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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Griffin encounters Kendall in the park, determined to stop her from going after David. Greenlee confronts David about his nefarious plan to return to running the hospital and wonders what he is holding over Erica's head. After shedding Griff, Kendall accuses David of blackmailing her mother with the information that she shot him. When he denies it, she calls him a liar, then offers to declare a truce if he lays off Erica. After Griffin is also unsuccessful with David, he and Kendall meet at the bar for drinks. Ryan tries to comfort Madison at Fusion and encourages her drawing talent. Greenlee offers to let Madison present her work after she goes home and gets some rest. Ryan appreciates Greenlee's help and offers to find out what David is up to. Still in bad shape, Madison breaks down during the presentation.

Amanda is incredulous when Jake claims he did not have sex with Cara, then angrily smacks him. She wishes he'd come clean with her before, then refuses to go away with him and runs off to work. To keep from worrying about Jake, Cara looks through Grandma Kate's cookbook to find recipes to cook for Tad. Tad and Cara disagree on whether Jake should be coming clean with Amanda. After Cara encourages Tad to go help his brother, Opal compliments her on what she's doing for her son. Jake admits to Tad that he should have kept quiet. When Tad informs Cara that Jake's marriage is in trouble, she runs out but soon returns for him.

J.R. recalls making love to Amanda just before meeting Marissa at Krystal's. Bianca joins them and asks J.R., who is a board member, to find out how David accomplished his goal at the hospital. Seeing how upset her friend is, Marissa offers to use her influence to get her father to back off, but Bianca refuses to let her get involved. Marissa asks if she and A.J. can join Bianca and her girls at a lake resort, but J.R. offers to take her and A.J. to the Grand Canyon instead. Since they now both have second chances, J.R. urges Amanda not to tell Jake what happened between them. After Jake comes to fetch his wife, J.R. pulls out of the Grand Canyon trip with Marissa, so she goes off to join Bianca on her vacation. At home, Jake tries to talk to Amanda but is called back to work.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge catches Brooke in a pensive mood and says he wishes he could help her get through this. She tells him that Hope got a miracle when the baby didn’t turn out to be Liam’s. They are on their way back from Big Bear. Brooke says that she is praying for a miracle too for her and Ridge. She knows the situation is different, but she can hope. She and Taylor used to be at odds, but not any more. She wasn’t sure Taylor would come, but she had something to say that she needed to know. She knows Taylor loves him and always brought him peace. She can be faithful to him and have a good life. Ridge is flabbergasted when he sees that Brooke gave the ring to Taylor. Thomas reflects on the Paris trip and how good Brooke was to him back then; she believed in him. Taylor comes in and shows Eric and Stephanie the wedding ring that Brooke gave her to keep. She doesn’t think it was just a gesture, but Brooke’s new true nature.

After his jog, Thomas goes back to work and interrupts a conversation between Taylor and Stephanie. Stephanie jumps in and quickly says that Ridge and Taylor are back together and Brooke is forging ahead and is doing okay. Sometimes situations like this need a little help, but she knows Thomas has to be happy that his mom and dad are getting back together. Ridge tells Brooke that he wants to forgive her….he needs to forgive her, but he can’t just yet. She says she understands and that is why she is giving him her blessing to go to Taylor. They belong together. Stephanie asks Thomas what is the real reason that he came back to work just now. She says this isn’t easy on her either, but the end justifies the means. Now his mother and father have a real chance. They’ve started down this road and they can’t turn back. Brooke tells Ridge that they both know where this is headed. She does not want to cause him any more pain. She will see her lawyer and agree to whatever he asks. He can heal. She wants him to be there for Thomas, Steffy and Taylor. She needs to do this given what she has done. She wants him to reunite his family and marry Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Taylor rushed to Hopeís side after she pushed her.  Hope came to and wondered what happened.  Taylor told her she fell but she was okay.  Taylor ran off.  Hope passed out again.  Adrienne and Justin were on the pier and saw Hope on the ground.  Hope told them she was okay and she called Bo.  Stefano wanted to know what Nicole was talking about.  Nicole knew that Stefano knew what he did to Fay.  Lexie interrupted them by rushing to EJís room.  Bo was in the middle of showing EJ fake Rafeís confession.  EJís condition stabilized just as Taylor arrived at the hospital.  Stefano and Bo wanted to know why Taylor was at the hospital.  Bo wondered where Hope was and questioned Taylor.  Hope called Bo and told him she fell but she was okay.  Lexie informed everyone that EJ was bleeding from abdominal injuries and needed to be taken to the operating room right away.  Stefano believed that Rafe was a suspect.  Bo overheard Stefano discussing his decision with Chad.  Taylor approached Nicole and thought Nicole knew something about EJ.  Nicole wanted to wait to tell her the truth.  Stefano told Maxine not to let Taylor in EJís room.  Maxine didnít jump to his whim and he did not like that.  He warned her that heís keeping an eye on her.

Abby saw Sonny Kiriakis on the pier. He is Justin and Adrienneís son.  Abby talked to Sonny about his life as a Kiriakis and thought Chad could make it as a DiMera too.  Bo and Hope talked about Stefano and Chadís conversation about Rafe.  Lexie told Stefano and company that EJ will be fine.  Nicole was at the park and blamed herself for what happened to Fay.  Fayís ghost appeared and reassured her that it was EJís fault because of what he did to Rafe.  Stefano hoped that EJ would remember what happened to him.  He was determined to find out who attacked EJ.  At the pub, Gabi noticed that Will pulled away from her.  Will made an excuse about checking on his mom and left the room.  Gabi told Caroline that she feels like Will doesnít like her as much as she likes him.  Caroline thought it was because Sami was a young mother.  Sonny saw his parents (Justin and Adrienne) and he was excited to see Victor.  Sonny realized they didnít tell Victor about him yet and he was disappointed.  Nicole vowed to make EJ pay for what he did.  Taylor told EJ what happened to Fay and how she heard fake Rafe confess to killing Fay.  EJ was shocked.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Spinelli continues to speak in the voice of the JackalÖand he starts to scare Maxie. Anthony pays a visit to Brenda and Alec at Kellyís. Lucky and Siobhan talk Ė he finds out that she knew that Aiden was his son  - and that Maxie knew as well. Lulu finds out that her family home was burned down. Ronnie questions Dante about who started the fire. Sonny argues with Diane Ė and Max tries to help them solve their differences amicably.

Tracy and Lulu talk about the family fiasco. Elizabeth goes and tells Nikolas the truth about Aiden.  Sonny and Brenda talk about Anthonyís visit. Diane arrives at GH to see Spinelli and is shocked by what she sees. Sonny pays a visit to Anthony. Lulu decides to go off and find Luke.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Rex wants Tea to find a way for him to marry Gigi. She tells him that she doesnít know of any judge that would marry them when she is incapable to consent. Rex tells her Jack is going down. Echo comes to see Rex and he tells her about his dilemma of not being able to stop Clint from getting Gigi's heart because they aren't married. Echo gives Rex an envelope with Gigi's name on it that Roxy sent. Rex observes that it is from a lawyer. He reads the document and discovers that it contains a power of attorney and health care proxy for each other. Dorian is upset with David because she found a woman's bra. Later, Dorian receives an envelope containing pictures of David and a stripper in his dressing room. Dorian wonders who took the pictures and why. Echo pays the man that delivered the photos.

Jessica has an argument with Natalie about finding her in bed with Brody. Natalie tells her that while she was hiding in Tess, everyone else's life went on. Brody tells John that he moved back to the Angel Square Motel. Todd bans Jack from all forms of electronic communication, suspecting John McBain has or will bug his conversations. He asks if Jack left any evidence but Jack doesnít know. Todd warns Jack that this is serious. Jack shoots back that what Todd did to Marty Saybrooke was serious too. Todd grabs Jack by the neck and starts yelling at him. Tea comes home and stops Todd. Todd admits to Tea that he is afraid for Jack because he is going down a dangerous path. John receives the forensics results for Gigi's case. He and Brody go to Todd's house to arrest Jack.

James gets jealous when Starr is listening to music that Baz, a boy she met at school, put on her MP3 player. Tomas and Blair look for his newly-discovered son in New York. His son, Sebastian, finds them. Tomas demands to know where he was all night and he says he was in that Podunk town Llanview PA, checking it out since his mother is dumping him there with his newfound father. Blair tells him not to insult her town. He apologizes and tells them about a cute girl with terrible taste in music that he met in Llanview. Sebastian's mother, Yvette, comes in with divorce papers, which Tomas happily signs and says he will take Sebastian. Sebastian points out that he is no longer a minor and therefore doesnít have to go with either of them. Yvette warns Blair to be careful of Tomas. Sebastian agrees to go to Llanview and get to know Tomas.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sam questions Sheri as to what she is hiding that she doesn’t want to see a doctor. Nick watches Adam and a reporter as Adam gives the reporter a story concerning Victor throwing a chair through a window at Newman Enterprises. Adam also tells the reporter that Sharon did not kill herself. Malcolm and Sofia arrive to babysit the twins while Neil and Lily go out for the day. At the hospital, Colin is taken for X-rays. Genevieve and Colin arrive and find Colin gone. At Gloworm, Katherine tries to console Jill over what happened between her and Colin. Nick sits at the bar and listens to Adam and the reporter. Nick blasts Adam for exploiting Sharon’s memory. Noah and Tucker interrupts and cannot believe that they are still at each other’s throats about Sharon. Sharon refuses to go to the doctor and wants Sam to treat her instead. Olivia visits Malcolm and Sofia. Sofia sends Malcolm out for more formula so she and Olivia can talk about the blood tests results. Sofia finds out that she could have a high risk pregnancy if the child is Neil’s. Genevieve tells Cane that Colin is in radiology. Genevieve encourages Cane to go and visit Lily. Colin comes back to find his family waiting outside his door. Sofia decides not to tell either Malcolm or Neil about the baby. Katherine asks Jill if she confronted Colin concerning his lies. Katherine shows Jill a picture of Mackenzie’s baby.

Neil and Lily arrive at Gloworm after a day of shopping. Neil and Lily vow to keep Cane away from the twins. Noah orders Adam to let this go between him and Nick. Sheri begins to open up to Sam about problems that she had. Noah watches Adam and Nick argue and it unnerves him. Cane stands by Colin as he prepares to go to his arraignment. Genevieve interrupts Lily and Neil. Genevieve attempts to talk to Lily, but Lily wants no part of her. Jill and Katherine interrupt them. Jill orders Genevieve to back off. Jill and Katherine orders Genevieve to leave town. Sofia lets Malcolm know that she slept with Neil and the baby may not be Malcolm’s but Neil’s. Sam kisses Sheri. Colin interrupts the festivities at Gloworm much to everyone’s surprise.

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