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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse and Angie take a walk in the park with Lucy before the christening. Brot arrives to take Angie to the hospital leaving Jesse alone with Lucy and Ryan. Ryan marvels at what a precious gift Lucy is to Jesse and Angie. Maya arrives at the hospital to get a prescription filled for A.J. Greenlee comes into work at Fusion and finds Madison there. Greenlee orders Madison to go home. Madison is insistent that she isn’t going anywhere. Amanda arrives at the hospital to see if Jake is ready for the christening. Cara comes in. Amanda is surprised that Cara is working at the hospital and wonders why Jake hadn’t told her. At Tad’s home, Opal gives Tad a haircut and wants to dye his hair to make him more attractive to Cara. Cara also wonders why Jake hadn’t told Amanda that she was working at the hospital again. Jake pulls Cara aside and says he was waiting for the right moment to tell Amanda, because he didn’t know how exactly to do it.

Ryan walks in on Greenlee and Madison arguing. Ryan reprimands Greenlee for throwing it up to Madison about losing the baby. Greenlee leaves when she sees that Ryan is upholding Madison. Greenlee confronts Jake for rehiring Cara without consulting her. Greenlee tells Jake about her argument with Madison. Greenlee asks Jake if he still has feelings for Cara. Lucy is christened with Jake as godfather. Brot runs into Maya and recognizes her from the police station. Tad agrees to let Opal dye his hair. When Amanda arrives at the clinic, Jake thinks it is Cara coming to join him. Amanda asks him if the tent holds special memories for him, then resolves to make some of their own by grabbing Jake and kissing him. Cara arrives and stares. Frankie suggests to Angie and Jesse that they get Maya to babysit Lucy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke stands before the mirror with all the words running through her head that others have been saying about her – being a seductress, the slut from the valley, seducing her husband’s son. She concludes they are right. Hope catches here and Brooke admits yes something is wrong – it’s herself. Hope tells her it is not necessary to put herself through hell like this. Brooke tells her that she knows she does not want to hear this, but it’s the truth and they both have to face it. She’s a bad person. Thomas remembers it all and he would not lie. Liam seems distracted and Bill can’t get his complete attention. He admits to Bill that he’s about to have a child with a woman he doesn’t like and can never trust. Amber calls Carl to come to the beach house. There she tells him she may look like she is going to have the baby any minute, but she can’t just yet. She needs another favor from him to conduct another paternity test. He’s not exactly jumping to do this since all he’s has gotten so far is some champagne and chocolates. But he agrees to do it when she begs that it’s important for her to be sure who the father of her baby is. He says she will need some DNA. Stephanie fills Nick in on Brooke’s walking away from Forrester Creations and her family. She’s going to need someone now; that can be him as she is sure he is still in love with her. Taylor drops in and they discuss the Foundation as Brooke’s way of making herself feel worthy.

Amber calls Marcus and insists that he needs to come back to the house. She comes on to him and manages to get a small sample of his hair and then asks him to leave. Liam tells Bill that he wants to put these last few months out of his mind and do something really grand and special for Hope. Bill agrees that he needs to sweep her off her feet. Liam says he knows exactly what he needs to do. Stephanie tells Taylor that Brooke has really surprised her and took the wind out of her sails. She never ever expected anything like this Foundation. Amber rushes the hair to the hospital and gives it to Carl and tells him to put a rush on it as she needs to know as soon as possible. Brooke tells Hope that something inside her is damaged and she is not going to blame it on the berries. She is losing her husband and her marriage and she does not want Hope to be like her. Just learn from her mistakes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Melanie wanted Dario to help her save EJ even though EJ was responsible for Ariannaís death.  Dario refused to help EJ until Melanie manipulated him into helping her.  Daniel and Jennifer were about to make love again when Melanie called him.  She wanted his help.  Melanie seemed scared, but didnít want him to show up.  Daniel and Jennifer decided to go back to Salem.  While Kate was at the Cheating Heart, she met with Quinn.  She wanted an update on Chloe.  Quinn was upset about the way Kate talked about Chloe.  He started to turn on Kate until she put him in his place.  He apologized and told her where she could find Chloe.  Bo and Hope arrived at the warehouse and found fake Rafe handcuffed.  Bo stawrt3ed to untie him because he and Hope thought he was the real Rafe.  Fake Rafe informed Bo and Hope that he has as double and that the DiMeras were involved with it.  Bo pretended to have trouble getting the cuffs off of him.  Fake Rafe let his real personality slip and Bo and Hope gave each other knowing looks.  Bo left Hope with fake Rafe.

Rob and Chloe were at the Sapphire Club when Justin called her.  She tried to get out of their arrangement, but Rob wouldnít let her.  Rob threatened her and she caved.  Chloe drugged Robís drink and he passed out before they had sex.  Taylor arrived at the DiMera mansion and she and Stefano fought over EJ.  Stefano let her know that she is the flavor of the month.  She didnít believe that and eventually left the mansion.  Abe arrived at Sami and Rafeís apartment and let him know that he was suspicious of him.  He also told Rafe that he was going to tell Roman to fire him.  Rafe was shocked and tried to talk him out of it.  Abe called Bo and told him what was going on with Rafe.  Bo showed up at Sami and Rafeís apartment and put his gun on him.  Jennifer and Daniel showed up at the clinic that Melanie and Dario took EJ.  EJís monitor started beeping.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Molly tells Kristina that no one can object to her going out with Ethan now that he and Maya are divorced, but Alexis says she objects. Max and Milo take Ethan to Sonny's house. Sonny says he wants to get to know Ethan better. They chat for awhile and then Sonny makes it clear that Ethan is not to see Kristina again, whether it takes a payoff or a trip to the Pine Barrens. Ethan assures Sonny that he and Kristina are just friends and that she will get over her crush on him when she meets someone new.

Lulu is surprised to see that Lucky is back. He tells her that Luke is distressed because he feels like he is turning into his violent, alcoholic father. He says Luke hid that side of himself from them. He tells her that Luke is at the brothel where he grew up and wants to stay there. Lulu vents to Dante. Lucky tells Ethan that Luke refused to come back. Ethan tells Lucky about his trip to Atlantic City, seeing Maya in bed with another man, Kristina following him to Santo Domingo, and Sonny wanting to kill him. He tells Lucky that he can go to Florida to try to talk to Luke from a different perspective. Lucky invites him to try but doesnít hold out much hope. Lucky tells Ethan and Lulu that Luke said he is retired from fatherhood.

Abby and Michael talk about his big day and the struggles he endured to get there. Jax goes to Carly's to let her know that he is going with Alexis to Kristina and Michael's graduation. Morgan gives Jax a piece of his mind about trying to steal Josslyn from them. Brenda doesn't want to go to Michael's graduation because she wants to avoid an altercation. Sonny thanks Alexis and Carly for being great mothers. Michael baits Kristina into revealing that she submitted the application to PCU on his behalf. Kristina is excited at the prospect of going to PCU together. Kristina becomes uneasy when she hears the announcement that Kiefer's mother established a scholarship. Another graduate confronts Kristina about getting Kiefer killed and when he won't stop, Michael decks him, interrupting the ceremony.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily can’t forgive Cane for once again not telling her the truth about his family and allowing her and her family to help with his plan to catch Colin. Lily thinks Cane is just like his father and all he cared about was getting revenge against his father and he didn’t think about his wife and children. Cane insists this was the only way to protect Lily and the kids from Colin so his children wouldn’t grow up the way he and his brother and sister grew up. Daniel and Neil are determined to keep Cane away from Lily and Daniel even sleeps on Lily’s couch to make sure Cane won’t come to see her. Jill is hurt when Colin admits that at first he only used her to get close to the kids. Colin also tells Jill that he loves her and she is an amazing woman but Jill doesn’t believe him especially when she discovers that Colin never divorced Genevieve. Cane is hurt when Lily tells him that his plan to get revenge against Colin cost him his family.

Jill and Lily talk because they are the only ones who can understand how it feels to love and dislike someone at the same time. Malcolm and Sofia tell Katherine that Cane is alive and that Colin tried to kidnap the twins. Katherine later has a talk with Colin and warns him never to come near Jill again or he will be very sorry. Olivia tells Sofia there could be a problem with the baby because she has Rh-positive blood and the baby’s father has Rh-negative blood. Genevieve tells Cane she has decided to stay in Genoa city and later she visits Caleb’s grave and cries and says how sorry she is that he died.

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