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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

In his office, David looks over his Project Orpheus folder. Griffin hides his Project Orpheus key card from Kendall. Interrupting their kisses at Fusion, Ryan asks Griff to tell him all about Project Orpheus, but he denies any knowledge of it and refuses to work against his mentor. Kendall feels Griff's holding something back, as he quickly cancels their dinner date and goes to warn David of Ryan's suspicions. David asks Griff to keep working on their secret research project and ignore those who want to stop them, but he fears his friend is getting too personally involved.

J.R. asks him not to fight his battles for him when Tad defends him against Hayward's insults as they're about to go into an AA meeting at the hospital. After telling Tad about his murderous feelings toward Scott, J.R. takes off. Tad tracks him down at ConFusion where J.R. is contemplating a scotch and feeling that he'll never be bad enough to be his father's son nor good enough to be Dixie's. Meanwhile, Dixie cries in her delirium for Tad to save her baby. Tad urges J.R. to make a decision about drinking and live up to his own expectations, promising to be there for him when needed. In the park, Bianca pulls away from Marissa's kisses, afraid that her experimentation will only lead to heartbreak, but Marissa feels safe with her and doesn't want her to walk away. At the Chandler Mansion, Marissa is comforted by Scott when she informs him that she and J.R. are over. J.R. is horrified to hear that Amanda told Jake everything and goes to talk to Marissa. Kendall finds Bianca in her home wondering why she always falls for straight women. Kendall shares her own problems with Griffin, feeling that he puts up walls against her. Over Chinese food and wine, Kendall and Bianca resolve never to fall for someone they actually like but then realize it's not happening. While Bianca stands in the doorway, Marissa tearfully tells J.R. she doesn't want him or Scott -- she wants Bianca. Jake is shocked to hear that Amanda cheated on him 3 weeks ago with J.R., because she wanted to get back at him for wanting Cara. Feeling responsible, Jake assures her he doesn't hate her. Crying, Amanda walks away while Jake goes to cry on his brother's shoulder. After Jake says that he forgave his wife, Tad asks him if he still wants to be married to her. Jake goes home and promises Amanda he'll be with her when she gets her test results in the morning. Sitting alone, Tad draws stars on a napkin. Meanwhile, Dixie lies in a room with a star drawn on the wall. On her IV bag is the Project Orpheus symbol. Griffin takes Kendall to the boathouse for a hotdog. When Ryan pays him an unannounced visit, David insists his Project Orpheus is an orphanage, but Ryan doesn't buy it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie explains to Brooke that there is no justification for what she has done, but she hopes Brooke will extend her that courtesy of letting her try. She tells Brooke that she was really wrong about her. Brooke did not beg Ridge for his forgiveness. She held her head up high with dignity and quietly left the company and him behind. She did not expect that. Stephanie admits that she has done something shameful, old patterns, and used her grandson. She says Brooke is a better person than she was years ago, so there is no moral high ground now for Stephanie; that belongs to Brooke. Hope is glad to look up and find Ridge is home to stay. He apologizes for not believing Brooke sooner. He should have known she would not betray him in that way. She blames Stephanie, of course, but also Thomas. Ridge says Thomas has suffered enough. He has not had a moment’s peace since that day he said he remembered what happened on the island. Felicia tells Eric and Thorne that when will their mother ever learn. She’s only apologizing to Brooke since that is the only way they will accept her. She’s probably only going through the motions anyway. Thorne thinks this time it may be deeper than that.

Stephanie tells Brooke that it took a real strength of character to change the things in her life. Stephanie wants to make this right. She knows she can’t fix it in one day, but she won’t go to her grave without trying. Brooke is quiet, hasn’t said a word. Stephanie says okay, then her punishment is Brooke not talking to her. She wishes she would just jump up and down and scream. She admits she was wrong and sorry. She’ll do anything to make this right. Brooke asks if she means that, and Stephanie gulps and says yes – anything. She calls Eric and wants him to meet her at a place without telling him why. Ridge dines out with Brooke, and they are spied by Owen and Jackie who are surprised to learn the wedding with Taylor was cancelled. Jackie quips that Stephanie might have kittens over this…..or maybe a cow. Ridge queries what Stephanie wanted to say to her earlier. Brooke said just to make amends….she poured her heart out and she had never seen that before. And Stephanie told Brooke that she would do “anything” to make it up to her. Ridge says she will have to think long and hard on that one. Brooke says she already has. Now they will just have to wait and see if she delivers. They look over and Eric is playing the piano. Slowly we see the stylish shoes and upwards to a glitzy black pantsuit and then the microphone with Stephanie behind it as she humbly sings/talks “You Always Hurt The One You Love.” She mouths “I Love You” to Eric. When finished she tells Brooke that she meant it. Eric hands her a stiff drink and she mouths her thanks.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the DiMera mansion, EJ was on the phone with his lawyer.  He wanted his lawyer to get started on his case.  Chad walked in the living room and demanded to know the truth about what he and Stefano did to Rafe.  EJ didn’t want to confide in him.  Chad didn’t think EJ would tell the truth anyway.  They continued to argue about what was happening to the family.  EJ finally admitted that he did arrange Rafe’s kidnapping and told Chad to call the police.  EJ told Chad that Stefano would go to jail with him since creating fake Rafe was his idea.  Chad thought that EJ was going to put the blame on Stefano.  They started fighting again.  Chad told EJ that he ruined the family and then he left.  At the pub, Jennifer and Abby talked about Jack, Chad, Daniel, and Carly.  Abby wanted to know if she was really protecting Carly or staying true to Jack.  At the loft, Rafe let Sami know that Allie was on her way home.  Sami wanted the whole family to meet Allie at the airport.  Rafe thought Sami should talk to Allie first.  Sami blamed herself for everything that happened.  Rafe convinced her that she did everything she could to protect the kids.

At the police station, Hope told Bo that fake Rafe wouldn’t take the deal.  Hope said that fake Rafe didn’t trust the Bradys or DiMeras.  She also told Bo that fake Rafe told her to give Ciara a kiss from him.  Bo wanted to kill him until Hope calmed him down.  Bo mentioned to Hope that they have another way to connect him to the DiMeras, but they don’t know who fake Rafe really is.  Bo wanted Detective McCarthy to find fake Rafe’s mug shot.  Bo told Hope he had another way to find his mug shot and they left.  Later Bo and Hope arrived at the loft and told Sami and Rafe that fake Rafe wouldn’t take the deal.  Bo told Sami and Rafe that they are trying to find his mug shot.  Rafe wanted to put this behind them.  Sami wanted the DiMeras to pay.  Rafe didn’t want her to relive what she went through with fake Rafe.  Sami thought she should talk to fake Rafe and get through to him.  At the police station, Detective McCarthy told Bo and Hope that she found fake Rafe’s rap sheet.  It turned out that his name is Arnold Fenniger and he has a long list of crimes.  He operated in Detroit.  Bo thought they could use the information against fake Rafe.  Hope had a way to get to fake Rafe.  At the waterfront, Sami and Rafe are with the kids and EJ showed up.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Javier questions Lulu, while Lupe questions Dante. Dante gets hired on as a bouncer. Lupe questions Lulu about what happened between her and Dante. Lupe knows that Dante is a cop. Lulu warns Dante – and Javier listens in. Asher warns Michael against the pressure of ELQ. Asher informs Tracy that Michael is in her office – needless to say – Tracy isn’t very happy. Edward backs Michael and Abby against Tracy. It turns out that Asher knows Anthony and that Asher is working for him – to get to ELQ. Monica shows up at ELQ and finds Tracy instead of Michael. Tracy and Monica go at it – per usual. Tracy ends up telling Monica the truth about Jake.

Maxie interrupts Jason and Sam – worrying about Spinelli. Spinelli holds a gun on Anthony Z. Jason goes after Spinelli and saves him from Anthony. Jason gives Spinelli a fake job in hopes to keep him from getting into trouble. Sam shares her fears of marriage to Jason with Maxie. Jason tells Sam about the fake case he has Spinelli on. Maxie questions Jason about the case he put Spinelli on. Kristina hunts down Ethan at Kelly’s. She figures out that Ethan and Abby were trying to scam her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sebastian overhears Todd and Tomas talking about a secret and also tells Dani he has heard through the grapevine that there could be a man with a scar that looks just like the "old Todd". Nora tells Bo that they must do something about the fact that their son has been fatally injured probably by being assaulted. She puts two and two together knowing that Matthew was trying to tell them something regarding somebody knowing that he shot Eddie and about how he got injured. So they conclude that there must be somebody who knows he shot Eddie and who had motive to assault him. Nate knows that Matthew is going to a rehab facility and may not get any better and Rick is able to motivate him to star in a porn flick by threatening to tell Matthew's parents what he knows. Robert Ford goes to visit Jessica and tells her he intends to fight for his rights to see his son. At first, she is suspicious and afraid he will cause trouble but later realizes he is not the enemy and they have a conversation about his feelings for Tess and she confides in him about her anger toward Brody and Natalie. And she ends up inviting him to visit Ryder and is friendly to him.

Bonus OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Dani tries to make amends with Nate about keeping Matt’s secret. Rick, the pornographer presses Nate to make a decision about the movie. Deanna negotiates with a man about finding her mother. Deanna tells Nate that he doesn't have to do the porno because he can negotiate with his knowledge that Matthew killed Eddie. Nate tells Rick he will do the porno but he can't force Deanna. He takes out a notebook that shocks Deanna. Shaun notices Destiny's increased appetite. Vivian wants to talk to Destiny about teen pregnancy. She asks her to volunteer with the Teen Pregnancy class she is teaching. Destiny gets nauseous and runs to the bathroom. Vivian thinks Destiny is too upset about Matthew to deal with anything else. Shaun says Matthew is her best friend and in fact, he thought they were more, but he overheard them having a conversation about Matthew having sex with someone else. Vivian suspects Destiny wasn't ok with that conversation. Vivian tells Destiny that she is there for her if she ever needs to talk about anything. Destiny tells Dani that she needs to tell her something. Nora is sad that Matt is away from them in rehab. She wants to find out who hurt Matthew. She wonders who else knew about Eddie Ford's murder. They conclude that someone other than Destiny must have been in their house while they were gone. They begin to look for clues. Nora finds a mango flavored chewing gum wrapper in the sofa cushion.

Tomas makes breakfast, but Dani tells Tomas she already had breakfast and Sebastian tells him that he doesn’t like eggs. Sebastian says he is still getting used to Tomas being his father. Dani tells him it took her awhile to get used to Todd being her father. Tea feigns a headache to avoid having sex with Todd. Todd asks her if she wants a divorce. She tells him she can't compromise her professional ethics to stand by him in something that was wrong. He asks her if she still loves him. She says she just doesn't like him very much right now and begins to storm off. He grabs her by the arm to stop her from going. Tomas appears and tells Todd to get his hands off Tea. Sebastian hears Todd reminding Tomas that he kept him out of prison. Sebastian accidentally interrupts James and Starr making out by the pool. He tells Starr that something is going on between their fathers. Tomas tells Tea that he has to tell her something about Todd

Ford brings a document to Jessica and she throws him out, believing it is an ultimatum from his lawyer. He tells her he isn’t challenging her for custody; it is just a preliminary visitation schedule that she can alter as she likes. She tells him that Natalie and Brody are officially a couple and she is glad the news didn’t trigger a re-emergence of Tess. He tells her that he wishes Tess had resurfaced. He tells Jessica that it is difficult seeing her because he misses Tess and she looks and sounds like Tess. Jessica asks him what it is about Tess that he finds appealing. He tells her that Tess is like a scared kid. She lives more than most people because she knows her existence could end at any moment. He says that when Tess loves someone, they feel it in their soul. Jessica agrees to the visitation terms and invites Ford to come with her to change Ryder.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily stops by Fenmore’s to thank Jill for her birthday gift and isn’t happy to see Colin and Genevieve there and she warns Colin not to violate his restraining order or she will have him thrown in jail. Jack gets note from Genevieve asking him to meet her for coffee and they have a pleasant first date and both look forward to a second date. Lily’s family throws her a surprise party and Lily senses the tension between Malcolm, Sofia and Neil and she demands to know what is going on so they tell her that there is a chance that Neil could be the father of Sofia’s baby. Lily is sick to her stomach that Neil purposely kept the truth from her given that he went through the same situation years ago with Dru. Daniel takes credit for a birthday gift Cane sent to Lily but she had already figured out that it was from Cane since it was a French perfume whose name translates to I’m sorry. Daniel later tells Lily the truth and gives her the card Cane included with the gift.

Victoria testifies at Billy’s custody trial telling the court that he is a loving caring father and Delia would be the one to suffer if they were separated from each other. Billy later stops by his former home to thank Victoria for helping him and tells Victoria that her testimony gave him hope that they can save their marriage. Victoria tells Billy not to get the wrong idea she testified for him because she didn’t want him to lose Delia too. Victoria remembers all the good times with Billy and heads to the trailer to talk to him and since he isn’t home she uses the spare key to let herself in and wait for him. Billy is hurt by Victoria’s rejection so he heads to Glowworm to get drunk. A hooker makes him an offer he turns her down but he gives her money for a cab home. Billy heads out of Glowworm and is arrested by police for solicitation.

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