Thursday 6/16/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/16/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica has dinner at Krystal’s. Bianca comes in to join her. Bianca sees some things about “Erica” that she doesn’t like. David comes in and his and Erica’s eyes meet. In her little room, Erica exercises and pretends as though she has hurt her ankle in order for Joe to join her. Joe checks out her ankle and finds it to be fine. Bianca questions “Erica” as to why she is spending so much time with David. Marissa joins Bianca and discuss how that J.R. makes Marissa feel. David gives Erica pointers on how to be the real Erica. Angie and Jake discuss Jake taking Amanda on a surprise vacation. Amanda pours out her heart to J.R. about Jake and Cara working together again. Bianca tells Marissa that Erica had almost taken a drink. David questions Erica as to what is going on with her.

J.R. joins Marissa and Bianca and tells Marissa about a surprise that he has for her. At the hospital, Amanda questions Angie as to where Jake is. Cara dyes Tad’s hair back the way it was. Cara tells Tad that he looks hot and then kisses him. Cara tells Tad that she likes her life and she likes him. Joe opens up to Erica about how he had killed Jane’s daughter. David lets Jane know that he had dug into her past and knows all about her daughter. David lets Jane know what he knows about her life. Jane opens up and tells David everything about her daughter. At the clinic, Amanda finds a button and fears that Jake is cheating on her with Cara. Jake and Cara have a talk about Amanda and the many questions that Amanda is asking. Amanda overhears their conversation. David comforts Jane over the loss of their daughters.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber cries for Carl to get her a nurse. She can’t wait any longer; the baby is coming….but she needs to know the results of the paternity test first. Liam tells Hope they aren’t going to mention Amber again on this trip. They are going to spend a couple of days by themselves. Whip stops by and talks to Oliver and asks how things are going with Hope now that he’s heard she is still with Liam. Oliver thinks all of that will change once the baby comes. Yes, she might be in love with Liam now, but there once was a time she felt that way about him and she can again. Oliver shows him and Pam a ring. He knows that he can make her happy and he wants to make a life with her. Whip tells him not to waste any more time; go find her. Pam gives him the master key to the Big Bear cabin. Amber is in bed having contractions, but Carl tells her the tests are not ready yet. She yells that this other guy can not be the father and she needs to know that before she delivers. Marcus stops off at the beach house and is there when Tawny gets a phone call from Amber that she is in labor and wants her there right away. Amber also calls Liam. He tells Hope this doesn’t change a thing, but he does have to go be with Amber now.

Hope is flustered but she tells Oliver she is okay. She knows she has been unavailable, but they can do the re-shoot now. She doesn’t want to talk about anything else. He finally gets it out of her that Amber is having her baby. She clings to him while she cries on his shoulder. She’s not sure why she is acting this way. She knew it was just a matter of time. He tells her that he loves her and wants to take her away from all of this. She needs a friend right now and it will be good for the two of them to get away. The doctor convinces Liam and Tawny to wait outside to give Amber some peace and quiet. But as soon as they leave, Carl slips in and Amber demands that he tell her who the father is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the Sapphire Club, Chad told Stefano how Gabi is happy that Rafe is back to normal.  Stefano was concerned about it.  Stefano talked to Chad about him joining the business.  Chad will consider it.  Kate paid the server, but he told her that there was no proof that Chloe was with her john.  Nicole was shocked to find out that Brady beat up EJ.  She found out EJ was responsible for what happened to Arianna.  Maggie showed up at the Kiriakis mansion as Victor was yelling t Brady for having Nicole at the mansion.  Maggie was upset with Victor.  Nicole believed that Maggie was too good for Victor.  Nicole and Brady went upstairs.  Maggie thanked Victor for his contribution at the hospital.  He didnít want Maggie to be around him because things were unhealthy around him.  At the clinic, EJís condition was stable after hearing Taylorís message.  Melanie told Jennifer about what happened on the pier.  Melanie gave Carly the sedative to give to EJ.  She wanted Daniel to make EJ forget what happened on the pier.  Daniel refused to do it. 

Tim was the one who showed up at the warehouse.  He saw how Bo and Hope were with fake Rafe.  Rafe called Bo and told him how he was the one who sent Tim to the warehouse.  He gave fake Rafe truth serum.  Rafe wanted to go to the DiMera mansion to return to the scene of the crime.  Later Rafe stood outside of the mansion and took the security cameras down.  Sami was surprised to find Mary near the door.  Fake Rafe rushed to the door and claimed that Bo and Hope were trying to kill him.  Bo and Hope took him away.  Sami had to convince Mary to let them in the mansion and not say anything to the DiMeras.  Hope dosed fake Rafe again and he insulted her.  Sami put on the cameo and fake Rafe thought she was Fay.  They reenacted the crime and Sami fell down the stairs after fake Rafe scared her.  Rafe was outside and stopped Kate from going in the mansion.  Everyone rushed to Samiís side and she was fine.  Fake Rafe panicked because he thought he killed her.  He said ďI killed you, Fay WalkerĒ just as Taylor walked in the living room at the DiMera mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason forbids Spinelli from referring to him in any future books. Spinelli and Jason don't think Sam has recovered enough to go on a stakeout. Jason offers to go in her place, but she says Jason could never be a believable waiter and goes herself. Robin looks concerned when Patrick asks Elizabeth to scrub in on a surgery. Steve tries to talk Elizabeth out of it. Patrick talks Steve into letting her. Robin wonders if guilt is Patrick's motivation. Spinelli takes Sam to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well on the stakeout. He says they need to protect the little miracle. Robin deduces that Sam is pregnant. Anthony brings an outfit to Lisa. Lisa goes into GH dressed in a security guard uniform and large glasses. She goes into a storage closet and loads a gun.

Lulu tells Dante that Lucky is fixated on their old house. She says Luke always said someone should burn it down. Siobhan tells Lucky that Luke said Lucky is shackled to his past and needs to break free. Lucky goes to visit Elizabeth and tells her about his visit to Luke in Florida. He reluctantly discloses that Luke said killing Jake liberated him because being beyond redemption makes it easy to turn his back on everything else. Elizabeth asks Jason to help Lucky. Jason tells her that she should help them because she and Lucky have a strong bond. Maxie comes to Lucky's apartment to tell him that he is Aiden's father. Siobhan fears that news will push Lucky into a bottle. Nikolas also arrives at Lucky's apartment and tells Elizabeth that pushing Lucky toward Elizabeth won't make him feel better and is disrespectful to his new wife. Maxie storms out and goes to see Dante. She warns him that Lucky is going to pull the ceiling down on everyone. Siobhan notices that Luke's lighter is missing and runs out the door. Lucky goes to the old Spencer house, pours gasoline over the porch, lights Luke's lighter and tosses it onto the porch. Dante follows a hunch and goes to the Spencer house. Lucky says it is a farewell gift to Luke. Dante gets Lucky away from the house and into his car, where he calls for a fire truck. Lucky assures him that no one saw him and no one knew he was going there. He says no one will care about an abandoned house burning down. Meanwhile, Siobhan arrives at the Spencer and goes inside, fearing that Lucky is trapped. From the car, Dante and Lucky hear a scream.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Lauren have coffee at the coffeehouse and discuss Daisy’s custody hearing for Lucy. Phyllis comes in and explains to Michael and Lauren why she is helping Daisy get her parental rights reinstated. Michael tells Phyllis that they are through with her. Leslie commends Daisy on her appearance. Daniel enters the courtroom and tells Daisy that Phyllis is using her to get what she wants. Billy and Victoria ready themselves for the custody hearing. Gloria goes over a list of the things that she wants Jeffrey to do. Jeff welcomes Genevieve to Gloworm. Nicholas and Diane enter. Diane tells Nicholas how much their time together means to her. Nicholas tells Diane that there is nothing between them. Jack watches the opening hours of the New York stock exchange and the arrival of Newman Enterprises. Michael tells Victor how well Newman Enterprises is doing on the stock exchange.

Diane tells Adam she is not backing out on their plan to get revenge on Victor. Genevieve orders the best bottle of champagne that Jeff and Gloria have to offer. Diane tells Jack that she is working with Adam to get revenge on Victor. Diane tries to get Jack to come in on the deal with them. Jack has his doubts but decides to listen to Diane. Diane informs Victor that she is pregnant with his child, but he doesn’t believe her. Diane pretends she is having sharp pains in order to get close to Victor. She asks him to call an ambulance for her. Daisy testifies how she left her baby and why. Daniel also testifies for Victoria and Billy. Michael and Adam watch the Newman stock since it went public. Genevieve approaches Jack to get to know him. When the ambulance arrives for Diane she begs Victor to accompany her to the hospital. Michael tries to call Victor but gets no answer. Michael hears the news that Victor had a stroke. Phyllis tells Leslie to go after Billy and Victoria.

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