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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. calls Amanda. Jake takes Amanda to the hospital where she gets a call from J.R. J.R. owns up to Marissa that he has changed and she was right. J.R. questions Marissa as to why she is pushing him away. Jake tells Amanda to ignore J.R. for a while. Cara comes in and asks Jake and Amanda as to what the problem is. Liza visits Tad and gives him a big kiss. Tad is stunned by the kiss and asks Liza what was that. Liza tells Tad she had been fired from her job. Amanda lets Cara know all her symptoms. Amanda thanks Cara for helping her. Bianca walks into Krystal’s but Marissa cannot keep her eyes off Bianca. A woman walks in and kisses Bianca on the cheek. Marissa is surprised that Bianca has a date. Liza shows Tad a letter that she had received from the Mayor, herself. Cara suggests a blood test for Amanda to determine if she is pregnant.

Marissa tells the woman that she and Bianca are good friends and that they spend holidays together. The woman asks Marissa if she has a chance with Bianca. Bianca advises J.R. to be open and honest with Marissa about his feelings for her. Amanda asks the nurse why she was given a pap smear. J.R. gets a text message from Amanda that she is awaiting test results. Liza breaks her heel and throws the shoe away when she sees it is broken and almost hits Caleb with it. Jake tells Cara Amanda is giving him another chance. Tad comes to visit Cara at the hospital and offers Cara his handkerchief. Cara sees the lipstick on it and asks Tad if there is anything he needs to tell her. Caleb asks Liza to come and work for him as his associate. Liza refuses to work with Caleb. Tad tells Cara about Liza stopping by to see him because she had lost her job. The nurse gives Cara Amanda’s test results. Cara tells Amanda that she is not pregnant, but knows that there is something else. Cara tells Amanda that she could have cervical cancer or STD infection. J.R. gets a text from Amanda that she is not pregnant. J.R. tells Marissa that he had had some help in figuring her out. Liza reconsiders and accepts Caleb’s offer to work with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dayzee looks on in shock as Taylor walks down the short aisle in the Forrester living room. Brooke explains to R.J. that his dad can’t come home right now. He has a very important appointment. Hope tells Brooke that some how they will make it through day together. She says regardless of what others say, without more than Thomas’s word she is not going to believe it happened. At the ceremony Thomas is encouraged to read A Wife...she speaks with wisdom and her children rise up and call her blessed. Ridge has his own vows. And he turns to Thomas and says he wants this to be a new beginning for them based on trust and honesty and respect. He wants him to accept his forgiveness. Taylor says her vows and even turns to thank and hug Stephanie for being the wonderful mother and role model that she is.

Hope thanks Liam for keeping R.J. occupied with a new video game. She confides to Liam that she doesn’t believe Thomas and she wishes there was something she could do. This wedding is so wrong. Liam says things will end up like they are supposed to; just look at them. Stephen drops in on Brooke and tries to cheer her up. He isn’t going to pass judgment on her, but he doesn’t think she should take all this blame. She can’t get it out of her mind and knows it will haunt her all the rest of her life. Stephen says she made a mistake, but she does not have to keep punishing herself. There were extenuating circumstances and Ridge should have been able to get past that. Brooke keeps repeating that Ridge deserves a better life. Brooke doesn’t know who she is any more, but she is going to turn her life around. It just will not be with Ridge. Before the minister pronounces them man and wife Stephanie says she has something to say.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Rafe was on his cell phone at the pier.  He thanked someone for being there for him.  Nicole followed him and hid so he wouldn’t see her.  Rafe walked off and Nicole debated on whether she should follow him or not.  She decided to follow Rafe.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano grilled Johnny about who was with Rafe when he picked him up from school.  Johnny was adamant that Rafe was alone.  Sami called to speak to Johnny.  Stefano took that time to warn EJ that they have to take care of fake Rafe.  Taylor called EJ and wanted him to meet her at her hotel room.  EJ left the mansion.  At Sami and Rafe’s place, Bo continued to tell Sami that Rafe has to move forward with their plan.  It’s the only way to get the DiMeras.  Sami understood, but hated the idea.  Kate met Quinn at the Sapphire Club.  Kate reminded Quinn that she paid him a lot of money to make Chloe look like an unfit mother, but he hasn’t done anything.  Quinn told Kate that she could give up on her plan if she’s not satisfied with him.  Kate was fine with it because she thought he was ripping her off.  Quinn told Kate that he could get more on Chloe so she wanted to continue with the plan.  At the pub, Chloe thanked Justin for helping her see Parker.  She also thanked Sonny for taking her picture with Parker.  Chloe wanted to see Parker again.  Justin told her about the social worker’s evaluation.  Everything has to go smoothly for Chloe so she could see Parker again.  While Justin and Chloe were talking, Quinn walked in the pub.  As soon as Justin left, Quinn told her about her next client.

Sami spoke to Stefano on the phone and she was even more worried.  She thought Johnny could be killed.  Bo tried to tell her that Johnny wouldn’t get hurt.  Hope told her that the DiMeras wouldn’t let anything happen to Johnny.  Bo and Hope told Sami that they couldn’t afford to wait for their plan to work.  They also told her how EJ and Taylor were engaged.  Sami couldn’t believe that Taylor would want to marry someone responsible for her mother’s death.  Nicole followed Rafe to the warehouse.  She hid and watched him talking to Tim.  She was determined to find out his secret.  She found fake Rafe tied up.  She was confused.  Fake Rafe told Nicole that there are two Rafes.  He also told her he was the real Rafe.  He was able to convince Nicole to untie him.  Nicole passed out before fake Rafe could do something to her.  He left the warehouse.  Bo gave someone orders to move forward with the plan.  Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion.  EJ and Stefano were not happy to see him.  They wanted to know what he wanted.  Rafe said he wanted a raise.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Elizabeth visits Siobhan in the hospital and tells her the truth about what happened to her during surgery. The hospital board is investigating Elizabeth’s mishap in the surgery. The doctors – Steve, Patrick, Robin and Matt, all discuss what the board is going to do.

Jax is calling almost everyone as a witness in his fight for custody of Josslyn, including Shawn. Carly talks to Jason about the custody case. Jax talks to Alexis about the witness list. Carly and Shawn run into each other. Jax and Carly meet with a mediator. Jason tells Sam about the custody case and they talk about marriage.

Ethan and Abby discuss their plan to convince Kristina to stop wanting Ethan. Kristina runs to Michael and tells him about Abby and Ethan. Ethan talks to Johnny about what Anthony did to Kristina.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

A hospital employee gives Gigi's belongings to Rex. Viki is glad that Clint is going to live thanks to Gigi's heart. Shane demands to know why Clint got to live when his mother had to die. He says Clint is not good enough to have Gigi's heart. Viki talks to Shane about loss and grief. Rex tells Shane he will explain everything to him when they get home. When Rex and Shane go home, they see are Gigi's things in the living room. Shane is no longer in the mood to talk. Shane is disgusted when Rex tells him that they own everything of Clint’s. He tells them that the money will enable them to get justice for Gigi. Shane wants to take Gigi's things when they move into Buchanan Mansion. Clint doesn't blame Shane for being angry. Viki asks Clint why Rex made that deal with Clint. Clint insists greed drove Rex. Viki tells Clint that Gigi's heart gives him a second chance at life and he shouldn’t waste it. He tells her that after confessing everything when he thought he was dying, he doesn't have much of a life to look forward to. Bo comes in to visit Clint. Clint asks Bo if it is time to pay the piper. Bo says he isn’t going to do anything to Clint. Viki tells Clint that she knows he didn’t kill Eddie Ford and presses him to tell her who did. After several unanswered questions she figures out that he is protecting Matthew. She tells him not to confess to something he didn't do. Todd tells Jack to get ready to go to work with him. Jack says he has changed his mind about their agreement. He shows him a newspaper that quotes John McBain as saying any questions about Jack's release should be directed to his father. Jack concludes that everyone is going to think he is guilty. Overhearing this, Blair concludes that Jack is responsible for Gigi's death and Todd is covering it up. He admits that he got Jack off the hook. While they are talking, Jack steals Todd's car and goes to the Morasco house.

James thinks Baz is going to make a move on Starr. When Starr arrives at Capricorn with Hope in tow, Baz asks what "that" is. She defensively introduces her daughter. He asks her if she has any regrets. She tells him that Hope's father is in prison and she seems to take it out on James. He tells her that James doesn’t seem to like him. He tells her to sing anything so he can get a sound byte. Baz plays with Hope while they listen to the recording. James stands in the shadows and watches.
Daniela pushes Destiny to reveal what she is hiding. Destiny hands over the pregnancy test. Nate informs Rick, the pornographer, that Matthew is awake and will identify Nate as his assailant, so Rick can shove his movie. Nate tells Deanna that he told Rick that they are not going to do his movie. Dani walks up to see Deanna hugging Nate. She demands to know if he is involved with Deanna. He tells her no. she wants to know what he and Deanna were talking about but he says it was confidential. She says he can't keep secrets from his girlfriend. He says in that case, what about the secret she is keeping from him. She denies having secrets, but he reveals that he knows about her and destiny keeping the secret that Matthew killed Nate's father. Destiny finally musters up the courage to take the pregnancy test. Nora tries to encourage Matt to talk. Bo tells Nora not to push Matt and that he will talk when he is ready. Nora reads to Matthew and he tries to speak again. Nora tells him not to try so hard. Matthew has a seizure. Rick finds out about Matthew's Seizure and then goes to Deanna to tell her that Matthew took a turn for the worse so they are still on the hook for the movie. The doctor tells Bo and Nora that there isn't anything more that they can do for Matthew.

BONUS OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Shane goes to confront Clint for the fact that he's taken Gigi's heart and tells him he does not deserve to live. He is also furious with his father for authorizing Clint to have her heart and does not care if he and Rex get to live in Clint's home and have all the material wealth they've taken from Clint if his mom is dead. Rex attempts to explain to his son that they now have money and power enough to make Jack Manning and Clint and all the people who have hurt them pay and know they cannot mess with them when they are rich. Rick the porn producer is determined to get Deanna and Nate to be porn stars in his movie. And he reminds Nate that he can inform Bo and Nora that Nate is responsible for their son being in a coma. At first, Nate tells him he knows that Matthew will be ok so he will not respond to Rick's threats. But, Bo and Nora hear from the doctors that it's too late for them to save Matthew while Rick goes to the hospital "with a plan". Starr goes to do a singing audition with Sebastian, brings Hope and remarks that she seems to like him while she remembers her daughter did not care for James. At that point, James is determined to find out what is going on regarding that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Gloworm, Michael and Kevin discuss Kevin’s relationship with Chloe. Kevin tells Michael that he wouldn’t mind if Daisy would get life. Michael receives a text from Lauren that she has a surprise for him and for him to get over to Crimson Lights immediately. At Crimson Lights, Noah and Abby confront Eden about being back in town. Noah asks Eden as to why she is here. Devon and Lily have coffee together and discuss Cane. Daniel arrives as does Cane. Daniel keeps Lily occupied while Devon takes care of Cane and orders him to leave. Sam and Sheri share a kiss but Sheri pulls away by telling him that she has a lot of work to do. Phyllis writes an article about how that Adam had destroyed Sharon’s life and had caused her death. Adam conducts a business meeting on his phone when he receives a message on his computer to meet the “Gingerbread Man” who wants to meet with him. Adam is just about to leave when he comes face to face with Diane. Diane wants to discuss Victor, but Adam doesn’t have time now to talk. Diane sneaks into Adam’s hotel room and gains access to his computer and what he had been working on. Diane copies down the number which is that of the “Gingerbread Man.” Diane comes up with a plan to meet with the “Gingerbread man” herself. Adam goes to visit Phyllis and Nick and confronts them about the articles that they are writing about him and Sharon. Sam invites Sheri on a camping trip to visit the place where he had buried the dog, but all Sheri will tell him is “maybe.” At Gloworm, Diane accuses Michael of setting her up with the S.E.C. Deacon overhears Diane making a call that a reporter needs to get to Gloworm fast in order to get a front row seat for the “Naked Heiress.”

Michael and Kevin arrive at Gloworm and is surprised when they see Eden sitting at a table. Diane meets with the “Gingerbread Man” and tries to get him involved in her schemes to get the upper hand on Adam. Deacon listens to her every word. Adam and Nick have a run-in concerning Sharon and how Nick had turned his back on her, but Adam insists that he never will. Abby tries to make things right with Daniel and to get him back, but Daniel refuses. Daniel calls Lily to ask her how things had gone with Cane Lily orders Cane to stay away from her and the children. The “Gingerbread Man” decides to consider Diane’s proposition. Deacon tries to talk Diane into letting him in on the action. Sam and Sheri make love. Michael and Kevin finds out that Eden has been in the states for months and was in rehab.

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