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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jane asks for Erica’s help in dealing with the people around her. Amanda refuses to go home to Jake. Erica tells Jane that she knows about the accident. Angie assures Jake that he and Amanda love each other and this can be fixed between him and her. Marissa lets Bianca know about her date with J.R. Amanda pours out her heart to J.R. about how things had been since Cara had come to town. Greenlee interferes with Jack and David’s talk. Greenlee cannot believe that Erica would help him to get his license reinstated. Greenlee tells Jack that she is thrilled to be selling the hospital. Erica tells Jane that Ben had told her about the accident. Jane tells Erica that she had told Ben not to talk to her. Erica begs Jane not to go. Erica warns Jane about getting involved with David Hayward. Jane is quite upset with Ben over talking to Erica. Jane forbids Ben not to talk to Erica anymore. Jake calls Amanda and tells her that he loves her when David comes in to join them. David tells Angie that he will get a treatment plan to her concerning her eyesight. David lets Jake know that he had seen Amanda. J.R. gives Amanda a pep talk concerning Jake and his feelings for Cara. J.R. lets Amanda know how Marissa had shot him down today. J.R. comforts Amanda. J.R. and Amanda kiss.

Jane comes to visit David and wants to know what Jack had said to him. David gives Jane a beer. Jane tells David the sale of the hospital is going through. Jane worries that she will crack under the pressure. Jack tells Greenlee that he is tired of leaving Erica messages. Jake interrupts Opal and tells her to keep Trevor a few days in order to give him some alone time with Amanda. Amanda pulls away from J.R. J.R. and Amanda make love. Erica lets Jack know about a press conference that she is holding to announce that she is buying the hospital. Everyone in Pine Valley finds out that Erica is buying the hospital and that David will be in charge. Erica is quite beside herself when she finds out the news that Jane had bought the hospital. Jake finalizes the plans for their trip when Amanda comes home. Jake asks her where had she been.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber pushes and screams while Carl is holding the important envelope with the paternity results. Oliver presses Hope for an answer as to if she will marry him. She says she wishes she could say yes, but he knows how she still feels about Liam. He tells her it has been a long day and he doesn’t need an answer right away. The power goes off and Hope says she kind of hopes Liam doesn’t call as that will make the baby more real. She even turns off her phone. Amber has a baby girl and Liam gets to cut the cord. The baby is not white, and Carl quickly explains that is as it should be since Liam is not the father. It’s time for Amber to explain to all in the room that the father is Marcus. Bill is livid and reams out Tawny for rigging the first paternity test. He ought to have her arrested but that would mean hurting his best friend who just became a grandpa instead of him.

Liam is shaken. He almost fell in love with that baby when he first saw her born and laid on Amber’s tummy. But now he sees how he was lied to……they never had sex at all, and then manipulated. He storms out and tries to call Hope but no answer. Bill hands Justin back the cigar that he previously gave him – he’s the new grandpa. Justin calls Marcus to come to hospital as there are some things he needs for him to clear up. Liam rushes to Forrester Creations to find that Hope is not there; she went to Big Bear. Pam says that Liam better hurry; it’s sort of an important night with Oliver. Marcus comes to the hospital and Justin ushers him into Amber’s room. The look on Amber and Tawny’s faces tells it all. Marcus is surprised, but is not unhappy; he’s a father. Justin tells him not to jump to conclusions. He cannot believe a word that comes out of Amber’s mouth. Tawny says they just had a paternity test done and this is the truth. During a downpour of a storm, Liam breaks into the house and tells a shocked Oliver and Hope that Amber had her baby, but he’s not the father.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ woke up at the free clinic.  Daniel wanted to know what happened to EJ.  EJ remembered being on the pier, but he didnít remember seeing anyone.  Carly wondered what they would do with EJ when the sedative wore off.  Daniel wanted to transfer EJ to the hospital so Melanie could stay out of it.  Later on, Carly talked about Jenniferís relationship with Daniel.  Carly drove it home to Jennifer how there was so much physical chemistry between Daniel and Chloe.  Carly admitted that sheís unsure about them being together.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor knew that Brady fought someone and wanted to know about it.  Victor offered to help Brady, but Brady didnít want his help.  Victor said heís find out what happened on his own.  Melanie showed up and lied for Brady about what happened on the pier.  Victor seemed to buy it.  Nicole and Taylor talked on the pier.  Taylor wanted to tell Nicole about their mother.  Nicole didnít want to hear about it.  Taylor finally told Nicole that ďRafeĒ pushed Fay down the stairs.  Taylor told Nicole about what happened at the DiMera mansion.  Nicole got a call about EJ and remembered that Brady had blood on his face.

Daniel told Lexie that EJ was on the pier and that he was beat up.  Daniel wondered if EJ remembered anything yet.  Lexie asked EJ what happened.  EJ didnít remember what happened.  At the warehouse, Bo and Hope showed Rafe the confession they got from fake Rafe.  Rafe was troubled because he couldnít see anything on the tape.  Bo and Hope decided to take fake Rafe to the police station.  Fake Rafe laughed when he realized that his confession was erased.  Lexie called Bo to tell him about EJ.  Bo said he would check it out.  He thought EJ being in the hospital could work for them.  At Carlyís place, Carly wanted Jennifer to leave, but Jennifer wanted to stay.  Jennifer wanted to know what happened.  Carly told her that she hasnít been feeling well.  Jennifer put Carly to bed and cleaned up.  Jennifer saw a broken vial on the table.  Bo and Rafe went to EJís hospital room.  Lexie didnít want Bo to question him.  Sami called Rafe and told him about Taylor and Nicole.  Rafe told Bo everything that Sami told him.  Rafe left the hospital to find Taylor.  Nicole arrived at the hospital to see EJ.  She grabbed a pillow and tried to smother him.  Taylor ran into Rafe on the pier.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lisa interrogates Maxie, Robin, Steven and Patrick as Spinelli lays dying in front of them. Mac and Ronnie argue about Jason’s involvement in helping rescue the hospital hostages. Elizabeth administers the wrong drug to Siobhan’s IV. Siobhan goes into a coma. Jason and Dante manage to access GH through a roof entrance. Lucky succeeds in disarming the hospital lockdown. Lucky is given the news that Siobhan might not wake up. Lucky leaves the hospital; Elizabeth follows him. Jason and Dante create a diversion but Lisa ends up shooting Patrick in the arm. Dante handcuffs Lisa. Spinelli is rushed to the OR. Maxie begs Matt to save Spinelli’s life. Johnny confronts Anthony about helping Lisa with her plan. Lucky pours himself a drink at the Haunted Star. Lisa manages to grab Robin and holds a hypodermic needle to her neck.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The doctors conclude that Gigi's heart could save Clint's life and know she has authorized being a donor. But as soon as Rex finds out that they are considering that, he tells them over his dead body. When Viki and Natalie find out what has happened to Gigi, they are devastated. But Natalie is torn between saving Gigi's life or saving her father's life.

Robert Ford goes looking for Tess and sees she's left. He calls James and asks for his help. James tells his brother it's entirely possible that Tess has scammed Robert by having him falsely believing she loves him only so he will help her escape from St. Ann's and has no intention of being with Robert. But Robert needs to make sure she is ok. Jessica then comes back to her family and is ready to take Ryder back. They all are in support of that and Joey wants her to enable him to kick Aubrey to the curb by taking the only thing that prevents him from doing that away from Aubrey. Natalie admits to her mom that Jessica caught her in bed with Brody.

Blair is in New York spying upon TomŠs unseen. Original Todd is outside Dorian's home when everybody is gone, runs into Sam and saves his life from a gunman.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis brings Lucy home. Adam and Diane celebrate getting the upper hand on Victor. Jack joins in the celebration. Victor runs a check on who could be sabotaging his business. Billy and Victoria have another fight concerning Lucy. Victoria walks out on Billy. Katherine tells Tucker everything that is going on.

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