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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Ryan share an intimate moment together when she has his shirt and refuses to give it back to him. At Fusion, Madison looks at some Fusion cosmetics for mothers to be. Ryan joins Greenlee at ConFusion as do Kendall and Griffin. Kendall accuses Griffin of ditching her. Jack catches Jane about to take a drink, but to get him off her back she hugs him and calls him her hero. Jack suspects that Erica is drinking again and suggests that she attend an AA meeting. Jane puts all the blame on Jack for pressuring her. Marissa and Bianca share dinner and small talk at Krystal’s along with the children. J.R. tries to get Krystal in his corner about Marissa. Marissa and Bianca discuss how J.R. hasn’t changed at all. Griffin tells Kendall that he didn’t ditched her. Kendall realizes that it was Greenlee who had called him. Madison refuses to talk to Scott, but he won't give up on her. Madison insists that what they had meant nothing, but Scott declares that it meant everything to him. After Madison blasts Scott for his actions, he says he loves her, but she doesn‘t believe him. Madison orders Scott out. She collapses in the floor, crying. Scott sees Ryan in the bar to tell him that Madison is in a bad state.

Jack calls Kendall and tells her that her mother was about to take a drink. Kendall leaves Greenlee and Griffin alone. Jane is confronted by a reporter and promises him a big scoop when she sees Greenlee sitting with Griffin. Ryan goes to Madison’s aid. Bianca gets a call to also meet Jack and Kendall. Bianca tells Marissa that she has something for her but decides not to give it to her when Marissa confides that she might give J.R. another chance. Bianca gives J.R. the music box to give to Marissa. Jane interrupts Greenlee and Griffin and asks to talk to Greenlee alone. Jane surprises Greenlee when she says she wants to buy the hospital. Jane gets a call from Jack, who tells her to meet him at Kendall's right away. J.R. asks Bianca if she is helping him win back Marissa. Greenlee asks Griffin for advice on men and how to understand them. Erica tries to make friends with her guard. Jane arrives at Kendall’s and is quite put out when the girls start to question her if she is drinking again. Jane insists she is not drinking and claims she is staying away from them for their own good, because she's afraid her kidnappers will return. Jane changes the subject and wants to go shopping. Jane pretends she gets a call in order to get away from her daughters. J.R. gives Marissa the music box. Marissa hugs J.R. Ryan lets Madison know that Scott cares for her. Griffin brings Kendall lunch. Erica tries to get Ben to open up to her about Jane and her past. Jane arrives and orders Ben not to say another word. Erica realizes that Jane has a secret. Jack meets with Opal and shares his concern about Erica’s drinking.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Stephanie that she wants her to be proud of her. She wants her children to be proud of her; she wants to be proud of herself and this foundation will be that first step. She wants Stephanie to walk with her on this one. She states she is determined to change. She knows Stephanie is really busy with Dayzee at the homeless shelter and the coffeehouse. Brooke knows that Stephanie is still battling with cancer, but she is determined to get them through this. Stephanie doesn’t think it can change anything even though Brooke claims Stephanie is a sole of conviction. Eric tells Ridge that he doesn’t know how Stephanie can say no. Ridge tells Brooke that he admires her for everything she is doing, but maybe it is bit extreme, overreacting to all that has happened. She is sorry that this is breaking up their family and the only way to fix it is to fix herself so they will all be proud of her. He tells her that time is a good healer, but so it love. It is the best healer of all. Taylor is skeptical but Stephanie explains that she thinks Brooke is sincere.

Marcus drops in on Amber and fills her in on being in Paris and around the world. He laments that she is really lucky as it looks like Liam is stepping up to the plate and will be a great dad. She agrees as long as he does right about the baby. She wishes he felt that way about her too. When he leaves she gets to thinking if there is any way this could be Marcus's baby. Brooke tells Ridge that everything his mother has said over the years about her being the slut from the valley turned out to be true. Even though Brooke can’t remember it, what she did on the island proves this. Thomas would not lie. Ridge wonders what they will tell the press when she leaves Forrester Creations and they find out they are separated. Brooke wishes she could have listened to Stephanie sooner. It would have spared Thomas and themselves as well. She picks up her papers and says goodbye to Ridge. He hugs her and says he will always love her. He watches her go; Stephanie, Eric and Taylor also see her leave. Stephanie follows her to the elevator and tells her that she had to admit that Brooke has handled this with grace. It shows who she really is. Brooke says they will talk about the Foundation later. She is not going to accept her answer of no. This will be the last time she will see her here, but she hopes someday that she can look at Stephanie and say the Brooke Logan that she knew is no more. She will have found a good, decent, honorable life like Stephanie’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

While Bo and Hope were in bed, he told her how he kept thinking about Sami and Rafe.  Bo wondered what Rafe was doing that involved the DiMeras.  Hope distracted him by kissing him.  At the pier, Melanie showed up and saw Brady beating EJ up.  Melanie wanted to know what Brady was doing.  Brady didnít want her to get involved.  Brady told Melanie about Troyís connection to EJ.  Melanie thought Brady should go to the police.  He didnít agree.  He wanted her to leave, but she wanted to help.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Taylor knew that Sami was covering up for Rafe.  Taylor wanted to call the cops.  Sami took the phone from Taylor, but Taylor still wanted to tell the police about her suspicions.  Sami continued to convince Taylor that Rafe didnít steal Fayís cameo.  Taylor wanted to talk to the police.  Sami wanted Taylor to trust her even though she couldnít tell her what was going on with her and Rafe. 

Taylor thought Nicole was right about Sami and that she hadnít changed.  Sami mentioned how Rafe changed since the accident and wanted some time before she could tell everything. Rafe was at the warehouse and tried to get fake Rafe to come clean about the DiMeras.  Rafe offered to give him anything he wanted for the info.  Fake Rafe didnít take the bait and refused to help.  Rafe pulled out a taser to use on fake Rafe.  At the hospital, Will thanked Dario for his help with Gabiís surprise prom.  Gabi implied that she and Will could have gone to a hotel if she werenít in the hospital. He seemed a little nervous about that idea.  Melanie was upset that Brady almost killed EJ.  She reminded Brady about the truce between their families.  Brady walked off.  Dario called Melanie and she asked him for his help with EJ.  He rushed to her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny and Alexis interrupt Ethan’s divorce proceedings. Ethan insists that he and Kristina are not getting hitched. Patrick and Coleman chitchat about Lisa’s craziness. Anthony agrees to help Lisa with her revenge plan. Lucky finds Luke in New Orleans. Lucky is devastated when Luke says he doesn’t want anything to do with him or the Spencer clan. Siobhan and Lucky have a heartfelt chat. A disguised Lisa shows up at Jake’s and listens in on Robin and Patrick’s conversation. Sonny and Kristina argue on the flight home. Anthony upsets Brenda when he makes some threats about her safety. Ethan refuses to stay out of Kristina’s life. Lucky tells Siobhan about his childhood home. Luke confides in his lady friend about Lucky.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Colin almost falls to his death off the balcony of Genevieve’s mansion but he is caught by the police net at the bottom and transported to the hospital where he is placed under police guard. Jill is shocked when Genevieve tells her that she is still married to Colin making her marriage to Colin invalid. Cane is able to save the twins after a long struggle with the private plane pilot and then after he gets off the plane with the twins the plane catches fire. Lily is angry with Cane who she thinks is Caleb until Cane tells her things about their marriage that only he could know. Once Lily Knows Cane is alive she is livid with him and tells him that the Cane she knew would never hurt her by making her think she was going crazy and also making her think that he was dead. Cane explains that he had to pretend to be Caleb to keep her and the twins safe from Colin. Lily tells Came that isn’t an excuse to lie to her about everything and never even mention he had a twin brother. Daniel and Neil tell Cane to stay away from Lily and the babies or he will have to deal with both of them. Neil and Daniel encourage Lily to move on with her life without Cane because the Cane she knew is dead. Lily calls Cane and tells him to meet her at the commentary to ask him how he could do this to her.

Jill tells Lauren the horrible ordeal that she has been through. Lauren tells Jill that if she loves Colin then she could probably help redeem him. Jill arrives at the hospital to visit Colin. When she walks into his room, though, she finds him kissing Genevieve. Jack tells Katherine he is on the verge of getting major deals including one from home shopping network to sell the new Jabot cosmetics line. Victor tells Katherine that he wants to launch the new Jabot cosmetics line at Fenmore’s before taking it national and Katherine wonders what she should do about the company.

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