Friday 6/24/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/24/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca, Marissa and the children go on their trip. Colby comes home with an armful of packages. J.R. tries to call Amanda. Jake, Amanda and Trevor go on a picnic. Jake asks Amanda as to what is troubling her. Amanda begins to open up to Jake about her feelings concerning Jake and Cara. Amanda tells Jake that she had done something really bad. Jake asks Amanda as to what she had done. Amanda’s cell phone begins to ring but Amanda ignores it. J.R. leaves Amanda a message that if she tells Jake the truth that it would be a bad mistake. Jake takes all the blame for this situation between them. Jake gets a call and he has to leave. Colby is surprised to see Maya in her bed when she lays all her packages on the bed. Colby asks for Maya’s help in figuring out what she can return and what she will keep. Colby asks Maya as to why she never wants to go home. Bianca lets Marissa know that she is glad that she had come along. Marissa takes the children for a swim in the pool. Madison thanks Kendall for letting her spend the night. Madison apologizes to Greenlee for ruining the presentation. Kendall checks to see if Madison is able to return to work. Kendall tells Greenlee about Madison fainting in the park. Greenlee voices her disagreement with Kendall’s opinion of Madison. Kendall asks Greenlee does she think that Madison was faking. Kendall tells Greenlee that there was no way Madison was faking her symptoms in the park. Madison sees Randi at Fusion. Randi reprimands her for not letting her know where she had been the night before. Randi offers to cover for Madison at work but Madison insists to Randi that she doesn’t need anyone covering for her at work. Trevor runs away from Amanda. Amanda orders J.R. to stop calling her. Amanda begins to panic when she cannot find Trevor. Greenlee tells Kendall that she thinks that Madison is trying to play Ryan. Colby comes downstairs with her computer and wants to shows her some things about Carrie Underwood and to read her some letters that she had received in her blog. Maya is awfully quiet when Colby tells the woman to kick her no count boyfriend to the curb. Jake questions Opal if she had paged him to the hospital. Opal asks Jake if he had made his reservations for their second honeymoon. Jake tells Opal that David was back at the hospital. Amanda looks for Trevor and finds him with J.R. Amanda reprimands J.R. for having Trevor. J.R. warns Amanda that if she tells Jake the truth that she will lose Trevor. Bianca finds it hard to hide her feelings from Marissa when Marissa takes hold of her hand. Randi lets Madison know how difficult it was for her when she had miscarried. Randi reminds Madison that Scott loves her. Greenlee comes in to work while Madison and Randi talk.

Greenlee reminds Madison about the proofs and if they are ready. Kendall comes in to work and wants to finish her talk with Greenlee about Ryan. Colby begins to question Maya as to who is abusing her. Maya receives a phone call but Maya refuses to answer it. Colby asks Maya as to who is calling her and why she is afraid to answer it . Amanda lets J.R. know that Jake would never take Trevor away from her. Amanda insists on telling Jake the truth. Bianca apologizes to Marissa for her pulling away. J.R. refuses to leave Amanda alone, but reminds her once again that what had happened between them was a one time thing. Jake meets up with J.R. and Amanda at Krystal’s and wants to know what is going on. Jake asks J.R. if he is harassing Amanda. J.R. makes up a lie that they were discussing work. Amanda whispers to J.R. that he wins. Kendall asks Greenlee as to why she is afraid of Madison. Marissa asks Bianca to lie down beside her. Maya lets Colby know that no one can help her. Colby is confused by Maya’s actions. Colby tries to get Maya to call the police about the person, who is abusing her. Maya denies that anyone is hurting her. Ryan comes home to Greenlee.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Brooke that this doesn’t make any sense. She slept with Thomas! Brooke explains about the berries and the fantasies, the colors, the hallucinations that ensued although she doesn’t remember anything sexual. She realizes they have stood by her on so many things, but she’s not sure she wants them to do that again. She has started the foundation and she wants to feel worthy again. When he can’t find Eric, Marcus runs it by Stephanie to see how she will feel if Amber names little Rosey a Forrester. Bill catches Liam and Hope playing kissy-face in his office. He quips that if anyone is going to get freaky in there, it is him. Then he gives his blessing. He’s saved by the buzzer, but he wants to know from Hope a little more about why Ridge moved out. As he leaves, he tells them to go back to kissing. Amber is history and they have a lot of celebrating to do. Taylor is speechless when Ridge proposes. He’s ready to come home if she will have him. She says of course she will. Steffy is ecstatic, Thomas much less so. Steffy reminds Thomas how they have tried to stupidly manipulate things in the past, but this is so much better. Ridge understands why Taylor would be a little gun shy now when she asks him to be patient with her. She says she is not a prude, but she doesn’t want a physical relationship until they are married. He agrees if that is what she wants, he is fine with waiting until their wedding night.

Steffy calls Stephanie to give her the good news and invite her over. Ridge senses Thomas’s reluctance and Thomas admits he feels guilty because of Brooke. Ridge assures him they are going to work through all of this. Steffy pulls out a huge ring that Stephanie gave her and hopes Ridge will put it to good use. He’s honored since it was a favorite of Stephanie’s. He resented her in the past for always interfering, but he will accept this and never look back. Stephanie stops by Brooke’s first. They argue about the foundation again as Stephanie still is not comfortable with Brooke using her name. Brooke admires her wisdom and passion and wants that for herself someday. Feeling a little sheepish, Stephanie asks her again just to do whatever she needs to do but leave her name out of it. Then she tells her what she really came for – Ridge has moved on and will be marrying Taylor. Taylor cries as Ridge slips the ring on her finger and asks once more if she will marry him. She says yes. Brooks cries as well and Stephanie feels guilty and compelled to hug her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

After Will and company’s graduation, Sami and Rafe discussed fake Rafe and getting revenge on the DiMeras for what they did to them.  Jennifer and Abby discussed Carly’s behavior.  Jennifer told Abby that she found white powder in Carly’s room and wanted to get it tested.  At the hospital, Carly took a pill and snapped at Daniel.  Daniel thought she was acting that way because of what happened with EJ.  Melanie tried to stop Detective McCarthy from arresting Dario by saying they spent the night together while EJ was attacked.  At the DiMera mansion, Brady wanted Bo to arrest him so EJ would know that he was the one who attacked him.  Bo didn’t want him to do anything yet.  Bo wanted to take care of it.  At the police station, Taylor explained to Nicole that “Rafe” attacked EJ.  Nicole remembered Brady’s confession.  Nicole thought EJ might have provoked the attack, but Taylor didn’t agree with that.

Hope joined Bo at the police station.  She told Bo about Taylor’s theory that Rafe beat up EJ.  Victor reminded Brady that Melanie sacrificed everything to protect him and would get in trouble if he confessed.  Detective McCarthy wanted to know if Adrienne believed Melanie’s alibi for Dario.  Adrienne remembered the bloody scarf, but she agreed to Melanie’s story.  The detective let Dario go free.  Bo and Hope realized they had to let Taylor go.  Bo wanted to talk to Nicole.  She wanted to know if he arrested Brady.  Nicole told Bo that they were on the same page and that it was time to tell him everything.  Nicole’s lawyer arrived with Nicole’s “proof” against the DiMeras.  She was outsmarted because the “proof” was just Nicole’s will and she left everything to Taylor.  Taylor was upset that Rafe wasn’t arrested but she was at the station.  Hope asked Taylor to trust them, but she wouldn’t do it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kristina invites Ethan to her house but he declines. She tells him she needs his help with homework so he agrees. When he arrives, she has wine and candles ready. He wonders where her mother is, and finding that she is not home, he tells Kristina that she can't drink wine with him. He makes a point of sitting on a different sofa than she is. She tells him she is interested in him, but he says it is a crush. She kisses him. Brenda tells Jax that she will not testify against her husband to help Jax get custody of Josslyn. Edward offers Abby a job at ELQ with the stipulation that she brings Michael on board too, but she won't manipulate Michael. He tells her it is his birthright as a Quartermaine. Jason suggests to Sonny that Michael take the job at ELQ. Sonny doesn't want Michael to get too close to Edward, but he agrees that it is better than working in Sonny's world. Johnny tries to convince Johnny to come work for him. He tells him it is up to them to keep their fathers from killing each other. Michael turns down his offer. Abby tells Michael about Edward's offer. Michael and Abby go to Edward's house and accept the offer.

Dante asks Tracy if she knows where Luke went so he can find Lulu. She doesn't care where he is but wishes Dante luck. Dante asks Sonny if he knows where Luke may have gone. Sonny says that wherever Luke is, he isn't coming back. Dante says he doesn’t care whether Luke comes back; he wants to find Lulu. Sonny says Luke is probably at the whorehouse in Jacksonville where he grew up. Lulu goes to the brothel in Florida looking for Luke. His friend lies and says she has never seen him. Eventually, Lulu convinces the woman to admit that he was there for a few days and then left. Lulu tries to push her to tell her more and attracts the attention of the owner, Javier. Javier tells Lulu that an attractive young woman making a scene in the lobby might cause the patrons to draw the wrong conclusion. The woman tells Javier that Lulu is looking for Luke. Javier wonders why.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John does not want to let Jack get away with what he did and contacts Jack's friend Brad to interrogate him alone. Todd and Tea want to protect Jack from legal charges but can see that Jack has no remorse and nobody want to let him get away with what happened to Gigi. Todd manages to pull strings with Brad's father to get his son take the rap in order to spare Jack. Rex presents a "proxy" to Clint, Viki and Natalie that he tells them Gigi drew up with her lawyer that authorizes him power of attorney if something were to happen to her. And he says he refuses to let Clint have his heart. Natalie cries and urges her brother to reconsider if not for Clint, for her. Viki tells Rex he needs to honor what Gigi would have wanted. Bo also questions the validity that Rex could so conveniently prevent Clint from having a heart transplant. Matthew regains consciousness and is ready to tell his parents what happened. Nate is afraid that he will get in trouble if Bo or Nora find out what he did to Matthew. Starr finds out that Tomas' son is her new acquaintance who wants to "educate" her to a different type of music. Sam is talking to original Todd who hides from all the people who know him and asks Sam where he would find "Todd Manning".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam is in his hotel room when Diane comes to visit. Diane threatens Adam that either he give her double her money or she will turn over state’s evidence to the Feds that will send him to prison. Victoria tries to call Billy, but his cell phone lying on the coffee table just rings. Billy, drinking at Jimmy’s, meets a woman. Abby visits Ashley in jail. Ashley tells Abby that she knows exactly how Victoria feels losing a baby girl. Abby blast Ashley for covering for her for the accident that was her fault. Victor comes to visit Ashley and offers her his help. Katherine argues with the doctor about alternative therapy for Tucker. Katherine gets a call from Jack, who is at Jabot. Katherine agrees to stop by Jack’s office for a meeting. Katherine challenges Tucker to let her have it for the decisions that she is making concerning Jabot. Tucker moves his hand. Victoria comes to visit Jack at Jabot . Victoria congratulates Jack for getting his job back at Jabot. Jack offers his condolences to Victoria over losing Lucy. Victoria asks Jack about Billy. Jack tells Victoria to try Jimmy’s bar. Billy orders the next round of drinks for himself and his friend. Billy starts to call a cab, but the woman offers to take Billy where he wants to go. Gus tells Abby and Ashley about Diane and Adam and the Newman stock. Abby calls Diane a “con artist.” Abby asks to talk to Victor. Adam refuses to give Diane any more money for an attorney. Adam tells Diane that this had been all her idea about pretending to be pregnant. Diane accuses Adam of manipulating unsuspecting women. Diane comes to the conclusion to ask Victor for help in dealing with this situation because he has his own brand of justice. Adam tells Diane that she doesn’t need to confess to anyone for what she had done. Diane tells Adam that she needs protection. Abby confesses all to Victor about Tucker’s accident and that she had been the one, who had hit Tucker. Katherine comes to visit Jack and listens to him on the phone. Katherine and Jack discuss the new product line for Jabot.

Billy and the girls go home to his trailer. Victoria walks in on them. Abby and a friend decide to make a video confessing what she did to Tucker. Ashley visits Tucker and tells him how much she loves him. Ashley sees that Tucker can hear what she is saying to him. Tucker begins to open his eyes. When Katherine and Jack reach an agreement, she signs on the dotted line. Katherine gets the good news that Tucker is awake and rushes to the hospital. She finds Ashley with Tucker, but agrees to let her stay. Tucker asks Ashley why Abby tried to kill him. Victoria catches Billy with a woman and makes her leave. Billy tries to explain everything, but Victoria says she can no longer trust him. Abby makes a video confessing that she tried to kill Tucker. Victor serves Jack, Diane, and Adam with papers to appear before the grand jury.

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