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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall meet at the Yacht Club to discuss Erica spending the night with David. J.R. and Amanda have a meeting at Krystal’s. Amanda tells J.R. that she is afraid that she is pregnant. Marissa comes in to join them. Marissa questions Amanda if she is alright. Kendall cannot believe that Erica would spend the night with David. Greenlee reminds Kendall of the flirtation that Erica had had with Caleb. At the bar, David gives Madison pointers on how to deal with Greenlee and to get the upper hand on her. Jake becomes aggravated because David had bought the hospital. Jesse gives Jake helpful advice concerning David. Erica has a run in with Jane. Jane collapses to the floor. Erica changes clothes with Jane and pretends to be her when Ben comes in. Ben examines Erica and finds she is out cold. Ben asks Jane as to what they will do now. Erica is about to escape when Jane comes to and orders Ben to catch Erica before she escapes. Jane tells Ben to ask Erica what her daughter’s name is. When Erica cannot answer, Ben knows that Erica is not Jane. Ben holds onto Erica and will not allow her to escape. Jane orders Erica not to ever call her “stupid” again. Jake joins Amanda, Marissa and J.R. at Krystal’s. Amanda gets sick and rushes out with Marissa close behind her. Jake lets J.R. and Marissa know that Amanda may be pregnant. Madison takes David up on his offer to teach her a few things about gaining the upper hand on Greenlee. Kendall asks Ryan and Greenlee to keep this between them about Erica sleeping in David’s room.

Kendall gives Madison helpful advice concerning the new cosmetics line so Greenlee will give her another chance to be the spokesperson for the new line. Ryan tells Jesse about Erica and David. Ryan finds out that Angie is letting David treat her blindness. Greenlee and David have a confrontation at the Yacht Club over his purchasing the hospital. Kendall has a confrontation with Erica.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge wakes Taylor up by calling and she tells him that she will meet him at the altar later. He greets Stephanie and tells her how great the house looks. She comments that she is glad he is happy, and she would do anything to make that happen. He tells her that R.J. called and he is going over to Brooke’s for a little while. Thomas follows up and tells Stephanie that he still doesn’t like this. It is not too late to tell the truth. She tells him just to man up and take some pride in what he is doing for his family. Don’t take his mother’s joy away from her. Hope walks in and tells Thomas that she is giving him one last chance to come clean. He says she should not be here. She offers that her mother still has no memory of what he says happened on the island, and yet he has crystal clear memory. Stephanie returns and is surprised that Hope is there and doesn’t feel she will want to stay. Thomas tells his grandmother that Hope knows. Ridge drops in on R.J., but he goes upstairs leaving Brooke and Ridge together. She says she is sorry that R.J. called. He does not know about the divorce or Ridge’s upcoming wedding. Ridge says they will sit down with him together when the time is right. Taylor shows up and hugs Stephanie and can’t wait to change clothes and get ready to be married.

Dayzee shows up and tells Thomas that it is all wrong. He was ready to tell his mom or dad the truth and now he’s just gonna let it happen. Ridge sees Brooke out in the gardens and follows her there. They agree they had so many memories here and thought they would live out their days there with each other. She breaks off a rose bud and puts it in his coat pocket for a boutonnière that he is to wear to his wedding. She gives him a kiss and cries when he finally walks away. Steffy helps her mother, but can’t help but do a little catty talk about the Logans. L also stands for loser and she thinks Brooke should just pack them all up and move away. It’s only a matter of time before Hope turns into her mother. People start pouring into the house for the wedding…..Pam, Marcus, Nick, Jackie, Owen and Oliver. Thorne tells his dad that he’s going to need a drink for this. Dayzee grabs Thomas by the arm and says he can not pretend that nothing is wrong here. She wants him to tell either his mom or his dad. If he loves them as much as he says, then he has to tell them the truth. Ridge walks up and Dayzee tells Ridge that his son has something he wants to tell him. Thomas stammers and finally says that Ridge is making his mom really happy and he wants to thank him too. Brooke tells Hope that she doesn’t want anything to eat. She made a terrible mistake and lost the man she loves and she may never be happy again. But it is her responsibility and she has to own it. Ridge will be happy with Taylor. That’s what she wants for him. It is meant to be. Stephanie asks Dayzee if she intends to stare that way at her all through the ceremony. Dayzee responds that she doesn’t know. She’s having a hard time recognizing the person she is looking at. She knows how much Stephanie used to hate Brooke, but this is beyond vindictive and cruel. Stephanie rants at her that she is not going to change her mind. This wedding is going to take place and if Dayzee can’t behave herself, then get the hell out of her home. Dayzee stands there with a dropped jaw.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the warehouse, Bo told Hope and Rafe that Nicole is going to be released.  Hope thought she’d go to Taylor and tell her what she knows.  Rafe thought Taylor would go to EJ.  Bo and Hope left to go to the station to stop Nicole.  Rafe called Sami to let her know what’s happening.  At the police station, Nicole was complaining to Detective McCarthy.  Nicole wanted to sue the police department.  Brady walked in and heard Nicole fighting with Detective McCarthy.  Nicole wanted Brady to help her.  He wanted to know why she was being held since there were no charges filed.  Abe walked in the room while Nicole was complaining again.  Nicole asked Abe to help her.  Nicole said that Bo was abusing his authority and keeping her against her will.  Nicole told Abe that she knows things that Bo doesn’t want her saying anything about.  Brady wanted to know about it.  She told him it’s about EJ.  At the park, EJ and Stefano talked about “Rafe” while Taylor overheard them.  Stefano saw her and wanted to know what she was doing.  EJ tried to do damage control and tried to convince her that she misunderstood what she heard.  He finally convinced her that everything would be okay.

Bo and Hope showed up at the police station before Nicole told Brady everything.  Abe told Bo that he got a call from Internal Affairs because he arrested Nicole for no reason.  Nicole told Abe that Bo arrested her instead of going after the man who killed her mother.  Bo wanted five minutes alone to talk to her.  Bo talked to Nicole about going after the DiMeras.  He didn’t want Nicole to mess up the investigation of the DiMeras.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ told Johnny that he couldn’t see Rafe anymore.  Johnny wanted to know why he couldn’t see Rafe.  EJ told him that “Rafe” has done some bad things.  At the Cheating Heart, Taylor saw Nicole and told her she and EJ are getting married.  Nicole was upset and yelled at Taylor.  After Taylor left, Nicole started crying.  At the pier, Brady confronted EJ about leaving Taylor alone.  EJ didn’t care for Brady’s remarks.  Brady walked off.  EJ started to remember being attacked.  He also remembered hearing Brady’s voice.  At Sami’s apartment, Sami thought Stefano was on to them.  Bo and Hope weren’t sure about that, but Stefano’s where they want him.  After talking to the henchman that Bo and Hope knocked out, Stefano was convinced that “Rafe” was not working alone.  He wanted to know why someone’s helping him.  Rafe was outside of the Cheating Heart and got a phone call.  He decided to go back to the warehouse when Nicole came out of the bar.  She followed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

"Jackal PI," spying from Sonny's backyard, sees Maxie adjusting Sonny's collar and storms in, demanding that Sonny get his mitts off his dame. Maxie says she is not his dame and apologizes to Sonny. Sonny tells them to leave. Outside, "Jackal, PI" kisses Maxie. She protests, saying she is involved with Matt Hunter. She spies Anthony Zacchara and tells "Jackal, PI" that they need to get out of there. Instead, he confronts Anthony. Anthony drags him by the tie and tells him that he looks forward to the opportunity to kill him in self-defense. In the brothel in Florida, Dante wants to pay for some time with Lulu. Javier tells him that his cocktail waitress doesn't sleep with clients, but several other blondes do. Dante asks Javier to select one for him. Lulu suddenly says she will do it. They go to a room and argue about her being there. She says she isn't leaving until she gets a lead on her father. She says being there has made her understand her father more. He makes her promise to go back to Port Charles with him at the end of her shift. Javier asks Lupe why Dante is so interested in Lulu. She says he likes blondes. Javier gets a call from Luke and tells him to let him know when everything is ready. Lupe tells Lulu about the call.

Olivia tells Steve that she doesn’t want to be an obligation and that it's ok if he doesn’t want to go on their date tonight. He tells her what happened with Elizabeth and says he blames himself for it. She tells him not to do something stupid, like resign. Abby and Michael are finishing their first day at ELQ. Carly comes in and tells Edward she needs to talk to him. Michael wonders why Carly came to his office to talk to Edward. Carly admits she was checking up on him and says this isn't the job for him. Edward opines that Michael will be the strongest of all the Quartermaines. Carly shoots back that Michael is a Corinthos. Edward tells her that he plays golf with several family court judges. He suggests that Carly doesn’t want to lose Josslyn. Sonny asks Alexis to resign as Jax's attorney because it is a conflict of interest for her to paint her daughter's father as a threat. Carly storms into Sonny's house and Brenda asks her to leave. Carly tells Sonny that Jax is calling Michael and Morgan as witnesses. Anthony Zacchara sees Kristina out alone at night. He reminds her that she ran Claudia off the road, Michael killed Claudia, Sonny drove Claudia mad and put a bomb under Johnny's car. He asks her what she thinks they should do about all the trouble her family has caused his. He tells her not to worry; he won't do anything to her in front of witnesses. Ethan arrives and tells Anthony to leave her alone and that if he approaches her again he will personally kill him. Kristina misinterprets his chivalry. He sends her home in a cab and goes to talk to Michael. He asks Michael to help him convince Kristina that they will never be more than friends. Michael says Kristina doesn't listen to him. Abby suggests that Ethan should start dating a woman his own age to make his point. She offers to be his fake girlfriend. Kristina comes into Kelly's and Ethan mentions being one of Abby's best customers at Vaughn’s.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Vimal goes to reveal to John that he knows John has a son although Todd has told him not to. But John goes on a call and Todd "motivates" Vimal by telling him if he keeps the secret, Todd can hire him to be a highly paid computer consultant and if Vimal tells John that Liam is his, Todd can have him tortured and killed. At that point, Vimal reconsiders telling John what he's just found out. Brody is ready to reveal to Natalie what he's just discovered from Marty's recorded session with her shrink, that she altered the DNA and knows John is Liam's father and not Brody. But when he goes to see Natalie and the baby and sees that they love him and he's lost everybody else in his life, he decides that he will never let Natalie know. Robert Ford tries unsuccessfully to get Tess to come out. Jessica does not want to be with him or with Brody but she is cordial to Robert and does not want to get him in trouble. Clint has the surgery after Rex has agreed to donate Gigi's heart to him in exchange for Clint's property and all of his money.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sheri holds the letter in her hand that she had written to Sam telling him about her life. Sheri leaves the room just as Sam wakes up. Victor, Victoria, Michael and Adam gather for the board meeting. Billy visits Nick and gives him the keys to “Restless Style.’ Billy is quite upset when he finds out that Nick rehired Phyllis. Sam joins Sheri in the stables and finds her packing. Sheri lets him know that last night was a mistake. Phyllis reconsiders taking the job at “Restless Style.” Adam and Victor have a difference of opinion over a deal concerning Newman Enterprises. At the coffeehouse, Noah looks over some videos that were taken from Sharon’s camera. Abby comes in and lets him know that she was in rehab thanks to Victor to keep her from telling the whole world that she was the one who hit Tucker. Eden walks into the coffeehouse unbeknownst to Noah and Abby. Lauren is glad to see Eden. Adam lets Victoria know that Billy sold “Restless Style” back to Nick. Victoria confronts Billy about the sale of “Restless Style.” Sam talks Sheri out of leaving. Victor reprimands Adam for his actions at the board meeting. Noah and Eden come face to face with each other at the coffeehouse.

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