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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Scott punches JR and after Scott later tells Marissa that he sucker punched JR Marissa tells Scott she is worried about him. Cara sets up Griffin and Kendall on a blind date which is interrupted when Bianca gets upset when a man asks about her new phone and then grabs her hand to look at the phone. Bianca talks to Kendall and cries about how she feels weak and scared again since Ricky hitting her and locking her in the closet with Marissa brought back memories of Michael’s rape. Kendall tells Bianca that she is one of the strongest women that she knows and she will move past these awful memories. Bianca almost admits to Marissa that she is falling in love with her but stops when Marisa tells her that she is hopeful that she can have the family she always wanted with JR. Bianca does however tell Kendall that she has to distance herself from Marissa because she is falling in love with her.

Tad and Griffin, and Cara persuade Liza to recommend community service and restitution for Griffin instead of jail time because he stole medicine from the hospital. Colby gets a job offer from a clothing designer who likes her blog to be the face of her new clothing line. The designer also sends Colby a box of clothes from the line and she gives the clothes to Maya. Maya gets a call from her boyfriend who is back in town and wants to see her but she tells him that she has to work overtime at her new job. Asher chooses to recover at the mansion and persuades JR to allow Caleb to visit him whenever Caleb wants to visit him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie asks Thomas if he knows what Brooke has planned. She points out that his family is about to get back together and says that he looks good in that chair. Just sit back and relax. Ridge and Taylor don’t know either. Taylor tells Ridge that she knows this is very painful for him, but for their son’s sake, he can not give Brooke another free pass on this one. She thinks Ridge should go talk to Thomas as this is all overwhelming to him. Dayzee welcomes Marcus home. She tells him that he has been missed. He asks about Thomas, and she informs him that he is still driven, but he does not seem to be his old charming self. Brooke tells Thomas that she needs to talk to him first before her meeting. She knows he would not purposely lie or hurt her, but perhaps he is just confused with what he thinks really happened. If he won’t change his mind, then she knows what she has to do. Stephanie drops in on Nick who says his neon sign went off that declared she was in the building. They hug and he teases her about needing a job. Stephanie fills him in on what’s happening between Ridge and Brooke. Nick sees through her. Every time something happens like this, she pays him a visit. Stephanie says Brooke is going to need a friend; he can be that friend.

Marcus understands that Thomas must be going through something pretty difficult for him to be so distant to Dayzee. She can’t imagine what it is other than just being in the crash. He made a choice, but he wasn’t sure it was the right one. Stephanie tells Nick that she knows he has blinders on when it comes to Brooke and still loves her. Now is his chance. Nick smells a rat; she should be talking to Ridge about this. Stephanie tells him again that opportunity is here; don’t blow it. Brooke tells Thomas that she really doesn’t know who she is any more, but she does know who she wants to be. Ridge admits to Taylor that he wishes he had not sent Brooke and Thomas off on that plane to Sydney. He already knew about the kiss so he should not have thrown them together. Thomas tells Brooke that she is not despicable and all the things his own mom has said are not true. Eric interrupts as he is a little early for the meeting. Ridge and Taylor and Stephanie follow. Ridge does not think Thomas should be subjected to this, but Brooke says he will want to hear what she says. Stephanie announces “let the crocodile tears flow.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Sami and Rafe’s apartment, Rafe examined he cameo.  He wondered when the clue where the clue will lead him.  The woman that Fake Rafe hooked up with showed up.  She was there for more action.  She didn’t get what she wanted.  Carly saw Daniel at the hospital and thanked him for his help.  He told her about his romantic getaway with Jennifer.  This drove Carly to take more pills.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tried to convince Stefano to help her keep EJ.  She wanted to end EJ’s fling with Taylor.  EJ convinced Taylor that he wouldn’t let anything come between them.  They shared tender moments unaware that this wasn’t going to last long.  When Taylor went to see Rafe at Sami and Rafe’s apartment, she saw Fay’s cameo.  She demanded to know what he was doing with it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Alexis and Carly that he wants to plan a family gathering at his house to celebrate Michael and Kristina's graduation. Carly balks at the idea of Brenda playing hostess. Sonny tells her to leave his wife out of it for once and that they are his kids too. They all agree to have the party at Alexis's house. Hung-over Ethan is unpleasantly surprised to discover that Kristina is on the flight he is taking to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce from Maya. Ethan tells her that he does not look forward to any repercussions from her father. Ethan and Kristina arrive in the Dominican Republic and discover it is a holiday there so they have to stay the night and take care of the divorce in the morning. Alexis sees Molly researching the Dominican Republic and doesn't buy Molly's story about it being for a class because school will be out for a week. Molly admits she is helping Kristina plan a romantic getaway. Alexis assumes the getaway is for her and Mac. She is horrified when Molly admits that Kristina is going to the D.R. with Ethan. She explains that Maya left Ethan so now he is free to be with Kristina and they are going to the D.R. to "make it official." Alexis begins to hyperventilate and then goes to Sonny and tells him that Kristina and Ethan went to the Dominican Republic to get married.

Michael goes to Abby's apartment. Anthony is there, offering the services of his lawyer, Angela Dwyer. Abby later asks Michael if he aspires to a life like Anthony's. He promises her that he will never become a nut job like Anthony. She apologizes for behaving like one more person trying to run his life. They kiss and make up. Abby sees Michael's letter of acceptance to Port Charles University. He tells her he never applied and wants to find out who submitted an application in his name. He asks his mother, but she claims it was not her. Lisa asks Johnny to help her get out of the country with a new identity. He says he is through protecting her. He ultimately agrees to get her out of the country but warns her that he does not trust her. Johnny goes to GH and tells him that Lisa called from Canada. Anthony goes back to Johnny's apartment and compliments Lisa on her idea to kill Robin and frame Patrick. He explains to her the importance of meticulous planning to avoid getting caught. He tells her that if it were him, he wouldn't quietly leave the country and let his enemies live happily ever after. He says he might be willing to help her if she decides against leaving the country. He takes her to his apartment that no one else knows about and tells her that she can stay there.

Elizabeth apologizes to Robin for getting angry when Robin asked her to do "busy work." She admits that staying busy helps her to focus on something other than all she has lost. While Elizabeth is at work, Olivia helps Steve pack up Jake's things at Elizabeth's house as Elizabeth had asked him to do because she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Elizabeth comes home and demands to know why Steve is packing up Jakes things. She accuses Olivia of sucking up to her brother while rifling through her son's things. She orders them both to leave. Later, Olivia reminds Elizabeth of the day she and Steve had the conversation about Steve cleaning out Jake's room. Elizabeth remembers the conversation and apologizes to Olivia. Steve expresses his concern about Elizabeth to Robin.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki goes to talk to Jessica's doctor at St. Ann's who tells her that they've tried everything in order to get Jessica back. But Tess remains in control and he's afraid she's a danger to herself or others. So the only alternative may be electro convulsive shock therapy. Viki does not like that idea. But he tells her it may be the only way to get Jessica back. While Tess is there, she fights with her desires for Robert Ford. Robert also fights with his desires for her. When Viki goes to confront Robert about what he did to her daughter, he protests that Tess is her daughter and she must respect and honor her. Viki tells him that they have no alternative except shock therapy. And knowing and remembering Tess's fear about that, he urges her not to do it but she does not listen. Doctors tell Bo and Nora that Matthew might never regain consciousness and may be a vegetative state for the rest of his life. So they might want to consider donating his organs. Nora tells her no way. She will not give up on her son. Destiny feels the same way. But when Rex informs Bo that Clint needs a heart transplant, Bo considers donating his son's heart to his brother knowing they have the same blood type. Shane seems to know that Jack is behind the facade of "comicgirl15" who contacts him online. And he's ready to fool Jack. Gigi catches him on line and he admits to what he is doing and that he knows Jack is still harassing him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Neil and Sofia have a chat about Katherine running McCall Unlimited and how that Sofia was taking a leave of absence from her job because of Katherine. Sofia lets it slip that Katherine had almost fired her. Neil offers Sofia pointers on how to deal with Katherine and even offers to talk to Katherine for Sofia. Malcolm visits Lily and shows her pics of the twins. Colin meets Jill for dinner, but breaks the news to her that he is leaving town. Jill cannot believe her worst luck. Genevieve gets an uneasy feeling when she calls Cane and he doesn’t answer. Cane visits Lily in the psych hospital. Sofia lets Malcolm know that Neil is going to help her with Katherine.

Cane watches Lily from the doorway. Daniel visits with Lily. Lily confides to him that she had seen Cane once again. Daniel thinks that this is only because she had been thinking about Cane. Cane arrives back home to Genevieve and is immediately questioned as to where he had been. Genevieve lets him know that he could have ruined everything if Lily had seen him. Colin arrives at the Coffeehouse to pick up the twins from Neil. Jill watches from the door and thinks that he is planning a surprise for her. Colin takes the twins to the house where Cane and Genevieve are. Genevieve watches from the door as does Jill from the shadows.

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