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AMC Recap Written by Mary

ABC re-aired the 11/11/10 episode.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie asks Thomas if he’s really going to do this to his mother on the day before she is going to get married. He says yes, with or without Stephanie, he is walking out that door and telling his mother the truth. Stephanie chastises him that she thought he was man enough to handle this. The ‘girls’ are playing games at the shower. Ridge drops by to see his dad, and Eric has to ask again why Ridge is rushing into this marriage. Ridge confesses that he is hurrying because he might be afraid of what he will do. He might forgive Brooke. Brooke tells Hope that she just doesn’t feel like seeing anyone, so Donna and Katie bring in groceries. Brooke cries that she drove Ridge away and he’s getting married tomorrow. She doesn’t want any company or to face people. Hope questions Donna and Katie of why Brooke is so willing to believe that she ate the berries and then did things she would never otherwise do. Dayzee speaks out sternly to Stephanie that yes this is her business if it concerns Thomas. Stephanie makes light of it since she is not aware they are in a committed relationship. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Dayzee points out that Stephanie is using Thomas to fight her battles against Brooke. Stephanie comments that as harsh as it sounds, an eye for a eye, sometimes that is all you get in life.

Brooke tells Hope that she doesn’t think the berries changed her, but just made her look at who she really is. All her life people, most especially Stephanie, has been pointing out all her faults, her lack of morals. She felt like she was being persecuted, but now she has to accept it. Ridge asks Eric to be his best man, and although he is not 100% behind Ridge’s decision to even marry tomorrow, he says he will. That’s what fathers are for. He’ll even make a speech, but he doesn’t think it should be about them fighting over the same woman. The girls continue to laugh and play games at the shower, answering one by one the best advise they ever got from their mother. Stephanie hugs Taylor and tells her that tomorrow at her house all her dreams will come true and that’s going to make her so happy. Dayzee glares at Thomas, but he can’t seem to open his mouth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the park, EJ waited for Taylor’s answer to his proposal. She wasn’t sure if marriage was a good idea right now. She thought that he was too wrapped up in his family and he’s still married to her sister. EJ didn’t think that was a good idea to wait. He gave her an ultimatum. He wanted to get married or end it all together. Taylor didn’t like ultimatums. At the DiMera mansion, Lexie showed up to talk to Stefano about Taylor’s allegations about “Rafe” killing Fay. Stefano didn’t know if it was true. Lexie told Stefano that Taylor heard “Rafe” say that he killed Fay. Stefano reminded Lexie that Fay didn’t die at the mansion. She continued to question Stefano about Fay’s accident. They also talked about the women in EJ’s life. Bo and Hope talked to Rafe about heating things up with the DiMeras. Bo wanted Rafe to stay in hiding for now. Hope believed the DiMeras were going to crack under pressure.

Quinn and Vivian talked at the pub. Vivian let Quinn know that she wants to get revenge on Carly for killing Lawrence. Bo and Hope talked about the man watching the DiMera mansion. The man told Bo that EJ wasn’t there, but Stefano was talking to Lexie. Bo and Hope thought Stefano would want to kill “Rafe” himself. Hope thought that they had to get to the DiMeras before they get to Rafe. At Carly’s hotel, Jennifer confronted Carly about her drug addiction. Carly tried to deny it. Jennifer didn’t believe her and wanted her to put a stop to it. Carly told Jennifer that she couldn’t prove it. Jennifer was upset and they continued to fight about it. Carly told Jennifer about all of the things going wrong in her life (losing Bo, her patient, and her son) and that’s why she started taking the pills. Jennifer confronted her about stealing the drugs from the hospital. Carly told her she wanted time alone. Jennifer said she planned on doing something about her problem. Taylor finally agreed to marry EJ. Later on, Taylor told Lexie that she and EJ were getting married. Hope Tasered fake Rafe because he kept making too much noise. Bo found the DiMera frequency on the walkie talkie. Rafe taped “Walter” and had enough information. Bo received a call. There was a problem.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

ABC re-aired the 4/28/11 episode.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

ABC re-aired the 4/27/11 episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sheri wakes up beside Sam. She gets up out of bed and begins to write a letter to Sam about her life with Nicholas where he was always there to protect her from anything and everybody. Nicholas, at work, looks at a past issue of “Restless Style.” He begins to remember the last conversations that he had had with Sharon was when she had asked him to see Faith and he had refused. Adam, in his hotel room, looks at video footage of Sharon in bed. Sheri begins a letter to Sam about all the things that had happened in her life from Matt, raping her, to Nicholas going to prison for killing Matt, to Nikki blaming Sharon for what had happened to Nicholas. Sheri tells Sam about how Cassie had died due to a traffic accident and how that Nicholas had turned to Phyllis to Nicholas and Sharon getting back together. Nicholas also remembers his life with Sharon. Adam remembers his time with Sharon and how she had changed his life. Sheri finishes up her letter and looking at Sam, asleep in bed, she rips up the letter without letting Sam see it. Nicholas throws the issue of “Restless Style” across the room just as Noah walks in. Noah and Nicholas hug. Adam promises Sharon that he will clear her name, because it's the least he can do for her, as he looks at her engagement ring.

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