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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Asher grabs Colby and gives her a passionate kiss, but she wants to hold off on having sex, then rushes to post their new status online for her fans. When Maya shows up with a black eye, Colby insists on knowing who is hurting her. Maya quickly leaves, but Colby and Asher follow her. Asher punches a man who's manhandling Maya, but they leave when she assures her friends that this is not the man who's hurting her. At home, Asher takes the last of his painkillers.

Tad finds J.R. ruminating about his lost childhood and assures him he's doing well in life then suggests they celebrate but agrees to take a rain check when J.R. says he has to work. At Krystal's, Tad discusses his feelings for Cara with his ex who encourages him to take the leap with his wife. After Googling pregnancy cramps, Amanda insists she has to go see J.R., even though Jake wants to take her to bed again. Amanda pauses when Jake hopes she's already pregnant then discusses it with J.R. who refuses to consider the possibility, because he doesn't want Marissa to know. J.R. encourages Amanda to just go home and be with her husband. Running into Tad at Krystal's, J.R. agrees to take an optimistic leap of faith along with Tad. At home, Amanda asks Jake to make her some tea for her upset stomach, then prays she's not pregnant.

Angie gets angry at Jesse when he cautions her again not to trust Hayward. She feels he can't understand her motivation, because he can see. When Jesse informs her that he's investigating David's purchase of the hospital, Angie asks him not to do anything until she determines if David's protocol will help her see again. Jesse reluctantly leaves Angie to talk with David who urges her to forget the other doctors' research, because it won't work. Instead he wants her to undergo his own stem cells treatment which he has been researching and testing illegally. At the end of his self-promoting speech, Angie allows David to draw her blood and take a skin sample, then agrees to keep it secret. Upset that Jesse wants to question her about the kidnapping again, Jane insists that David get everyone off her back. She's also suspicious of his motives, but he assures her everything will be fine as long as she continues insisting she's Erica Kane. Jane masterfully deflects Jesse's queries by flaunting her Erica Kane personality. To assuage her fears of being caught, David kisses Jane and promises to make her first time very special.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie looks into the large mirror on the wall….it’s almost like “Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest liar of all.” Stephanie says it is not Brooke, it is her. Dayzee still does not understand why Stephanie or Thomas would do this to Brooke. He confides that Stephanie came to him and promised him 25% of the company and Dayzee knows how much that means to him. It secures his role in the future. He admits he gave in and now that is a heavy price to pay. It’s been eating him up inside ever since. Everyone passes Rosey around and tells Marcus that she is a beautiful baby. Amber comes in and sees the whole Logan clan there and sarcastically thanks Marcus. He assures her this is not an ambush; the baby is sleeping in the bedroom. Brooke tells her that she is glad the baby is sleeping as there are a few things she’d like to say. Liam and Hope continue to kiss passionately until it is clear that he wants to go further and she has to say that she is not ready. She wants to, but…… He understands it is her first time and a really big step. She says she is sorry, she knows how important this is to him, but after all that has happened she wants to wait until it is just the right time. He wonders if that means marriage. He admits it is a little old fashioned, but she knows that he won’t pressure her. She says that is what makes her love him so much.

Eric comes downstairs and tells Stephanie that he knows something is bothering her, probably about Brooke, and he isn’t leaving until she tells him what it is. She says she is just reflecting on all the bad stuff Brooke has done to their family. He should put out the lights and she will meet him upstairs. She talks to a picture of Tom and hopes he can understand some day and forgive her for what she has done to protect her family. Brooke tells Amber that she thought after Rick that Amber would have learned her lesson and not try to hurt another one of her children, but she was wrong. Amber tells her that they don’t have to get into this. Marcus is going to help her find a place until she can manage on her own. Brooke tells her to do right by this baby. She deserves a decent upbringing. Amber agrees that she is going to do better. Dayzee feels it must have taken something more than just power and money for Tom to do what he did. He explains about his mother. She understands him wanting them back together as Stephanie did too. She’s not going to tell him he did it wrong. He’s not sure how he got wrapped up in all of this or what to do now. She says he knows exactly what he has to do. Stephanie looks at her face in the mirror that turns into Brooke’s face and says they weren’t all bad memories, there were good memories too. Tom says the first thing tomorrow morning he will go see his grandma and try to make this right. Dayzee wants to be there too. This is not the man he is. She’s been there too though. He got caught up in something that he now regrets. It’s important now that he step forward and tell the truth. It has to come out and the pain and guilt will disappear.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

No show for Friday

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda is subpoenaed to testify in Jax's custody case. Sonny says she can just say Sonny isn't a threat and Carly is a good mother. She will not say Carly is a good mother because she isn't. She tells him that he has to choose whether he is going to support her or Carly. Sonny tells Jason that Jax is trying to wreck his marriage. He says they might have to shut him down. Jason finds Spinelli at the Jackal and McCall PI office and tells him he should have checked himself out of the hospital so soon after major surgery. Jackal, PI says he has unfinished business to take care of. He admits that he didn't want to see Matt pawing Maxie. He tells Jason about an article in the paper that says it appears Sonny and Jason are in the processed of eliminating the Zaccharas. Maxie goes to the PI office to take Spinelli back to the hospital and he kisses her. She says she needs Spinelli to come fix a computer problem, but Jackal, PI isn’t interested. Maxie asks Jason to give Jackal, PI some harmless cases to keep Spinelli from getting hurt during this delusion. Bernie tells Sonny about the missing money. Sonny summons Spinelli to his house. When Jackal, PI arrives, Sonny is not amused and demands to know where his money is.

Robin and Patrick try to figure out what went wrong with Siobhan's surgery. The find the surgery itself was perfect so it must be human error. Matt informs Elizabeth that she gave Siobhan the wrong meds. Nikolas relinquishes Aiden to Lucky. He says he will always think of Aiden as his son. He says he didn't run with Aiden because he didn't want to reignite the Spencer-Cassadine war and risk losing his brother. Nikolas says he is going to Zurich and not coming back. Lucky refuses to say goodbye. He says Nikolas that he is not the villain he thinks he is and that he will miss him. Before Nik leaves, Lucky asks him why, having grown up in Russia and Greece, he doesn’t have an accent. Nik replies, with a Russian accent, that he may have had one the whole time. As Nik and Spencer board the plane, Helena watches from the shadows. Lucky returns to Elizabeth’s house to find Helena sitting on the couch with Aiden.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd continues to spy and observe what is going on with the people in his life unseen. He overhears Starr talking to Jack after she finds out, for the first time that he and his friend may be responsible for Gigi's death and they talk about "growing up Manning". He also notices Blair returning after finding out from John what Jack did and the fact that Todd covered it up for his son. Sebastian is still having difficulties getting acclimated with his dad, aunt and cousin and might want to come between Starr and James. Natalie and Brody affirm that there would be nothing wrong with the two of them starting a relationship even if others might not approve. But right then, Brody finds out that he is not Liam's father, John is. John gets a pep talk from Blair to get back with Natalie and he goes to talk to Natalie right when she's ready to break up with him and move forward with Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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