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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Tad brings Cara a bouquet of flowers, even though he's allergic and can't stop sneezing. After putting a posy in Kathy's hair, Cara takes the vase to the little girl's room. Tad takes a box of J.R.'s baby stuff to him, since it's the day before his birthday. Cara urges Tad to get back quickly for her surprise. Tad and J.R. have fun reminiscing over the box of childhood toys and games. Tad admits he's moving on with Cara and advises J.R. to trust fate and just let things happen without trying so hard. They both wish Dixie were there. When he returns home, Tad is stunned by Cara's beauty and agrees to go on a date. Cara takes him to dinner at the Yacht Club to thank him for rescuing her, and they toast to many more days as a married couple. Meanwhile, Dixie lies in a dream-like state, remembering when Adam took her baby from her and Tad helped get him back. Dixie recalls Tad wishing on their special star for another year together with their wonderful family.

Jake warns J.R. not to infringe upon Amanda's private time anymore. J.R. and Amanda are happy that Jake doesn't know the truth. While Opal watches Trevor, Jake dons his pirate get-up to surprise Amanda and show her how much he loves her. After Jake kisses her, Amanda starts sobbing, feeling she doesn't deserve it. She's cautious when Jake insists he's ready to have another child but gives in and lays down with her husband. Jake is confident they've done it this time, but when Amanda gets up, she feels dizzy. Even though she's aware nothing can come of it, Bianca is relieved to have shared her feelings with Marissa, who is obviously very uncomfortable that her friend thinks of her in that way. Marissa won't even remove her cover-up at the pool, then makes a quick get-away to join J.R. for his birthday. J.R. is happy that Marissa is with him as they kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke reflects back on what Stephanie told her that Ridge has proposed to Taylor. She tells Hope that she doesn’t blame Stephanie. She was the one responsible for what happened to her marriage. She needs to focus on herself and bring back some goodness into the world and she will. She can not give Ridge what he wants and Taylor can. Hope still doesn’t understand why she’s giving up so easily. She verbally spars with Steffy about the upcoming wedding. Hope doesn’t believe it will actually happen. Steffy offers that Ridge has already proposed and he will never forgive Brooke this time for what she did with Thomas. Hope concurs if everyone believes what Thomas said. She doesn’t. Thorne tells Ridge that he and Brooke belong together. He is moving too fast by marrying Taylor; it’s crazy.

Taylor confides in Stephanie that she finally feels she is free. She doesn’t have to look over her shoulder and worry about Brooke coming back and taking Ridge away. She can plan her life now. Ridge visits Brooke and tells her that her life doesn’t have to be defined by what happened. She will always be his Logan, but he proposed to Taylor last night. He did what she said she wanted him to do. She shows him the divorce papers. He thinks that is awfully fast, but she says she asked for expediency. Steffy is offended that Hope would call Thomas a liar. She reminds Hope that her dad is off the market now so Brooke can look elsewhere. Hope says no matter what happened, love always wins out. Ridge will always go back to her mom so Steffy better get used to that. Brooke asks Ridge when he is going to get married and start the healing process. He says Taylor doesn’t want to wait so it will be soon. She cries that she is sorry that she hurt him so much and that she has to let him go, but she will always love him. They hug. He kisses her and slowly lets his fingers slip from hers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami was upset that Bo wanted to use Rafe as part of his plan.  Bo explained that people were on to him so they had to provoke the DiMeras to come after Rafe.  Sami wanted to know how long Rafe would have to lay low.  Bo thought Rafe should go into hiding. Rafe explained that he had to do it because it is his job.  Sami finally agreed to the plan.  Stefano spoke to his henchman because he wanted information about EJís attack.  He learned that there was a possible witness.  EJ told Stefano that fake Rafe killed Fay.  Stefano was shocked.  EJ wanted to tell Taylor the truth about everything because she had a right to know.  Stefano insisted that they keep quiet about everything.  EJ thought Taylor might forgive him if he tells her everything.  Stefano warned EJ not to say anything.  Vivian met Quinn and she agreed to be a mother to him.  She wanted him to meet him at Chez Rouge.  The job Quinn set up with Chloe wanted a new girl because he wasnít satisfied with Chloe.  Justin surprised Chloe by giving her Parker.  Chloe and Sonny met and she wished all men were like him.  He didnít say anything.

Jennifer ran into Daniel at the hospital and told him about the white powder she found.  Rafe received a call from Stefano and wanted to meet him at the pier.  Rafe told Bo, Hope, and Sami that Stefano is taking the bait.  Daniel told Jennifer that he would investigate the powder.  She didnít say where she found it.  At the Cheating Heart, Bo told Melanie and Dario that Rafe will take the fall for EJís attack.  Dario was upset about that.  EJ let Stefano know that he didnít ell Taylor anything.  Stefano was convinced that they destroy fake Rafe.  Daniel found out that the drugs were like the ones that were stolen.  Rafe promised Sami that he will be careful and he wanted this last night with her.  They began to make love.  Rafe stood Stefano up and he was upset.  Stefano wanted ďRafeĒ dead or alive.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kristina surprises Ethan with a kiss. Alexis fears Kristina is falling for Ethan. Edward presents job offers to Michael and Abby. Carly is shocked to find Brenda spending time with Josslyn. Lulu has an awkward conversation with Javier at the brothel. Dante and Sonny have a chat about Luke. Abby wonders if working at ELQ is a bad idea. Abby goes to Jason with her doubts. Carly hates the idea of Michael working for Edward. Michael and Carly butt heads over Edward’s job offer. Jax suggests that Michael and Abby work for him instead. Brenda and Sonny disagree over Carly’s parenting skills. Dante shows up at the brothel looking for Lulu and ends up flirting with Lupe. Lulu finds herself trapped in a bad situation with Javier.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd finds his way to the current Todd's home and overhears Todd's conversations with Tea and Jack while unseen. Todd goes to bat to get the charges dropped against his son although he and Tea are both worried that their son has no conscience. Rex is furious after finding out the cops cannot send Jack to prison and is ready to take the law into his own hands. After he has refused to donate Gigi's heart to Clint, Clint prepares to say good bye to his family. But suddenly, Rex goes to inform Clint that he will let him have Gigi's heart under one condition.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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