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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Cara warns Amanda that her STD can have serious consequences including cervical cancer, so they're rerunning the pap smear. Amanda is surprised that she may have contracted it years ago. When she talks with J.R., he insists he's clean. She gets angry when he acts more concerned about Marissa finding out than about her condition. Although he apologizes, he doesn't want her to confess their indiscretion to Jake. Amanda storms out of the Chandler Mansion with a warning for J.R. to start using condoms. At home, she cries when Jake proposes they make another baby. Cara gets suspicious when J.R. goes to her about possibly having HPV.

David doesn't quite buy it when Angie sings his praises as a physician. He claims he doesn't remember the first patient he lost. After Angie recalls her first loss, David admits his was his father who committed suicide and shares his guilt at not being able to save him. At Fusion, Ryan and Greenlee discuss David's mysterious "Project Orpheus," recalling the Greek myth of the man who unsuccessfully descended into hell to rescue his wife. Greenlee discovers that "Erica" is not at a spa, as she claimed. As he's leaving, Ryan runs into Madison and hardly recognizes her in her new look. Due to Kendall's approval, Greenlee allows Madison to proceed with her project. Running into David at ConFusion, Madison thanks him for his advice. Jane tries to distract Jack with sex, but he wants answers as to why she hasn't been herself since the kidnapping. When she admits she's having trouble putting the nightmare behind her, Jack suggests she get help for her PTSD, but she claims that working at the hospital will heal her and runs off to throw herself at David again. Since Jack is afraid that he won't ever get Erica back, Greenlee encourages him to fight for her. She then hears David and Jane make plans to get together the next day in a hotel room. When Griffin admits he stayed in Pine Valley for her, Kendall shares her feelings for him but thinks she still hasn't fully dealt with Zach's death. After she nods in encouragement, Griffin kisses her passionately, then they both laugh and agree to take things slowly. Griffin defends his mentor when Kendall and Ryan ask him what David's plans are for the hospital, but he agrees to help keep Erica safe. Mysteriously, in Griffin's jacket is a "Project Orpheus" access card.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks up from the fountain/pond area and spies Ridge; he walks toward her. They embrace and he kisses her. She can hardly believe her eyes are not deceiving her. She wants to know about the wedding and he says it never happened. Thomas lied about what happened on the island. There was nothing sexual; Thomas made all of that up. Brooke doesn’t understand why he would do that. Ridge says because his grandmother got to him. He kisses her again and says he should never have doubted her or walked away. Stephanie comes back into the house and tells Taylor that she sent everyone home. Taylor tells Thomas that he can go too. She doesn’t wish to talk to anyone. Stephanie speaks up and says it was not Thomas’s fault. He wanted to tell Taylor the truth. Taylor laments that she can’t comprehend that her best friend and her son did this to her. They know how long she has waited and how much this wedding meant to her. She doesn’t even want to talk or see either one of them now. Thomas leaves as he tells his grandmother that he wanted to confess to Taylor, but Stephanie had stabbed him in the back. Stephanie wants to explain to Taylor. Thomas is a good and decent man and she realizes she has placed him in a terrible position. Every time he wanted to come and tell her the truth Stephanie talked him out of it. Taylor rants that she used her grandson, and for nothing. Stephanie is still the same manipulative, scheming, controlling person she’s always been, nothing has changed. Stephanie continues that Thomas was always uncomfortable with this, but she convinced him it was okay. The lie had nothing to do with Taylor’s marriage. And once he left Brooke behind, she thought Ridge would understand that Taylor was the only choice for him. Taylor says that is a good sales pitch, but not the truth. Taylor tells Stephanie not to make her culpable too for this lie even though she wanted to believe it. It was all Stephanie who did this. She takes off her ring and tries to get Stephanie to take it back. She says the next time Stephanie wants to do her a favor, “don’t!” She storms out.

Thomas goes back to the guest house and finds Dayzee still there. She’s obviously disgusted with him. She points out that he was going to let his mother walk down the aisle, all based on his lie. He had told Dayzee the truth had to come out, then refused to say one single word to anybody else. He says he thought she was not going to judge him. She relays that she always likes to give the other person the benefit of the doubt, to make up for their mistakes. He had his chance. He was with his mom before the ceremony. He could have said something then. He made his choice, but it was the wrong one. She thought he was better than that. He wasn’t thinking about his mom; he was thinking about the stocks that Stephanie was going to give him. He denies that and says he can explain everything, only not here. She says that won’t work; just jumping on his jet and opening bottles of champagne and leaving the real world behind, no thank you. She realizes telling the truth would be hard; the right decisions almost always are. He’s not a stand-up guy after all; he caved. He stammers that he knows he was weak and wrong, but he let his grandmother talk him into this. He grabs her and says he needs her in his life….her strength and goodness. He needs somebody to pull him out of the quicksand. She pulls away and says it is not her; he will have to get himself out of this one. He says his grandmother finally confessed, no one is deceiving anyone now. It is over. She lets him kiss her and then says, “yes it is.” Brooke clings to Ridge as he tells her how beautiful she is and there is no way he could live his days without her…..that giggle, that amazing smile. There is never a day he could live without her. They are going to grow old together, and hold hands, watch the sunset on the beach. He is hers forever. Donna, Katie and Stephen are all concerned until Brooke and Ridge finally come in and explain the wedding is off and Ridge is home to stay. Of course R.J. is happy. Thomas walks in on Brooke and Ridge. Ridge gets up and says he thinks Thomas must have something to tell Brooke. Brooke says she has something to tell Thomas first. He looks at her as she explains that when he told her that he remembered, she believed him, but he lied. He knew what it was doing to Brooke, but it still didn’t matter. She says she gave so much to him. She supported him and was there for him when nobody else was. They had a special bond. She cared about him and thought he cared for her too. She doesn’t understand how he could save her life on the island and be so strong if he was going to do this to her now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Maggie and Abby talked about Chad.  Abby wasn’t sure if she should stay with Chad.  Maggie told her to dump him if she’s worried about his dealings with Stefano.  Maggie also told Abby that there are risks involved with being in love.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate noticed EJ in the living room.  She asked EJ if he and Stefano were going to jail.  Stefano waked in and said that they might go to jail.  Stefano mentioned how EJ destroyed their family.  Stefano told EJ that he doesn’t want or need him as a son anymore.  Chad didn’t like hearing Stefano say that.  Chad thought Stefano was all about family.  Chad got upset and left.  Will, Gabi, T, Kinsey, and Sonny were at the beach.  Kinsey admitted that she is attracted to Sonny and that he will be her boyfriend.

Sami and Rafe spent time with Johnny and Sydney.  Bo told them that fake Rafe wasn’t talking.  Sami told Rafe that she missed Allie and wanted her to come home.  Justin and Adrienne let Victor know that Sonny is in Salem.  Victor was upset that he hadn’t seen him.  Sonny left to see Victor.  Stefano told EJ that he checked in with their contacts to see if fake Rafe talked.  Stefano let EJ know that he isn’t doing anything else for him.  Stefano told him that he had to get out of his house and never come back.  EJ was shocked.  During Victor and Sonny’s conversation, Sonny confessed that he’s gay.  Taylor showed up at Nicole’s hotel room and told her that she was right about EJ.  They talked about everything that happened.  Taylor apologized to Nicole for everything.  Nicole was willing to forgive her, but she couldn’t forget what happened.  They hugged each other.  There was someone at the door.  It turned out to be EJ.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick thinks he is a better choice than Robin for the hospital chief-of-staff position. Elizabeth eavesdrops on Lucky and Siobhan’s heated conversation. Siobhan reluctantly agrees to drop the lawsuit. Brenda testifies at Josslyn’s custody dispute and spills the beans about the incident involving gunfire the night before. Sonny and Jason think Brenda will help Carly’s custody case. Steven and Elizabeth have a short chat. Brenda tells Jason what she confessed to the judge. Carly intervenes when the judge asks Sonny about Michael’s shooting. Robin tells Elizabeth that she is Steven’s replacement as GH’s chief-of staff. Liz confides to Robin that she still has feelings for Lucky. Carly and Jax argue in front of Sonny and Jason. Patrick and Lucky talk about Nikolas and Aiden. Jax tells Brenda that she and Alec are in danger. Lucky and Liz talk about raising the boys. Lucky makes it clear that he and Siobhan are going to stay together. Jason reassures Carly that Sonny will help her win full custody of Josslyn. Sonny confronts Grace, the mediator, about being paid off by Jax. Grace has no choice but to comply with Sonny’s demands.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian and David discover a mysterious dead man in their backyard and call the cops. John knows that neither of them did it but wonders who did. Not far away, after original Todd killed Agent Kent, unknown and hiding unseen at Viki's, he calls his contact to inform him he is not going anywhere, since "another guy" who calls himself Todd Manning has stolen his life. The Todd we know then talks to Jack at The Sun and tells his son he expects him to work and earn his way. He entrusts him with secrets that nobody else can know including the fact that Liam is John's while everybody mistakenly believes he is Brody's child. Meanwhile, John knows that there is some "significance" on the tape recorder that they uncovered right after Marty tried to kill Natalie. Brody keeps the tape recorder in question and hesitates to tell John that Marty knows that Liam is John's and not his. Jessica admits she will never forgive Natalie and Brody for being together when he was supposed to be her fiancé and father of her child. Starr goes to tell Blair and Tea that she has some concerns about the "coincidence" that Sam has an "imaginary friend" whom he describes as having a line on his face just like the Todd they all knew many years ago before Sam was born.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When Sharon is arrested at the dance and taken back to Genoa City, everyone is shocked. Nick, Phyllis, Ashley, and Noah think that Sharon is a horrible mother, because she let her children and everyone who cared about her think she was dead. Jack and the police think that Adam helped Sharon escape, even though both Sharon and Adam think he had nothing to do with it. Michael advises Victor to stay away from Sharon and let her fight her battle alone, because this is a bad situation for his family and Newman Enterprises. Victor goes to see Sharon anyway. Nick decides that he is done caring about Sharon and allows Phyllis to write a scathing article about her in Restless Style.

Adam goes to the police station excited to tell Sharon that he recovered the memory card from her camera that proves she tried to save Skye. As he is about to tell Sharon the good news, Sam arrives because he couldn’t leave things the way they were between them. Adam senses that Sharon and Sam have a relationship and leaves the police station with a hurt look on his face. Sharon insists that she didn’t kill anyone. Sam says he already knew that, because he knows her. Victor arrives and watches the exchange between Sharon and Sam. The DA tells Sharon that she faces an additional five years added to her twenty to life sentence without the possibility of parole. Noah is angry and decides it's best to leave town and go back to New York, but Eden urges him not to leave Genoa City. Adam goes to Sharon’s favorite spot where earlier Nick and Noah scattered the ashes of the person they thought was Sharon and throws the memory card that could clear her into the river.

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