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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Amanda tells JR that she may have an STD, which she caught from him, but he insists that he got tested after Annie left and he was fine. JR thinks Amanda may have caught something before she married Jake. JR is very worried that he might have given the STD to Marissa and tells Amanda that she should let him Know about the results as soon as she knows about them. Amanda later heads to the hospital and finds out from Cara that she has tested positive for the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. Kendall is happy to see Griffin back at the hospital especially after he announces that he is staying in Pine Valley. Jake quickly gives Griffin his job back and stops negotiations for a replacement for him. Kendall is curious about why Griffin came back and Griffin tells her it was for his patients and because he had unfinished business. Griffin later talks to Cara who tells him that he needs more in his life besides medical charts. Griffin heads to Kendall’s house and tells her he came back because of her.

Erica persuades Ben to let her record notes from her new book she goes to the closet puts on the dress she wore for her wedding rehearsal that never was and begins talking about Mona and the abuse she suffered with her father Eric. Erica says that despite the way Eric treated her she still longs for him to protect her and come to her rescue. Ben is touched by Erica’s words and wonders if she is okay. Erica smiles with her back turned to Ben so he can’t see her but she knows her plan has worked. Jane arrives in David’s room wanting to make love but he says he doesn’t have time Jane is upset so David calms her by telling her that he thinks he is falling in love with her. Jack arrives to confront David about his relationship with Erica. While Jane hides in the closet, David assures Jack that he and Erica are only business partners. David tells Jane to control Jack. She arrives at her house and tells Jack to make love to her. Ryan arrives at David’s office while Angie is waiting on David and tells Angie he needs to find evidence about what David is up to so Angie allows Ryan to search, and he finds a hidden safe but can’t open it. Ryan finds a key card inside a file labeled Project Orpheus. Ryan does some research on the Internet then we see that Griffin has a similar key card in the pocket of his jacket.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie wants to get on with the wedding. Ridge is flustered. He needs time to think about all these lies. The guests talk amongst themselves wondering what is wrong. Stephen holds Brooke and she says Ridge ought to be married by now. Stephen isn’t sure it’s such a good idea when Brooke says she appreciates him being there, but would like to be alone now. Taylor snaps at Stephanie to be quiet. Ridge needs this time. She has something to say to Thomas. She points her finger at him and wonders how he could do this. Dayzee follows Steffy to the main house and tells her that she doesn’t want her spying or interrupting what is going on in there. She laments to Steffy that no matter what happens, things won’t ever be the same again. Taylor rants at Stephanie that she loves Ridge with all her heart, but she does not want him like this starting with a lie. Thomas was doing her no favors by making her believe that her son was molested. All this time she thought it was Brooke that poisoned and corrupted him, but it wasn’t. It was Stephanie. Pam calls Stephen and explains they are all crammed into the guest house but there is no wedding yet. Stephen searches for Brooke, but can’t find her. She’s sitting quietly in the courtyard by the pond.

Thomas confides to Taylor and Ridge that it was more than just a lie to get them back together. Stephanie made him promises. He was giving her 25% of the company. Eric interrupts and says he knows that Stephanie has been keeping something important from him. Ridge says this is not the time; they do need to hear Stephanie out now and will fill him in later. Stephanie makes no bones about what she did. Thomas deserved it; he’s the future of the company. If it helped to get rid of Brooke, okay, that too. Ridge is marrying the woman he loves; the woman he never should have left in the first place, so they can get on with the wedding now. Stephen calls Katie and says he has good news and bad news. The wedding is off for now and he wants to tell Brooke. She’s been so depressed lately and this could change everything, but he can’t find her. Taylor tells Ridge that she still wants to marry him, but she’s not foolish. She knows things have changed. He says not his love for her. She realizes he gave up an entire life for her, so whatever he wants to do, it’s his decision. Brooke looks up and sees Ridge in his wedding suit slipping rose petals into the pond.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the wharf, Phillips (the drug dealer) kept trying to get Carly to take drugs.  He almost convinced her to take drugs when her phone rang.  She walked away.  Vivian wanted Quinn to know that sheís leery of his offer to work with her.  He insisted that he wanted to have a mother-son relationship with her.  Later, Quinn met with Phillips at the pier.  Phillips told Quinn that Carly is a drug addict.  He told Quinn that she didnít buy drugs, but he knows an addict when he sees one.  Gus was warning Vivian not to trust Quinn as Quinn called her.  Quinn told Vivian that Carly is a drug addict.  Adrienne and Jennifer were talking and Jennifer told her that she got a text from Jack.  Jennifer was upset because she hasnít seen Jack in a long time.  Adrienne was upset at Jack for treating Jennifer the way he did.  Adrienne thought she should have talked to Daniel about it.  Adrienne thought Daniel was good for Jennifer.  Jennifer told her about Carlyís feelings for Daniel.  Adrienne convinced Jennifer to put herself first and talk to Daniel.  Later on, Jennifer went to talk to Daniel, but saw him hugging Carly.

Taylor demanded that EJ tell her the truth.  EJ continued to deny the accusations against him.  EJ told her that he didnít want to discuss whatís happening in front of everyone.  Taylor wanted to do it anyway.  Taylor told him that if he were innocent, he would talk to her in front of everyone.  EJ tried to blame everything on fake Rafe.  Taylor wanted to know if fake Rafe worked for EJ or not.  EJ said he was telling the truth.  Sami and Rafe got upset and started yelling at him.  Taylor wanted them to stop.  EJ tried to convince Taylor that heís innocent.  Bo and Hope understood that Taylor wanted to believe the man she loves.  Taylor finally started to understand that EJ only loves himself.  EJ begged her to believe him.  Taylor and Rafe started to yell at EJ.  Johnny walked in the room and wanted to know what was happening.  He wanted to know why EJ hurt people.  EJ tried to deny it, but Johnny didnít believe it.  Johnny saw fake Rafe and got confused.  Bo and Hope took fake Rafe out of the room.  EJ tried to reach out to Johnny, but Johnny got away from him and ran upstairs.  When everyone left the mansion, Stefano lectured EJ about his behavior.  Stefano blamed EJ for their lives being destroyed.  EJ promised to fix everything.  Johnny wanted to leave the mansion with Rafe and Sami.  Before they left, Sami asked EJ how did it feel to lose Johnny.  Bo and Hope put fake Rafe in jail.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth visits Siobhan in her hospital room and apologizes for her mistake during surgery. Siobhan thinks Elizabeth did it on purpose to keep Lucky from being happy with her. Elizabeth asks Siobhan to take it out on her instead of the whole hospital. Steve announces that he is going to resign as chief of staff, but the board doesn't accept his resignation; they suspend him instead. He recommends Robin as interim Chief of Staff. Lucky explains to Cameron why Aiden is his son now. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Siobhan believes she tried to kill her and has filed a malpractice suit against the hospital. Lucky asks Siobhan to stop the suit but she won't.

Jax sees Carly talking to the mediator before the hearing. He tells her he will not compromise. Brenda and Sonny both have to go to Carly's custody hearing. Kristina comes to the court to volunteer to testify that Sonny is a great dad, but Sonny tells her that Jax will bring up the car bomb and make things worse. Ms. Yang, the mediator gets on the stand and parrots everything that Jax has been saying. She says Carly is volatile and that from what she has observes, is unable to maintain a safe home. Carly objects that Ms. Yang has never been to her home. Ms. Yang says Carly's continued acquaintance with Sonny is a danger and brings up Michael's bullet wound that was meant for Sonny and Michael's own felony conviction. She states that her opinion is that Jax be given full custody. Brenda takes the stand and says Jax doesnít like Sonny. The judge asks her if she has witnessed any specific occurrence of violence caused by her husband. She blabs all about last night's shooting as both Jax and Carly shake their heads in disbelief.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Shane have Gigi's memorial service in Clint's home now that he owns it. Roxy, Natalie and Echo are there for him along with Viki and Jessica. Blair and Tea attend but feel uneasy and guilty for "enabling" Jack to be responsible for Gigi's death and get away with it. Original Todd spies and overhears from outside Viki's home as people talk about how the Todd they know is not a good man and they fear Jack is following in his footsteps. Todd "motivates" Vimal to never tell John that Liam is his child. Still not knowing, John admits to Brody that he knows that Todd and Vimal have some secret going on and he is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Ashley spend quality time with Faith. Nick starts to look for Faith’s blanket and realizes that he had left it in the park. Adam stands at the bridge, looking over at where Nick, Noah and Noah’s grandmother had scattered Sharon’s ashes. Adam promises to clear Sharon’s name. Jack visits Phyllis to ask about promoting the new Jabot line through “Restless Style.” Noah comes in to join them. Noah asks Phyllis about a friend of his getting a job there during the summer months. Hunter comes in and Noah introduces her to Phyllis. Phyllis lets Hunter know that she will check with Nick about giving Hunter an intern job at Restless Style. Sharon and Piper arrive at the dance and Sam is more than a little overjoyed to see her. Brenda comes in, sees Sharon and tells her that she saw her somewhere before. Sharon denies that Brenda knows her. Marco also thinks that he knows Sharon, but once again, she denies it. Piper wants Sharon to look at her pie when Brenda comes in and yells for the police. Two men hold the man who stole Brenda’s car as well as Sharon’s. Sharon recognizes the man but refuses to say anything.

Jack joins Ashley at a table at Crimson Lights and is surprised to see Ashley with Faith. Jack voices his opposition to Ashley spending time with Faith. Ashley doesn’t think that she is doing anything wrong with keeping Faith. Ashley tells Jack that she will be taking over for Tucker while he is recuperating. Hunter thanks Noah for helping her get a job with Restless Style. Jack insists that he will never give up Jabot. Marco arrests Sharon. Adam finds evidence to clear Sharon.

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