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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

As she wakes up in J.R.'s arms, Marissa remembers Bianca divulging her feelings to her. When J.R. asks if Marissa's having second thoughts about them because of Bianca, she denies it. Finding his parents in bed together, A.J. is over the moon. They decide to celebrate over chocolate cake. Bianca claims to be happy for them when A.J. announces the happy news to everyone at Krystal's. J.R. thanks Bianca for her help but assures her he can take it from here. Griffin informs Kendall and Bianca that he's going to finish his community service in Chile. He promises to get them a good replacement for the Miranda Center. When Griffin informs David of his plans, his mentor approves of him not forming any attachments with anyone. Bianca wonders why Kendall acted so nonplussed and hints that she should tell Griff how she really feels about him before it's too late. When Griffin takes her chart and the name of another doctor to her house, Kendall lets him listen to her heart and confirms that he's more than a friend to her. Griffin and Kendall simultaneously say how much they're going to miss each other. After she listens to his heart, Kendall and Griff say goodbye with a lingering hug, but at the last minute, she yells for him to wait.

David brags to Greenlee that he's about to do something astounding at the hospital but won't give her any more details, except that he's ready to start performing miracles. After Jane is assailed by an aggressive reporter, Ryan comes to her rescue and takes the opportunity to question her about her deal with Hayward. Though flattered by Ryan's attention, Jane insists she can handle David. Jane continues to defend David as Greenlee points out all his faults. After Ryan supports Jane's ability to take care of herself, David takes her aside and warns her not to arouse Ryan's suspicions any further, because he has big plans that are going to rock the Lavery's world. Meanwhile, Ryan and Greenlee brainstorm about how different "Erica" is since her kidnapping. Working together reminds them how important they are to each other, which leads to some passionate lovemaking on the couch.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber asks Liam and Bill if she needs to pack up her stuff and move out. Bill says he has shown a great amount of restraint. He should have already had her and Ma Barker moved out. Hope tells Steffy that she doesn’t want to see her heartbroken, but she will be if she doesn’t accept that sooner or later, Ridge will come back to Brooke. Stephanie is distracted, but Taylor tries to cheer her up by asking her to be her matron of honor at the wedding. She’s interrupted by Brooke who calls for her to come over and speak with her and Dayzee about the foundation. Stephanie speaks with Ridge on the way out and tells him how happy she is. She always wanted him and Taylor together. Ridge tells Taylor that he went to see Brooke. He didn’t want her to hear the details from everybody else. Steffy comes in and Taylor delights her by asking her to be her maid of honor.

Stephanie meets with Dayzee and Nick at Brooke’s. Even Jackie is there and says Brooke is honoring Stephanie so she can not refuse that. Hope shows up to see Liam. Amber says her goodbye’s, saying she is off to raise her precious little baby. She tells Hope that she feels badly about all that happened and she hopes she can make it up to her some day. Bill only wants to hear the slamming of the door and claps when Amber finally leaves. He tells Liam that he is going to have the house disinfected, every inch of it, then the locks changed and will give the keys to Liam. Liam is giddy with that news; this is much better than the cracker box he is in. He hugs Bill who tells him that he would do anything for him and he deserves this after all he has gone through. Liam tells Hope this is the best thing ever….him here with no Amber and no baby. He wants to make this the summer of their lives, the best ever. Taylor and Ridge talk over iced tea. He still feels a little overwhelmed, but Taylor tells him that he and Thomas will repair their relationship and she will not allow any more disappointment in his life. She is ready to be his wife. She doesn’t want him to spend any more time being miserable, so she’s ready to marry him right now, any time. He says he wants his family back. He wants her so yes it will be very soon. Stephanie is sorry to hear that R.J. is having some problems adjusting to Ridge not being there. Stephanie assures Brooke that she loves R.J. as that is her grandson and she will do all she can to help. Brooke says she wants to forgive herself for what happened on the island. She wants to make a difference in this world and Stephanie be proud of her. She changed her life and she will always love and respect her for that. Stephanie is speechless when Brooke hugs her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Taylor showed up at the hospital hoping to see EJ, but he was gone.  Lexie told Taylor that EJ checked himself out early.  Taylor told Lexie about her relationship with EJ and how he was divorcing Nicole.  Taylor also told Lexie about her suspicions of Rafe.  Taylor wants to learn the truth so she can move on with her life.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was surprised to see EJ home.  Stefano informed him about their guy (fake Rafe) being out of control.  Stefano showed EJ the article about the police being suspicious of fake Rafe.  The police think that fake Rafe attacked EJ.  EJ didn’t understand why fake Rafe would turn on him like that.  EJ wanted fake Rafe to be eliminated before the police found him.  Stefano assured EJ that their henchmen will find him and make him disappear.  Stefano believed that EJ was only worried about fake Rafe connecting him to Fay’s murder and nothing else.  At the loft, Sami told Bo and Hope that a truck was parked outside all night.  Bo and Hope wanted that to happen because that meant the plan was working.  Bo gave Sami a bug to use.  Sami hoped that she would do a good job setting up the DiMeras.  Hope assured her that she’d do a good job.

Maggie showed up at Victor’s place.  They talked about Rafe and what’s going on with Brady and the DiMeras.  Maggie also wanted to give their relationship one more shot.  Victor appreciated it, but he’s going to be involved in a feud with the DiMeras and didn’t want her involved.  Maggie ended up kissing Victor and leaving the mansion.  Bo got a call from his informant.  He told Hope it was time to start the plan.  They kissed for luck and she left the loft.  EJ reminded Stefano that fake Rafe would implicate them if he were caught.  Stefano reminded EJ how he destroyed all of the evidence against them.  Fake Rafe is the only one that could implicate them.  Sami showed up at the mansion and tried to pump EJ and put the bug in the mansion.  Sami, Bo, and Hope met at the loft and discussed the plan.  EJ proposed to Taylor.  Bo couldn’t hear the signal from the bug.  Sami hid it in the floral arrangements and it fell in the water.  Sami thought she messed up.  Hope reassured her that they could still do their plan.  Bo and Hope took Stefano’s money and he thought fake Rafe did it.  He was furious.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jax offers Michael and Abby a job, and Carly concedes that it would be better than working for Sonny or the Quartermaines, but she doesn't trust Jax. Michael doesn't want the job and tells Jax that he should concede joint custody of Josslyn. Carly tells Jason that she may have made a mistake in not allowing Michael to work for Jax because Edward is worse. Jason tells her that neither of them should try to convince Michael not to work for his great-grandfather. He tells her that Alan and AJ are both gone and Edward is alone. He advises her to do nothing and let Michael make his own decision. Jason tells Abby about his Quartermaine family and that he is Michael's uncle who took the role of his father when he was a baby.

Dante goes to the Brothel where Luke grew up to find Lulu. He talks to Luke's friend, Lupe, who tells him that talking too much could cost her life. He pretends to want advice about his girlfriend, and she tells him he cannot take his girlfriend’s pain away, he should do nothing and wait for her to work it out for herself. She begins telling him about a client that comes several times a year, and Dante perceives that she is talking about Luke. Lulu tries to get Javier, the brothel owner to tell her what he knows about Luke. He tells her Luke comes and goes as he pleases and that he doesn’t know when he will be back. He tells her she can be a cocktail waitress there if she is going to wait. Lupe tells Lulu that Javier wants her all to himself.

Elizabeth and Lucky discuss Aiden's paternity. He says Nikolas will not relent and that the paternity test she has won't prove anything. Lucky goes to talk to Nikolas about Aiden. Nikolas tells him that Elizabeth is lying the same way she did with Jake's paternity. He says two paternity tests say he is the father so there is nothing more to discuss. Elizabeth tells Sam that Lucky is Aiden's father and she doesn’t know what to do. Sam tells her to do nothing and the men will figure it out. Sam tells Jason that Aiden is Lucky's son.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

On the docks, a very upset Tea declares to Shaun that she may be done with Todd although he attempts to talk her out of it. Original Todd overhears them unseen and unknown. Back at the house, Todd is determined to "shape Jack up" and tells him he will give him a job at the Sun where Jack must work and has no time for his friends or getting into trouble this summer. Meanwhile, Rex has a plan. He tells Clint he has "reconsidered" and will let Clint have Gigi's heart under the following conditions: He wants all of Clint's money, assets and his house. And he wants Clint to live penniless and miserable. He then arranges for Cutter to get thrown out of the house and lose ownership. Meanwhile, Echo is ready to get revenge upon Dorian for breaking up her relationship with Charlie. She hires a woman to go and seduce David and attempt to convince Dorian that he has been cheating on her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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