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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Tad jokes with Cara after their kiss to try to break the awkwardness of the moment. Cara remembers her conversation with Jake about their kiss. Tad notices that she is distracted and wonders what is wrong. Cara tells him that she has to work things out alone. Griffin visits Cara later and she tells him that Liza will be dropping most of the charges against him soon and Griffin tells Cara she has a great husband. Griffin encourages Cara to make her and Tad’s relationship real and she tells him that can’t happen because of her relationship with Jake. Griffin reminds Cara that Jake is in the past but Cara isn’t so sure that Jake is in her past. Amanda is grateful that Jake has forgiven her for lying about her pregnancy but wonders how he can do it so quickly and Jake just wants to forget the whole thing and think about the future. Jake later goes for a jog and tells himself how much he loves his wife and son. Jake can’t stop thinking about Cara though and dreams about her while he takes a nap at the hospital.

Kendall persuades Griffin to stay a little longer because she wants to start another Miranda Center for other poor neighborhoods in pine Valley offering different medical services. Griffin explains to Kendall he wants to leave as soon as the charges are dropped against him but she persuades him to stay and train her on how to run the new Miranda Center. David blackmails Jane by telling her he will only give her the shot with the epi pen if she signs the letter that will give him back his medical license. Jane signs the letter and while she is sleeping David notices that she has scars along her hairline and knows she has had plastic surgery. When Jane awakens David finds out more details like the fact that Jane is a fan of Erica’s and would never hurt her. Jane tells David if he keeps her secret she will help him go far but David doesn’t give her an answer yet because he likes to watch Jane squirm. Erica and Jane’s employee have lunch and she discovers he has made most of the meals she has eaten since she has been captive. Erica tells the employee he is talented and could have his own restaurant he returns later with a flower for Erica and tells her his name is Ben

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Warwick tells Brooke that he doesn’t know why she wants to buy into this mantra of her being a sexual predator. It’s clear to him that even under deep relaxation that she does not remember doing what they say she did on the island. If Thomas does, then he must be lying. She insists that Thomas would never lie. James says people do not always lie out of fear, but because they want something. Thomas had a motive of wanting his mom and dad back together. Taylor laments to Ridge that the kiss was nice and she’d like nothing better than for him to grab all his stuff at Brooke’s and move back in with her, but.……she wanted him to tell the truth and she can accept it. She does not want him to think this is just a place to come and catch his breath before going back to Brooke. She can not put up with that. Riddled with guilt, Thomas tells Stephanie that all of this was for naught. His dad would have made him CEO someday anyway. He didn’t have to lie about Brooke. Hope and Liam kiss passionately, but she pulls away. She says she wants him too, but she reminds him this is her first time and she doesn’t want it here like this. She regrets pulling back from him sooner and making so many problems for them that they are not even having. Yes there will be a baby and can be challenges, but they will handle it. She knows now it is so wrong for her to be so concerned about the future. Being a stepmother to Amber’s baby, nothing is too much to ask of her as long as they are together.

Stephanie points out to Thomas that if it didn’t happen with Brooke on the island it was gonna happen sometime sooner or later. His mother was right. Brooke is just Brooke. And Stephanie knows that he loves his mother too much to rob her of this happiness. She pops in on Taylor and Ridge and grins that she has a marvelous idea. They should all get away with Tom and Steffy and go to Big Bear and be a family again. Taylor makes excuses to leave them alone together. Ridge asks her not to be so obvious. This is not the best time to try to push the two of them together. No court of law would ever convict Brooke. Stephanie reminds him that he has to leave Brooke. He could not live with the thought of her and his son together. Everyone could see it coming. Hope comes in, and Brooke and Dr. Warwick pretend it is just a talk and he’s leaving. He tells Brooke to just tell the truth as she sees it and stop believing in this bad person that all the others do. Taylor stops by to see Thomas and tells him that she made him a therapist appointment. He argues that he doesn’t need one. He is not ten years old and this was not sexual abuse. She’s been ranting that ever since he showed Brooke his first design. Maybe it’s Taylor that needs therapy. Hope asks about Dr. Warwick’s visit and Brooke slowly tells her that Ridge is not coming home tonight and leads her through what went on with the berries on the island. Hope begs her to please tell her that nothing happened between her and Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Taylor and EJ woke up in her hotel room and realized it was morning.  She told him he had to go, but he didnít want to.  She told him that Nicole could find out he was there.  He didnít care.  She reminded him that Nicole could destroy his life.  She told him he had to leave.  He told her they werenít going to talk about Nicole and he wasnít sneaking into his house.  She told him he had to.  He told her he would handle Nicole.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole asked Henderson and Chad if they saw EJ.  They both said they didnít.  Chad wanted to know what trouble EJ was in.  Nicole dodged his question.  At the Brady Pub, Caroline and Bo talked about Rafe being back in town with Sami.  Bo wasnít surprised.  Caroline reminded him about what Fake Rafe did to Sami.  She believed something was wrong.  Bo told Caroline how Sami called him and asked about Rafeís behavior on the hob.  The two kept talking about Sami and Rafe.  Sami and Rafe were worried that the DiMeras may be on to them.  He wanted to go to the police, but she didnít want to.  She thought they could handle Fake Rafe.  She apologized for going to the shed alone.  Rafe asked what if he escaped and went after Sami and the kids.  She understood that it was dangerous, but it would be worse if they go to the cops.  Rafe didnít understand that.  She reminded him that the DiMeras bribe cops.  He wanted to tell Bo.  She didnít trust that the DiMeras wouldnít find out.  She believed they could take advantage of the situation and make the DiMeras pay for what theyíve done or go to the police and have the DiMeras find out then theyíre screwed.

Gus couldnít believe that Vivian had a son.  Vivian reminded him about Philip.  Gus wondered what Quinn wanted from her.  Quinn showed up and asked who Gus was.  Vivian introduced Gus as her assistant Quinn told him to get lost.  Vivian wanted to know what Quinn wanted.  He said he wanted to torture her.  She wanted to know what he wanted.  He reminded her how she wasnít there for him.  Bo showed up at Sami and Rafeís apartment.  Bo asked if Rafe was coming back to work.  Rafe said he would if he could work for Bo.  Bo said they would have to talk about that.  Bo headed to know what was going on with Rafe.  Sami said now wasnít a good time, but Rafe said it was the right time.  Rafe brought up the DiMera investigation, but Bo said they stopped the investigation.  Rafe said the reason he came back to town was because he found out information on the DiMeras that could put them away for a long time.  Bo wanted to know what it was.  Rafe needed a little time to nail them and then he would explain everything.  He was reluctant to help because of the way he was acting due to the accident.  Bo told Rafe that Ciara and Theo are afraid of him because of the way he treated them when he found them.  Bo wasnít sure if Rafe was jerking him around.  Sami said he wasnít.  Bo asked her if she knew what Rafe was working on.  She said she knew he was the man she loves and thatís why theyíre back together. She said she could trust him.  While Abe, Lexie, and Theo were at the pub, Taylor was there.  Lexie and Taylor talked about EJ and how Nicole is blackmailing him.  Lexie warned Taylor to be careful.  When EJ walked into the mansion, Nicole was furious with him.  He told her was with Taylor last night.  She told him that was a mistake.  She warned him what she would do if he broke a promise.  She picked up the phone, but he took it from her.  He said they didnít talk about what would happen if she made good on her threats.  He wanted to talk about it now.  She reminded him of what would happen if something happened to her.  EJ told her that if she went missing, no one would be able to tell her lawyer.  She reminded him that he wouldnít know who shot him if it werenít for her.  He wouldnít be able to see the children.  He told her she was paid very well.  She was furious and threw an urn at his head.  The two continued to argue.  A guy gave Quinn money.  Quinn pulled out an electronic notebook with a womanís picture.  Quinn thought he might be interested, but the guy wasnít.  Quinn had the perfect woman for him.  The woman was Chloe.  Quinn called Chloe and wanted to meet her.  Bo got a call from Abby to go to the DiMera mansion.  She was there with Chad while EJ and Nicole were fighting.  Bo said he would be there.  When Bo left, Rafe wanted Sami to come up with a plan since she didnít want to go to the police or Bo.  He didnít want her to handle it herself.  Quinn offered Chloe a job working for him.  He said he had a client who was interested in her.  She thought it was a singing job, but it wasnít.  Quinn said the client wanted her.  EJ tried to calm Nicole down by offering her access to the children and a divorce settlement.  She didnít care.  Bo showed up and asked what was going on.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly witnesses Shawn punch Jax in the face. Carly and Jax argue over Josslyn. Brenda suggests that Sonny retire from mob life. Sonny explains to Brenda that leaving the mob would put his children in more danger. Ethan confides in Kristina about Luke’s departure. Kristina is bothered when Ethan says he’s going to Philadelphia to see Maya. Lulu informs Dante that she’s buying the Haunted Star. Lucky and Lulu have a heated debate over Luke’s alcoholism. Dante asks Jason to talk to Lucky about forgiving Luke. Carly asks Shawn to explain why he was dishonorably discharged from the military. Carly and Jason talk about the custody dispute. Dante and Lulu propose a toast, then share a dance together. After making love, Sonny and Brenda talk about keeping Alec safe. Jason is considering leaving the mob. Ethan finds Maya in bed with another man. Lucky makes the decision to find Luke and bring him home.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi takes Shane to the gym and Cristian works with him. But not long after, Jack Manning's friend calls him to inform him that Shane is pumping iron. Jack lies to find an excuse to go there behind his mom's back and harasses Shane. But Shane drops a dumbbell on Jack's foot and hurts him get the others to laugh and give Jack a taste of his own medicine. John and Brody go to Todd's in search of Marty and baby Liam. But they are already gone when Todd takes Marty to board the plane to reunite with Patrick. She hesitates, wanting to admit to John that he is Liam's father instead of Brody. Unknown to them, original Todd is riding in the plane on the way to Llanview overhear and seeing everything. Brody and John find baby Liam with Tomas but have no proof that he knows where Marty is. Todd finally persuades Marty to board the flight. But we can only guess what will happen next.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis makes a deal with Daisy in which she turns herself in to the police and in exchange Phyllis will get her the best lawyer possible to defend her, plus get her parental rights reinstated. Once she is granted custody of Lucy, she is to give her to Phyllis. Daisy can see her anytime she wants to. The judge wants to hear from Billy and Daniel before she moves forward with the adoption. Billy tells the judge that he knew that he was cutting corners going to the baby broker, but his only concern was making Victoria happy, because she deserves to be a mother. Daniel tells the judge that he doesn’t want to be a father. He believes Billy and Victoria can give Lucy the best home. Everyone in the courtroom is surprised when Kevin wants to testify. He tells the judge that he thought he could give Lucy the best home but he now believes that Lucy needs to go home with her parents Billy and Victoria. The judge grants the adoption and everyone signs the papers. Billy and Victoria’s happiness doesn’t last long because Daisy arrives in court to get her parental rights reinstated. Abby remembers that she hit Tucker and tells Ashley she won’t allow her to take the blame for the accident. Ashley asks the guard if she can call her lawyer to stop her daughter from making a mistake, but the guard tells her that she won’t get special treatment because her last name is Abbott.

Jack tells Ashley that Katherine offered her job at Jabot to Victoria and says that with the new product line set to launch soon one of them should be in charge. Ashley tells Jack to go for it and later Jack is thrilled when Billy tells him that Victoria has decided to turn down the job because she wants to concentrate on her family. Abby meets with Spencer and tells him that she was the one that hit Tucker not Ashley. Cane decides to speed up the plan against his mother’s wishes and pretends to be Caleb and Colin tells him that everything is almost ready to kidnap the twins and take them to Australia he is just waiting on a phone call. Colin gets the phone call, which Genevieve is able to hear because she cloned Colin’s phone. Genevieve later tells Cane that his father is planning to use the private airstrip that is close to her house. Genevieve tells Cane that she can’t wait to get her revenge on Colin tomorrow.

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