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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

J.R. and Bianca are both shocked and confused by Marissa's declaration that she loves Bianca. J.R. realizes that his ex ran to his bed, because she was scared of the alternative. Outraged, J.R. screams that he'd break Bianca if she were a man. Marissa wants to make a commitment to her, but Bianca is called away on a family emergency. Marissa apologizes for hurting J.R. who never saw this coming and tearfully throws her out of the house, then starts drinking.

While walking in the park holding hands, Griffin and Kendall try to get to know each other better, but he is not willing to give up his secrets, so Kendall asks to go home. Griffin understands Kendall's motivation and kisses her when he leaves her. Ryan doesn't buy David's cover of an orphanage for Project Orpheus. Greenlee has a strange reaction to the logo but can't quite say why. Ryan leaves her at Fusion to go do some more sleuthing. When Ryan asks him about David's illegal medical project, Griff promises to see what he can do and runs to warn David that Greenlee is beginning to remember. Ryan asks Frankie to help him get all of Greenlee's medical records, but they're all gone.

Jane surprises David in his room and jumps his bones, while Jack and Opal commiserate on how much they miss Erica. David attempts to extract himself from Jane's claws to go to a board meeting, but she has urgent needs and declares she doesn't care about Erica's family, only David. Flattered, David gives into Jane's passion and takes her to bed. As they bask in the afterglow, a siren sounds which draws the lovebirds into the hall half dressed, where they find Greenlee with her hand on the fire alarm. After Greenlee berates her lying, cheating stepmother, David insists it's just sex, so she slaps him and calls Jack. Bianca and Kendall lure their "mother" to them for an intervention. After Jack, Opal, and Greenlee arrive, Kendall confronts "Erica" about her addiction to David Hayward.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke giggles and Ridge wonders how his mother became a chanteuse. All is not forgiven, but Brooke says they understand each other better than they did before. Ridge tells Stephanie that it will take more than a song to make it up to him and Brooke, but he invites her to sit down and talk. They laugh over the part when Brooke says Stephanie is a much better manipulator than a singer. Ridge says they are all disillusioned with her right now. Stephanie sighs and says she is sorry; it was very dysfunctional of her, but a gift to him just the same. It was she that did the betraying, not Thomas. She just wants to know she hasn’t lost Ridge. At home, Thomas tells his mother that she’d hardly said a word to him. She explains that she just can’t comprehend how he did the things he did. Steffy bursts in and also wants to know why the wedding was cancelled. Something must have happened. Thomas blurts out nothing happened… least on the island between him and Brooke. Stephanie offered him shares in the company to lie. He’s not proud of it, but he went along with it. Steffy is livid and beats up on Thomas. Taylor stops it and says Stephanie is to blame for this so Steffy can’t blame just Thomas. Steffy says she can’t accept this; Taylor can’t give Thomas a pass for this. She knows her dad loves Taylor and they need to be together as a family, but now he’s back with Brooke. She will not stand here and accept that.

Katie stops in at Bill’s office and he asks about the non-wedding. He surmises that one family will be happy tonight; the other miserable. She mentions Steffy, but says she is tough; she'll bounce back from this. She’s going over to Brooke’s now and wishes he would come, but he has a ton of work to do yet. Stephanie says she knows she has to redeem herself. She’ll probably be doing that until she takes her last breath. Taylor calls Ridge and interrupts his dinner. She tells him that Steffy is very upset; he says he will come over. Stephanie wants to go too, but Ridge says that she is the last person Steffy will want to see now. Ridge asks Taylor if he can have a minute with their daughter alone. Steffy cries for him not to walk out on Taylor again; do not walk out on “us.” She gets that Thomas lied, but she doesn’t get why Ridge won’t stay with her mom and the family. What Thomas did was wrong, but that didn’t change how they all felt. Ridge explains they had a wonderful life together and he will always love Taylor. He feels terrible what they went through, but she is not going to lose him whether he is with her mother or not. He will always be there for her, nothing will change that. She says she always had this dream that they’d get back together. She knows he has deep feelings for Taylor. It was his choice to put that ring on her finger. She begs him to stay there with them as a family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the pier, EJ was about to leave when Sami stopped him.  She knows that they’re going to run into him and has to be civil.  Sami let EJ speak to the kids because she didn’t want to treat him the way he treated her when he had the kids.  EJ tried to talk to Johnny, but he was upset with him.  Johnny thought EJ was a liar.  Rafe took the kids and Sami went off on him.  After she finished yelling at him, she wanted to give him rules to follow or he would lose the kids forever.  At the police station, Hope was about to tell Bo about how they could get to fake Rafe when they heard Abe arguing with the DA.  Charles wanted Hope off the case.  Abe agreed with Charles.  Bo tried to convince them that Hope has been deputized.  He couldn’t take Hope off the case without a written request from his office.  Charles was willing to do that for him.  Abe didn’t think that he should mess with Charles like that.  Bo said that the DiMeras have too many cops on their payroll and that Hope is the only one he trusts.  Charles was on the phone to get Hope taken off the case.  Abe told Bo that he could trust someone else.  Bo didn’t like where Abe was headed.  Abe asked Bo if he wanted to nail the DiMeras.  Bo gave in and called Victor for help.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady was reading about the DiMeras online when Taylor showed up.  They talked about the DiMeras.  She ended up admitting that she still loves EJ.  Sami and EJ talked about the kids and the mistakes they’ve made.  She wanted him to do what’s best for the kids.  She walked off.  Stefano showed up on the pier and EJ was about to leave.  Stefano stopped him from leaving.  Abe told Bo he had to relieve Hope from duty.  Hope went back to the station after investigating leads on fake Rafe.  Bo had to relieve her of her duties.  Hope told Bo not to worry.  Hope had fun and knew it wouldn’t last.  Brady showed up at the station and felt bad for putting Bo as well as others in a bad situation by covering up what he did.  Brady wanted to know what would happen if EJ remembered what he did.  Stefano admitted that he said things to EJ in anger.  EJ apologized for everything he did.  Stefano understood and accepted his apology.  EJ thought that they could lose everything if fake Rafe opened his mouth.  They started talking about EJ’s attack.  EJ thought Rafe was the one who attacked him.  Stefano didn’t think Rafe did it.  Stefano was going to find out who attacked EJ.  EJ smiled and they hugged.  Taylor showed up and saw them together.  EJ tried to talk to Taylor, but she was too upset to listen to him.  EJ told her he was at the pier to try and remember what happened to him.  He started having flashes of a woman’s feet while he was lying on the pier.  A police officer put a woman in the cell with fake Rafe.  Brady told Bo that if EJ remembered anything, he would keep Bo out of it.  Abe told Bo that Victor came through for him.  Bo told Hope that she’s pardoned and that her record was expunged.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tells Lulu that they have to leave now that their cover is blown. She tells him that only his cover is blown and she is staying until she finds Luke. Dante doesn't trust that Lupe would betray Javier to help Lulu. Javier holds Lupe by the throat and asks her why she didn't tell him Dante was a cop. She tells him Lulu promised to get rid of Dante. Javier observes that Lulu has been lying since she arrived. Lulu goes to the brothel to find that it is closed. Javier, holding a switchblade, tells Lulu that one of his best girls died. He tells her that smart girls trust no one, keep their mouths shut, and don't make promises they can't keep. Dante comes in and asks where everyone is. Javier tells him he is glad he came because they have unfinished business. He tells Dante that Lupe slipped in the shower and broke her neck. He tells Lulu to leave. When Lulu arrives at her hotel room, Javier is there with her passport in his hand. He asks her why she didn't just tell him that she was Luke Spencer's daughter.

Carly asks Alexis to help her. Alexis agrees to talk to Jax. She advises Carly to appeal if she loses. Alexis tells Jax that he should reconsider shared custody. Molly, having overheard Alexis and Carly's conversation, goes to Kelly's frantically searching for Morgan, who has been babysitting Josslyn. Molly goes to Carly's house and warns Morgan that Jax is going to be there any minute to take Josslyn away. Morgan can't let that happen. Carly goes to Sonny's office to find out what he has planned. He tells her to trust him. Brenda arrives and Carly tells her that she went to get her son because she believes a child should be with its mother. She tells Brenda that she hopes she is never in a position where she could lose her child because of Sonny. Carly leaves. Brenda defensively asks if Sonny is mad at her. He tells her that he wishes she had kept quiet about the shooting incident because up to that point, it didn't exist because it occurred on private property and there was no police report. He tells her that he doesn't blame her; she was just telling the truth. He blames Jax for putting her in that position. She asks why he didn't come home last night. He says he was making arrangements on a conference call and that he stayed in his apartment downtown that she never knew about. She starts crying and demands that he tell her what is really going on. He tells her that he realized that if they keep fighting they would play right into Jax's hands. He apologizes for not coming home last night and they kiss and make up.

Jax tells Olivia that he is taking Josslyn to Australia to visit his mother. Sonny asks Olivia to help him ensure that Carly keeps Josslyn, but Olivia tells him she isn't going to jeopardize her job to intervene. Olivia passes Grace Yang, the court mediator, when she comes to Sonny's office. Sonny tells Grace that no one will find out about the bribe she took from Jax if she does what he says. Once again, Olivia passes Grace Yang as she goes to Jax's office. Ms. Yang puts a white powder into his coffee. When he realizes she drugged him, she rips her clothes, screams for help, and locks herself in the bathroom where she makes a hysterical call to 9-1-1 while Jax is audibly banging on the door and demanding that she open it. Carly goes home and finds that Morgan and Josslyn are gone. She tries to call Morgan but his cell phone is on the table.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and his family are all planning Sam's 7th birthday party. But beforehand, John calls Blair and Sam into the station after finding out that Sam may have information about the mysterious dead body found outside Dorian's home in her backyard. Sam admits that he did not know the dead guy and that he was not his "friend" (whom he identified as the man with the scar on his face). He informs John that the man who got shot is a bad man who tried to kill him. But his "friend" saved the day and saved his life by shooting him. And when John shows Sam a picture of original Todd, Sam confirms that that is a picture of his "friend". Meanwhile, original Todd finds out all of the happenings in "his life" since he's been gone and finds out how Sam, whom he's never met nor heard of, was conceived and born. He finds a way to get to current Todd's home. He notices "Spiderman" outside the door, sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. Meanwhile, Destiny overhears Nate and Deanna sounding like they are going to hook up behind Dani's back. Deanna tells Nate that doing the porn flick might be worth it for them if it enables her to find her mom and keeps him out of prison for what accidentally happened to Matthew. But he is concerned that Dani or anybody he knows could find out about it any time since it's "out there". Yet they realize they have no other options and do it. Destiny is still alone with her secret that she is pregnant by Matthew. Tomas and Todd are keeping their "secret" and neither wants the other to reveal to anyone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Noah that he couldn’t get any information from the memory card to keep Sharon from going to prison. Noah is depressed and Eden tries to cheer him up, but she gets a little jealous when Hunter shows up to also support Noah although she doesn’t show it. Victoria is worried about Billy when she wakes up at his trailer, because she fell asleep waiting for him, but he never came home. Victoria later tells Victor that she went to Billy’s trailer to talk to him but he never arrived home. She fears he is back to his old ways and that could cost him custody of Delia. Adam finds out that Diane tried to make a deal with the DA. Later Dane tells Adam that the DA wanted to question her not make a deal with her. Adam pretends to believe Diane, but you can tell by the look on his face he doesn’t believe her. Adam tells Diane his plan to take down Victor, and Diane agrees to help him. After Adam has left her hotel room, Diane calls the DA to tell him that she will help him get all the proof he needs to put Adam in jail.

Billy almost misses the custody hearing, but Rafe gets him out on bail, and he gets to court just in time. The judge asks Billy if he was arrested for solicitation. Billy tells him yes but it was a misunderstanding. The judge doesn’t believe Billy and awards custody to Chloe with supervised visitation for Billy. Jill and Chloe don’t believe Billy either and are disappointed in him for going back to his old ways. The hooker tells the person who paid her that Billy turned her down, so she had to resort to the old pay for a cab trick to get him busted. The hooker gets an envelope from Victor. Billy arrives at his former home with Victoria, and she holds him and starts to cry.

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