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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

When Maya sees J.R. drinking, he warns her not to say anything.  Suddenly Tad arrives, so Maya has to hide the evidence, which Mookie sees. He shows his jealousy by grabbing Maya's arm and assuring her that he's watching her. J.R. assures Tad that he doesn't have to keep checking on him, then listens to his feelings about Cara and Dixie. After they play a game with A.J., J.R. angrily declares he's done fighting, because he just keeps losing. Admitting to Tad that he's drinking, J.R. informs him that the woman he loves is a lesbian. Brot finds Jesse desperately looking for a babysitter so he can go to work. Maya approaches Frankie about working for his parents, so she can get away from her harassing boyfriend. Jesse is grateful when Maya arrives to help with the crying baby. As she holds Lucy, Maya looks dumbfounded.

David has encouraging news for Angie's treatment for which she's grateful. What she doesn't appreciate is his arrogance and ruthlessness, but she realizes he's a healer at heart who has saved more lives than he has destroyed. To David, those he has lost matter the most, like his daughter Leora. Angie realizes what's behind his need to play God. David runs off to rescue Jane from the clutches of Erica's family. Jane accuses Greenlee of turning her whole family against her, but Jack points out she's not acting like Erica. Everyone expresses how much they miss her, but Jane thinks her daughters ought to just grow up and stop expecting their mommy to make it all better. Kendall thinks Erica is pushing everyone away because she's sick, but Jane just laughs maniacally and shrinks from her hug. As soon as David arrives, Jane announces that she is in love with him and confesses to having sex with him. While Jack thinks she needs a therapist, Opal opts for an exorcist and gives up on her former gal pal. David shocks Bianca and Kendall when he gets down on one knee and proposes to Jane. Ben listens to Erica as she resolves to tell the truth in her new book, especially about the awful way she treated her mother who she blamed for her father leaving and Richard Fields raping her, creating Kendall. Erica fears that what Jane is doing to Jack will destroy him as well as her life. She gets all excited when she hears thumping on the wall while Ben denies there's someone else.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ridge that nothing has changed. Yes, Thomas lied, but Ridge still loves Taylor and they can be a family again. She does not want to lose him. He explains that she won’t lose him just because he is married to Brooke. Leaving Brooke for something she did not do would be wrong. His children will always be his top priority. She cries that she is talking about herself. He knows there is no age limit for needing her dad, and he’s sorry but he can’t do as she says. She orders him to just leave. He tells her that he loves her very much and he is not abandoning her when he leaves. Brooke tells her sisters that Stephanie was vulnerable and even if she did not sing that well, it was the sentiment that counted. Liam rushes out in the downpour to be with Hope. Bill is pensive and confides in Justin that the non-wedding was good news for Katie, but not so good for Steffy. He asks Justin not to give him a hard time over Steffy. Ridge and Taylor came together again on the Pacific Island and he understands why Steffy fought so hard to get them back together. Bill calls Steffy as he can’t get her out of his head. She’s driving in a storm and doesn’t even know where she is going. She doesn’t care; nothing matters now. He tells her to get to the cliff house if she can; he will meet her there. They can be alone.

Crying and upset, Steffy ignores the calls from Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge just to give it the night; Steffy will be better in the morning. Donna and Katie say their goodbyes and both are happy for Brooke that the truth is out in the open and she is back with Ridge. Katie tells Brooke that she is unconditionally committed to her husband and now wants to do something nice for him. The rain makes Ridge nervous. He just wishes Steffy would text him and say she is okay. As the thunder rumbles, both Steffy and Bill show up at the house about the same time. He takes her into his arms and whispers that he is there now. Hope confides in Liam that she is sorry for Steffy, but still so happy for her mom and Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that she is sure Steffy will reach out to him soon. Steffy asks where Liam is and Bill explains that he is going out of town on a business trip. Steffy complains that her dad had the power to bring their family back together, but he blew it. She knows that Brooke is going to hurt him again. Taylor wasn’t the only one left at the alter; so was she. She doesn’t know if she can help her mother, and her dad keeps walking out on them over and over again. She has no one on her side. He differs. She has him and there is no one with more going on than Steffy. When he kissed her on that plane and said he loved her, he meant it. He never thought he’d find himself saying that, but he is captivated by her. With the fire crackling behind them, she returns his passionate kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the hospital, Quinn told Vivian that his associate deals drugs and met Carly on the pier.  Carly and Lexie showed up so they hid from them.  Vivian and Quinn listened while Lexie talked to Carly about getting Danielís help for surgery.  Vivian eventually wanted to talk to Carly alone.  Carly was hostile with Vivian.  After Carly walked away, Vivian realized that something was wrong with Carly.  At the park, Jennifer ran into Daniel and they started talking.  He wanted to talk about their relationship.  Jennifer didnít see a point in them getting back together.  He eventually told her that she has his number if she changed her mind.  At the police station, Bo asked Hope if she found anything out on the fake Rafe.  She didnít have anything.  Boís afraid that the DiMeras will walk if they donít find something soon.  Fake Rafe was in his cell with a beautiful woman named Sophia.  She threatened him at first and then they flirted with each other.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano assured Kate that everything would be okay.  Bo showed up at the mansion.  Stefano wanted to know if he was getting arrested.  Bo thought Stefano was too relaxed considering whatís going to happen to him and EJ.  Stefano didnít believe anything would happen to them.  Bo let Stefano know that he knows about the leak at the department and that it would be taken care of.  Bo had a feeling that fake Rafe will talk soon.

Fake Rafe continued to talk to his cellmate.  The guard took fake Rafe outside.  Hope showed up in the cell.  She talked to Sophia in the cell.  She told Hope that fake Rafe was easy and stupid.  Hope wanted her to stay a little longer.  She will stay until she can get him to talk.  It turned out Sophia knows Rafe and didnít like what fake Rafe did to him.  Sophia tried to get fake Rafe to talk.  Vivian overheard Carlyís conversations with Jennifer and Daniel.  She was convinced something is going on with Carly.  Quinn met Kate at the pier.  Kate was upset that he wasnít returning her calls.  He told her heís not working for her anymore.  He also warned her to stay away from Chloe.  Kate was determined to get Chloe herself.  Hope told Bo that she thinks Sophia will be able to get through to fake Rafe.  Bo and Hope went to fake Rafeís cell and let him know that Stefano tried to have him killed.  Sophia was about to leave the cell.  Fake Rafe stopped her.  He didnít want her to go to Columbia until she hears from him.  He was finally ready to talk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tries to find information about Lupe's death. Lulu admits to Javier that she is Luke's daughter and asks him to help her. He says he will help her if she sleeps with him and he will warn Luke if she doesn't. Lulu tells Dante that she isn't ready to leave town yet because Javier can help her find Luke. Dante tries to make her understand that Javier is capable of murder and is not safe to be around, but he relents and agrees to help her. When Dante arrives at the brothel Javier and two other armed men are waiting for him. Javier takes his wallet and discovers that he is really Detective Falconeri. Javier tells Dante that he won't kill him until after he hears what he does to Lulu. The two thugs rough up Dante while Javier waits upstairs for Lulu. She tells him to give her the info first. He says she will please him first and then maybe he will tell her what she wants to know. He holds her by the back of her neck and kisses her.

Carly searches for Morgan and Josslyn. Molly and Morgan take Josslyn to a safe hiding place with enough money for two weeks. They both think the solution to Josslyn's custody is to get Carly and Jax back together. Carly tells Jason that Morgan, Josslyn, a box of diapers, and Josslyn's favorite toys are missing. Jason tells her a kidnapper wouldn't know Josslyn's favorite toys. He says he will have some of him men search for them. Carly receives an email from A. Zacchara stating that he has Josslyn and that no ransom is required but that both Jax and Carly have to come to reclaim her. Carly and Jason know it came from Morgan and Molly and that it is an attempt to blackmail Carly and Jax back together. Brenda criticizes Carly and defends her testimony to Jason. Sonny tells Jason he isn't mad at Jax because he has already gotten revenge. Jason warns Sonny that Brenda will be angry if she finds out Sonny hurt Jax to help Carly. Jax wakes up handcuffed in an interview room at the police station. Ronnie Dimestico informs him that he is under arrest. Jax vaguely remembers Grace Yang drugging his coffee and suspects Sonny is behind it. Jax begs Ronnie to help him. When he sees Grace, he begs her to help him. Ms. Yang gives her official statement that Jax went crazy and she thought he was going to kill her. Brenda goes to the police station and tells Jax she will fix it. She goes to Sonny and tells him to fix it. Without admitting guilt, he tells her that if Jax is in trouble, he deserves it. Ethan tells Johnny he hasn't been around because of Anthony. Johnny assures Ethan that Anthony won't threaten Kristina. Ethan tells Johnny that he thinks he has dissuaded Kristina from pursuing him by scaring her with a very adult trip to Las Vegas. Johnny tells him that Kristina is persistent. Kristina asks Sonny if they can take a trip to Manhattan together. He gives her money to shop for clothes to take on the trip. Kristina then goes to Ethan and tells him she has money to go to Las Vegas with him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd finds his way to current Todd's home after learning that the entire family is gathered for Sam's 7th birthday part. He notices a guy dressed as Spiderman ready to enter, knocks him out and puts on his suit so that he can disguise himself and get inside unseen and unknown. Nobody suspects anything. But when everyone is distracted, he takes Sam with him to his motel room. He takes off his mask to "reveal himself" as the man whom Sam remembered in the backyard who saved his life by shooting the "bad man". Meanwhile, John and Natalie are on the case attempting to identify the "bad man" who got shot and the imaginary "friend" whom Sam identified in the picture of original Todd, whom Sam has never met. Rick motivates Nate and Deanna to star in his porn film at The Minuteman. Deanna overhears their conversation and assumes that he must be cheating on Dani. Sebastian tells Starr he has overheard a secretive and suspicious conversation between their two respective dads. Meanwhile, at the station, John concludes to Natalie that he's discovered a common secretive connection between Todd Manning, Tomas Delgado and the two "unidentified men" whom Sam met although they are not aware of exactly what this connection is.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Jabot launch party for the new product line begins and everyone loves the new products. Abby sees two of her friends who are going to the party, and they tell her that she had better go too because they saw her picture in the "where are they now" column of a magazine. Abby does make an appearance at the party and tells reporters that she was in rehab, because she was exhausted and needed to rest, but she realized that what she needed was to be with her family. Tucker continues to pressure Ashley to take over his company while he recovers. She doesn’t want to run the company, because she wants to spend time with him and help him recover. Tucker tells Ashley he wants Jack out of Jabot, but she thinks that Jack has been doing a wonderful job with the new product launch, and she thinks that he should give Jack a chance to prove what he can do.

Tucker wants to announce her as the temporary CEO of his company, but Ashley persuades him not to do that, because she hasn’t accepted his job offer yet. Tucker is released from the hospital and insists on going to the launch party with Ashley and everyone at the party is surprised to see him Billy tells Victoria he turned down the hooker and gave her cab fare home. Victoria believes him and tells him she waited all night at the trailer to talk to him about their marriage. Billy asks Victoria not to give up on him but she asks him to show her there is a reason not to give up on their marriage. Billy promises Victoria he will show her why she should hang on to their marriage. Katherine tries to persuade Chloe not to cut Billy out of Delia’s life, because she needs her father. Chloe insists that she is doing what is best for Delia. Later when Billy stops by to explain to Delia why he won’t be around as much, she doesn’t allow him to see Delia. Billy begs Chloe to let him see his daughter so that Delia won’t think he abandoned her, but she orders him to leave the house or she will throw him out. Billy leaves with tears in his eyes and asks Chloe to tell Delia that he loves her.

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