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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR does his best to make Marissa happy and calls his contractor to help Scott finish the gatehouse but once Marissa is on her way out to the car with AJ to get ice cream, JR tells his contractor he will pay him double to not finish the gatehouse. Bianca admits to Kendall how she feels about Marissa but makes it clear that her feelings are once sided because Marissa is straight. Bianca thinks that she should distance herself from Marisa and return the music box that she was going to give to her of a song that her adoptive father used to sing to her. Kendall encourages Bianca to give the music box to Marisa and see if she can use Marissa’s reaction to the gift to gauge if Marissa’s feelings for her are more then friendship. Bianca leaves to have ice cream with Miranda at Krystal’s where she runs into Marisa with AJ. And Marissa suggests they sit together. Marissa and Bianca talk and Marisa senses that Bianca wants to avoid her and she thinks it because she reminds her of their ordeal with Ricky. Bianca tells Marissa she got her through the ordeal and then decides to take Kendall’s advice and give Marisa the gift she bought for her.

Kendall is thrilled when Griffin tells her that Liza came by and told him that he would only do 6 months of community service for stealing the drugs from the hospital. Kendall gives Griffin a check as an advance on his salary to help pay back the hospital. Griffin begins teaching Kendall how to run a clinic as she spends the day watching him treat patients at the free clinic. David stops by the clinic to offer Griffin a job as chief of cardiac surgery once he is back in control of the hospital but Griffin tells David he has already made a decision. Griffin and Kendall go back to her place to start working on the details for the new Miranda Center clinic and they have a close moment where Griffin takes Kendall’s face in his hands and they stare deeply at each other but Kendall pulls away and they get back to work. Jack is very confused by “Erica”s behavior at the yacht club taking pictures with fans, signing autographs, buying lunch for everyone at the restaurant. Jack wonders what is going on and “Erica tells him she just wants to celebrate life. Jack wants to talk about Kendall and Bianca but “Erica” only wants to concentrate on him and bristles when Jack calls her a good mother. David arrives at the yacht club and continues to pressure Jane to do what he wants or he will tell Jack she is an imposter. Jane promises David she will help him get control of the hospital but it takes time to which David replies that he isn’t a patient man. Jane can’t take any more pressure and tells jack she is going to the bathroom but sneaks to the bar to grab a drink. Jack sees her at the bar and grabs the drink out of her hand and asks “Erica” what she is doing with a drink in her hand.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nobody wants to hear Brooke’s speech. Stephanie has better things to do with her time. Taylor doesn’t think Thomas needs to stay and hear Brooke deny again what happened on the island. Brooke tells them she needs a new direction in her life and both Stephanie and Thomas need to hear it. Eric is aghast when he discovers what Brooke has been accused of. Brooke tells them she has a purpose and she is setting up a foundation and will name it after someone who most inspires her – Stephanie. Owen and Jackie disagree that they have the collection ready at hand and they tell Whip so. He is most interested when Nick tells him that Stephanie came by and told him that Brooke and Ridge have broken up. Jackie wonders why she chose to share that with him at this particular time. Whip realizes it looks like everyone is changing partners. He just doesn’t want to be invited to the wedding of Taylor and Ridge now.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she never felt better than when was with her on the streets and helped the homeless. Stephanie blasts her and says she wants no part of her piggybacking to try and now soften Ridge up and that’s all it is. Thomas tells his grandmother that she should be ashamed of what she is saying about Brooke and he wants no more part of it. He walks out. Nick explains to Jackie and Whip that he and Brooke are like ships that pass in the night; they don’t always see eye to eye and should leave it at that. Stephanie tells Brooke that people don’t change and yes there are some success stories, but most of it is failure. It is too late now; they have made their choices and will have to live with the consequences. There will be no Foundation; she does not want her name on it or be associated in any way. Brooke will have to have her permission and she does not give it. Brooke is flabbergasted since Stephanie doesn’t have to do a thing but have millions of dollars in a Foundation with her name on it. She begs her to find it in her heart to have that good feeling for Brooke again. Stephanie’s name is the only thing she can hang on to now. She begs her for this one last request.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Chloe met Quinn at the Cheating Heart.  He was glad she was on time for her job.  She wanted to know why he trapped her.  He reminded her that she had to get to work or lose her son.  Chloe thought this would ruin her life.  He agreed, but walked away.  Jennifer and Daniel were talking about their trip when Kate showed up at the house.  Kate ripped into Jennifer for being with a man who hurt her brother Lucas.  Jennifer reminded Kate how she destroyed her parentsí marriage years ago.  Jennifer wanted Kate to leave.  Kate let Jennifer know that Daniel is scum and that sheís had him too.  Jennifer yelled at her after that remark.  Daniel interrupted their fight and ripped into Kate.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ demanded not to kill Rafe.  Stefano thought that Taylor was responsible for EJís change of heart and didnít like it.  Stefano thought Taylor would ruin EJís life.  EJ didnít believe that.  EJ wanted to do away with Rafe some other way.  Stefano thought itís their only way out.  EJ wanted to handle it another way.  At Sami and Rafeís place, Taylor wanted to know why he had her motherís cameo.  Rafe didnít know why he had it.  Taylor remembered that Fay said he did something.  Sami walked in on them and Taylor wanted an explanation.  Taylor knew Fay had the cameo when she died and wanted to know why they had it.  Sami lied and said she bought the cameo.  Taylor accepted the excuse and left.  Sami realized fake Rafe killed Fay. 

 At the warehouse, fake Rafe thought about how he killed Fay and was glad no one knew about it. Brady was talking to a henchman on the pier to make sure the plans were ready.  Brady walked up to EJ while he was at the pier waiting for a Columbian shipment.  Brady told him he sent him a fake text about the Columbian shipment.  They started arguing about Arianna and Nicole.  Bradyís thug hit EJ and knocked him out.  Brady wasnít finished with him.  Rafe told Sami he had a way to expose everything, but he wanted to do it alone.  Sami agreed to let him go alone.  He left the apartment.  Taylor came back to the apartment to confront Sami.  Taylor knew Sami lied about the necklace.  The necklace had the same scratch as Fayís necklace.  Brady hit EJ after he tried to get up from the thugís hit.  Brady and EJ began fighting.  EJ got hit in the head and passed out.  Brady continued to hit him.  Quinn met with his boss.  It turned out to be Kate.  She wanted to keep Chloe away from her grandson.  Daniel and Jennifer made love at the romantic getaway.  Stefano realized that it was time to break up EJ and Taylor.  Rafe showed fake Rafe the cameo and told him that he knew what he did to Fay.  Brady wanted to kill EJ so he continued to hit him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky and Siobhan look for Luke at the Brother where Luke and Bobbie grew up after their father abandoned them. Lucky knocks on the door that Luke and his old friend Lupe are in. Luke tells Lucky to go away and give up on the idea of sending him back to Shady Brook. Lucky says he is there to tell him that he was wrong.

Sonny and Alexis fly to the Dominica Republic to stop Kristina from marrying Ethan. Kristina annoys hungover Ethan when she wakes him up with her chipper mood. He tells her that Sonny is going to kill him when he finds out they spent the night in a hotel together. His divorce is delayed so they have to stay all day. Ethan gets his pocket picked by a kid and has to ask Kristina to pay for his divorce. He tells Kristina about his childhood as a pickpocket after his parents died. They go to the courthouse dressed up. Kristina is wearing a white dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Sonny and Alexis arrive at the courthouse and demand that the judge stop the ceremony. Ethan asks them why they have a problem him divorcing Maya. Dante asks Jason about Zacchara warehouse fires. Dante says Jason can walk away from the war with the Zaccharas. Brenda and Robin go to the docks. When Brenda hears a noise, she screams, thinking it was a gunshot. Robin assures her that is normal for mob wives and that it will get easier.

Maxie tells Lulu that renovating the Haunted Star because Luke is not coming back and that staying gone is probably the best thing anyway. She says that if Luke comes back, Jason will kill him. Lulu goes to see Jason and asks him to stay away from Luke when he returns to Port Charles. He tells her that he doesn't intend to hurt Luke; he wants him to wake up thinking about it every day just like Jason does. Maxie tells Dante that he needs to get creative with his methods to bring Lulu to her senses. She gives him tickets for a vacation in France. She asks him to try to convince Lulu to come back to Crimson. Maxie goes to see Jason and apologizes for setting Lulu off and causing her to go see him. Maxie tells him that if he ever needs someone to talk to she is there for him. When Dante tells Lulu they are going to France, she tells him she can't go because she is waiting for her dad.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint informs Natalie and Joey for the first time that he is dying. But they urge him not to give up. He tells them his first priority is to make certain that they can be happy in their lives with the right respective people who are John for Natalie and Kelly for Joey. Yet Natalie and John are not ready to get back together while John focuses on taking Kelly home after she gets discharged from the hospital and expresses wanting to see her again although she is uncertain about that. Jack and his friend, Brad are determined to get revenge upon Shane and fool him into believing they are comicgurl15 on the computer although Shane is onto them. When Shane informs his mom what he knows Jack is doing, she has a secret plan to go and confront Jack assuming she can do it and get back in time for her wedding to Rex although she does not tell her son or her fiancť of her secret plan. While Matthew is unconscious and the doctors tell Bo and Nora it's highly unlikely he will ever get better, Rex informs Bo that he's heard Clint is dying and awaiting an unlikely possibility of a heart transplant when he's heard that Clint has a rare blood type. Hearing that, Bo remembers that Matthew has the same blood type as his uncle and while the doctor tells them that donating Matthew's organs might be a way to make something positive of this very grim situation, it appears Bo is considering a plan. Nora tells him she refuses to let that happen and will not give up on Matthew. Meanwhile, Starr observes Destiny suddenly throwing up without an explanation, finds out that Destiny slept with Matthew not using protection, and concludes that it's entirely possible that Destiny could be pregnant. Original Todd finds his way to Dorian's home where "current" Todd is living and meets Sam for the first time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria is on the phone when there is a knock on the door. It is Phyllis of all people. Phyllis has arrived for her visit with Lucy. Phyllis questions Victoria as to the whereabouts of Daniel. Billy and Victor have a confrontation at the Coffeehouse concerning family matters mainly Victoria and her children. Daniel visits Lily to let her know that he will help her with the celebration for the twins’ birthday. Daniel assures Lily that she will be just fine. Neil reads a letter from Cane addressed to Lily in which Cane tells Lily that he has twin brother and that Colin is his father. Malcolm and Sofia see through Colin’s plan and knows that he plans to kidnap the twins and leave the country. Neil calls Colin to meet with him so he can give Colin Charlie’s earache medicine. Colin calls the plane to let the pilot know when to land. Genevieve looks at a pic of Samantha and promises that it won’t be long now. Jill joins Colin and demands answers from him as to what he is up to. Cane steps out from the shadows and Jill faints when she sees him. Genevieve watches Colin with Cane and Jill. Victoria and Reed join Billy and Victor at the Coffeehouse. Victoria lets Billy know that Phyllis had come for a visit with Lucy. Phyllis, holding Lucy in her lap, remembers a conversation that she had had with Daniel in which she had promised to fight for him and Lucy. Malcolm and Sofia arrive at the psych house and lets Lily know all about Cane having a twin and that Colin is his father. Malcolm gives Lily the letter that Cane had left for her. Colin confesses everything to Jill how he is Cane and Caleb’s father and that he is taking the twins back to Australia. Jill threatens to call the police, but Colin grabs her phone and throws it away. Jill gets away from Colin and runs for help.

Victor visits Phyllis and Lucy much to Phyllis’ disgust. Lily reads the letter from Cane. Lily insists on going to look for the twins and Daniel accompanies her. Sofia begins to have severe cramps. Neil catches up to Colin and Cane and lets them know that he knows everything. Cane confesses that he is Cane instead of Caleb. Colin lets him know that he had given himself away quite a while ago. Cane and the pilot struggle over the gun while Colin runs toward the house to find out where the music is playing. Neil lets Jill know that Cane is alive. Colin searches the house where Genevieve is staying. He yells for her to come out because he knows she is here. Genevieve reminds Colin of all he had done to their family. Cane manages to knock the gun out of the pilot’s hand but it goes off and shoots a hole in the gas tank of the helicopter. The gas begins to leak and starts to run toward the place where the lighted cigarette is on the ground. Genevieve pushes Colin over the balcony and he is left holding on .Colin begs for his life. Victor reminds Phyllis what all she had done to this family by bringing Daisy back to town.

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