge to give it back to her. It’s on loan until Brooke screws up again. She knows that Ridge will wake up one day and realize this is where he belongs. He gives her one last hug goodbye and says he will always love her too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Bo asked the inmates what happened to Fake Rafe.  They said that Fake Rafe fell. Hope wanted to know why he had bruises on the back of his neck.  The guy Rafe arrested said Fake Rafe hit his head when he fell.  Later, Bo and Hope saw Taylor talking to Roman about Fake Rafe.  She didnít want Fake Rafe to get away with killing her mother.  Bo told Taylor she didnít have to worry about that anymore.  He also told her that Fake Rafe signed a confession implicating Stefano and EJ.  Stefano insisted that he and EJ were innocent.  Charles walked in the police station and announced that Fake Rafe is dead.  Stefano and EJ smiled because of the news.  EJ smirked and told Bo and Hope that they donít have anything and wonít be able to keep them.  Vivian told Gus the info that she has so far.  She knows that Jennifer is attracted to Daniel and she thinks Carly is jealous.  She is drowning her sorrows with drugs.  Vivian plots to get Jennifer and Daniel alone together.  At the hospital, Carly is ecstatic about her date with Daniel.  He wanted to meet at the Sapphire Club.  At the loft, Rafe was reading to Johnny when Abe called.  Abe told him what happened with Fake Rafe.  Gus told Vivian that their plan hit a snag because Carly and Daniel are going to be together tonight.  Vivian was determined to put a stop to Carly and Daniel meeting each other.  Just when Carly was about to leave for her date, Maxine stopped her.  She told her that a man needed her help.  Gus turned out to be the man who needed her help.  He was complaining about stomach pains.  Sami was upset that Fake Rafe was killed.  She believed he was their last chance.  Rafe wasnít so sure of that and wanted to go to the police station.

Sami and Rafe arrived at the police station.  Sami told EJ and Stefano that they were still going to rot for what they did.  EJ pretended not to know what she meant by that.  Sami asked Bo, Hope, Roman, and Rafe if EJ and Stefano are going to walk.  Bo promised that whoever killed Fake Rafe will be punished.  EJ was smug and told Bo happy hunting.  Stefano wanted to leave.  Bo told a cop to uncuff Stefano and EJ.  DA Woods told Bo that he blew it and walked away.  Stefano and EJ were going to get their release papers.  EJ saw Taylor, but she left.  Sami told Stefano and EJ that it wasnít over.  Jennifer was set up by ďsomeoneĒ to meet Daniel at the Sapphire Club.  They didnít know why they were set up to meet each other, but they talked anyway.  Carly was rough with Gus.  She told him about how he works for Vivian and was out to get her.  While her back was turned, he went through her bag and sent Vivian a text.  Taylor confronted EJ.  She didnít think he should fight Sami for custody of the kids.  EJ wanted to know if she was at the station to stop Fake Rafe from making a deal.  She didnít want her motherís killer to get away with murder.  Taylor still thinks he should pay for what he did.  She also said she didnít think she could ever forgive him.  He didnít believe that.  Rafe talked to the inmates and wanted answers.  The guy Rafe arrested refused to help him.  Sami arrived at the DiMera mansion and yelled at EJ about him not taking the kids from her.  She destroyed his legal documents and EJ tried to stop her.  She continued to rant on about how he hurt the kids and that Johnny was scared of him.  Sami eventually wanted to know about the documents.  He told her heís giving her full custody of the kids.  He doesnít want to hurt them anymore.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam thinks Sonny went too far with planting drugs in Jax's room. Carly is concerned that Jax could go to prison. Sonny justifies his means as long as Carly gets Josslyn. Carly thinks Brenda's marriage to Sonny should be more important than her friendship with Jax, but wonders if Sonny will lose Brenda. Jax asks Brenda to tell the judge that she believes Sonny framed him. Jax and Brenda confront Carly and Sonny. The judge grants full custody to Carly. Brenda tells Sonny that the only home she has ever had was with him, but now he has taken that away from her.

Molly has changed her mind about love after seeing so many couples fail at it. She compares it to unicorns and dragons. Jason assures her that love is real. Jason invites Sam for a rooftop picnic. Sam wonders what he is up to.

Siobhan tells Lucky that he is compelled to save people and that he will always run to rescue Elizabeth. Lucky goes to Family Dinner Night at Elizabeth's. Cameron doesnít understand how they can have family Dinner Night. During dessert, Siobhan arrives and thanks Elizabeth for the invitation.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Rick agrees to his end of the bargain and is satisfied with Nate's and Deanna's "work" in shooting his porn film, they leave together. But right then, Dani catches them together and assumes the obvious. Nate does not tell her the "whole truth" about the porn flick but convinces her that he and Deanna did not have sex. He would never cheat on her. The reason they went to the Minuteman together and did not tell anyone is because she met a lawyer who agreed to help her find her mother. And because the guy and the circumstances looked suspicious. Nate did not want Deanna to go alone so he accompanied her. Dani believes and and apologizes to Nate for distrusting him. But he feels guilty that he had to lie to her. Meanwhile, in the other room, Echo is holding Dorian hostage. She is bound and gagged with duct tape to a chair. David is frantically trying to find Dorian with Viki. Echo realizes that if she lets Dorian go, Dorian can get her arrested since Dorian is the mayor and they will believe her word over Echo's. So, Echo concludes, she has to "dispose" of Dorian. But before she can do that, Sam comes by dressed as Spiderman, while he waits for original Todd to return. He enters the other room ready to save his aunt. Meanwhile, original Todd gets current Todd to meet him and demands to know who he is and how he could have stolen original Todd's life. Current Todd appears to not know what he is talking about and attests that he has been the one and only Todd Manning throughout his life. Original Todd points a gun at current Todd and is ready to kill him but then realizes it will not enable him to get any answers. So they go together to meet all the people in Todd's life so that they may decide who is the "real" Todd Manning.

Original Todd takes Sam with him to his room at The Minuteman. Sam suspects nothing as original Todd tells him that he is Spiderman ready to fight the "green goblin" who has stolen his identity. When Sam is unaware, original Todd calls current Todd to inform him that he is Spiderman (although he does not reveal who he really is). He informs him he has Sam and current Todd better do what he says or he will never see his son again. Dani is outside the door of the Minuteman hoping to find out what Nate and Deanna are doing but does not find them and does not recognize original Todd having never met him. Meanwhile, Destiny keeps her secret that she is pregnant by Matthew when she talks to Nora as they are both awaiting Matthew's recovery and not knowing what to do regarding the time frame or what will happen when he gets better.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby admits to Tucker that she was driving the car that hit him and that she set him up by sending a text message to Diane from his phone telling her to meet him at the Abbott cabin. Abby also tells Tucker that she sent a message to him from Dianne’s phone asking him to meet her at the Abbott cabin, because she wanted to prove to Ashley that she couldn’t trust him. Abby tells Tucker that she doesn’t think she hit him on purpose but everything from that night is fuzzy. Abby asks Tucker to tell her the truth about him sleeping with Diane the night of the tornado and Tucker tells him that he has never had any kind of personal relationship with Diane and asks Abby to put both nights behind them and move on with life. Abby tells Victor about her conversation with Tucker and Victor worries that Tucker is planning some kind of revenge against Abby because he is a vindictive man. Tucker gives Ashley a wedding ring and they celebrate their wedding night.

Deacon tells Diane that Abby was driving the car that hit Tucker and offers to help Diane if she plans to do something to take down Victor. Diane tells Deacon that before she leaves town she plans to expose a few secrets that the elite of Genoa City have been keeping just because they have all treated her badly. Billy has a separated shoulder but will recover from his car accident. Victoria and Cane both tell Chloe that she was cold for taking Delia away from Billy. Chloe tells Cane about Billy’s car accident and Chloe thinks he has been drinking but Cane tells her that Billy didn’t touch a drop. Billy also tells Jill, Ashley and Jack that he wasn’t drinking when he got in the accident but they don’t believe him until the blood alcohol tests confirm that Billy didn’t have any alcohol in his system. Victoria talks to a sleeping Billy in his hospital room and she recalls the happy times she had with him but says that she can’t be there to pick up the pieces anymore because she will go to pieces herself if she stays with him. Victoria kisses Billy on the forehead and leaves the room then the audience finds out that Billy was only pretending to be asleep and he heard everything Victoria said Billy cries a little as he lies in his hospital bed.

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