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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Amanda continues to feel insecure about her relationship with Jake. She talks to Tad and explains that she lied to Jake about being pregnant. Tad assures Amanda that nobody could take her place in Jake’s life, because he loves her. The only thing that could hurt their relationship is her insecurity. Amanda wants to believe Tad is right, but she is still afraid he could be wrong. Tad tells Griffin that the charges for murder and the sale of narcotics have been dropped against him, but he is still being charged with stealing antibiotics from the hospital. Brot tells Griffin he is free to leave but to stay in town, because Jesse still has questions for him about how he and Kendall caught Ricky. Griffin tells Cara he is leaving town as soon as he is given the okay by the police to do what he does best: heal sick people around the world. Cara later tells Kendall that Griffin is leaving and hints to her that she should persuade him to stay.

Kendall finds Griffin at the safe house and tells him that Cara will miss him very much if he leaves. Griffin assures Kendall that you don’t have to see a person every day to have them in your heart. Tad persuades Mr. Winslow, Mackenzie’s father, to drop the complaint against Cara. When Jake arrives, he also asks Jake to give Cara back her job. Madison turns down offers from Scott and Ryan to pay for an apartment for her, saying it's time she learned not to depend on a man. JR checks on Scott because Marissa is worried about him. Scott knows that JR just wanted to see how his relationship with Madison is going, because he is afraid that Scott will turn to Marissa once he makes up with Madison. Scott vows to JR that he will make sure to keep Marissa from him. Jake informs Cara that Tad persuaded Mr. Winslow to drop the complaint against her, so she can have her job back at the hospital. Cara wonders if Jake will be okay with her working at the hospital after their kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke slowly descends the stairs and answers the door. It’s Ridge. She tells him he didn’t need to call first as he still lives here. He mentions that he knows the kids are going to have questions, so they need to handle this delicately while moving forward. She admits that she has talked to James Warwick. She wants to tell Hope since she is an adult and will understand. She notices Ridge is not wearing his wedding ring. Steffy doesn’t understand why Ridge would follow Brooke halfway around the world to rescue Brooke, and is now separated and living with Eric and Stephanie. Tawny gloats to herself that she has been sending all these texts from Liam, but not to Hope’s phone so she is not getting them. They are finished. She tells Amber that at least Liam is not sitting around pining over Hope. Liam drops in on Hope and they discover that he got messages, but she denies sending them. The bell finally goes off and they realize someone else has been sending the messages.

Stephanie tells Steffy that she is going to tell her the truth, but it can’t go any further than this room. Steffy is thoroughly disgusted when she hears that Thomas slept with his father’s wife. She gets into a shouting match. Stephanie tells her to stop. Thomas is the victim here. And her dad is not going back to Brooke. Her family will get back together with a new beginning. That’s the only way the family will heal. Ridge tells Brooke that he just couldn’t look at the wedding band anymore. It was a constant reminder of all the obstacles in their way. She tells him that he was always her constant no matter where he goes. He says she said that when she put the ring on his finger. But not any more, not since her and Thomas. He gives her his ring and tell her to keep it. She knows he is disillusioned, but she doesn’t want him to doubt her love. The berries made her do things that she normally would not have done. Her behavior does not make sense and she is ashamed of what she has done. She doesn’t know how she could have done something like this. She knows she ruined it; the best love affair in the world and she ruined it. Amber shoos Tawny out of the room when she sees Liam drive up. Hope is with him. He lights into Amber that she is such a liar, but he knows all about it now. She denies the charges about the phone. Tawny steps forward and tells them that Amber had nothing to do with it; it was her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Days was preempted today.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The body of the hit woman is in Sonny's chair in his office. Brenda becomes concerned that whoever left that message will come after her and Alec. She gets angry when Sonny won't tell her his plans. Elizabeth is distracted by visions of Jake and doesn't hear Matt tell her about a patient's allergy to penicillin. Patrick suggests that Shawn have surgery for the shrapnel in his back. Shawn refuses. Shawn gets angry when Patrick asks him if he is still receiving treatment for his post traumatic stress syndrome. Steve alerts Patrick that Lisa escaped from Shady Brook. Jax takes a call and asks what the person has on Shawn Butler. He then goes to Carly and tells her that Shawn killed one of his own men in the war in Afghanistan. Jax asks Robin to testify for him in his petition for sole custody of Josslyn. Robin says she can testify to Jax being a good father but she won't say Carly is a bad mother. Jax asks Olivia to keep a log of when Sonny and Jason are at the Metro Court with Carly. Olivia tells him she won't help him take Josslyn from Carly.

Tracy asks Carly if she helped Luke leave rehab. Carly snaps back that Tracy knew how Luke was before she married him. Lulu asks Maxie to help redecorate the Haunted Star. Maxie tells her that won't bring Luke back. Tracy says Lulu is codependent and that she may not alter the haunted Star. She tells her that an alcoholic has to hit bottom before they want to change. Lulu thinks that is an opinion. Tracy says she won't enable Luke so she is selling the Haunted Star. Matt tells Maxie that it isn’t her fault that her parents abandoned her. Maxie asks Dante to talk to Lulu and make her understand that her father isn't coming back..

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John, Brody, and Shaun all know that Todd Manning and Tomas Delgado have some sort of secret regarding why Todd first believed Tomás tried to kill him, which they also believe, and then Todd suddenly invites Tomas to live in his home. Todd and Tomas hide Marty and baby Liam knowing that if they don't, she can expose their secret. Tomas reveals to Todd that Patrick Thornhart, Marty's "believed" deceased husband, is alive. Natalie then struggles to get out of her hospital bed although she can barely walk. Joey is done with Aubrey reluctantly agreeing to stay married to her only in the interest of baby Ryder so he does not get put in foster care. And he assures Kelly that as soon as Jessica gets better and gets her baby back, he will be done with Aubrey and ready to devote his life to Kelly. Aubrey runs into Robert Ford who is not going to let her raise his child when he knows that her marriage is a fraud. But she tells him if he refrains from making trouble for her, she will let him see baby Ryder without Joey or anyone knowing. Original Todd regains his memory when guards are ready to kill him when they find that out. He knocks out a guard and escapes unseen. Patrick Thornhart is a "neighbor" of his in the same institution.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley is surprised that Tucker has a son. Katherine reminds Ashley that she has a restraining order against her to stay away from Tucker. Paul encourages Katherine to let Ashley talk since Tucker may have let something slip to her about his son. Victoria, Billy and Nicholas prepare a special birthday party for Nikki. Nikki and Victor come in. Nikki lets them know that she is drinking again. Lily tells Devon about seeing Cane in the cemetery. Devon assures Lily that things will get better for her. Genevieve tries to encourage Cane that Lily will be just fine. Cane remembers the first time that he saw Caleb and their reaction to each other.

Victoria assures Nikki that she is setting a good example by confessing to her drinking. Nikki tells the family that she is glad that they are still a family. Ashley tells Katherine that Tucker must have had a good reason to keep the secret of his son away from them. Ashley asks Katherine to have faith in her when it comes to Tucker. Katherine is less than forgiving toward Ashley. Jill and Colin play doting grandparents toward the twins. Genevieve and Cane come up with a plan to send Colin to prison. Cane remembers when Genevieve had told him that Caleb was dead. Colin brings a pic of the twins to show to Lily. Colin vows to take the twins to Australia. Victor tells Nikki that he is accompanying her to the rehab house. Ashley visits Tucker and lets him know how she feels toward him. IN going through Tucker’s files, Katherine finds a letter that Paul takes to a forensics expert. Cane, reluctantly, agrees to take his dead brother’s identity. Tucker moves his hand. Ashley immediately calls for help. Cane meets with an associate to get the twins a passport.

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