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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse is cautious about Maya being around the baby. Jane lets her girls know that she is marrying David Hayward. Kendall and Bianca are completely against this marriage but Jane insists on marrying David. Erica begs Ben to talk to her and she opens up about her relationship with Mona. Jane and David go back to his hotel room to celebrate their upcoming nuptials and Jane begins to make elaborate wedding plans which David is against. Frankie warns Maya about the closeness that she had felt for Lucy. Erica begs Ben to let her go. Ben is just about to let her go when Jane arrives and calls him a “traitor” for turning his back on her. Jane lets Erica and Ben know that she is marrying David. Erica is completely against this union. Ben begs Jane not to marry David since he is in love with Jane himself. Marissa opens up to Krystal and lets her know that she is in love with Bianca. Krystal is happy for them that Marissa has found someone to truly love her. Angie lets Jesse know that she had seen a side of David that she hadn’t seen before which proves to her that he is human. Jesse doesn’t believe this for a moment. David visits Dixie in her secret hiding place. Ben urges Jane to listen to a recording that Erica had made about her life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy that he doesn’t say things because he has to; he said he loved her because he means it. Ridge and Brooke are worried about Steffy. They fill Hope and Liam in on the details. Ridge knows he has let her down too many times and she is vulnerable. He hates that she is out there all alone. He wishes she had someone to turn to. Steffy tells Bill that he is amazing….the one night she needed him and he called at that moment. She admits she is a grown woman and she is acting like a child because her father did not pick Taylor and their family. Bill says he understands; he will carry that same feeling with him every day. Hating Ridge won’t make her feel any better. Bill tells her that he is there for her; they hug. He tells her they all make mistakes, even him, but they learn from them. Don’t let this destroy her. Take what she is feeling and channel it; use it at work. He told himself that he would one-up his father….her father did not reject her, but he’s also not going to take her by the hand and walk her through life.

After making love, Brooke tells Ridge that she always wants him in her life. She can not be herself without him. Liam and Hope kiss goodbye. He laments that it’s a good thing he’s going on a trip and has to leave….but waiting for her will be worth it. Steffy tells Bill that it is so frustrating and it hurts. Her dad can not see how Brooke is going to constantly disappoint and hurt him. He claims that at least Ridge loves her; his own dad did not care. Expectations can be cruel if misplaced. He knows Steffy wants Ridge to love her mother like he does Brooke, but he doesn’t. He can not walk away from his feelings for Brooke. She bemoans that there are two men she loves most in her life and she can’t have either one. Bill says that is not true. She has to let her old dream go and find another one. She has so much going on and he is going to be right by her side. He understands her pain and will be there for her. Liam walks in and sees them in an embrace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the DiMera mansion, EJ flashed back to everything that has happened to him recently and eventually thought about Johnny saying that he wasnít his son anymore.  EJ signed a document as Stefano entered the living room.  Stefano told EJ that his henchman couldnít get to Fake Rafe so he doesnít know what will happen. EJ wanted to know if Stefano had a plan.  Stefano always has a plan.  At the Cheating Heart, Brady saw Nicole and sat at a different table from her. Taylor showed up and told Brady that EJ knows that Rafe didnít attack him.  She warned him that EJ might remember that he did it.  Brady thought EJ would be in jail by then.  At the police station, Bo told Hope that things are going so well with their plan that he almost doesnít trust it.  Hope wanted a stenographer when Fake Rafe was ready to talk.  Bo told an officer to get the DA on the phone because Fake Rafe was ready to talk.  At the hospital, Abe and Lexie talked about EJ and Stefano going to jail.  After Abe left, Stefano called her to talk.  She ended up hanging up on him after he told her he loved her.  At the loft, Sami and Rafe told Dario about Fake Rafe.  Dario was happy to have him back. Sophia showed up at the apartment.  Sophia was Rafeís partner in the bureau.  Rafe told Sami about planting Sophia in Fake Rafeís cell and about the plan they had to get Fake Rafe to talk.  Sami was a little upset that Rafe didnít tell her about working with Sophia.

Stefano told EJ that they are getting arrested and they have to get out of town.  Stefano called someone and told them to get the plan ready.  EJ knew there was a problem.  He asked Stefano if they were going to be able to leave Salem.  The police grounded the plane.  EJ was upset about losing his children and Taylor.  Stefano told him to let her go.  Stefano noticed the legal document and wanted to know what it was.  Charles Woods wanted to know why Hope was still at the police station.  Bo told him she was reinstated.  He told Woods that Hope helped crack the case against the DiMeras.  Fake Rafeís lawyer told Bo and Hope that heíll take the deal, but he wants more added to it.  Abe told Nicole and Taylor that Fake Rafe was going to be set free because he took a deal.  Taylor was upset that her motherís killer was going to walk.  Nicole was mad too, but she wanted EJ to go to prison.  Fake Rafe was with Bo and Hope and he wanted to know if they got his list of demands.  Fake Rafeís lawyer advised him to take the original deal.  Bo wanted Lopez (police officer) to take Fake Rafe to his cell and make sure heís alone so he can concentrate on his deal.  Bo warned him not to take too long deciding because thereís a deadline for the deal.  Sami thought Sophia was flirting with Rafe.  He assured her that nothing happened between them.  They just worked together.  Abe told Lexie he was going to make a statement about Stefano and EJ.  Charles told Lexie that it would be hard for Abe to make a statement about his in-laws getting arrested.  It might be hard for him during Election Day.  Lexie reminded him that Chad is losing his father and brother after losing his mother.  Charles didnít like that and walked off.  Fake Rafeís lawyer told Bo that he signed the deal.  Bo wanted Lopez to get the stenographer to Fake Rafeís cell.  A cop put four people in Fake Rafeís cell.  Fake Rafe made fun of them.  One of the guys thought he was Rafe.  Rafe arrested him in the past.  Fake Rafe tried to tell him he wasnít Rafe.  The guys surrounded Fake Rafe.  Two cops showed up at the DiMera mansion to arrest Stefano and EJ.  Abe called Sami and told her that Stefano and EJ were arrested.  She thanked him for calling and told Rafe the news.  Lopez asked another officer where he put the robbers.  He said he put them in the cell with Fake Rafe.  Lopez said he was supposed to be in solitary.  Bo and Hope went to Fake Rafeís cell and found Fake Rafe lying in a pool of blood.  Bo checked his pulse and knew he was dead.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly and Jason panic when they realize Morgan and Molly are hiding Josslyn. Brenda tells Sonny that she’s leaving him. Brenda and Sonny argue over Carly and Jax. Dante manages to get to Lulu before she is raped by Javier. Lulu is considering burning down the brothel. Olivia confides in Steven about seeing Grace Yang at both Jax and Sonny’s offices before the assault. Michael runs into Jax at the police station. Ethan and Kristina talk about Vegas. Carly and Jason ask for Ethan and Kristina’s help in finding the kids. Kristina and Ethan locate Morgan, Molly and Josslyn at the pizza shack. Michael relays to Carly and Jason about Jax’s arrest. Carly is furious with Morgan when he returns home with Josslyn. Michael is surprised to hear about Ethan and Kristina’s plans to go to Vegas. Brenda packs a bag and kisses Sonny goodbye. Once Jax is released on bail, he confronts Carly about Sonny setting him up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd takes Sam with him to the Minuteman Motel and convinces him that he is the "good guy" whom Sam should trust and needs Sam's help in fighting the "green goblin" who stole his identity. Sam suspects nothing while original Todd distracts him and calls current Todd to inform him that he has Sam and current Todd better do what he says or he will never see his son again. back at the house everybody is frantic without a clue who this Spiderman person is or what his motive would be to kidnap Sam. Current Todd goes to meet original Todd without anybody knowing what is going on. Meanwhile, Dani suspects that she will find Nate and Deanna at the Minuteman sleeping together but instead does not find them although she notices original Todd whom she does not recognize. David asks Viki to help him find Dorian who is missing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker arrives at the Jabot launch party and makes a speech about how happy he is to be out of the hospital. When he goes blank about the sales demographics of the new product line, Ashley takes over and answers questions from reporters. Since a reporter asks Tucker and Ashley about their wedding, they admit that they got married while Tucker was in the hospital. Abby is shocked but pretends like she knew about the wedding and wishes her mom happiness. Later she goes home and refuses to take phone calls from Ashley or Victor. Tucker finds out from Sofia that Katherine put her on a paid leave of absence because she didn’t like being questioned about her decisions. Tucker reinstates Sofia and tells Katherine that he is ready to go back to work, because she went against the things he wanted to do with the company. Tucker makes it clear to Katherine that if she doesn’t step down, he will go to court to regain control of his company.

Cane advises Billy to stop drinking, take responsibility for his mistakes, and fight for his marriage but all Billy wants to do is drink. When Cane serves him alcohol, Billy gets drunk. Victoria talks to Victor about Billy since she can’t call Nikki in rehab. Victoria tells Victor she can’t watch Billy destroy himself, but she wants to help him pull his life back together. Victor advises Victoria not to let Billy drag her down with him. Later Victoria gets a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach and heads to the Jabot launch to make the Abbotts promise to help Billy. Jill, Jack, and Ashley promise Victoria they will help Billy pull himself back together, but it may be to late because he gets into a car crash.

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