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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Scott hires Maya’s boyfriend Mookie to help finish construction on the gatehouse since the contractor JR hired didn’t show up for work. Fears Asher may be dependant on his pain medicine so he cuts back Asher’s dosage to get him off the pills slowly but Asher sneaks extra pain medicine. JR tells Marissa that Bianca gave him advice on how to win her heart again but Marissa later talks to Bianca and finds out that most of JR’s romantic dates and the gift of the music box were planned by Bianca. Marissa feels that Bianca manipulated the situation but Bianca admits to Marissa that she helped JR because she couldn’t do things to make her happy herself. Bianca and Marissa decide that they shouldn’t see each other for a while and Marissa seeks advice from Krystal and Scott. Tad admits to Cara that he is in love with her and after a long talk Tad decides it is best to go back to an in name only marriage because he doesn’t want Cara to persuade herself to have feelings for him just because she is grateful to him. Ryan and Kendall ask tad to help find Griffin because Ryan discovered that he never boarded the flight to Chile. Kendall worries that she has lost Griffin in the exact same way she lost Zach but later Kendall finds Griffin at the hospital.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie stops the wedding and tells Steffy to take all the guests over to the guest house. She doesn’t want the wedding to continue with misconceptions. She does want Thomas to stay. Everyone tries to squeeze into a room and Nick quips they must be violating some fire code all being there in one room. Taylor and Ridge look at Stephanie in amazement. Stephanie finally stammers that she needs to tell Ridge the truth about what happened between Tom and Brooke on the island. Pam fusses about everyone not having anything to eat and they don’t know how long they will be crammed together. She looks for supplies to make some goodies. Dayzee is surprised that Steffy is acting so nice to her and even admits that Dayzee may be good for her brother after all.

Stephen continues to explain to Brooke that she should not punish herself. Thomas is a grown man; he’s not her victim. She admits today is a particular bad day with Ridge marrying Taylor. She made too many mistakes and hurt Ridge too many time so she deserves this. Ridge tells Stephanie that this is the last thing they want to think about on their wedding day. They do not need a play by play. Stephanie insists that is just it, they don’t know the entire truth and they need to. She confesses that it was she that convinced Thomas to step forward and say they had sex. It wasn’t something that was highly improbable, it could have happened, but she convinced him to lie. Then in the next sentence she is saying she feels so much better now; “let’s get back to the wedding.” Ridge looks to Thomas and wants to know if this is true. Thomas says yes; nothing happened. They woke up with their clothes on. Ridge is aghast. He tells Thomas that he looked him in the eye, with tears down his face, and told him that everything had come back to him….it was clear….no doubt about it. He wants Thomas to say it was a lie. Thomas admits that yes he lied. Stephanie sloughs if off by saying maybe they didn’t have sex, but there was a lot of kissing and Brooke has no decency when it comes to things like this. They should not overreact. Here he is about to marry a beautiful woman, the woman he loves, the mother of his children. She had nothing to do with the lie so there is no need to punish Taylor. The fact that Brooke and Thomas didn’t have sex doesn’t change anything. Stephanie says she is sorry; she is ashamed she let it go this far, but that shouldn’t change the wedding.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Nicole came to and remembered that she untied Rafe.  She hoped she did the right thing.  She tried to stand up and passed out again.  At the DiMera mansion, Fake Rafe told EJ and Stefano that Rafe was pretending to be him and that Rafe and Sami have been playing with them.  Taylor walked in the living room and was shocked to see two Rafes.  Taylor demanded to know what was going on.  Rafe told Taylor that he is the real Rafe and that the Fake Rafe killed her mother.  At the hospital, Carly spoke to Daniel and got a chilly response from him.  He told her about his problem with Jennifer.  She said she’d talk to her.  At the Sapphire Club, Quinn and Vivian talked about going after Carly.  Quinn planned on doing some digging on Carly to they can get something on her.  At the Cheating Heart, Brady talked to Melanie about how she covered for him about EJ’s attack.  Dario overheard their conversation.  When Brady left, Dario told Melanie that Brady wants something from her.  He wants the same thing.  Later, Brady found Nicole at the warehouse.  She told him how she found “Rafe” tied up there.  He didn’t believe her and thought she was drunk.  Taylor demanded answers.  Rafe told EJ to be a man and tell the truth for once.  Sami showed up at the mansion to confront EJ.  She slapped EJ.  She told him that he would pay and slapped him again.  Sami wanted EJ to tell Taylor why he kept Rafe in the dungeon, kept him drugged, and took his memory from him.  Sami continued to unload about what EJ did to her.  EJ tried to deny everything.  He tried to walk out, but Bo and Hope stopped him.  Stefano figured that Bo was behind everything.  Bo informed Stefano that he and EJ are in big trouble.

Dario told Melanie how much she means to him.  He was afraid that he would never get the chance tot ell her how he felt if he kept his feelings to himself.  Melanie assured Dario that she and Brady are just friends.  Stefano tried to deny everything that happened.  Sami wouldn’t allow him to deny anything.  Sami reminded Stefano and EJ about Fake Rafe being their evidence against the DiMeras.  Rafe mentioned all of the things they did to him too.  Taylor wanted Sami to leave EJ alone.  Sami was just getting started with EJ.  EJ claimed that his conscience was clear because he didn’t do anything.  Sami called him a sociopath and reminded him how he kidnapped Sydney.  Sami and Bo mentioned that Fake Rafe and the DiMeras can be charged with rape (Fake Rafe) and accessories to rape (the DiMeras).  Carly was on the pier and saw a drug dealer.  The dealer wanted to know if she wanted to score because she was at the right place.  Taylor believed that EJ had nothing to do with what happened to Fay.  She knew by looking at his face.  Sami thought Taylor must be stupid now that she’s engaged to EJ.  EJ yelled at Sami for insulting Taylor.  Taylor wanted proof that EJ is guilty.  Sami said Fake Rafe is proof and she wanted to show her the basement.  Taylor finally asked EJ to tell her that he didn’t do what they said he did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny tells Anthony that they have to take Sonny down under the condition that they don't hurt the women and children. Anthony tells him he will not be restricted because Johnny is too polite to hit Sonny where he is most vulnerable. Johnny says Anthony is impatient. Anthony brings up Claudia. John tells him to stop using Claudia. Anthony makes a call and says it will go down as planned. Brenda takes Alec outside to get ready for an outing. In the bushes nearby, someone takes aim with a semiautomatic weapon. As Brenda and Alec enter the limo, the assailant opens fire. Jason tells Sonny that the shooter purposely missed because the shots were below the windows. Sonny concludes that it was a message and that they have to send a message back. Anthony gloats to Johnny about his message and tells him that Sonny can't do anything about it right now because of Carly's custody case. Carly asks Jason not to retaliate until the custody case is over. Sonny asks Brenda not to mention tonight's events at the hearing.

Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t need to be married to know that loves her. She says she is afraid of marriage. Sam tracks down Maxie and confronts her about telling Jason that she wanted to get married. Ethan sees Kristina all dressed up on the docks and scolds her about putting herself in danger. He warns her that Anthony Zacchara is dangerous. She gushes over him caring about her and he tells her is only her friend and she is acting like a selfish teenager with no regard for all the lives she is putting in danger. He tells her that Anthony intends to completely dismantle Sonny and hurting or killing her is a great way to accomplish it. He tells her that she is too young for him and he is interested in someone else. She says he is a bad liar.

Alexis warns Brenda that she will be called to testify about Sonny's potential to be a danger to children, but Brenda already got the subpoena so she knew and says she isn't going to say her husband is dangerous. Carly and Jax talk to a mediator who tells them it isn’t about who gets Josselyn. Carly resents the suggestion that Michael may be a danger to his sister. Sonny storms in and tells Jax that he is going to kick his ass. The mediator leaves and Jax says Sonny's tantrum will get Jax custody of Josselyn. Sonny tells Jax that if it isn't 50-50, he will lose everything. Carly goes to Alexis and asks her to keep Jax from taking Josselyn. She asks her to drop the case so she is no longer involved in Jax taking Josselyn. Jax goes to see Alexis and tells her about the argument in front of the mediator. Alexis says that in that case, he has no reason to put Morgan on the stand or portray Michael as a violent felon. Alexis then tells him that she can no longer advocate for him to get sole custody because she doesn’t think it is right.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Doctors tell Bo and Nora that they must move Matthew to a rehab facility and that he is likely to get better but needs some time. They are ready to do that and inform Destiny that their son is going to a place in Philadelphia that is not far away and that he should be back soon. She then goes and privately admits to an unconscious Matthew that she took the pregnancy test and it's come back positive. yet she does not admit that to anyone else including Dani who knows she took the test and asks, to which Destiny tells her it was negative. Blair does not know what to do about Jack and knows that Todd is keeping secrets from her about their son. Rex then tells Todd and Jack that he has forgiven them and believes by gones can be bygones for Gigi's death. Shane then demands his father tells him how he could do that. And Rex explains that he's going to have the Manning father and son falsely believing that he's forgiven them so that he can get them right where he wants them. Echo hires the woman to seduce David Vickers so that he will break up with Dorian while they are both clueless to her scheme.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Genevieve and Colin have a run in at Crimson Lights. Noah visits Adam to let him know that his Grandmother, Nick and Faith are going to distribute Sharon’s ashes. Daniel and Lily go for a run where Daniel tells Lily to divorce Cane. Cane visits Jill at Fenmore’s but she refuses to make up with him. Genevieve walks in and interrupts their conversation. Nick catches up with Ashley at Crimson Lights. Ashley apologizes for not being around to help him with Faith. Katherine and Colin have a disagreement over Jill. Jill interrupts them and decides to talk to Colin for a few minutes. Sam brings Sheri a dress and invites her to a dance, but Sheri refuses. Adam listens to Sharon’s Mom, Nick and Noah as they say good bye to Sharon.

Jill refuses to give Colin another chance. Katherine and Ashley are present for the launch of Jabot’s new product line. Genevieve introduces herself to Katherine and wants her to come by to see the house. Cane asks for a job as bartender at Jimmy’s and gets it. Daniel and Lily walk in to Jimmy’s unbeknownst that Cane is the new bartender. Daniel and Lily kiss which Cane witnesses. Adam vows to clear Sharon’s name. Sheri accompanies Piper to the dance which surprises Sam.

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