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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David consoles Jane after she tells him that she lost her daughter in a car accident. Erica tries to reach out to Ben, but he refuses her help. Marissa and J.R. kiss, but she soon turns away from him. J.R. wonders if there is someone else. Bianca asks for Scott’s help at the Miranda Center. Tad gets a visit from Agent Trumbull who questions him about Cara. Jake and Cara tell each other their innermost feelings about what almost happened between them. Jake knows if he tells Amanda, she will be devastated. Amanda listens to everything. Opal catches up to Amanda and urges her to talk to Jake before it's too late. Jane is lying on the sofa when Jack comes to visit. She quickly applies her makeup to cover up the fact that she was crying. A reporter arrives to take photographs and do a story on Erica. Jake calls Amanda to let her know that he and Cara are in isolation at the hospital. David watches Amanda as she takes a drink of her whiskey.

Marissa tells Bianca about her date with J.R. being a total disaster. Cara lets Jake know how jealous she is of him and wants to be the only one he loves. Tad and Frankie soon arrive and tell them the scare is over and it had only been meningitis. Cara soon leaves with Tad as Jake watches her. Amanda finalizes a deal for J.R. J.R. is happy when he finds out the deal went through. Amanda asks to use the hotel room in order to sort through her feelings. Amanda calls Opal to take care of Trevor. Amanda gets a call from Jake but refuses to answer it. Opal lets Jake know that Amanda called her to take care of Trevor for the night. Tad tells Cara about the visit from Agent Trumbull.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke calls Taylor to come see her. She tells her just to give her ten minutes, then if she never wants to see her again she doesn’t have to. Taylor is impressed with what Brooke is doing with her life. She’s making a positive change and that’s always good; using this for validation for herself. She can tell her what she wants to, but it won’t change her opinion of her. Brooke says they both love Ridge. She wants to see him happy again and she knows Taylor can do that. She’s done it before, so just be with him and love him. She wants her to do that for her. Hope isn’t sure she can be there at Big Bear with Oliver. But she doesn’t want to be there at the birth either; she could not handle that. Oliver tells her that he knows it is unfair, but it is happening. Liam’s future is tied with Amber, but hers doesn’t have to be. Amber cries to Carl and needs to know the father of this baby. He explains there was a little problem with the tests and he doesn’t have the answer yet. She bemoans that she can’t be going through this again. Liam calls Bill and says the trip was cancelled as Amber is in labor. Bill and Katie come to the hospital. Tawny fawns over him as they are the two doting grandparents.

Bill escapes the hospital room and tells Katie that he can’t take it anymore; it’s like chalk on a blackboard. Justin hands him a cigar. Amber screams more. Taylor doesn’t understand. Brooke is actually giving her blessings to be with Ridge. Brooke even takes off her ring and puts it in Taylor’s hand. She can take steps forward and fix things. Taylor doesn’t want to keep it, but Brooke tells her that it is a reminder. She wants her to keep it and take care of Ridge, the man they both love. Taylor thanks her for saying that to her. Brooke says if Taylor can be that example for her and her children, she’d really appreciate it. Oliver reminds Hope that Liam has a lot of baggage. She needs to leave him and start a new life. Liam calls but tells Hope he’s not a dad yet. She hears Amber’s screams through the phone and is a little unnerved, but says she loves him and is happy for him at this moment. Hope thanks Oliver for bringing her here; she needed to get away and could not go through this without him. He can’t wait any longer. He gets down on his knee and pulls out a ring from his pocket. He tells her that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Just forget about Liam and Amber. Hope is the center of his universe and he wants to marry her. Just say yes. Katie and Justin convince Bill to go back in and witness the birth of his grandchild. Carl enters and says he has some paper insurance that he needs to go over with the patient. All practically start screaming when the baby comes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Fake Rafe confessed to killing Fay. Taylor overheard his confession. She tried to kill fake Rafe. She wanted to know why Bo was at the DiMera mansion and why he didn’t arrest “Rafe” after he confessed to killing Fay. She also wanted to know why Sami was wearing Fay’s cameo. Sami explained to Taylor that they were reenacting the scene of the crime. Rafe flirted with Kate to keep her from going inside the DiMera mansion. Luckily, Quinn wanted to meet her at the pier so she left. While at the park, Gus informed Vivian that Quinn is not married and doesn’t have kids. Gus also told Vivian that Quinn is involved in illegal activity, but he covers it up. Quinn called Chloe to find out how it went with the client. The client was still knocked out from the drug so she said he was asleep. Chloe didn’t want Quinn to call her again. Kate met Quinn at the pier. She wanted proof that Chloe was with the john. Quinn said he kept his end of the bargain. Kate tried to throw the DiMera name around to threaten Quinn, but it didn’t do any good. He was threatened and walked away from her.

Hope promised Taylor that they will find out what happened and that “Rafe” will pay for what he did. Quinn met Vivian in the park. They started talking and Quinn intended to tell Vivian why he’s really in Salem. Bo and Hope took fake Rafe back to the warehouse and they were determined to get the truth out of him. Fake Rafe was uncooperative with Bo and Hope. They reminded him that they have his confession and the cameo. Bo advised fake Rafe to make a deal. Bo thought it was funny that the DiMeras would hire someone who looked like Rafe and would be dumb enough to take the fall for them. Fake Rafe told Bo and Hope that he killed Fay because she knew everything. He said that killing Fay was the DiMeras’ idea. He also told Bo and Hope that Stefano chose him because he looked like Rafe. While fake Rafe was confessing, he kicked the camera and it went flying. Sami and Taylor were at the loft. Sami tried to convince Taylor not to say anything about Fay’s murder to Nicole yet. Taylor wanted to talk to Nicole anyway. There was a knock on the door. It ended up being Nicole. Fake Rafe was confident that he destroyed the evidence against him. Bo still had fake Rafe’s confession of killing Fay. Bo said fake Rafe as well as the DiMeras were going down.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason observes that Elizabeth is more concerned about Lucky now than he was when Jake died. Elizabeth says Lucky is in freefall. Lucky and Dante are in Dante's car after Lucky set the old Spencer house on fire. Meanwhile Siobhan goes into the house to look for Lucky. Hearing the scream, Lucky and Dante rush back to the house and see Siobhan's purse outside. They get her to General Hospital. Mac is angry that Dante left the scene before the fire trucks arrived. Dante explains that he left to take Siobhan to the hospital. Mac asks Dante if Luke finally made good on his promise to torch his house.

Lisa, dressed as a security guard, loads a gun and prepares a syringe with ammonia in a storage closet at General Hospital. Sam resists being admitted to the hospital for what she perceives to be simple cramps. Robin orders a series of tests. Spinelli is afraid that he may have done something to damage her potential child. Nikolas and Sam talk about parenthood. Steve asks Elizabeth to assist with Siobhan's surgery, not knowing that Siobhan is Lucky's wife. He apologizes to Lucky. Lisa fires shots at the ceiling by the nurses’ station. Lucky reaches for his gun but she orders him to drop it. Steve hits the panic button so Lisa corals Robin, Patrick, Steve, and Maxie into a conference room and forces Spinelli and Lucky into an elevator. Sam is on the phone with Jason when the shots go off and the alarm sounds. Matt asks Elizabeth to call the desk for more supplies for Siobhan's surgery, but there is no answer. When Matt asks Elizabeth to give Siobhan a shot, she picks up the wrong medicine. Mac and Dante go to GH when Mac gets the report about the lockdown. Mac thinks Jason is involved when he sees him trying to get in. Jason tells him that Sam is in there and that she said she heard shots. Lucky talks to Mac on the phone and tells him the situation. He says Spinelli is trying to find a way to override the lockdown. In the conference room, Lisa conducts a mock court where she accuses everyone of a crime of hurting her in some way. When Maxie calls her a loony bitch and refuses to apologize, Lisa points her gun at her but before she can fire, Spinelli comes crashing through the ventilation duct in the ceiling. He tries to talk her down. Lisa says he is pathetic. Maxie says Lisa is a certified whack job. Lisa raises her gun to shoot Maxie, but as she fires, Spinelli jumps in the way.

OLTL Recap Written by Gisele

Bo encourages his brother to make amends with Rex, while Viki won't give up on Clint getting a donor heart. Clint's doctor notifies them that a suitable donor is in the ER. Rex finally realizes that Gigi is dying and tells Bo, then he has to give the devastating news to her son. With Roxy's support, Shane talks to his mom but refuses to say good-bye, so she won't leave. The doctor speaks to Rex about honoring Gigi's wish to be an organ donor. Viki and Bo are saddened to realize that Clint's possible donor is Gigi. Natalie happily approaches Rex with the news that her dad is going to finally get a heart, not realizing what's happened to Gigi.

Once back to herself, Jessica finds Natalie in bed with Brody and angrily confronts them. Although Jessica insists the D.I.D. is responsible for her absence, Brody blames her for hiding behind Tess until he completely gave up on her and turned to Natalie. After Brody informs her of her two recent marriages, Jessica runs out to see her children. Finding them with Aubrey, Jessica has an emotional reunion with Bree and Ryder, but Aubrey doesn't trust her enough to let her be alone with them. After Ford asks him to, Cutter refuses to give Tess a divorce, but Rama threatens to go to the police with her secret until he signs the papers. Ford happily runs back to the motel where he realizes that Tess is gone.

Old Todd sees Blair on the terrace, but he retreats when Starr shows up. Blair tells her daughter that she doesn't trust Tomas who mysteriously went off to New York. Starr encourages her mom to find out what he's doing, then she tells her about Sam's imaginary friend, a man with a line on his face. Suddenly a gunman tells Old Todd to "Freeze, or you're dead."

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael arrives at Victor’s to see if he really had a stroke. Genevieve watches Jack as he monitors the Newman stock. Victor sees through Diane and knows that she is not pregnant at all. The hearing for Daisy’s parental rights continues. Victoria is called to the stand. Leslie harasses Victoria and Billy on the stand concerning the illegal adoption of Lucy. Adam watches the Newman stock and mumbles for Diane to keep it going a little while longer. Genevieve notices that Jack is all fired up about the stock going through the roof. Adam makes plans to buy Newman stock when it hits rock bottom. Nicholas and Michael hear a report that Victor died. Victor warns Diane about messing with his company. Victor orders Diane to tell him every detail of her plan. Diane makes her hasty exit through the back of the ambulance.

The judge makes her decision that Daisy’s parental rights will be restored and Phyllis will be given custody of Lucy. Gloria talks to someone on the phone and asks to borrow money in order to buy Newman stock. Victor arrives home much to Nicholas’ and Michael’s surprise. Nicholas confronts Adam and Diane about their plan to steal Newman stock. Daisy realizes that she is going back to jail, but Phyllis promises to help her. Billy and Victoria argue over them losing custody of Lucy. Victor vows revenge on the ones who betrayed him. Daniel makes it plain to Phyllis that he wants no part of her or Lucy.

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