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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Greenlee apologize to each other for their recent remarks. Greenlee suggests a vacation to their castle. There is a knock on the door and it is Scott. Brot finds Madison asleep on a bench near the cemetery where Sara is buried. At the Chandler mansion, Marissa is hurt when she finds out that J.R. has a meeting at the hospital. Bianca talks to a woman who had been physically abused and offers her help from the Miranda Center. Bianca remembers her own rape. Jack senses something is wrong with Erica. Erica gets a call from David. Bianca bumps into David in the hallway and knocks the phone out of his hand. Bianca realizes that he is talking to Erica. Scott asks Ryan and Greenlee if they have seen Madison. Ryan goes to search for Madison. Brot refuses to arrest Madison. Bianca asks Erica why she is talking to David. Erica gets off the phone with Bianca very quickly. Bianca orders David to quit bothering Erica. Jack asks Erica how she could let David blackmail her into having him reinstated at the hospital. Bianca and J.R. run into each other at the hospital. Bianca assures J.R. that she is fine. Bianca asks how Marissa is. J.R. assures Bianca that he loves Marissa. Bianca wonders how long it will take before J.R. moves on to someone else. Greenlee refuses to lose Ryan but doesn’t know how to handle this situation. Ryan finds Madison at the cemetery where they bond over the loss of their baby. Ryan lets Madison know how much Scott cares for her. David and J.R. have a run in with each other. David lets J.R. know that no one knows what he is capable of. Madison refuses to discuss Scott with Ryan. Scott appears beside Madison.

David comes to visit Greenlee to let her know that Erica gave him a letter of recommendation in order for him to get his license back. Greenlee confronts Erica asking how she could do this to her. Erica apologizes for her actions. Madison finally agrees to talk to Scott and reveals that every time she sees him she is reminded of losing her baby. Bianca confronts her own demons inside the closet. She panics when she hears something outside. Marissa comes to join her and together they bond over what happened to them inside that closet. Randi asks Madison to come to live with her and Frankie. David watches Jack, Erica, and Greenlee. Erica pulls David aside and wonders if he is going to tell everyone, who she really is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke accuses Stephanie of waiting all these years just for this moment. Stephanie tells her that she is sorry that she is hurt and that she is suffering, but she should have walked away every time she and Thomas were in close proximity and she didn’t. The best thing to do now is just leave town and walk away. It’s okay that Hope is supporting her, but leave Thomas out of it. He’s suffered enough; he doesn’t need to be dragged back into this with Dr. Warwick. Hope tells Thomas that he and her mother did not make love on the island. One of them is lying and she does not think it is her mother; it is Thomas. He made up that whole thing. She tells him that she knows him well and this guilt will eat away at him until he tells the truth. Stephanie drops in and makes sure she interferes from Thomas saying more. Steffy urges Bill again to let her be the new host of The Catwalk. Pam’s version was okay for a while, but then the ratings plummeted and they are now on hiatus. Katie comes in and makes a catty remark for Steffy’s sake. She wants Steffy to know that Bill has no interest in her suggestion so she should just go back to Forrester and leave Spencer Publication to her and Bill. Bill tells Steffy that he will take it into consideration.

Bill has a meeting. He tells the girls to watch the claws. He doesn’t want blood on his carpet. Katie blows him a kiss and says she will see him at home. Stephanie warns Hope not to call Thomas a liar. She’s too young to know how this can affect an abused person. Thomas is called away to shipping. Hope tells him they are not finished yet. This will haunt him the rest of his life. Stephanie asks Hope if she is not going to hold her mother accountable for this. Brooke’s big issue is sex. It has always had a big influence on Bridget and Rick and now Thomas. Brooke has proven to have sexual issues with every man in this family. She needs to go away and get control over her life. Her marriage to Ridge is over and she needs to stay away from both him and Tom. They all need time to heal. No more accusations. Katie tells Steffy that she can throw herself at her husband all she wants, but at night he comes home to her and their life is anything but boring. Steffy will be out on her cute little butt on the street where it belongs.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pier, Quinn showed Chloe footage of her having sex with him.  She said that it proved nothing so he showed her something else.  He showed her footage of her taking the money after they made love.  He considered it her audition.  Chloe was shocked.  She thought he liked her.  He said he does like her and he will look after her.  She told him he was out of his mind if he thought she was going to be a prostitute.  Victor showed up and warned Quinn to stay away from Chloe because she seduces and destroys people.  Quinn defended Chloe.  Victor didnít care for him and left.  Chloe broke down and called this sick.  She told him how he made her feel special when she was at her worst.  He told her how much money sheís going to make.  He also gave her a number.  He said he would be in touch.  At the hospital, Dario and Melanie ran into each other. They talked about why she couldnít date him.  In Gabiís room, Gabi found out that Rafe didnít visit her.  When Dario went in her room, they talked about Rafe.  When Rafe showed up, he got a mouthful from Melanie and Dario.  Rafe apologized but it didnít do any good.  When he went in Gabiís room, she yelled at him.  When she talked about the prom, Rafe comforted her.

Taylor and Nicole got into argument.  EJ called Taylor during their argument.  Taylorís phone fell out of her purse and answered the call.  EJ listened to Nicole and Taylorís argument.  He heard Nicole say that Taylor will know the truth.  He rushed out.  Nicole and Taylor continued to argue.  During their argument, Nicole slapped Taylor.  Taylor goaded Nicole, which caused Nicole to attack her.  EJ showed up and broke the fight.  Nicole and EJ argued.  He offered to let her spend time with the children.  Nicole warned them that they would not get away with this.  When Nicole left, Taylor wanted answers.  Rafe ran into Victor.  Rafe asked Victor how he could take down the DiMeras.  Victor said it would be hard, but their weaknesses lied in those they surround themselves with.  Victor realized that Rafe didnít change the way everyone thought.  When Nicole went home, she yelled for Stefano and told him it was life or death.

GH Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Nikolas and Elizabeth watch Patrick and Robin with Emma. Elizabeth thinks about Jake. Anthony assures Johnny that everything will be taken care of .Abby and Sam discuss Michael and how that Abby had told him that she didn’t’ want him to be part of the mob, but then she had broken up with him. Michael reads a letter outside of Kelly’s. Jason joins Spinelli in his office and watches a video of a surveillance camera of the goings on in the casino. Robin offers Elizabeth help if she ever wants to talk. Nikolas offers Elizabeth a cup of coffee, but she refuses. Nikolas and Elizabeth discuss how that Patrick and Robin are a family again and she is happy for them. Maxie is on the phone, arguing when Matt comes in and takes over the phone call for Maxie and explains about the article in the newspaper that their cosmetics didn‘t contain any harmful ingredients. Michael joins Abby at the table. Michael starts to get up and leave, but Abby asks him to stay. Abby tells Michael that the charges against her have been dropped. Abby tells Michael that she trust him completely. Michael tells Abby that she had gotten an acceptance letter from PCU and wonders if she had sent it in for him. Maxie becomes upset that Inga is trying to take her job. Maxie begins to rethink her life and what she wants to do. Robin checks on Elizabeth and asks her how is she feeling. Robin invites Elizabeth over for dinner and asks for help on a case that they are working on. Patrick comes to see Johnny to inquire about Lisa’s whereabouts. Johnny denies knowing anything about Lisa. Sam is on the phone when Kristina comes to visit her to talk about Ethan. Sam reminds Kristina that Ethan is married. Michael comes to see Jason to ask him if he had sent in an application for him for PCU. Jason denies knowing anything about it. Michael tells Jason that he is not going to PCU. Jason tells Michael that Johnny and Anthony are at war with them.

Jason tells Michael that he burned down one of Johnny’s warehouses. Kristina wants Sam to confess that she loves Jason. Patrick refuses to believe that Johnny doesn’t know where Lisa is. Elizabeth accuses Robin of trying to keep her occupied to keep her mind off Jake. Spinelli rushes in to use Maxie’s computer to look up some valuable info. They realize that they are still connected as close friends. Robin arrives at Kelly’s and is startled when Nikolas approaches her. Robin and Nikolas discuss Elizabeth and how Jake’s death could be affecting her work. Lisa watches Robin from the shadows. Anthony wants to do Abby a favor.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Starr tells James that Marty escaped and will therefore not be able to take Hope to see Cole so she will have to do it herself. She tells him that Hope has tantrums when she has to leave Cole. James thinks Hope is picking up on Starr getting attached to him. He suggests that they do more things that Hope can come to, she might get used to him. Shane tells Rex that he broke Jack Manning's foot. Rex tells Gigi about Clint's heart being shot and Matthew's brain injury. Jack tells his friend Brad that the pain in his foot is nothing compared to what he is going to do to Shane. Shane accepts a friend request from "comicgurl" on MyFace not knowing that Jack Manning created the fake MyFace account. While chatting online, Shane becomes suspicious and asks a trick question. Jack fails to answer correctly so Shane realizes it is Jack.

Blair tells Tomas that he is a hero for finding Liam. Blair wonders why Todd would help Marty kidnap a baby. Tomas recalls, but does not reveal that he and Todd helped Marty get out of the country on a chartered plane. Blair talks to Tomas about her problems with Jack's behavior. Tomas gets a phone call and then suddenly has to go to New York. Natalie thanks John for rescuing her son and returning him to her. He tells her that Marty escaped but that he saw Todd at the airstrip she took off from. Todd is arrested. Tea wants to know what happened between Todd and Marty. Todd recalls but does not reveal that he promised Marty that he would tell John about his paternity. Todd keeps making allusions to Brody about Liam.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria get the house ready to celebrate adopting Lucy. Katherine stops by to discuss with Victoria her decision not to become CEO of Jabot. Jack, on the phone, tells the person that he will soon be CEO of Jabot. Noah and Hunter are at the coffeehouse when Victor comes in and asks Noah about his music. Victor is introduced to Hunter. Noah asks Victor how Nikki is. Jack brags that Katherine will soon announce that he will be the new CEO of Jabot. Sheri marvels at Sam’s porcelain chicken collection which belonged to his grandmother. Adam, on the computer, imagines that Sharon is right there beside him. Diane interrupts him. Adam works on a plan to bring Victor down. A man approaches Noah and gives him Sharon’s wallet. Sam surprises Sheri with his large dog who instantly takes up with her. Victoria tells Katherine that Victor had Nikki committed to a rehab house. Victoria finds out that it was Victor’s idea to give her the CEO position of Jabot. A man appears at Sam’s door and shows him a pic of Sharon. Sheri quickly hides her face to keep the man from recognizing her. Adam suggests that they “kill” Victor, but Diane refuses.

Noah agrees to consider Victor's offer to let him live in his mother's home. Adam tells Diane his plans for Victor. Diane insists on her cut of the money when Adam gets his money. Adam refuses. Sam lets the guy know that he cannot help him. Noah stops by to give Adam Sharon’s wallet. Sharon hugs Sam good-night. Victor offers to buy Jabot from Katherine. Noah lets Hunter know that he was offered his mom’s house. In going through the wallet, Adam finds a gas receipt which makes Adam suspicious. Katherine lets Jack know that Victor will be buying Jabot. Victor visits Victoria and her family.

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