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AMC Recap Written by Mary

During the presentation, Madison has flashbacks of her baby and runs out of Fusion. Kendall sits down on a park bench and watches the birds and breathes in fresh air. Griffin joins her. Griffin asks Kendall what had he said that had run her off. Kendall tells Griffin that it was just everything that had been being said about Ricky, Bianca, etc. Kendall challenges Griffin to a race. Colby and Maya asks for Asher’s help. Colby challenges him to go outside to the park to get some sun. Maya lets Colby know that she has a job interview. Colby is hurt when she thinks that Maya is leaving them. Greenlee continues the presentation without Madison. Madison blames herself for botching the presentation. Madison begins to cry. Jesse looks at the papers that David had given her concerning the surgery on her eyes in order to regain her eyesight. Angie insists to Jesse that she wants to be able to see their baby. Ryan lets David know that he had heard his phone conversation concerning Erica. David cannot understand why this matter concerns Ryan. Ryan calls Erica to have a chat. Angie asks Jesse if he remembers the nightmare that she had had about Lucy and her thinking that Lucy was gone and that she wants to be able to see Lucy that she is alright. Jesse gets a call and has to leave Angie alone. Madison walks alone in the park as in a trance. Greenlee tells Randi that she is trying to be supportive to Madison and her losing the baby. Jack walks up and asks if she is having a bad day as he offers her cotton candy. Kendall and Griffin enjoy their run and they start to kiss when they see Madison and knows that something is wrong with her. Asher is surprised that Colby has taken him to the Yacht Club. Colby pours out heart to Asher about her dreams. Colby asks Stefan as to why the place is so empty. Jack surprises Greenlee with cotton candy. Greenlee confesses that she had been selfish again that she wants every minute with Ryan that she had lost. Ryan tells Jesse that David is using Erica to get back into the hospital, but Ryan feels that there is more to this than that. Jesse tells Ryan that David is insisting that he can make Angie see again. Maya arrives for her interview with Angie about babysitting for her. David comes up and interrupts before Maya can give Angie an answer. Angie assures Frankie that she is good. Griffin wants to help Madison by taking her to the hospital to check her out but Madison refuses.

Colby and Asher listen to different forms of music when Colby takes the microphone and begins to sing and dance along with the music. Frankie approaches Maya and asks her if everything is all right. Maya tells Frankie that she cannot babysit for his mom. Jack tells Greenlee that he grieves for the time that he had lost with her when she was a child. Jesse and Ryan discuss maybe David kidnapping Erica. David tells Angie that he doesn’t want her soul but wants her back on staff when she regains her sight. Angie slaps David for his remarks about Lucy and her not ever being able to see her. Asher is more than a little impressed with Colby’s singing. Asher tells her she could be a pop star. Ryan lets Jesse know how David could have kidnapped Erica and brought her back to the states. Ryan also blames David for Greenlee’s accident. Madison wakes up on Kendall‘s sofa with Griffin and Kendall watching her. Griffin tells Madison that she is suffering from extreme exhaustion. Kendall tries to console Madison over the death of her baby. Kendall promises to be there for Madison if she will let her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie argues to Thomas that Brooke has done plenty even if she did not sleep with Thomas on the island. His dad is happy and has moved on so Thomas needs to put all of that behind him. This is his time to put his mark on the company and the family. Steffy stops by the office. Thomas says he wants his parents back together as much as she does. Stephanie continues that Ridge and Taylor both just need a little push and motivation. Thomas and Steffy should just go home and remind Ridge of their happy little family. Ridge shows up at Taylor’s and she finds him in her hallway and wonders what he is doing there. He says he misses it when the kids are there with all the TV’s blaring, CD’s and video games going. He tells her that he just saw Brooke and she is going through a radical period to change her life. He feels like he needs to do the same.

Katie tells Brooke that something is going on. She knows something is wrong. They know about the foundation and this is a huge decision and she should have discussed it with them first. She tells Donna and Katie that she gave her blessing to Ridge to marry Taylor. She was forced to take a good long look at herself. She confesses that she slept with Ridge’s son. Taylor will be better for him and give him peace and serenity. Steffy and Thomas return home. Ridge asks Thomas to stay and not go to his room just yet. He’s made some decisions and he wants him to hear it. He tells him that he still can’t believe it, but Brooke confessed everything and she’s proven to be a danger to their family. He’s sorry for that, but he is not here to demonize her. He’s here because this is where he needs to be. He laments that what Brooke did with Thomas was horrible and unforgivable under any circumstances. They have to find their own way to move on, one that will help them heal. Their family has been fractured. They need to pick up the pieces and rebuild. This is their time, their beginning. “ I want to come home, Doc, and put our family back together. Marry me.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady.  She told him that she asked Brady for a divorce.  He told her that he wished he were sober so he could kill EJ.  Victor overheard the conversation.  He thought Nicole put Brady up to it.  Detective McCarthy showed up at the Cheating Heart to ask Dario questions about what happened to EJ.  Adrienne and Dario said that he was at work.  Adrienne remembered seeing Dario with a bloody scarf.  Detective McCarthy said someone placed Dario at the scene.  Dario admitted that he wasn’t at work the whole time.  Melanie showed up at the Cheating Heart as Detective McCarthy was about to take Dario to the station.  EJ was shocked when Taylor told him that Rafe killed her mother.  EJ apologized and blamed himself for not protecting Fay.  He quickly covered his tracks by saying he sensed that Rafe involved.  Taylor was upset and wanted to know why Sami, “Rafe”, Bo and Hope were at the mansion.

Maxine was talking to a reporter about the missing drugs.  Jennifer flashed back to when she saw the powder in Carly’s room.  Jennifer saw Hope at the hospital and told Hope that she knew something that could blow someone Bo loves out of the water.  Bo went to EJ’s room and arrested Taylor for attacking Hope.  EJ was upset and wanted to get Taylor a lawyer.  Carly gave EJ his medication and overheard Jennifer starting to tell Hope that Brady attacked EJ.  Carly and Jennifer debated whether to tell Hope the truth.  Carly got a phone call and walked off.  Hope wondered why Carly was so nervous.  Jennifer blamed it on work and stress.  Hope left and Carly apologized for the way she acted.  Jennifer wondered if Carly was the one stealing the drugs.  She stole Carly’s pass card.  Bo took Taylor to the station and questioned her about EJ.  Hope called Bo and told him that Brady attacked EJ.  Bo headed to the Kiriakis mansion.  He arrested Nicole.  Bo thought Nicole would be safer in jail.  Bo said that he knew what Brady did to EJ.  He had to figure out what to do about Brady.  Victor wanted to find someone to take the fall.  Bo wished Brady killed him, but he reminded Brady that what he did was attempted murder.  Luckily, he won’t arrest him yet.  Nicole was put in the same room as Taylor.  Taylor thought Rafe attacked EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie goes to Jason's penthouse and tells Sam that Spinelli woke up as Jackal, PI. Jason goes to the hospital to visit Spinelli and is greeted by Jackal, PI. He tells Spinelli that he needs him to track some missing money, but Jackal, PI is not a keyboard jockey and doesn't know how.

Edward tells Ethan that he knows Maya is staying in Philly with another man. Edward says Ethan blew it because he didn't stay married for a year and throws him out. Edward tells Jason that he wants to offer Michael a summer internship at ELQ because he needs to come back to his real family. Edward tells Abby that he will get her a job at ELQ if Michael comes on board too. Sonny offers Michael an office job at the coffee plantation, but Michel isn't interested in a cush job. Sonny asks him if he is going to work for the Zaccharas. Michael says no, he'd just rather work in the warehouse. Sonny agrees. Jason tells Sonny about Edward's job offer and says it is a good opportunity for Michael. Sonny isn’t sure because the Quartermaines are so controlling. Johnny visits Michael at the warehouse and says he thought Michael was coming to work for him. Michael says that was before Anthony started instigating a war with Sonny. Johnny says it is up to them to keep the peace.

Alexis tells Kristina that she won't allow her to go on the senior trip to Cancun because she already went on a trip with Ethan. She informs her that she can't go on the trip to Manhattan either, and she has a 6pm curfew. Finally, she tells her that Ethan will not be her boyfriend because he knows she is vulnerable and he doesn’t want Sonny to kill him. Brenda tells Sonny that she was 18 when she fell in love with him, and he was far less suitable than Ethan is. Sonny tells Alexis that he will not allow Kristina to date a man who pours drinks and cons people for a living. She points out that Michael is living with a stripper. Sonny says it is different because Michael is a boy. Kristina invites Ethan to her house.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi is still unconscious. Rex has persuaded Echo to find a way to make it appear that Gigi is not in fact an organ donor so that Clint will not get her heart. Matthew Buchanan awakens and seems to remember what happened to him although he has not revealed it to his parents. David is back from his honeymoon with Dorian and goes to see his younger brother encouraged that he will be ok and he urges Bo to go after whoever did this to Matthew. At the high school graduation, Nate is very worried that Matthew will remember Nate assaulting him and he will go to jail. Rick, The porn producer overhears Nate's conversation with Deanna and tells her he can report Nate for attempted murder of the police commissioner and DA's son if she does not star in a porn flick. Starr finds out that her mysterious new acquaintance who wants to enlighten her to new music, is Tomas' son. The cops are determined to make Jack Manning pay for what happened to Gigi and everybody sees he has no remorse. Natalie is torn between wanting to save her father's life and saving Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Colin surprises everyone by his presence at Gloworm. Genevieve cannot believe that Colin had actually made bail. Victor visits Victoria to aid her support and comfort. Victoria pours out her heart about Lucy and how she will never get her back. Victoria also lets Victor know that Billy is gone. Colin asks Jill to let him talk to her. Jill agrees to five minutes. Daniel calls Lily to hang out with her. Neil orders Cane to stay away from the twins. Malcolm cannot believe his ears that Sofia had had an affair with his brother and her child may be Neil’s. Colin lets Jill know that he loves her and wants her back. Jill doesn’t believe him. Billy along with Jack’s help moves back into the trailer. Chloe stops by with Delia. When Chloe sees that Billy is drinking, Chloe takes Delia and leaves. Jack, in going through some papers sees some gambling brochures and asks if Billy is gambling again. Billy denies it. Malcolm walks out on Sofia. Daniel and Lily bond. Sofia lets Neil know that she had told Malcolm about them sleeping together and that the baby may be Neil’s. Katherine lets Colin know that his time is up in talking to Jill. Genevieve b brags to Colin that he is losing his touch with the women.

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