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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Did not air a new episode today.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor storms into Brooke’s house just after Ridge left. She rants at Brooke that she hopes she didn’t hear what she thought she did – that Brooke seduced her son on that island. She obviously used the island and the berries to get what she wanted and Taylor is not going to let her get away with it this time. She has finally finished any loving relationship she can have with Ridge after what she did with his own son. Stephanie speaks with her lawyer advising her that she wants to change her will to leave her Forrester shares to her grandson and this is to be kept between just the three of them. Ridge walks in and goes straight for a drink. Stephanie says she knows what kind of day he must have had as she knows the latest news about Brooke. And it must be evident to him that he can’t go back to Brooke now. The one thing she wants to see before she dies is to see him back with the most wonderful woman in the world, Taylor.

Thomas stops by Stephanie’s. He says he saw Ridge’s car in the drive. Stephanie says he is out for a walk right now, but for Thomas to keep his voice down. Thomas doesn’t like this stabbing his dad in the back. Stephanie reminds him that over the years Brooke did everything she could to take Ridge away from Taylor. Now things are in motion to get his family back together and he will even be the one leading the company in the future. Taylor rants more, even telling Brooke that Whip walked out on her just like Ridge walked out on Brooke……and Ridge will never look at Brooke the same way again. She won’t listen to Brooke justifying what might have happened because she ate the berries. She even wants to prosecute Brooke. Brooke says she would have died on that island if it hadn’t been for Taylor’s son. She needs help and she intends to do that, but she swears she did not set out to do this. Taylor vows that she is going to pick up her life with Ridge and they are going to heal Thomas as a family together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Lexie told Stefano that Taylor is leaving town.  EJ wanted Nicole to tell him where Taylor was.  Nicole claimed she didnít know where Taylor was.  Rafe taunted Fake Rafe in order for Fake Rafe to help him.  Rafe wanted Fake Rafe to help him bring down the DiMeras.  Rafe wanted him to tell him everything he did when he acted like him.  EJ figured out that Taylor left town because Nicole threatened to go to the police if she stayed in Salem.  Chloe went to the Kiriakis mansion and saw Parker.  Justin told her that Philip decided to let her see Parker.  Stefano and Lexie got in an argument about EJís feelings for Taylor.  Lexie asked Stefano if he and EJ were in trouble.  Stefano said they werenít in trouble after today.  Fake Rafe agreed to help Rafe.  Vivian went to see Maggie.  Vivian wanted to call a truce, but Maggie gave her a hard time.  Fake Rafe told Rafe the things he did.  He rubbed it in Rafeís face that he slept with Sami.  Rafe ended up punching him.

Vivian talked to Maggie about Maggie being with Victor.  Vivian told her that she moved on with her life and was able to see that Maggie loved Victor.  Fake Rafe told Rafe that EJ wanted Rafe to stay away from the kids.  While Nicole was in the park, Brady walked up on her while she was talking about Sydney.  Maggie didnít want to talk to Vivian. Victor showed up while Vivian was there.  He kicked Vivian out of Maggieís house.  At the Brady Pub, Quinn overheard Chloe talking to Justin and Adrienne about proving herself in order to get partial custody of Parker.  Brady wanted to know why Nicole drives away everyone she cares about.  Stefano and EJ got into an argument about handling Fake Rafe.  Rafe was upset when Fake Rafe told him that Johnny like him better.  Rafe intimated that he would kill Fake Rafe if he kept testing him.  Vivian tried to tell Victor why she was at Maggieís house, but Victor cut her off.  He ripped into her.  When Vivian was sick of arguing, she left.  Nicole told Brady that Taylor never cared about her just like EJ and Brady.  Brad told her that he loved her.  Fake Rafe told Rafe that he would never pull off being him because Fake Rafe is a free thinker and Rafe isnít.  Maggie thanked Victor for getting rid of Vivian.  He gave her back her casserole container.  He left and told her to take care of herself.  Quinn asked Chloe out on a date and she accepted.  Brady told Nicole that she had herself to blame for being miserable.  Fake Rafe said Rafe was too straight laced to be him which was why the DiMeras would figure out that heís not the fake one.  Stefano got a cleaner to take care of Rafe.  EJ was willing to do whatever it took to make it go away.  EJ thought about Taylor and wanted to kill Rafe himself for ruining his life.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Did not air a new episode today.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Did not air a new episode today.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chance’s family and friends say a heartbreaking good-bye to him at a family BBQ. Chance tells Chloe that he cared just as much for her as he did for Heather. He reminds her that she was the one who broke up with him. Chance gives Delia some new storybooks for Chloe to read to her while he is gone. Chloe is glad that she and Chance are now friends. Nina finally accepts that Chance is leaving and tells him that she is confident he has enough skill to do his job and get home safely. Chance tells Heather that what happened between them made him realize that he will always be a soldier Chance also assures Heather that the fact that she didn’t want a romantic relationship with him had nothing to do with his decision to return to the Army. Nina tells Paul that she knows Chance and is sure that he is leaving because Heather broke his heart. Heather heads to New York for a while to handle Newman IPO business for Michael and to visit her mother, because she needs a change of scenery.

Adam and Nick arrive at San Pueblo. When Diane also arrives to help, both Nick and Adam ask her to leave, but she doesn’t listen to them. Nick takes a plane to the accident site while Adam stays in San Pueblo, because he can’t bear to go to the accident site again. Diane stays with Adam, but he tells her he needs to be alone. He decides to go to the Memorial Day festival in town. Diane gets on the plane with Nick and tells him that he is stuck with her, so he can either talk to her like they used to or they can sit quietly until they get to the accident site. “Sheri,” Sam, and Piper are happy that Fanny won the blue ribbon. As “Sheri” waits for Sam and Piper to get cotton candy before they head home, she sees Adam arrive at the festival.

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