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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall looks at a pic of herself with Zach and the boys. Kendall lets Zach know that she got justice for his death. Kendall remembers a conversation that she had had with Griffin about working for the Miranda Center and taking the centers worldwide. Greenlee redecorates the living room in order to give her and Ryan more room to settle their differences. At the Community Center, Cara lets Griffin know about the closeness that she and Jake had shared until Tad had interrupted. Jake takes his morning run, but his mind is centered on Cara. Tad catches up to Jake. Tad asks Jake what is he running away from. Jake realizes that Tad has feelings for Cara and confronts him about it. Tad confesses that he has feelings for Cara. Tad also realizes that Jake’s feelings for Cara aren’t over. Greenlee suggests that they have dinner in just the two of them. Kendall and Spike interrupt. Greenlee is quite put out when Kendall is invited to share dinner with them. After Greenlee leaves to get dinner, Kendall asks Ryan what is going on between him and Greenlee. Ryan reminds Kendall how Greenlee had lied to him about Madison having his baby. Jake lets Tad know that he is completely committed to Amanda. Greenlee meets up with Jack at the Confusion bar. Greenlee asks Jack if she becoming her Mother by being overly dominating. \

Kendall lets Ryan know that if he cannot forgive Greenlee then he should walk away. Ryan leaves to go talk to Greenlee. Griffin visits Kendall and she tries to persuade him not to leave town. Cara confesses to Tad about her and Jake. Tad gives Cara his father’s stethoscope and encourages her to go back to work at the hospital. Cara and Tad arrive at the hospital for her first shift of work. Cara lets Jake know that she had told Tad about them. Greenlee lets Ryan know that she wants to reconsider them getting remarried. Ryan is less than enthusiastic about the wedding. Jake and Cara throw away their wedding ring.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As badly as she hates to, Brooke has to admit to Hope that she and Thomas made love on that island. Hope can’t believe that she remembers everything else, but Brooke doesn’t remember the seduction. Brooke can’t imagine anything like that happening, but Thomas would not lie. Hope isn’t so sure. If even Dr. Warwick believes nothing happened, maybe it is just a big sick lie. Thomas is struggling when Dayzee walks in and asks if he wants to talk about it. She is sure that he will do the right thing. Stephanie walks in and is delighted that Thomas is spending more time with Dayzee. And Dayzee is glad that Stephanie is spending more time looking after Thomas after his difficult time on the island. Stephanie tells Thomas that she sees he is still wrestling with all of this. She hates to keep this secret too, but she knows Brooke and she will always disappoint them. Whips wants to whip the office in shape to compete in the Bill Spencer/Forrester media game. Nick isn’t sure he can play nice in this little game for Team Jackie. He and Bill are back in the sheer hatred mode. Steffy confides in Bill that Ridge has left Brooke and that leaves the door open for Ridge and her mom. That will be the best day of her life. She wants a favor from Bill. She’d like to be the host of The Catwalk and she promises that she can bring in far better ratings than Pam and Donna did.

Steffy tells Bill that she knows it is complicated….their relationship loving each other but him married. She won’t push, but she just wants a chance. Hope tells Brooke that Thomas has had trouble with them in the past concerning Rick. It’s funny now that Brooke can remember everything else but not the seduction. This sounds like a pattern with Thomas, the two kisses and now sex in the cave. That whole family is off right now having a good time all because Thomas claims they made love. Their family and Brooke’s marriage is hanging in the balance. Hope excuses herself, but says she will be back. She doesn’t believe this story the way it is being told. Stephanie drops by and tells Brooke that it doesn’t matter who it is, a minister or a therapist but she needs some help to heal. Hope stops in on Thomas. She says when she first found out she was sick that her mother was so scandalous again. Brooke is home totally consumed in self doubt, but Hope does not believe Brooke would ever betray Ridge that way. She doesn’t believe it ever happened. Thomas says not under normal circumstances, but this was an extraordinary time. Hope says she doesn’t believe him for a second. It did not happen. She wants him to admit it, do the right thing and admit he was lying.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Carly was trying to keep herself from taking drugs.  She was going through withdrawals.  She thought she needed Danielís help to get better.  Quinn told Chloe that his client wanted to spend an evening with a beautiful woman like her.  Chloe wanted to know what the client wanted.  Bo told EJ that he got a call about a domestic disturbance.  EJ said the call was wrong, but Nicole said it wasnít.  She told Bo that he hurt her.  Taylor told Brady that she and EJ are in love with each other.  Bo made EJ, Chad, and Abby leave so he could talk to E.  EJ refused to leave.  Nicole said it was alright for him to stay because she wanted him to hear everything.  Brady wanted to know how Nicole fits in with Taylor and EJ.  She told him that EJ is divorcing Nicole to be with her.  Maxine told Daniel to go check on Carly.  Chloe thought that Quinn was a pimp and it made her a hooker if she agreed to go out with his client.  Taylor tried to get Brady to be with Nicole, but Brady refused to do it.  They talked about EJís drug dealing and what he did to Arianna.  He warned her not to come to him when EJ dumped her.  EJ manipulated Nicole into not saying anything about his secret by throwing the kids in her face.  Chloe was furious with Quinn for wanting her to be a hooker so she tried to leave.  He stopped her from going.  Daniel went to see Carly even though she tried to get him to leave.

Nicole told Bo that she and EJ had an argument.  Bo reminded her that she said he hurt her.  She said not physically.  Brady and Taylor argued over EJ and Nicole.  Bo was finished with Nicole when she made a comment about Hope trying to burn him.  When Bo left, EJ told Nicole to move out.  Quinn told Chloe that she was going to do what she said and help his client.  Taylor asked Brady not to do anything to EJ and he agreed.  EJ gloated to Nicole that he won.  Nicole threatened to destroy him and Stefano if he takes Sydney away from her.  He told her that heís going to be with Taylor and there was nothing she could do about it.  Daniel told Chloe not to turn down his offer during their argument.  She wanted to know what he was going to do to her.  EJ demanded to know why Chad called the police on him.  Nicole ran into Taylor at the park and slapped her for sleeping with her husband.  Quinn threatened to tell that Chloe slept with him for money so she would lose Parker.  He said it was her only option.  Abby told Bo that EJ and Nicole were screaming and throwing things for why she called him.  Since Abby didnít see anything, Bo couldnít arrest him.  Nicole threatened to get Taylor for sleeping with EJ.  Chloe threatened to sue Quinn for slander because he couldnít prove she did anything.  He showed her footage of them making love.  Brady wanted to take EJ down.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason considers quitting the business. Sam gives him reasons not to quit. Lucky believes it is his responsibility to find Luke and bring him back. Siobhan insists on going with him. Lulu apologizes to Lucky for blaming him.  Lulu is excited about the prospect of Luke and Lucky on an adventure together and Luke coming home. Dante gently tells her that Lucky finding Luke doesn't necessarily mean Luke is coming home. Lulu continues to order liquor for the Haunted Star and says Luke will be happy that she saved it. Spinelli talks to Maxie about Lulu asking him to track down Luke. Maxie is touched that Spinelli calls her "Maximista" for the first time since their breakup. Maxie chokes on a French fry and Matt performs the Heimlich maneuver before Spinelli has a chance to realize the gravity of the situation. Ethan walks in on Maya in bed with another man. The man politely leaves them alone to talk. They have a calm discussion and amicably agree to end the marriage. Maya says she isn't returning to Port Charles. Ethan doesnít tell her about what's been going on with Luke. Ethan returns to Port Charles and tells Kristina that he is brokenhearted because Maya has found someone new who is a cardiologist and a nice guy. He says it is his own fault because he never told Maya how he felt about her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie and Brody are dancing around confirming the feelings they have for each other. Cristian and Rama have a similar situation although she is married and they both know it is not the right thing to do. Robert Ford and Tess have a similar situation when he surprises her at St. Anne's by brining baby Ryder to see her. Before they can talk, however, Joey and Aubrey enter after calling the cops on Robert afraid that he will take the baby and run. Todd and Tomas help Marty board her plane before the cops catch her. John tells Todd he knows that he did it although he has no proof and arrests Todd for suspicion. Tea also has no proof but grills her husband and brother urging them to come clean. Meanwhile, original Todd watches them unseen and wonders why "this guy" is Todd Manning and if that be the case, then who is he? While Cutter has taken "ownership" of Clint's home, Vimal comes to see Rama and wonders how it is that Joey's wife's brother would have married Jessica when he thought she was married to Robert Ford. Nigel overhears and is ready to get the goods on Cutter and throw him out of the house.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon reads the newspaper article on the internet which talks about how Adam and Nick worked together to make sure that her death was ruled an accident not a suicide then she fantasizes about what would have happened if she and Adam would have seen each other at the fair. Sharon realizes its better she stays dead because if people find out she is alive Adam would be arrested for aiding a fugitive. Sam opens up to “Sherri” and admits his wife left him because she didn’t like being married to a small town veterinarian. “Sherri” accepts Sam’s invitation to dinner at his house and decides to make the best of her new life. Nick makes it clear to Diane that he wants nothing to do with her because he has no interest in Adam’s leftovers. Noah is thrilled that Nick was able to get Sharon’s death ruled an accident and he also apologizes to Nick for all the times he acted like a judgmental jerk. Noah introduces Nick to a girl he met in New York who doesn’t have a home so he promised her she could live with him in campus housing. Noah makes it clear to Nick that the girl isn’t his girlfriend she is just a friend that needs help. Adam makes it clear to Diane that he will never stop grieving Sharon and that what they are doing is just an act to irritate Victor.

Ashley breathes a sigh of relief when Abby Visits her in jail to tell her that Spencer didn’t believe what she remembered about the accident and thought she was just trying to protect her. Sofia also visits Ashley and believes her when she tells her that she didn’t hurt Tucker on purpose. Sofia tells Ashley that Katherine is ruining everything Tucker wanted to achieve with his company and Ashley encourages Sofia to be Tucker’s voice now and make sure that his wishes for the company are carried out. Sofia goes to Katherine and tells her that she believes Ashley didn’t hurt Tucker on purpose and Tucker would know that as well. Katherine gets angry and almost fires Sofia but because of the regard Tucker has for her she puts her on paid leave of absence. Jack also visits Ashley and Ashley angrily tells him to take control of Jabot and make sure that Katherine never sees a dime off the product line she developed. Phyllis helping Daisy costs her the friendship of Lauren and Michael and puts more strain on her relationship with Daniel but she is determined to get custody of Lucy because in her heart she knows that someday he will want a relationship with his daughter. Billy and Victoria celebrate that Lucy is legally their daughter while they also worry that they could lose her again.

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