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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica holds a press conference announcing that she is buying the hospital and that David will be CEO. Everyone listens to the announcement and is shocked that David will be in charge of the hospital again. Erica is beside herself when she finds out that Jane had bought the hospital by pretending to be Erica. At the hospital, Angie listens to the announcement and then tells Frankie that they will soon have a new boss. Caleb and Krystal listens to the announcement and cannot believe their ears. At home, Jake questions Amanda as to where she had been the night before. Amanda is reluctant to answer. Tad calls Jake to let him know, who had bought the hospital and that David will be in charge. Jack is extremely upset that Erica is this close to David after all that has happened. Jack questions Erica if David is blackmailing her. At Tad’s. Cara starts to leave to protect Jake from killing David, but Tad stops her. Amanda runs into Angie, who assures her that everything will be fine concerning her marriage to Jake. At the hospital, David sees Jake and Frankie talking. David cannot help but gloat that he is once again in charge. Both Jack and Caleb warn Erica about getting involved with David, but Erica refuses to give in to them pressuring her.

At the hospital, David is impressed by defending Jake. Jake comes home to Amanda but finds her more than a little upset. Jake tries to explain things to Amanda, but Amanda tells him to own up that he and Cara had slept together. Jake denies sleeping with Cara. Amanda feels even more guilty about her sleeping with J.R.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam repeats it again – he is not the father of Amber’s baby. Tawny reprimands Amber for not telling her that Marcus could be a candidate for fatherhood; this sort of puts a crimp in their plans. She needs a little time to think. Bill, Katie and Brooke drink a toast to his son for not being tied to Amber for the rest of his life. Katie feels badly for Donna though since she will have to deal with Amber all on her own now. Brooke laments that they are now both great-aunts to Amber’s baby. Marcus is apprehensive, but happy to hold his baby. Donna takes this opportunity to warn Amber that what she did was cruel and selfish. She faked a paternity test and put Liam through hell. And even Marcus had no idea this was even possible. Marcus tells her this is not the time. Donna tells Amber that she will cut her some slack for now, but she is putting her on notice that she will not let her take advantage of her son. Tawny returns with some coffee and says she really needed it; having babies is so exhausting. Then she wants to know if they have discussed names. Amber suggests Ambrosia and Marcus adds he’d like to call her Rosey. Tawny isn’t so worried about the first name, but the last. This is a Forrester baby.

Liam tells Hope and Oliver that the whole night was a lie. He never even had sex with Amber. She faked the results of the paternity test. Oliver asks then who is the father of the baby. Hope is shocked to hear that it is Marcus or how Amber thought she could get fool them with that. Liam said she was wrong, but she thought it was Oliver’s. Oliver has some explaining to do and admits he should have, but he had not told Hope that he had been with Amber one time. He loved Hope, still does, but she loved Liam and kept pushing him away, so he’s only human. Liam says the important thing is Amber and the baby is behind them now. He won’t be tied to her the rest of his life. The dark cloud that has been over them has been lifted. Oliver leaves, and Liam and Hope hug and kiss. Marcus tells Tawny that she will not be part of any scam concerning the Forrester’s. He will not be taking anything from them as they had nothing to do with this. He realizes all this is to Tawny is a big meal ticket and he says he can’t stand her. She tells Marcus they can discuss Rosey's last name later; that is not important to her. She also tells Tawny that she does not have a next move. She is not going to use her daughter to try and get rich. Tawny finally says she gives up. Marcus wants to talk to Amber. He comments they have a child together, but if she thinks she can trap him like she tried with Liam, then she can forget it. She agrees; they will be friends and parents. They can make a wonderful life for their little girl, but separately…..a partnership not a relationship. Bill finally manages to reach Liam by cell and he and Brooke say hello to Hope. Brooke tells her she is so proud of her and knows she will be okay. She is a sensible girl. Hope tells Liam that she is proud of him too for not turning his back when he thought it was his baby. He admits that he would have done the right thing, but he is not ready to be a father just yet. But the woman he wants to be that mother is right there with him. He points out that the past is over. All they can do is look forward to the future and make it whatever they want it to be. Liam says, “It’s you and me. We got our dreams back, baby girl.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Rafe stopped Taylor from telling what she knows about Fay.  Rafe wanted to know if Taylor told anyone about who killed her mother.  She didn’t say anything about telling Nicole.  Nicole told EJ about what he did.  He didn’t know what she was talking about.  She told him she wanted a divorce.  He was happy.  She told him that he wouldn’t have Taylor.  She told him that she wanted her freedom and for him to suffer.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie told Brady not to admit to what he did to EJ.  Brady won’t forget that EJ did to Arianna.  Brady wanted to finish what she started.  Lexie called Stefano to tell him that EJ was in the hospital.  Stefano rushed to the hospital.  At the hospital, Bo called Hope to check on fake Rafe.  She put fake Rafe in the closet.  Bo let Hope know that Taylor left the loft.  Hope was worried that Taylor was walking around Salem thinking that Rafe killed Fay.  Bo wanted to question EJ when Stefano arrived.  Bo didn’t want Stefano to see EJ until he questioned him.  At Carly’s place, Jennifer wanted to know why Carly had powder everywhere.  Carly got lucky because Daniel called her.

Rafe tried to make Taylor see that everything is not how it seemed.  Carly lied about the powder Jennifer saw.  Carly said it was crushed aspirin.  Hope went to the pier and pretended to pull her gun on Rafe.  He walked away.  Hope told Taylor that Rafe’s confession may not be admissible.  Taylor was upset that Hope let him get away.  Taylor wanted to see EJ.  Hope couldn’t let her do that.  Nicole told EJ that he was lucky she didn’t go to the cops.  Bo walked in as they were fighting.  Nicole was glad to see him because she had something to say.  Bo wanted her to leave so he could talk to EJ.  EJ claimed he didn’t remember what happened to him.  Taylor was upset that Hope wouldn’t let her see EJ and shoved her.  Hope hit her head on a post and got knocked out.  Stefano ran into Nicole at the hospital and she wanted him to know that she knew what happened to her mother.  EJ watched fake Rafe’s confession on Bo’s camera and said he wasn’t feeling well.  EJ closed his eyes and then the machines he’s hooked up to started beeping.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth finds Lucky drinking in the Haunted Star. He tells her it is his fault that Siobhan got hurt. Elizabeth tells him his sons need him, revealing that Aiden is his son. Lucky tells her that a well-intentioned lie won't stop him from drinking. He tells her to stop tormenting him and just let him go. She insists that it is true, but never found a good time to tell him. Lucky goes and sits with Siobhan and she wakes up. He admits to her that he started the fire. She says she will think of a way for him to repay her. He tells her that he wants to be the husband that she deserves.

Lisa grabs Robin from behind and holds a syringe to her neck. Patrick grabs Lisa and pushes Robin away. Lisa tries to inject Patrick but then injects herself instead. Steve tells Robin and Mac that Lisa survived but is in a coma. Patrick feels guilty for not trying to stop Lisa and not trying to save her. Jason finds Sam at GH. He tells her about Spinelli's condition. He says Spinelli has proven that he is a true friend and admits that he wouldn’t know what to do without him. Robin brings Sam's test results and informs her that she is not pregnant. Maxie worries about Spinelli, who was shot because Maxie shot her mouth off to Lisa. Dante tells her not to blame herself. Spinelli dreams his fictional alter ego is talking to him during surgery. Matt successfully removes the bullet and says Spinelli will be alright. Maxie sits with unconscious Spinelli. Spinelli imagines that his fictional character and Maxie's fictional character are talking. Real-life Maxie kisses him, and he wakes up, talking like his fictional Chicago PI alter-ego. She asks him if he is ok and he says he is Jackal, PI.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While it seems there is no hope for Gigi and doctors determine that her heart could save Clint, Natalie is torn between respecting her brother's and Gigi's wishes and saving her father. Viki is in a similar situation. Clint reminds them that Rex has no legal authority to prevent him from having Gigi's heart since he is not her husband nor a family member. But Rex tells Clint he will have to kill him in order for Clint to have Gigi's heart. Meanwhile, Tea is ready to represent Jack and goes with him to the station when John questions him for what happened to Gigi. But Rex finds her and tells her if she wants to help him and Gigi, as she says, she can do so by using her legal expertise to help him to marry Gigi. Jessica is back and ready to keep Robert Ford away from her and baby Ryder. He protests that he loves his son and loves Tess. But she is not buying that and it appears Tess is not coming back. Starr meets a strange guy at the student union who wants to inspire her to listen to new music, who informs her he is a musician and whom she wants to help get known in town at places like Capricorn and Ultra Violet. Blair goes to New York and finds out that Tomas is legally married although he protests he wants to divorce the wife who means nothing to him. She tells Blair he is lying. It seems there are some secrets involving that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria picks up some of Lucy’s things off the floor when Chloe comes to visit her. Victoria lets Chloe know that Billy had moved out. Kevin comes into work at Jimmy’s and finds Billy drunk in a booth. Piper stops by and asks Sheri if she can help her clean up the stables. Kevin tries to lend sympathetic ear to Billy by telling him that he had heard what had happened with Lucy. Victoria lets Chloe know that she doesn’t know where Billy is. Chloe lets Victoria know that she is dropping the custody lawsuit against Billy. Sheri meets Piper’s father’s and finds out that he is a Federal Marshall. Victor and Michael have a meeting with Gus from the S.E.C. At home, Diane puts all the blame on Adam that this was all his doing concerning Newman stock. Adam turns the tables on Diane and tells her that it was her, who had pretended to be pregnant in order to get Victor into an ambulance with her. Diane threatens Adam that she will talk to the Feds and turn states evidence against him. Reed lets Victoria know that Mac had had her baby. Michael lets Victor know that the S.E.C. will not move against Adam until they had solid proof that he was the one to blame for the sudden raise in the stocks of Newman Enterprises. Adam visits Victor.

Sam listens to Sheri and Piper talking and Sheri telling Piper that she has no room for a man in her life. Diane catches up to Kyle at Crimson Lights and tells him that they are leaving town. Kyle resents the idea, but Diane insists. Victor accuses Adam of fraud. Reed and Victoria make a card for Mackenzie and the baby. Chloe tries to talk to Billy about his problems, but he doesn’t seem to care. Chloe changes her mind about dropping the custody lawsuit. Sheri gets up to get towels out of a dryer when she cuts her leg severely. Adam demands a seat on the Board of Directors of Newman Enterprises. Sam examines Sheri’s leg and wants to get her to the hospital, but Sheri refuses. Victor throws a chair through the window in response to Adam demanding a seat on the board of directors. Gus questions Diane.

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