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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Cara encourages Griffin to follow his heart and try to bee with Kendall because he would be good at love not selfish like their father. Cara also admits to Griffin that she thought that she would never get over Jake but she is having feelings for Tad and Griffin tells Cara to go for it because tad is a good man. Jake also stop by the free clinic to tell Cara he loves Amanda and his family and he is sure that she can work at the hospital with him and they can be friends. Tad admits to Jesse that he has feelings for Cara and later Jesse talks to Jake at the hospital to tell him about his conversation with Tad and he also asks Jake not to hurt Tad because of his past with Cara. Jake assures Jesse that his relationship with Cara is in the past and he hopes they can be friends. Kendall stops by Krystal’s to return Tad’s surveillance equipment that she and Griffin used to catch Ricky and she wonders if it was hard for tad to get married after he lost Dixie. Tad isn’t sure but tells Kendall that you don’t have to love people in the same way the point is to love someone because Zach would want her to find love again and be happy. Tad tells Kendall that Griffin will probably get community service and won’t have to go to jail. Kendall then calls Griffin to go to her house to tell him the news and she also tells him she is happy that he will be staying in town because she needs him.

Tad stops by the clinic to tell Cara the news about Griffin and she is thrilled and Tad gets carried away by her excitement and gives her a kiss. In her small room Dixie dreams and has memories of when she was married to Tad and when JR and Jamie were younger. Jack and Caleb are both puzzled because “Erica decided to go on a shopping spree instead of to work. “Erica” also signs important papers without asking Caleb any questions. Caleb also wonders why Erica is worried about what she will wear to a press conference. David blackmails “Erica” and tells her that if she doesn’t sign the letter to the hospital board he will tell Jack that she is drinking and that Kendall shot him. David orders one of “Erica’s favorite dishes prepared with fennel oil and is shocked when “Erica” has an allergic reaction to it when she was never allergic to fennel. David takes “Erica” back to the yacht club and takes Jane’s epi pen out of her purse and when he looks at it he notices it is prescribed to Jane Campbell.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke urges Ridge to put his wedding ring back on; this seems so final. He says he is sorry, but this is good-bye for now. Steffy agrees that Brooke will be gone for good, but she is finding it hard to accept what she did to her brother. Amber apologizes for what her mother did, but wants Liam not to hold that against her. Liam says he is so done with her. He will be with the woman he loves while still supporting his baby with Amber. Hope wonders just how much else Tawny might have manipulated. Maybe she was even there coaching Amber how to seduce an unconscious man. Liam tells them they just better not cross him again. This is his dad’s house so he wants them to get out. Taylor tells Ridge that she has contacted the best person she can about sexual abuse to help Thomas. Steffy rushes to see Brooke and rants at her how disgusting she is for what Brooke did to her brother. All the things her grandmother has been saying about Brooke all these years has proven to be true. James Warwick comes in and Steffy tells him good luck with all he has to undo. Ridge will never ever go back to her now. He will be with her mom…and with her he will be happy and truly loved. Ridge tells Taylor that he left his ring with Brooke, but now he has her. Stephanie gets Thomas to sit in his dad’s chair at the office. She reminds him again that someday he will be in that chair and be CEO of the company.

Stephanie tells Thomas that he deserves this just as his mother deserves to be happy. And Brooke will get just what is coming to her. She won’t lie to him and tell them that this will be easy. But he has to keep his eye on the end results and keep this one tiny lie between them. Ridge confides to Taylor that he has overlooked a lot of things that Brooke has done in the past, but now sex with his own son……he just can’t take it anymore. Taylor tells him no more drama; she will be there for him always. She kisses him. James has Brooke settle down on the coach, asks her to close her eyes and he wants her to take him back to crashing on the island and all that happened thereafter. Liam tells Hope that they can’t let Amber ruin their lives. There is still the baby, but that nothing can come between them. They love each other too much. He wants her and she seems responsive. Brooke tells James everything leading up to eating the berries. They were famished and had no other choice. She remembers everything, the colors, the rainbows, the flowers, the waterfall and playing in water, it seemed so real and intoxicating. Thomas was right there with her, they were touching and connecting, it was almost spiritual. There was no kissing other than touching her nose and forehead. Everything was so clear and she just thought how wonderful everything was. James says the only conclusion that he can come to is that Thomas is lying. None of this happened except in Brooke’s head.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Fake Rafe told Sami he was hoping she would stop by the shed.  Sami warned him not to pull anything because Rafe was outside Fake Rafe knew she was lying.  She wanted to know why he didnít just leave.  He said he was free for a while, but wanted to see her.  She asked how he knew she would show up.  He said he knew her.  She told him to go.  He said he would, but he had to do something first.  She tried to get him to leave while he could.  She scoffed that he was willing to prove that he was a tough guy instead of leaving.  He warned her not to make him lose his temper.  She warned him to leave.  He wanted one last talk with her.  He felt that they didnít really connect.  He reminded her that he was restrained.  He thought they had some loose ends to tie up.  Sami warned him that Rafe would hunt him down if he hurt her.  When Sami tried to leave, he grabbed her.  He reminded her that she begged for it so it wasnít rape.  She reminded him that she thought he was Rafe.  The two continued to argue.  When Sami was about to leave again, he stopped her.  He threatened to kill her.  She hit him over the head and tried to get away.  Her phone rang, but Fake Rafe got it.  When she went to the door, he put her in a headlock.  Daniel stopped kissing Jennifer and wanted to take things slow.  She agreed. She said it wasnít working and they continued kissing.  Abby walked in the living room.  She tried to make her feel better about walking in on them.  He got a call and left Jennifer and Abby alone.  The two talked about Daniel.  Abby told Jennifer that Lucas called to talk to Jennifer about something important.  Daniel was back and knew that Lucas wanted to talk about him.  The two talked about what Daniel did to Lucas when Lucas was with Chloe.  He invited her to go away with him for the weekend.  She quickly agreed.  Melanie and Dario talked about whether or not they are more than friends.  They talked about her relationship with Philip.  Dario got the impression that Melanie wasnít interested in him.  He was okay with it.  She wanted to be friends.  He agreed to it.  He eventually left.

Quinn apologized to Vivian for not telling her he was in town.  He didnít think she would care.  She said she cared.  She asked when he was leaving.  He told her that nothing she said could be trusted except with her.  She asked when he was leaving.  Quinn said he wasnít leaving any time soon.  They argued about her not being there for him over the years.  He brought up how she chose Nicholas and Lawrence over him.  She made reference to being his mother and how his father poisoned his mind against her.  After their conversation, he hoped he wouldnít have to talk to her again.  When he left, she told Gus that Quinn is her son and he bothered her.  Rafe asked Caroline where Sami was.  Caroline told him Sami could wait.  She wanted to talk to him.  She thought somebody should straighten him out.  He wanted to talk another time.  She talked to him about the things he did to Sami, but he didnít want to talk.  He wanted to find Sami.  Caroline asked if he messed up his second chance already.  After this conversation about his ďaffairĒ, she told him Sami wasnít there.  He wondered where Sami was.  She said she didnít know where Sami was because she didnít say.  She asked if he thought Sami was in trouble.  Rafe thought about him and Sami talking about going to see Fake Rafe.  He figured thatís where she went.  Fake Rafe choked Sami.  Sami kneed him in the groin just as Rafe rushed in and attacked him.  Rafe and the double got into a fight.  Sami hit the double on the back of the head with a wrench, which knocked him out.  Sami told Rafe how the double wanted to kill her. The two talked about how she went there without him. Rafe said they need the double alive in order to get information.  Sami didnít believe he would talk.  Rafe thought the double had a price.  Sami said the double only wanted to hurt her.  She thought the double could have gotten away and EJ and Stefano were going to get away with what they did to him.  Rafe wasnít going to let that happen.  She didnít think the double would help.  Rafe wanted to come up with a new plan.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tries to dissuade Tracy from selling the Haunted Star. Tracy tells her that Luke is not coming back. Tracy tells Dante about selling the casino. Lulu asks Nikolas to finance her revamping project. He tells her he can't invest in Luke, but he will invest in her. He tells her not to expect her venture to bring her family together. Lulu is disappointed when Dante isn't excited about her buying the casino.

Jax brings a file to Carly containing information that says Shawn killed one of his own men in the war and tells her that he is going to use it against her in court. Carly throws him out and calls Shawn. She tells him what Jax is up to and they agree that it is better for him to stop guarding Josslyn so he can't be called to testify. Jax goes to taunt Jason with his information to get custody of Josslyn. Jason tells Spinelli to run a background check on Shawn. Shawn goes to Jax and warns him that next he will push back. Jax doesnít know the difference between a soldier and a marine so Shawn tells him he needs to shut his mouth. Jax says that whatever he was, he was an embarrassment to the uniform. Carly enters the Metro Court just in time to see Shawn punch Jax.

Dante asks Jason not to retaliate against the Zaccharas because he will only be playing into Anthony's hands. Brenda is angry that Alec saw a body in Sonny's office. Michael is surprised by Kristina's new "mature" look. Kristina apologizes for saying bad things about Abby and asks Michael to help her convince their dad that dating an older guy isn't necessarily a bad thing. Michael and Kristina go to Sonny's house and Brenda asks them about growing up Corinthos. Brenda suggests that Sonny retire and have Jason take over the business.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Tomas convince Marty that Patrick is alive and on his way to Llanview. Meanwhile, original Todd manages to escape from the same institution where they are keeping Patrick, unseen. And he sneaks onto the same plane on his way to Llanview ready to reclaim his life Todd Manning.

Tess gets a visit from Bess who tells her it's time for Jessica to come back although Tess protests that it will not happen. Bess tells Tess she knows that Tess is in love with Robert Ford although Tess denies. James has the same discussion with Robert. Alone both Tess and Robert Ford question if they are falling for each other although they want to believe they hate each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael looks over some papers when Jack comes in to join him. Jack asks Michael about the stock options from Tucker Industries. At the Gloworm bar, Abby orders another drink from Deacon. Abby tells Deacon that drinking was what had gotten her into this mess anyway. Ashley calls a nurse to Tucker’s room. Katherine comes in and demands to know what Ashley is doing here. Katherine orders someone to get Ashley out of Tucker’s room. Victor and Nikki arrive at the rehab house. Victor assures Nikki that she is strong and she will get through this. Victoria and Billy, at home, discuss Nikki and how they had had a birthday celebration for her. Phyllis spends time with Daniel and Lucy and gives him pointers on child rearing Rafe comes to visit Daniel to let him know what the judge had ruled about Daisy and her relinquishing all parental rights to Lucy. Daniel refuses to tell Phyllis his plans for Lucy. Victor helps Nikki to put her things away before he has to leave her. Nikki worries as to what people will think about her. Jack questions Michael as to how serious the charges is against Ashley. Abby joins them. Ashley calls Jack for help. Jack tells Michael that Ashley had gone to see Tucker against court orders. Katherine calls Victoria to let her know what is going on at the hospital. Katherine asks Victoria to be the CEO of Jabot. Victoria tells Billy and Nicholas that Katherine had asked her to the CEO of Jabot. Billy tells Victoria that he thinks that this isn’t the proper time to be taking over his family’s business. Phyllis tries to talk Daniel out of giving Lucy to Victoria and Billy. Daniel stands his ground as to what he thinks is best for Lucy. Ashley tells Jack and Katherine as to what had happened with Tucker. Paul rushes in to ask Katherine how Tucker is. Katherine demands that Ashley be taken out of this building. Nicholas lashes out at Phyllis for trying to steal Lucy away from Victoria and Billy. Phyllis reminds him that Lucy is Daniel’s daughter. Nicholas tells Phyllis that Victoria may be the new head of Jabot. Billy tries to persuade Victoria not to take over Jabot. Daniel and Rafe bring Lucy and places Lucy in Victoria’s arms.

Katherine has a guard posted at Tucker’s door to keep Ashley out . Ashley panics as to what Katherine is doing to her. Ashley tells Michael that she needs to be with Tucker right now. Ashley is arrested again. Phyllis catches up to Michael in the hospital corridor and wants to discuss Lucy. Michael blasts Phyllis for her blog posts. Michael refuses to help Phyllis. Daniel asks Billy and Victoria to come to the hearing concerning Lucy. Phyllis asks Jack to talk to Daniel about giving up Lucy to Victoria and Billy. Phyllis tells Jack that Victoria had been asked to be CEO of Jabot. The doctor tells Katherine and Abby that Tucker is no worse off or is he any better. Katherine also blames Abby for Tucker lying in bed, unconscious. Ashley appears before the judge concerning Tucker. Ashley pleads her case before the judge to let her spend time with Tucker in order to draw him out of his coma. Nicholas comes in and finds Abby talking to Deacon. Nicholas refuses to let Abby talk to Deacon. Abby remembers hitting Tucker with her car. The judge revokes Ashley’s bail. Victoria tells Billy that she is going to turn down the job at Jabot. Phyllis arrives at the courthouse for the custody hearing.

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