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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Ryan prepare for the babyís funeral. Madison sits alone in her hospital room, thinking about her baby when Scott brings her some clothes to wear to the memorial service. Ryan and Greenlee arrive for the service. Madison asks Greenlee and Scott to let them do this alone. Scott lets Madison know that he will move out to give her some space. At Krystalís, Jack and Jesse discuss Ericaís kidnappers and if Jesse had any leads. David pays Erica a visit. Erica hides the beer bottle behind her back. She orders him to leave. David finds out that Erica is drinking. David wonders what else that Erica is hiding from her family. David reminds Erica about her daughters and what she isnít doing for them. Jesse asks Jack if Erica said anything more about her kidnappers. Jack lets Jesse know that Erica had a keychain that she found in the room where she was held. Erica refuses to let David use her for his own selfish game. David reminds Erica about the shooting but then realizes that Erica doesnít even know what he is talking about. David blames her memory loss to her drinking. Scott lets Madison know that he loves her. David threatens to call the police on Kendall. Erica gives in and agrees to write David the letter of recommendation.

Jesse and Angie go to the park. Jesse relives when Brot gave him the live baby to give to Angie. Jack and Opal meet to discuss how to help Erica. Erica orders David out of her hotel room. Madison pours her heart out to Angie over the loss of her baby. Jesse tries to help Ryan to get through this with the loss of his baby. Jesse encourages Ryan to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. Greenlee helps Scott pack up the baby’s things. Erica meets up with Greenlee and small talk. Erica offers to help Greenlee save her marriage to Ryan. Madison takes Scott to the baby’s grave. David visits Jack to give Erica the letter for her to sign. Jack tells Erica about the letter that David dropped off for her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie calls Thomas and her words reverberate in his head – that he is going to run the company if he just keeps repeating that he had sex with Brooke on the island. Taylor also tells him that she is worried about him. She knows he is still traumatized by the rescue efforts and now to find out what he did with Brooke or that she seduced him, all of this has to be weighing heavy on his mind. He tells her not to keep saying that; just blame him for what happened. He’s surprised that Whip is gone. He tells her that he saw her and his father last night when she kissed him. She admits she would take Ridge back in a minute, but she hates to get her hopes up. She loves him and now she feels like she can give herself permission for her to have those feelings for him again. But he’s always gone back to Brooke no matter what. Thomas tells her this time she is going to get her way. Ridge will come back to her. Eric is surprised to find that Ridge is staying at his house. Steffy also joins in for breakfast. Stephanie explains that Ridge stayed here last night and in fact will be for a few more nights until hopefully he will move back in with Taylor. Whip has moved out as of yesterday. Steffy understands that, but she doesn’t understand why Ridge is staying here. She tells Ridge that she is not going to pressure him, but she hopes he and her mom do get back together.

Stephanie tells Steffy that she will do whatever she has to if it means getting Taylor and Ridge back together, but she will need Steffy’s help too. He’s always gone back to Brooke, but this time she thinks it will be different. Ridge goes to see Thomas at Taylor’s. He knows how much this is hurting Thomas and how sorry he is that it happened. But he points out to him that he is his son and says although he is struggling with it, they will eventually get past all of this. Taylor laments to Ridge that she is worried about Thomas. He isn’t the same. He seems to be in a very dark, intense place. She wants to get Thomas into therapy and needs Ridge’s help. Slowly she guides him down the path of remembering their wedding and him following her to St. Thomas. He says he fell in love with Brooke for her wild, unpredictable ways, but along the way he neglected Taylor’s own steady, moral character and he needs that in his life right now. He has always loved her. She unloads that she has always loved him too, but he’s wearing his wedding band still and that represents all the injustices Brooke has done to him and this family. She takes the ring off and lays it on the table. She kisses him and tells Ridge it is time to move on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Quinn watched a sex video of himself and Chloe.  Chloe showed up and asked what he was watching.  He told her it was private.  Chloe wanted to see it.  He said she could see it another time.  He wanted to concentrate on making her happy.  Quinn told Chloe about his time in boarding school.  When Chloe asked if he ever stayed home and went to school, he changed the subject.  She apologized for prying.  She said she was sensitive about children being separated from their parents.  He asked why.  Chloe told him she lost custody of her son.  She said she did stupid things, but now sheís doing everything to get him back.  He offered to help her.  She went for a walk.  At Jenniferís house, Jennifer wondered what she did wrong since Daniel got out of there in a hurry.  When she heard a knock at the door, she thought it was Daniel.  It turned out to be Maggie.  Maggie said the fire at Chez Rouge wasnít that bad.  Maggie said she saw Danielís car in her driveway earlier, but on her way home from Chez Rouge, the car was gone.  Jennifer told her the date was over.  She told Maggie that Daniel didnít get away fast enough.  She opened up to Maggie about Daniel and how she never wanted to see him again.  Sami noticed the duffle bag and was upset that Fake Rafe tried to take Rafeís things.  She went through the bag and found the cameo.  She wondered if Fake Rafe stole the jewelry.  Rafe came home and told her that he was almost caught.  He thought that the DiMeras were behind the call that he got from Officer Davis.  He thought the DiMeras wanted him to go to the pier to trap him orÖSami asked if he thought they were going to kill him.  He thought they might have tried to.  He also thought they might have done something to her while he was trapped.  She told him not to worry about that.  He had to focus on not getting caught.  She couldnít believe that he had to pretend to be the double.  She couldnít stop thinking about what the double did.  Rafe was going to see the double.  He thought the double would be willing to talk if he offered him an incentive like a ticket out of town.  He decided not to let him go.  He wanted the double to go to prison with Stefano and EJ.  Sami thought that sounded fun and wanted to go.  He wanted to do this on his own.

Gabi showed up and saw Sami and Rafe.  She wanted to talk before things got worse.  He didnít want to talk now.  Gabi was upset because he was too busy to make peace.  Sami and Rafe tried to talk to her, but she wouldnít listen.  While Gabi was yelling, she collapsed.  Rafe rushed her to the hospital.  Fake Rafe threatened to make Rafe pay the way he did Fay.  When Rafe saw Dario outside the pub, he asked if the police let him go.  Dario didnít know what he was talking about. Rafe told him that he got a call from someone on the force.  He asked Dario if he was arrested.  Dario said he wasnít.  Dario said that Rafe always assumes the worst.  Rafe was upset.  Rafe told him to stay out of sight all night.  It was important.  He would let Dario know when itís clear.  Dario wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe said he was going to find out. EJ and Taylor talked in her hotel room.  They talked about their relationship and how heís a changed man because of her.  They declared their love for each other and made love.  He said he didnít want to be without her.  She said he wouldnít be anymore.  Daniel showed back up at Jenniferís house.  They were talking about how he didnít want to hurt her because he has too much respect for her.  She wanted him to put the respect on the backburner and stay with her.  They kissed.  He carried her to the couch when they continued to kiss. Maxine told Rafe that Gabi was fine.  She had to stay at the hospital for a few more hours and get fluids.  At the park, Quinn and Vivian saw each other.  Sami went to the storage shed and saw the ropes on the floor.  Fake Rafe closed the door behind her.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Johnny threatens to call the police on Anthony about the dead woman in Johnny’s apartment. Jason advises Michael not to work for the Zaccharas. Michael tells him that he will not work for the Zaccharas if he will let him work for Sonny and Jason. Lulu finds out that Luke checked himself out of rehab. Lulu finds out that Luke was only there for fifteen minutes. Alexis comes by to visit Sam and tells her that Molly is excited over the prospect of Sam having a baby. Dante tells Sonny that they have a lead on who killed Brandon so the charges against Abby would be dropped. Brenda and Sonny hug. Jason refuses to let Michael work for himself and Sonny. Michael tells Jason that Johnny sees him in a different light when it comes to working for the Zaccharas. Johnny tells Anthony that they need to dispose of the body before it is linked back to them. Anthony assures him that it is already taken care of. Alexis lets Sam know about the battle that is being waged between Carly and Jax over Josslyn. Alexis tells Sam that she will support her decision to have a baby with Jason. Molly comes by with a box of Sam’s favorite cupcakes. Molly tells Sam about her some potential baby names. Dante meets up with Kristina and sees an instant change in her wardrobe and her makeup. Kristina tells Dante that Maxie helped her with her dress. Kristina also tells Dante that she has some real feelings for Ethan. Michael insists that he would never let Johnny or Anthony use him against Sonny and Jason. Jason advises Michael, once again, not to work for Johnny and Anthony. Abby calls Michael “selfish” in his attitude to work for Johnny. Alexis tries to change the subject of baby names by giving them each a cupcake. When Kristina arrives, Alexis is deeply upset over her new look. Sonny tells Brenda that he does want her in his life and will not always agree about the children. Brenda apologizes to Sonny for her interference in his children’s lives. Abby tells Michael that Jason loves him like a son.

Alexis cannot believe Kristina’s new look. Kristina tells Alexis that Maxie helped her with her look. Dante finds out that the prime suspect in the murder investigation is missing. Lulu comes in and tells Dante that Luke is missing from rehab. Lulu insists that she has to find Luke and calls Spinelli for help. Brenda tells Sonny that she feels as though he doesn’t trust her with his business dealings. Molly defends the way Kristina is dressed. Jason comes in on the squabble. Jason tells Sam that he feels as though he has lost Michael. Abby asks Michael if he wants to kill people for a living. Abby objects to Michael’s working for the mob.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Ford visits Tess in a padded room where she is strait-jacketed. She wants him to bust her out. He wants her to tell him what she knows about Joey and Aubrey first. Tess tells him about Cutter and Aubrey's scam but he still won't get her out of the strait jacket because it will jeopardize his chances of getting custody of Ryder. He changes his mind and frees her, but as they are walking out of the padded cell they run into an orderly who throws Ford out. Cutter kicks everyone out of Buchanan Mansion. Joey is done with Aubrey but will play the part until Ryder's custody is settled and then leave her. Rama says Aubrey deserves it after betraying Cutter. Aubrey accuses Rama of sleeping with Cristian. Rama says Aubrey makes money with sex. They slap each other and it escalates into a brawl. Aubrey promises to make it up to Joey. Rama tells Cutter that she is not leaving because she still has a secret.

Dani and Destiny worry about Matthew. The doctor tells Nora and Bo that Matthew has no brain activity. Nate is there with Dani and Destiny but his mind wanders to the day that he hit Matthew in a rage and caused his head trauma after learning that Matthew had killed Eddie. Nate meets Deanna at the Buenos Dias and throws up. He tells Deanna that Matthew is dying and that it is his fault. The moviemaker from the Minuteman Motel hears Nate say he killed Matthew. While Rex is talking to Clint, the machines start beeping. Viki reveals to Rex that Clint is dying and needs a transplant. Rex comforts Bo while Viki comforts Nora. Matthew's doctor reports that the new test showed more brain activity, but that he only has a minimal chance of recovery. Clint's doctor tells Viki that Clint's heart attack was catastrophic and that he won't last long without a heart transplant.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the coffeehouse, Kevin asks Chloe about Heather turning her custody case over to another lawyer. Nikki walks in to Gloworm when she receives a call from Victoria, who invites her over later for a birthday celebration. Nikki walks up to the bar and orders a ginger ale. Victor walks in and meets with an acquaintance. Victor and Nikki’s eyes meet. At home, Victoria thanks Daniel for moving into the garage apartment and letting Lucy stay with them. Rafe and Billy come in straight from the hearing with the judge. At Crimson Lights, Phyllis writes yet another entry in her blog concerning Daisy, Daniel, and Lucy. Chloe meets with Brandon Young, an associate of Michael’s. Phyllis writes another article in order to lure Daisy out of hiding and back to Genoa City. Billy thanks Rafe for helping him with the judge. Billy gets a beep on his cell phone and finds out that Phyllis has written another entry in her blog. Rafe advises Daniel to move out of the garage apartment with Daisy. Tearfully, Billy and Victoria say good-bye to Lucy, again. At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Chloe that Billy fired her because of her articles concerning Daniel and Lucy. Phyllis defends her article in the blog. Rafe advises Billy to talk to the judge again about Phyllis’ articles. Daniel picks up all of Lucy’s things and leaves. Victoria lashes out at Billy for letting this happen again. In the park, Nikki takes a drink in celebration of her birthday.

At Gloworm, Victor looks at the cupcake and thinks of another birthday that he spent with Nikki. Deacon is at an AA meeting and makes a good speech about his not drinking. Nikki joins the AA meeting and has her own say as to how Deacon pours drinks for everyone else, but doesn’t take one himself. Billy lashes out at Rafe for him and Victoria losing their little girl again. Victoria lets Phyllis have it for writing two different articles about Lucy and Daisy. Chloe walks out and separates them. Daniel spends time with Lucy, and he decides that she needs baby furniture badly. They go shopping for new furniture for her. Deacon goes to see Victor to let him know about Nikki, but Victor shuts the door in his face. Kevin tells Chloe that she is making a mistake in suing Billy for custody of Delia. Victoria visits with Daniel and Lucy as does Phyllis. Phyllis and Victoria exchange words. Victoria lets Daniel know that she ordered some baby furniture which will be delivered. Phyllis lets him know she also ordered furniture. Daniel tells them to send their furniture back since he and Lucy already picked out some. Chloe tells Kevin that she just wants a normal relationship with him. Daisy looks at a ticket which shows she is headed back to Genoa City.

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