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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Opal dyes Tad’s hair and he leaves the dye on two long because he goes to pick up a package delivery at the front door and the dye is black but bright blue at the temples. Tad later tells Cara he did it for her because he didn’t want her to be embarrassed to go out with him because he is older then her. Cara thinks Tad’s gesture is sweet but she liked his hair the way it used to be. Bianca advises JR to take Marissa on a simple date too make her laugh she tells him to take Marisa to a comedy club. Marissa tells JR that she can’t go out with him because she promised AJ she would take him to play with Miranda and Gabby tomorrow. JR then suggests they go out tonight but Marissa has plans with Bianca so JR calls Bianca to break off her plans with Marissa so Bianca calls Marissa to cancel their girls night and tells Marisa she should go out with JR.

Colby is proud of herself because she made a success of her blog without relying on the name Chandler. Liza arrives to try to make amends with Colby once more but they argue and she posts to her blog readers that they should beware of mothers. Jake and Amanda begin to make love in the tent but Jake senses that Cara is in the tent although he doesn’t see her so he stops and tells Amanda that the tent brings back painful memories about when he worked in doctors without borders. Jake later tells Tad that he couldn’t make love to Amanda in the tent because he feels guilty about what almost happened in the tent with Cara. Tad advises Jake to let what almost happened go and not tell Amanda about it because it will only hurt her. Amanda later talks to Cara and tells her that Jake felt awkward about making love in the tent because of bad memories from doctors without borders and Cara tells her that now she understands why Jake never goes inside the tent. Amanda remembers her earlier conversation with Jake where he told her that his bad memories surfaced when he went inside the tent to give Cara a file. Amanda tells herself that Jake is lying and she wonders why he would lie to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carl takes the one hair strand that Amber gave him. He says it’s not much to work with. She hurries him to do this before she pops. She must rule this certain guy out as the father of her baby. She badgers him to get with it or they both could go to jail for fixing the first paternity test. She cries for him to get to work. Bill tells Liam that he has something special with Hope; they can make this work. Hope concurs with Brooke that Amber and her mother will always be a part of her life because of the baby, but she loves Liam so much so they can make this work. A part of her, of course, wishes the baby wasn’t Liam’s. But it’s pointless to keep thinking that. Brooke wants her just to be prepared once the baby is born; things could change. Soon Amber could be holding a little Spencer baby. Marcus drops in on Bill to find Justin and they hook up. He talks about the pretty women in Paris, but he wanted to get home and stay a while. Justin wants Marcus to consider again taking his name. He knows Eric means a lot to Marcus, but blood ties are important and he’d really like him to think seriously about it. Bill chimes in that yeah blood ties you together.

Liam surprises Hope and wants to whisk her away on the jet for a few days. The pilot tells them they will be ready soon to go to Cabo San Lucas. Hope doesn’t mind him ruining the surprise; this will be something they will remember the rest of their lives. After she leaves, Oliver stops by and wants to talk to Brooke about Hope. She says Hope and Liam have had their ups and down, but she thinks it is going to work out. Oliver still thinks it is not fair and he should let her go. There is too much drama. Liam is having a baby with Amber. Hope deserves a better life than that. If he has the slightest chance to get her back, he is going for it. He just needs one more chance and asks Brooke to put in a good word for him. In the middle of fussing at Carl for eating his sandwich and not working, Amber panics and tells him that her water broke. She is having the baby now before they know who the father is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Bo walked into Sami and Rafeís loft and told Rafe that he found his lookalike.  Sami and Rafe told Bo everything.  Sami told Bo that she was with the real Rafe.  Bo believed them so he put down the gun.  Bo wanted them not to go to the warehouse.  They told him that fake Rafe killed Fay.  Bo wanted a confession in order to put the DiMeras away.  He left to check on Hope.  Hope pretended to take the cuffs off fake Rafe.  She wanted to call the police station to have a cop come by.  He didnít want her to do that.  Hope gave him water.  She got her phone when fake Rafe got up and attacked her.  Daniel and Jennifer walked in the clinic and saw EJ flatlining.  Daniel tried to save him.  Jennifer called Carly for help, but she was out of it and didnít answer the phone.  Daniel accused Dario of getting Melanie involved with EJ, but Melanie let Daniel know he was wrong.  Melanie told Daniel that Troy worked for EJ and that she was covering up for Brady.

At the Sapphire Club, Stefano talked to Chad about moving him up in the family business.  They also talked about Rafe.  Chad told Stefano that Rafe was back to his old self.  Stefano thought that was interesting.  Jennifer showed up at Carlyís place.  Carly brushed drugs off the table and they rushed off to the clinic.  Melanie was worried that they couldnít save EJ.  Daniel and Carly discussed sending EJ to the hospital.  EJ started having seizures.  Hope tripped fake Rafe after he attacked her.  Fake Rafe went after her again, but Bo showed up in the nick of time.  Bo beat up fake Rafe.  Hope and fake Rafe started insulting each other and Bo punched fake Rafe.  Bo warned fake Rafe not to touch his wife again.  Someone showed up at the warehouse and Bo and Hope raised their guns.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Michael ran away from graduation. Sonny threatened Mayor Floyd for Michaelís diploma. Abby goes to Jason about Michaelís running away from the ceremony. Jason finds Michael, and they talk about what happened and Michaelís summer job plans. Alexis, Carly, and Sonny find out the real reason that Michael punched a kid at graduation. Alexis lectures on the values of non-violence. Carly and Sonny get upset. Sam is the voice of reason.

Diane talks to Brenda during a visit to see Max. Dante decides to wait with Abby for Michael. Kristina goes off to look for Michael but finds Ethan instead. Michael arrives at the graduation party followed by Kristina and Ethan. Brenda and Diane agree to disagree. Dante has a special graduation present for Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Clint refuses to take Matthew's heart. He refuses to acknowledge Rex. Dani frets about Matthew. Destiny stays by Matthew's side and tells him that she doesnít feel like talking to Starr and Dani right now, especially since they know that Matt and Destiny had sex. Starr thinks Destiny should take a break since she already got sick once today and that it seemed like morning sickness. Destiny tells Matthew that she and his parents know he can pull through and will not give up on him. Matthew opens his eyes.

Ford, dressed as a nun, helps Tess escape from St Anne's. He admits that he loves her, and then she admits that she feels the same way. Tess wants to get out of town before Brody discovers that she got out. Ford tells her that he can't leave Llanview without Ryder. Tess agrees to stay. Brody and Natalie kiss. He says he should go, but she closes the door and asks him to stay. He says he wants to go slow, but then they hurriedly tear each other's clothes off. Brody and Natalie make love. Ford and Tess make love.

Tea protects Jack as Roxy and Shane try to get him to tell him what he did to Gigi. Rex finds Gigi unconscious in a basement next to a generator that is emitting carbon monoxide. He drops his phone when he carries her out. He gets her to the hospital and calls Roxy to come. An officer gives John the 9-1-1 call log about Gigi. Rex tells John what he knows and suggests that he talk to Jack Manning to find out any more. Shane tells Rex that Jack locked Gigi in that basement thinking it was him, therefore Jack was trying to kill him. Rex sends Shane to see his psychologist. Roxy goes with Shane. Tea and Jack go to the police station to see about getting Todd released. Tea tells Todd about Jack's involvement in Gigi's hospitalization. Jack denies any knowledge. Todd tells him not to lie to him or the consequences will be worse. Jack admits that he set up Shane. John and a forensics team go to the building where Rex found Gigi. The emergency room doctor tells Rex that they did everything they could, but they were too late.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria meet with Rafe to discuss their strategy to win full custody of Lucy from Phyllis and Daisy. Abby visits Ashley in jail and tells Ashley her plan in getting Diane to change her story about the accident. Ashley refuses to let Abby get involved. Jack suggests to Ashley that they buy Jabot in order to keep it in their family. Ashley refuses to go along with his plan. Jack cannot understand his sister’s point of view. Katherine finds out that Jack had struck up a deal with the Home Shopping Network to sell their new product line. Victor visits Katherine in the hospital and suggests to her that he sell her some stock options in Newman. Leslie and Phyllis meet with Daisy in jail and brings her a dress to wear. Daisy refuses to trust Phyllis and her motives. John Abbott visits with Jack and gives him pointers on how to deal with the situation concerning Jabot. John also visits Ashley, Billy and Katherine. In talking to Abby, Victor begins to wonder if Nikki hadn’t been telling him about the truth about Abby driving the car the night that Tucker was hit. Phyllis asks for Michael’s help in winning custody of Lucy but Michael refuses to help her. Phyllis gives Leslie full reign to go after Victoria, Billy and Daniel.

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