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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Tad persuades Liza to reopen the case against Griffin and seek DNA from Ricky to prove that he killed Diana. ď EricaĒ and Bianca both relive bad memories at the hospital ďEricaĒ remembers her plastic surgery and the doctor telling her that the surgery wonít help her replace the loved ones she has lost. Erica tries to persuade Janeís employee to let her go since she is sure that he isnít as cold as she is but he says that she doesnít know the things he has taken from people. Bianca again recalls Michaelís rape and how Ricky grabbed her and how hard she fought back against him then she tells herself that she will never be afraid of Michael or people like him again. Cara is vulnerable and is about to leave to go look for Griffin when she returns and gives Jake a passionate kiss which he returns they begin to take their clothes off when they are interrupted when Jake gets a call from the hospital. Kendal almost shoots Ricky but he distracts her and takes the gun away from her and pins her to the ground and starts to kiss Kendall. Kendall sticks her knee where it can most hurt Ricky and tries to get away but he grabs her again and points a gun at her temple. Griffin arrives and he and Ricky struggle for the gun a shot goes off and Griffin breaks Rickyís leg and Griffin considers killing Ricky but Kendall reminds him that he is better then Ricky.

Jesse arrives and arrests Ricky for kidnapping Bianca and Marissa but also arrests Griffin for Diana Holden’s murder, and assaulting a police officer until it can be proven that he didn’t kill Diana. Kendall tells Jesse that Ricky confessed to everything and tells him she has his recorded confession. Tad arrives at the clinic to tell Cara the good news and Cara heads to the hospital to see Griffin and Jake who feels very guilty stays behind at the clinic. Tad later tells Cara that he feels like he broke his marriage vows by not telling her that Griffin was in Pine Valley but Cara tells him that she understands he was protecting Griffin. Marissa is shaken by her ordeal and once she has taken a shower at the mansion JR listens as she tells him how scared she was and how her and Bianca worked together to get out of the locked closet. Marissa thanks JR for being so sweet but he tells her not to tell anyone because it will ruin his reputation. Bianca calls Marissa to check on her and both women tell each other they are fine and Bianca thins that they make a great team. Bianca tells Marissa to tell JR to take good care of her or she will answer to her. Kendall thanks Griffin for all of his help because she couldn’t have caught Ricky without him and she promises him that she will make sure his name is cleared so he can return to hi life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that he shouldn’t say that; he has not lost her. He doesn’t see how things can be the same – she made love to his son. She must have blocked that out because she doe not know what happened. Maybe that is a blessing. She cries if Thomas remembers then she doesn’t know why she can’t. Thomas tells Stephanie that he’s really not comfortable with this. She seems to think it is okay since it will mean his mother and father getting back together and he will someday have control of the company. He doesn’t want to be part of this ugly scheme even to get control of the company. Taylor looks at Whip’s wedding ring that he slipped off. She takes hers off too and puts them aside. She looks at a photo and tells Whip in the picture that she is so sorry. She didn’t realize that she would never stop loving Ridge. Before Thomas can say more, Taylor interrupts and cries that she will be alone. Whip has left and she knows it will never work out for her to get back with Ridge. Stephanie glances at Thomas and tells Taylor all is not lost just yet. There is still hope. She believes in miracles and gets Thomas to say that he believes there is hope also. Stephanie tells Thomas that his mother gave him the gift of life and now he can give her the gift of happiness. Ridge tells Ridge that he doesn’t know how they can continue as he just can not get that image out of his head – she and his son. She cries that on the island all she was focused on was surviving and getting back to Ridge. She was not thinking of sex, but she knows Thomas would not lie. So she has no explanation of what really happened.

Thomas wants more than just Stephanie’s word. He wants her to have legal papers drawn up by her lawyer that gives him her shares. Meantime they won’t tell anyone as it would bring up questions. She tells him that if he keeps his side of the bargain, she will as well. He just has to keep saying that he and Brooke had sex on the island. In time everyone will believe that. And everyone in the family will win. Brooke cries that she needs Ridge in her life. He has forgiven her before for mistakes and she needs him to forgive her for this. She was dying and did not know what she was doing while tripping. He relives to her what he felt when he thought she was dead and he was searching for her…..and he found that connection again. He kisses her and says but this time he doesn’t think they can get past this. It is not right. The marriage feels so ruined. He simply can’t get over her and his son together. He breaks away and slowly heads toward the door and leaves. While Brooke is still weeping, Taylor walks in and stares at her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told EJ that Rafe came back because heís in love with Sami.  EJ thought their situation was more dangerous than they thought if Rafe is in love with Sami.  EJ thought that meant Rafe would be staying which meant that Sami could find out that Rafeís a fake.  Stefano said EJ acted as if Rafe got a say in the matter.  EJ wondered how Rafe convinced Sami that he changed.  Stefano didnít know since they guy doesnít have a brain. EJ thought that Rafe would ruin everything since Rafe canít control his temper or his libido.  EJ noticed that Sami didnít seem worried about Rafe being with the children.  Stefano insulted Sami and made reference to her being a bad mother.  EJ said she isnít a bad mother.  He reminded Stefano that Sami sent Allie away to get her away from Rafe. Stefano said they have to get rid of Rafe and insure his departure.  EJ thought there was a reason Rafe was staying.  At the Cheating Heart, Rafe had an unpleasant reunion with Dario.  Dario recapped that Rafe cheated on Sami.  Rafe told him that he and Sami worked things out.  Dario was surprised that Sami would take him back.  Dario told Rafe that he found Ariannaís killer.  Rafe said he should have found the killer himself.  Rafe tried to apologize for his behavior but Dario wasnít interested.  Rafe wanted Dario to give him another chance, but Dario didnít want to.  

At the park, Nicole went to meet Taylor.  Nicole wanted to know what Taylor wanted.  Taylor asked if Nicole talked to EJ yet.  Nicole said do you think I would tell you if I did.  Nicole asked what she was doing there.  Taylor said she was leaving and wanted to let her know that she won.  Nicole couldnít believe that Taylor was trying to make her feel guilty after she tried to seduce her husband.  Taylor denied it. Taylor said if EJ was happy with Nicole, nothing would have happened between them.  He would have been focused on Nicole and no woman would have been able to get his attention.  Taylor told her that her marriage wasnít real.  EJ didnít love Nicole.  The two continued to argue about EJ.  Taylor reassured Nicole that she was leaving, but it didnít change the way EJ feels. At the hospital, Taylor ran into Brady who was there for a meeting.  Taylor told him that she quit.  Brady refused to let her quit.  Brady refused to let her quit.  Taylor said he could sue her if he wanted, but she didnít have money.  She had her reasons for leaving.  He asked if Nicole was behind this decision. Taylor wouldnít answer him.  Lexie overheard them talking.  Taylor told her she was leaving.  EJ said greed was why Rafe stayed.  EJ thought that Rafe could win Sami back and get more money to get out of town.  EJ told him that they had to work on how to deal with this.  They couldnít afford for the truth to come out.  Nicole walked in and agreed with EJ.  Stefano walked out.  Nicole talked to EJ about Taylor.  Nicole told him about dealing drugs and having Arianna killed. EJ was surprised that Taylor told her. Nicole said Taylor was terrible at secrets which was good for her because now she has more on him.  EJ threatened her when she taunted him about what she had on him.  The two argued about their marriage.  Nicole told EJ that Taylor left town.  He demanded to know where Taylor went, but Nicole didnít know or care.  Lexie comforted Taylor about Taylorís decision to leave. Lexie thought it might be the right thing to do since she didnít see things ending well for Taylor and EJ.  Taylor asked Lexie to tell EJ goodbye for her. Brady got into it with Daniel about Jennifer.  Brady warned Daniel not to hurt Jennifer because sheís like family to him.  Rafe went to the storage shed to check on Fake Rafe. Rafe wanted Fake Rafe to share with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth receives a call at the nursesí station to send Patrick to the operating room for a little boy who was just hit by a car. The mother says some of the same things Elizabeth said when Jake was hit and Elizabeth comforts her and tells her it wasn't her fault. Later she thinks she sees Jake and goes into an office to cry. Jax tells Carly to hand over Josslyn because he got an emergency court order for emergency sole custody. He tells Alexis to show Carly the court order, but Alexis tells him she never filed the paperwork. Alexis tells him that it would only make him look bad in court. Dante and Lulu discuss her taking over the Haunted Star now that she has quit Crimson. Dante warns her that rehab doesnít always work for everyone. He suggests that they take some time for themselves. Dante asks Carly to talk to Lulu about Luke.

Abby finds Anthony duct taped to a chair in Johnny's penthouse. He tells her that Johnny orchestrated Brandon's murder and Abby's framing. He offers to pay Abby to steer Michael his way. Johnny meets the hit woman that killed Brandon. She threatens to go to Sonny Corinthos and tell him about the frame job unless Johnny pays her. When he doesn't bite, she threatens to shoot him. Michael comes up behind her and tells her to drop the gun. Johnny and Michael then take her to the police station. The ballistic report shows that the hit womanís gun matches the bullet that killed Brandon. Johnny tells Anthony that his hit woman is at the police station talking to the police. Michael tells Abby that she will be free soon. Jason tells Michael that he should have let him handle it. Jason is dismayed to hear Michael say Johnny had it under control. Michael thanks Johnny and tells him that he wants to repay him, whatever he needs. Jason goes to the police station and sees Anthony in an interview room talking to the hit woman. Inside, Anthony congratulates the woman for her convincing performance in letting Johnny think he had captured her. She tells him that he'd better keep his end of the agreement to get her out of there and pay her one million dollars. He assures her that his people will arrange her escape. She tells him that if that doesn't happen, she will have no problem giving him up. When Anthony opens the door to leave, he sees Jason standing there.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When original Todd is incarcerated and appears to be in a straightjacket, he reveals that he remembers his daughter Starr, his wife Blair, and his other wife, Tea., Meanwhile, the "present" Todd is secretly talking to Tomas about their "plan" which interrupts Todd's romantic evening with Tea and Tomas' romantic evening with Blair, when Todd reveals to Tomas that Marty Saybrooke is holed up in his home with baby Liam, hiding from everybody and threatening to reveal their secret if he gives her up. At that point, Tomas appears worried. Starr and James are moving forward although they are being interrupted. Nate talks to Deanna about not knowing whether to reveal that Matthew Buchanan killed Eddie Ford. He sends an email to Access Llanview when Destiny reveals to him that Matthew has been rushed to the hospital after suffering a fatal head injury and they believe that it was caused by somebody assaulting him. Nate then wonders if it might have been caused by his altercation with Matthew. Destiny and Dani still do not know that Nate knows that Matthew killed Eddie and let Nate take the rap for it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Doris asks Nick and Adam to team up to get the money from Sharon’s insurance company because she wants to use the money to set up a scholarship fund in Sharon’s memory. Nick and Adam get on the news to announce their intention to challenge the claim that Sharon killed herself and Piper sees the video on the internet but “Sheri” doesn’t see it. Nick and Adam head out to the town of San Pueblo where Sharon is to meet with an independent forensics firm that will help them prove that Sharon didn’t kill herself. Abby gores to an AA meeting to tell them how she feels and that she blacked out the night that her mother hit Tucker with her car. Nikki suspects that Abby was driving and was the person that hit Tucker and tells Victor her suspicions but he is so angry that Nikki accused Abby that he throws her out of the house. Nikki heads to Glowworm to drink but she sees Abby and Victor so she leaves buys a bottle of vodka and drinks alone. Piper and Sam manage to persuade “Sheri to go to the fair on Memorial Day to see Fanny win a prize.

Lily and Neil to take the twins because she thinks she is going crazy with memories of Cane, and they aren’t safe. Neil persuades her to move in with him and Lily tells Neil to take the twins and she stays behind to pack. Lily has an emotional encounter with “Cane” where she tells him that he needs to stay away from her then she leaves her house and heads to the hospital to commit herself. Neil takes the twins with him to a business meeting with Katherine at the mansion and tells Collin and Katherine Lily will be moving in with him for a while because Lily is in bad shape but Neil has no idea that Lily has committed herself. Collin tries to get in touch with Caleb to tell them the latest wrench in their plan but Caleb feels like everything is getting out of control and is angry but his mom tells him not to worry because she will take care of everything.

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