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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Even though Greenlee wants them to stay together, Ryan sends her off to work, because he has other plans. He frantically calls Tad for help on a vital issue and goes into a lock box for a jeweled green butterfly. Then he asks Tad to marry him and Greenlee immediately. Madison arrives late for work all excited about a new idea, but she doesn't quite know what it is. Expecting a smackdown from Greenlee, Madison is surprised when her boss instead supports her efforts. Under Randi's watchful eye, Madison works on a new, bold look. After Kendall gives him a camera to take on his travels, Griffin says good-bye. Cara is upset to learn that her brother is leaving town and goes to wish him well. Unable to reach Kendall, Ryan returns home and is disappointed that Tad hasn't come up with anything to say at the ceremony, but Emma agrees to help him with the surprise wedding party. Ryan uses Emma to get Greenlee back home right away then sends her and Spike out to get flowers. He badgers a nervous Tad to hurry up and finish writing until Kendall arrives and agrees to witness the wedding. Hurrying through the park, Greenlee runs into Jack and thanks him for inspiring her to be grateful for what she has. Ryan calls Jack and asks him to make sure Greenlee gets to her wedding. As they arrive, everyone yells "Surprise." After a touching introduction from Tad about the power of love, Ryan and Greenlee express their deep connection to each other. Tad then pronounces them husband and wife as the happy couple kiss and everyone cheers. Tad goes home to Cara with wedding cake. Once alone, Ryan carries Greenlee upstairs. Somewhere, Dixie continues to thrash around in bed, dreaming of Tad and their wedding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie starts remembering and she has some guilty doubts about her conversation with Brooke. Eric chastises her for not being more into the foundation and what Brooke is doing because of Stephanie. She should feel honored. Thomas pours some champagne and wants to go down by the pool with Dayzee and carry it further. She’s a little miffed that he’s been so distant since he got back from the island. She thinks it has affected him and does not feel like celebrating. All of this has affected Brooke since she quit the company and Dayzee feels it might have changed Thomas too in some other way. She calls him on this; he is not fine….the silence…..the drinking. She wants him to confide in her. Taylor visits Brooke and says she wanted to clear the air and let her know she will be re-marrying Ridge the day after tomorrow.

Brooke tells Taylor that this will be difficult, but she will just have to accept her marriage and move on. She just wants Taylor to focus on making Ridge happy. The two women hug. Hope and Liam bask in their being back together and his new home. She praises him for being so strong and that nothing will tear them apart now. Thomas tells Dayzee that talking about the island isn’t going to help. She says the drinking isn’t going to help either. It’s like a cancer; it’ll only get worse. She’s just there to listen, not judge him. He slowly tells her about the berries and that Brooke and he ate them…..the emotions…..the connection that followed. She guesses that Brooke and Thomas made love. He admits they didn’t, but that he told Brooke they did. Dayzee is shocked that Thomas lied and that Brooke doesn’t remember. Thomas says he feels guilty now that Brooke quit the company and gave away most of her money. Half of him was just hoping this whole bombshell would just go away. Dayzee wants to know if Stephanie is involved, and is shocked when Thomas admits it was her idea. It was the one thing she knew Ridge could not forgive. Stephanie tells herself that Brooke will never change. She is a manipulator and a liar. Then she looks in the mirror and wonders who the real liar is now. Who is Stephanie?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

No show for Thursday

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Carly talks to Sonny about Michael working at ELQ. Carly is positive that Edward will talk bad about her and Sonny to Michael. Jax visits Brenda and continues to talk about Brenda testifying at his custody trial against Carly. Brenda tells Jax that her testifying isnít a good idea and that she doesnít want to do it. Jax visits Carly and makes veiled threats about who is testifying against her.

Patrick and Steve talk about Lisa. Elizabeth tells Steve and Robin that she is taking some time off. Nikolas plans on leaving PC for Zurich, Switzerland with Spencer and Aiden. Lucky stops by for a visit. Nikolas continues to believe that Elizabeth is lying about Aidenís paternity. Nikolas visits Emilyís grave. Elizabeth is worried that Nikolas will take Aiden out of the country.

Steve asks for Patrick and Robinís help to investigate the mishap that happened during Siobhanís surgery. Michael and Abby start at ELQ. Abby is nervous, while Michael has doubts. Edward welcomes Abby and Michael with open arms. Edward tells them about what their jobs will entail. Michael will be working with Edwardís golden boy Ė Asher Fleming.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Destiny tells Matthew that she might be pregnant. Baz DJ's Nate's graduation party at Capricorn. James is annoyed that he came back to Llanview. Deanna tells Nate that if they don't do the porn movie, Frank will reveal what Nate did to Matthew. Nate wonders what Dani will think about them having sex. Dani overhears and tells Starr what she heard. Starr assures her that it isnít possible for Nate and Deanna to be having sex. Destiny goes to the party and tells Nate that Bo said Matthew remembered that happened had something to with Eddie Ford. Nate tells Deanna that if Matthew is going to tell what happened, then there is no reason to make the porno. Baz and Deanna watch James and Starr dance together.

While Brody looks through the evidence, another officer says it is a shame that Jack Manning got to walk after what he did to Gigi. Brody wonders why Gigi had a tape recorder. Rex tells Shane about his decision. They say goodbye to Gigi. Shane gives Rex Clint's motherís wedding ring. Rex puts it  on Gigi's finger and recites the wedding vows. Then he imagines Gigi reciting the vows to Rex. Rex tells her to wait for him and save a dance for him. He imagines the two of them dancing and promising to take care of Shane and himself. Bo tells Rex that it is time to take her into surgery.

Brody tells Ford that Tess is never coming back. James tells Ford to fight for her. Viki tells Natalie that Rex changed his mind and will allow Gigi's heart to go to Clint, but in return, he is getting all of Clint's money. Jessica tells Viki that she hates Natalie. Viki reminds her that she had been Viki tells her to realize that her disease hurt everyone she loves. Jessica calls Brody and tells him that Clint is getting Gigi's heart after all. Brody apologizes for hurting her. She asks him if he is sorry about sleeping with her sister. When he doesnít respond, she concludes that he has feelings for Natalie. Natalie tells Viki that she remembers fighting with Marty over a tape recorder. Viki tells Natalie that it seems she and Brody have become close and that they should figure out what they mean to each other. Natalie goes to see Brody. Ford kidnaps Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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