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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Dixie begins to wake up shouting Tad's name then opening her eyes. Tad makes a mess in the kitchen cooking up a breakfast treat for Cara. Kendall appears at the Martins' door to set up a play date for the kids, but Cara realizes she wants to know about Griff. After assuring her he's fine, Cara asks why Kendall didn't stop him from going. Cara doesn't believe her when Kendall insists she and Griffin are just friends. Tad takes Cara to the park and tries to ease the pain of missing her brother. A hug then turns to a kiss and finally a walk holding hands. Back at home, they continue getting close on the sofa.

Greenlee surprises Ryan wearing a suit of shining armor for their official wedding photos. Using a stationery camera on a timer, they pose in their living room, until Ryan decides to go back on his rescue mission to save Erica from David's clutches. Madison shows up at Fusion looking like something out of a dominatrix movie. Randi just stares at her as Madison insists that Fusion needs to expand their vision. When Greenlee and Kendall walk in, Madison puts on a demonstration of her new idea about a fierce woman who takes charge of her life, leaving everyone speechless. Madison stomps out when everyone agrees that her idea needs a little tweaking. because they don't want to scare anyone. At ConFusion, Madison is pleased when David tells her how amazing she looks. Seeing how much Kendall misses Griffin, Greenlee drags her away from work.

David assures a timid Jane that she was wonderful in bed, even though it was her first time. Meanwhile, a captive Erica has a hissy fit in her fake bedroom. Surprised there's a special connection between them, David wants Jane to stay, but she's suspicious of his motives. She then shares her fear that Jackson will know the difference if she sleeps with him. David assures her she's better than Erica. Afraid that Erica's lost it as she trashes the place, Ben summons his boss. When Erica accuses her of ruining her life by going to bed with David, Jane wonders how she found out. When she realizes she only meant figuratively, Jane tries to leave, but Erica is upset at the thought of Jane sleeping with Jack. Sending Ben on a break, Jane assures Erica she's not stupid enough to do that. After Jane enters Erica's room, they get into a fight which leaves Jane unconscious on the floor. Ryan's surprised when Jack tells him that Erica's been working all night with Hayward at the hospital, but when asked, David denies having seen her since yesterday. While searching David's room at the Yacht Club, Ryan finds "Erica's" earrings and bribes the maid into telling him that Erica spent the night there. Ryan wastes no time informing Kendall and Greenlee.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dayzee shows up on the rooftop at Forrester Creations and asks Thomas if he is ready. He’s working out. He says he will change clothes and go to the wedding shower and will speak with his grandmother there. Steffy tells her grandmother that things look great; they make a great team. She informs Stephanie that she asked for no gifts; just Taylor getting Ridge back is enough. She comments that Stephanie looks a little peaked….to which Stephanie says she is fine. She just didn’t get a lot of sleep, but reminds Steffy of just how long she has been waiting for this. Taylor joins them and appreciates the high tea they are having. Liam and Hope wake up on the couch and she laments that the sunrise was spectacular. It felt so good to wake up in his arms, with his heart beating next to hers and he did not pressure her at all. Jackie and Pam show up and Steffy says they are just waiting for Dayzee. Thomas thanks Dayzee; he never would be doing this if it weren’t for her. There was too much at stake with his mother’s happiness and his grandmother’s trust. Dayzee kept his head on straight. It was too tempting, but wrong. He says it is all going up in smoke now due to the lie he told. He just wanted to make his mother happy and now he’s going to her shower and blow her whole world apart with the truth. Dayzee says one good thing came out of this. He’s been sick since that lie came out of his mouth. Now it’s time to face the music. He tells her he owes her so much as they hug.

Bill catches Hope in just a tee-shirt when he drops in on Liam. Liam tries to explain that they didn’t…..Bill doesn’t care to know all the details. He tells Liam that he likes Hope. Taylor opens her gifts that some insisted on bringing. Then they sit around tasting the yummy goodies. Dayzee comes in and all wonder why Thomas is there. He says he needs to talk to his grandmother. Stephanie suggests the bedroom and Dayzee announces that she will go too. Stephanie is disgusted with Thomas when she realizes that he had to tell someone and that was Dayzee. Hope goes home and explains to her mom how wonderful it was spending the night with Liam, but no they did not make love. Bill tells Liam that he certainly is a better man than he is. Liam explains that Hope wants to wait until marriage. So if she wants to wait, they will wait. Bill says he’s proud of him and he has a lot of respect and that is not something he had a lot in his life. Liam thanks him for the house; it’s much more than he would ever expect…..and while it is not doing anything for his sex life, he’s just grateful to be with the girl he loves. He’s going to take it one day at a time since she has so much other stuff going on in her life with her parents. Stephanie rails into Thomas. She doesn’t understand how he could do this now. His mother is getting married tomorrow. Stephanie tells Dayzee to stay out of this. This is what is best for everyone, including Brooke. They argue and Stephanie tells Thomas okay, so Dayzee knows. That doesn’t have to change anything. Thomas says it changes everything. Hope tells her mom that something doesn’t feel right. She doesn’t think that her mom and Ridge are finished. Brooke says they can’t dwell on that. She did something unforgivable with Thomas and Ridge deserves a better life. Thomas stands up to Stephanie and says he could not live with himself. He’s finished. He will tell his dad and mom and even Brooke that they did not make love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

This is basically a spoof episode.  Will and Gabi were at a table with a laptop.  Chad and Abby were also at the table with a laptop at the pub.  The Internet went down.   Bo, Hope, Ciara, Maggie, Adrienne, Justin, EJ, Nicole, and Maxine arrived at the pub.  Justin lets the group know that Front Street and Westridge Avenue were closed so they had to stay at the pub.  Maggie thought that things could be worse.  The power went out in the pub.  Bo told Hope that he sent Roman to LA so he could see Ciara in the 4th of July parade.  Roman was in Hollywood because he was consulting on a case.  Will, Gabi, Chad, and Abby sat together at one table.  Will downloaded Oscar nominated movies for school.  Bo, Hope, Maggie, and Ciara were at the next table.  Hope knew Ciara was disappointed about not going to the parade, but thought it would be better next year.  Ciara referred to Hope as “mother” and thought next year was too far away.  Bo took Ciara upstairs, she told him that she looked more like a duck than a swan.  Hope didn’t like how Ciara called her “mother”.  

Maggie told Hope that she was like Eve Harrington at Ciara’s age.  Hope didn’t know who Eve Harrington was.  Maggie said she’s a character from one of her favorite movies.  Brady told Nicole that it was great to be stuck with EJ at the pub.  Brady wanted to punch him. Chad mentioned how he liked the girl in the western the teens downloaded.  Melanie showed up at the pub dressed as the girl Chad liked.  Melanie and Bo spoofed the movie True Grit.  Maggie and Hope spoofed the movie Black Swan.  The teens started to talk about the Social Network.  Justin, Chad, Adrienne, Nicole, Johnny, Kinsey, Gabi, Maxine, and Abby spoofed the Social Network.  Kinsey and Abby talked about the King’s Speech.  Kinsey thought it was boring.  EJ, Nicole, and Roman spoofed the King’s Speech.  EJ and Brady spoofed The Wrestler.  After the spoofs were finished, Melanie told everyone that the rain stopped.  Everyone started to leave.  Chad and Abby wondered if they would remember everything that happened at the pub.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu is in a hotel room in a skimpy cocktail waitress outfit when someone opens the door. She plans to hit the person over the head, but it turns out to be Dante. He asks her if it makes sense to take a job as a waitress in a brothel to wait for her father to show up or not. Lulu goes to work. Lupe advises her to go back to wherever she came from. Dante goes to the brothel and pays Lupe for having a conversation with him so he can watch Lulu. Javier sends Lulu to take Dante's order and eavesdrop on his conversation. Dante wants to pay her for her time.

Helena is in Elizabeth's house holding Aiden. Lucky demands that she give the baby to him and tells her not to be there when he returns. Helena tells Lucky that Elizabeth is lying again. She asks him if his new wife is willing to fight for him. Matt tells Elizabeth that she gave Siobhan the wrong medication in surgery. She is horrified that she almost killed her ex-husband's new wife. Matt thinks she is still grieving. Robin and Patrick feel bad for Elizabeth, Siobhan, and Lucky. Patrick reflects on losing Jake on the table. Elizabeth goes home and tells Lucky about what happened to Siobhan. She says people are going to think she did it on purpose. Maxie asks Jason to talk to Spinelli, but Jason tells her Spinelli is unreachable and Jackal, PI doesn't listen to him. He tells her that Spinelli got his wish to be a hero and save the woman he loves. Maxie says Jason is deeper than she thought and that he should ask Sam to marry him. Jason asks Sam if Maxie's perceptions of her are usually right. Then he talks in circles without actually saying what he is talking about until Sam deduces that he is talking about marriage.

Sonny throws Jackal's glass on the floor and Jackal draws his pistol. Sonny wonders what is wrong with him. Jackal tells him that when the geek took a bullet, Jackal came out. Sonny tells him that he is living a fantasy, that he works for Sonny as a hacker, and that he needs to find Sonny's missing money. Sonny calls Jason and tells him to do something with Spinelli before Max and Milo do. Jason goes to get Spinelli and gets him out of there. Maxie asks Sonny not to hurt Spinelli. He tells her that in return, she must get his money back. He tells her that the best way to bring Spinelli out is by her spending time with him. Maxie notices that his collar isn't right, so she fixes it, while Jackal, PI jealously watches through the window.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Robert takes drastic measures in an attempt to get Tess back by taking Jessica to the Minuteman Motel and putting a gag over her mouth while he attempts to speak his piece. It seems that Tess is not going to come back but Jessica tells him she owes him an apology for what she put him through. In another room nearby, Aubrey and Rama are in the same boat with both losing their husbands and their homes because of lies and betrayal although Aubrey encourages Rama to fight for Vimal. Vimal stays out drinking with Todd who reveals to him, for the first time, that John is unaware that Liam is his son and not Brody's and urges Vimal not to tell John because John is not fit to be a father. But when he goes to see the two women and reflects all of the lies they have both ruined peoples' lives with, he determines that he will go and tell John the truth. Natalie has just gone to visit John to declare to him that they are through and she is going to move on with Brody. And it's right after he's gotten a pep talk from Blair to get Natalie back. Brody is alone in the police station with the mysterious tape recorder. He plays and for the first time to hear Marty confessing that she altered Natalie's DNA test to have everyone falsely believing he's Liam's father when, in fact John is. Brody is devastated and does not know what to do when Natalie returns to him happy and believing they can start a new life together. Joey and Kelly are wondering what they should do with each other or with other people realizing that he was only with Aubrey in place of being with her and she with John because of him. Yet they know that they may not have a future together regardless.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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