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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake has a cup of coffee and is deep in thought when Amanda joins him. Cara confronts Griffin over not telling her where he was and what he was doing. Kendall and Bianca hug in relief that everything is over. Both Ryan and Greenlee confront Ricky. Erica tells Jane that she needs her. Jane listens to Erica’s plea for help. Jane tells Erica that she guesses that her daughters are alright. Erica demands answers. Jane tells Erica that Ricky had killed Zach. Jane also tells Erica that Bianca had been in the hospital. Greenlee blasts Ricky for killing Zach. Ricky insists that he loves Kendall. Bianca tries to calm Kendall down from being so angry about Zach’s death. Bianca begs Kendall to let this go. Tad joins Cara and Griffin. Tad assures Griffin that he will get the charges against him dropped. Jake tells Amanda that Ricky had killed Zach. Jake tells Amanda that he knows that she is not pregnant. Amanda looks puzzled that Jake already knows. Tad apologizes to Cara for not telling her that Griffin had been here all along. Griffin takes the blame for making Tad keep his secret. Griffin assures Tad that he is good for Cara. Jake tells Amanda that he loves her and their marriage is alright. Erica tells Jane that Kendall and Bianca need her. Kendall tells Bianca that they got what they needed when Ricky confessed to murdering Zach. Bianca encourages Kendall to move on with her life. Greenlee slaps Ricky for murdering Zach. Ricky tells Greenlee and Ryan that they aren’t really married. Jane stands outside of Bianca’s door and coaches herself in how to act like Erica. David meets up with Jane (thinking it is Erica) and tells her that she is just the person that he was looking for. Tad assures Griffin that he wants to be a husband to Cara. Greenlee and Ryan try to comfort Kendall after all that had happened with Ricky and finding out that he had killed Zach. Frankie tells Griffin to give his hand a rest and stop trying so hard to make a fist.

Cara watches Jake as he gets close to Amanda. Tad catches up Cara and asks her if she is alright. Tad invites Cara to have dinner, but she tells him that she will go home and fix them something. Tad asks Cara for them to join Jake and Amanda. Amanda asks Cara as to how she is doing. Jake and Cara exchange looks. Greenlee tells Ryan that she doesn’t care whether or not their marriage is real or not. Ryan suggests going down to City Hall and making this marriage official right now. David confronts Jane about not wanting to spend time with her daughters. David asks for Jane’s help in getting his medical license back. David reminds Jane about the shooting a few months ago. Kendall realizes that Griffin was hurt saving her. Jane acts as though she doesn’t know what David is talking about concerning the shooting. Jane tells David that she doesn’t have time for this. Greenlee tells Ryan that she doesn’t want to get married like this. Greenlee tells Ryan that he needs to tell Emma about the baby. Kendall tells Griffin that she wants answers about his hand. Griffin confesses that he could have nerve damage.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks his mother an important question about his wife and his son. He isn’t sure he can get past this one. She reminds him that he will and he can always come back here to her house. Nick catches Jackie and Owen playing kissy-face in the office and suggests they take a cold shower. Then another damper, Whip walks in and says he just broke up with his wife. Ridge Forrester happened. He tells Nick that he can not go on this way. Thomas walks in and Stephanie immediately asks Ridge to get her a glass of water as she forgot her medication. She jumps on Thomas to keep quiet when he says quickly that he hates to do this to his father. Thomas starts to leave, but Ridge tells him no way, they have things to discuss. Before they can say a word, Taylor comes by and straight to Thomas’s arms she says she knows everything that happened with Brooke. She even wants to put her away by prosecuting. Ridge and Stephanie both say this does not need to be made public; keep it within the family. Ridge agrees with Taylor that he should have never sent Brooke and Thomas alone together to Australia for this to happen.

Whip tells the group that Taylor gave it her all and tried to love him, but it just wasn’t enough. Owen says all marriages have their challenges and they have to work on it. Whip feels she is still stuck on Ridge, but a man she will never have. He hates to see her sitting there pining away for a man that is never going to leave Brooke and be with her. Nick is sorry for what Whip is going through. He says he has been through it more times than he wants to admit. Ridge says he needs to talk to Thomas alone. Ridge tells Thomas that he looks guilt- ridden. And in time Ridge is sure that he will forgive Thomas, but for now Thomas needs to work on forgiving himself. Stephanie grabs Taylor’s ear and says the guys should not be alone together. She will not go to her grave until Taylor is back with Ridge. She needs to make it clear now; tell him now that she is still in love with him. She asks Thomas to come upstairs, leaving Ridge and Taylor alone. Thomas says he can not continue this any longer. They look down on Ridge and Taylor where she is telling him that the two of them need to help Thomas heal and away from Brooke. She probably wishes she could change, but she sees everything through sexual lens. They have to move on and help their family heal. She begs him to let her be there for him. Thomas sees his mother and dad embracing and probably thinks this is not a bad deal after all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Victor went to Danielís apartment to see if Daniel wanted to get something to eat.  Daniel said he had plans.  Victor asked if he had a date with Jennifer and then got on the subject of Chloe.  Victor insulted Chloe.  Daniel reminded him that he ruined her engagement to Lucas.  The two got back on the subject of Jennifer.  At the park, Nicole cried to Fay that Brady said she pushes everyone she loves away, but that wasnít true.  She just wanted to be close to the children and be happy with EJ.  She wanted a new life and now itís ruined.  She felt no one cared, if they made her miserable.  EJ fell in love with Taylor.  Now he hated her.  She felt that Johnny and Sydney were the only ones who loved her now that Fay is gone.  She didnít know how she would go on if it werenít for the kids.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Rafe found a cameo in Fake Rafeís duffle bag.  He knew it wasnít Samiís.  That was one more thing to figure out.  At the storage shed, Fake Rafe was determined to get out of there before Rafe figured out everything and turned him into the police.  He flashed back to taking the cameo off of Fayís neck.  He thought he was toast if Rafe figured out how heís connected to the cameo.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ said this is his fight and heís going to end it.  Stefano didnít think so.  EJ wanted this to be over.  Stefano asked if he wanted his children to see him on visiting day.  EJ didnít want that man near his children.  He doesnít want that guy to screw things up.  Chad interrupted them to tell them he had a date.  Stefano wanted to offer money, but Chad refused it.  Chad had it covered.  When Chad left, EJ cracked about the affectionate moment between Stefano and Chad.  Stefano said it was a lot easier to affectionate to a son who wasnít talking about killing an enemy.  EJ blamed Stefanoís plan for his problems.  The two continued to talk about killing Rafe.  Stefano asked EJ when was he going to tell him that Nicole was blackmailing him.  Rafe checked the cameo and found out nothing.  He threw the cameo in the duffle bag.  Nicole showed up and was surprised to see him.  She said she thought he left and was divorcing Sami.  Nicole dropped off Sydneyís stuffed animal.  They talked about EJ and then Nicole tried to come on to him the way he did to her.  He pushed her away.  Nicole questioned why he didnít want her. She noticed that he was different.  She said he was different because of EJ.  Stefano asked what Nicole had on EJ.  EJ told him that Nicole has proof that Rafe was in the basement.  Stefano asked if she knew what happened with Rafe and the double.  He said no.  He said she just thought they did a mind experiment on Rafe for why he was different.  Stefano asked why didnít he tell him.  EJ said he wanted to handle it.  Stefano wasnít impressed.  The two got into an argument.  At the pier, EJ greeted officer Davis and handed him money in case he got caught.  The money was for the officer to start up his own security company.  The cop wanted to know when to start.  EJ wanted him to start now.  Rafe asked Nicole what EJ had to do with what happened to him.  She dodged the question by saying she wouldn't tell EJ or Sami that he kissed her.  Rafe got a call from Officer Davis.  The officer told him that Dario was picked up for shoplifting.  The cop thought Rafe would handle it.  Rafe said he would be right there.  After the call, EJ said he did a good job.  When the cop left, EJ pulled out a gun.  He said he had to take care of this himself.  EJ put the gun under his coat when he heard footsteps.  It wasnít Rafe.  The person was Taylor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Johnny that he has his loyalty in exchange for his saving Abby. He wants a job with the stipulation that he will never have to go against Sonny or Jason. Johnny suggests that Michael should think about it. Anthony offers Jason a job, but Jason politely turns him down. Jason goes to see Michael and tells him that everything the hit woman has done, including getting arrested, has been on Anthony's orders and that Johnny might be in on it too. Michael concludes that Jason thinks he allowed himself to be played. Jason says that maybe Anthony is playing Johnny too. The hit woman goes to Johnny's penthouse to get her million dollars from Anthony so she can leave the country. Instead, Anthony shoots her. Johnny comes home and sees her body on the floor. Anthony tells him everything is going according to plan.

Sonny is appalled when he sees Kristina wearing her new grown-up look. Brenda tells Kristina to wait until Ethan is divorced before pursuing him. Kristina insists that she is in love. Sonny tells Jason that he is annoyed with Brenda being friends with his kids and undermining his authority. He tells Brenda that she doesn't know his kids well enough to make decisions about them. She tells him she doesn't want a marriage where she is shut out of the most important part of his life.

Patrick receives a call from Shady Brook requesting that come talk to Lisa before they evaluate her. Lisa tells him he will never be happy with Robin and taunts him about how he will eventually lose Robin. Patrick brings Robin flowers and assures her that she is the only woman for him. Lulu tries to make sense of Luke's cooked books at the Haunted Star. She tells Dante she is looking forward to working with her dad when he is out of rehab. Dante tells her not to be surprised if Luke doesn't want to work in a bar when he completes rehab. Lulu is certain that Luke will stay at the Haunted Star and that they will forge a closer relationship. Lulu goes to Shady Brook to visit Luke, only to be told by one of the counselors that Luke checked out shortly after he checked in.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nate privately discusses with Deanna that he decked Matthew and injured him and that could be the cause of Matthew's head trauma. Dani enters and they are hesitant to reveal to her what they are talking about knowing that she has been with Destiny and Matthew's parents who reveal that Matthew might not recover.

Cutter is confident that things will go his way after he got Clint to give him Asa's house if he (Cutter) agrees to get Tess put in St. Anne's. He wants to get back with Aubrey and have her dump Joey now that they no longer need her to be married to him in order to achieve their "goal". But she is done with Cutter and wants to make it up to Joey and declare that she loves him.

Rex confronts Clint not knowing that he is dying. While Shane and Gigi are at Buenos Dias, Robert Ford talks to Shane about how his life was not much different when he was Shane's age and how he made things better with working out and getting older. Yet he may still have Tess on the brain and she-him. Viki goes to see Tess at St. Anne's telling her she has to let Jessica out but Tess is not going to budge regardless of anything Viki tells her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick gets drunk on the plane ride back home while Diane admits to him that she married Victor because he was unwilling to make a commitment to her. Nick thinks that Diane is only after him because Victor dumped her and Adam doesn’t want her so she has to latch on to another Newman with money. The forensics expert he and Nick hired tells Adam that Sharon’s car crashed because she slid on the puddles caused by the heavy rain that day. Adam is grateful and tells the investigator that he needed to prove that Sharon didn’t kill herself so that he could finally say good-bye to her. Sharon cries as she watches Adam talk to the investigator. Adam doesn’t see her because she is hiding behind a tree. “Sheri” heads home with Sam and Piper, and they celebrate Fanny winning the blue ribbon. “ Sheri” later tells Sam that she is happy that she went to the festival, because she realized she can’t go back to her old life. She must move forward with her new life. Sam is very glad she decided to stay. The man who carjacked Sharon tells Adam that he's been missing since her accident. He wonders if he is sure it was Sharon who died since the body was badly burned. Adam tells the man he is sure it was Sharon and he wishes him luck in finding his wife because it is terrible not knowing what happened to someone you love. Adam returns to the Athletic Club to find Nick and Diane in bed together so he closes the door to his room and leaves.

Lily admits to Neil that she has been seeing visions of Cane and that is why she checked herself into the sanitarium. Colin calls Caleb to tell him the news about Lily. He gets angry with his mom and leaves, causing Genevieve to remember when her daughter Samantha died and how Colin almost choked Cane to death. Genevieve also remembers Caleb telling her that Samantha’s death was Cane’s fault, and he should have died not Samantha. Colin persuades Neil and Lily to allow him and Jill to take care of the twins whenever Neil needs a break. Colin tells Jill that he loves Lily like he loved his daughter Samantha, and nobody has touched that part of his heart in a long time. Genevieve also remembers Cane crying and telling her how sorry he was about Samantha and that he should have died instead of her. Caleb returns and tells his mom that he is sorry he lost his temper, but he can’t let things turn out the way they did last time. He thinks that they should speed up the plan. Genevieve tells Caleb that she will get what she wants in her own time and her own way, but it's too soon right now. Genevieve tells her son that nothing will give her more pleasure than seeing the look on Colin’s face when she tells him that it was his favorite son Caleb who died on the church steps.

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