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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Bianca wakes up locked in the closet of Ricky’s room tied to Marissa after dreaming about her rape. Marissa encourages Bianca to talk about it so Bianca tells her that her struggle with Ricky brought back memories of being raped by Michael Cambias and then tells Marissa all the details including that Miranda was the product of a rape and that she killed Michael Cambias. Marisa thinks Bianca is an amazing woman and a few minutes later get free of the ropes and bust open the door to the closet and get free. Bianca and Marissa head to the hospital to make sure Bianca is okay and they call the police on the way. Jack and “Erica” have a romantic dinner at Confusion but when Marisa calls they head to the hospital. Bianca tells a stunned jack all the details about Kendall’s plan and that Kendall was trying to get proof that Ricky killed Zach. “Erica” can’t handle that real life has intruded on her fairytale and tells her that she didn’t sign up for this and Bianca isn’t her daughter. Bianca wants “Erica” to assure her that Kendall will be okay because Kane women make it though anything and “Erica” can’t handle all of this so she leaves to get Bianca some food. Cara is heartbroken when she gets an e-mail about trouble in Afghanistan where she thinks Griffin is and she starts to cry then Jake finds her to tell her that the little girl with cancer had a successful transplant and is in remission. Cara wants to go find Griffin and she doesn’t care what immigration will do to her all she cares about is her brother. Jake admits to Cara that he cares about her and can’t lose her like this and then they hold hands.

Griffin is almost handcuffed by the police at the safe house but manages to get away with Tad’s help and rushes to the yacht but is stunned when the yacht is gone and he tries to get a small boat to take him to the yacht. Tad calls Jesse to explain everything and pleads with him to send police to the yacht before something happens to Kendall. Kendall manages to get a confession out of Ricky by pretending she loves him even more because he killed Zach. Ricky goes in for a kiss and starts to unbutton Kendall’s blouse when Kendall tells him to stop and breaks away from him her blouse opens and Ricky sees the wire. Kendall then admits her plan to Ricky and tells him she really hated him and needed to get proof that he killed Zach. Kendall tells Ricky that Griffin is on the yacht and he will rescue her but Ricky tells Kendall she doesn’t have a good poker face. Ricky tells Kendall he loves her and always will even after she is gone. Kendall pulls out Zach’s gone but Ricky smiles because he doesn’t think Kendall knows how to use the gun. Kendall tells Ricky if he takes one more step he will find out just how well she knows how to use a gun.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge stands dazed and shocked as Thomas tells them that he and Brooke ate the berries and then made love. Brooke denies it. She says he is simply confused. If all of that happened that he is saying, she would have remembered it. He remembers his pants were torn and barely on, but he did wake up and put them back on. Ridge forces him to look him right in the eye and tell him that he is not hallucinating right now about these details. Ridge wants to hear from Thomas, not Brooke, of whose idea it was to eat the berries. Then he screams at Brooke that he wants her to tell him that none of this could have ever happened, even under the influence. She can’t. He leaves her crying, saying he will meet her at home. He has to get the hell out of here. Steffy tells Stephanie that her mother will truly never be happy then because Ridge will not leave Brooke. Suddenly she remembers that the berries were an aphrodisiac and if Brooke and Thomas ate them…..she doesn’t even want to go there. Whip brings Taylor home. He’s glad that he is better. She’s sorry for everything she put him through. As they discuss things and what she was hallucinating about, he realizes she has never loved him like she still does Ridge.

Whip tells Taylor that he loves her more than she will ever know, and he will always be there for her. He takes off his wedding band and lays it down and says he is tired of walking around in a state of denial. But he will always remember spending time with the most beautiful girl in the world. At home, Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t know if what Thomas said was true, but they were so happy they weren’t in pain. They didn’t feel sexual. Ridge says she never discussed any of this with him before, so both of they knew it was a possibility. Now either Thomas is lying or terribly confused. Brooke does not think he would deliberately lie. Thomas returns to Stephanie and is deeply agitated of what he just told his father. She grabs him by the collar and shakes him. She said she didn’t think he had the guts; she is very proud of him. Ridge can’t get over it; Brooke and his son…..and she can’t say that she is not certain that nothing happened. He found his Logan on that island and now he feels like he is losing her again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Carly tried to quit her pills cold turkey.  She saw Daniel who needed to talk to her.  He found out something about her that bothered him.  He gave her cigars for covering for him.  She asked if he and Jennifer had fun.  He told her how he and Jennifer went to Victor’s.  He asked if he could change the family dinner plans with Melanie to lunch because he and Jennifer had a date.  Carly said it was okay.  Daniel thanked her and called her Katarina.  Carly was surprised.  He told her that Jennifer told him about their boarding school days.  When he left, she told herself to stop taking the pills.  At the pier, Quinn was on the phone talking to someone about the drug operation.  Quinn planned on making more money.  He said personnel wouldn’t be a problem because he’s going to make someone an offer they wouldn’t be able to refuse.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano overheard EJ leaving Taylor a message to call him.  Stefano wasn’t happy.  They were dealing with someone who could bring them down yet EJ was busy with his girlfriend.  EJ wasn’t in the mood, but Stefano didn’t care.  Stefano was worried that Sami would figure out the truth the more time she spends with Rafe.  Stefano said Rafe had to be eliminated.  EJ would rather make Rafe leave town.  Stefano knew EJ wanted to look like a good guy to Taylor, but if they didn’t get rid of Rafe, Taylor would be visiting him in jail and Sami would get the children.  The two continued to talk about their situation.  Stefano gave EJ a choice.  EJ had to eliminate Rafe or Stefano would make sure Taylor knows about their plan.  EJ called Sami to let her know that he was bringing the kids over in 20 minutes.  Sami got off the phone and told Rafe show time.

When EJ brought the kids to Sami’s apartment, he asked if Rafe was there.  She asked why was it his business.  He didn’t realize that the subject was off limits.  She thought he should understand why she was reluctant to talk about her personal life with him.  He reminded her that the kids spend time at the apartment.  He said their reunion came out of the blue.  He reminded her about the last time they talked when she told him she wanted nothing to do with Rafe.  She said she realized she loved Rafe.  EJ reminded her that she said Rafe had complete disregard for her and the children.  She said he didn’t have a nerve to talk after what he did.  He wanted to know what she was talking about.  They continued to talk about Rafe until he left.  When EJ left, he realized something was off.  Rafe came in the living room and told Sami she did good.  He didn’t think EJ was suspicious of her, but EJ may be suspicious with him.  Johnny came out to greet Rafe.  Johnny noticed something was different when Rafe didn’t want a beer.  Chloe met Quinn at the pier.  He wanted to go on a date so he could treat her like a classy lady.  She wanted to get her life together and he is a reminder of how she fell in bed with a stranger.  He wanted to get to know each other.  Quinn got a call he had to take.  He told someone to accept the shipment and get it on the street.  Maggie went to Victor’s mansion and brought him a casserole.  He was happy that she brought the casserole.  He told her he was trying to come up with a reason to see her.  He said he kept going to the door, but it wouldn’t have been fair to her.  She reminded him that she was the one being unfair.  He thought they should have a clean break.  The two went back and forth about their relationship. Rafe and Johnny talked about Rafe never being the way he was again.  Johnny told Rafe that EJ said Rafe was gone for good.  Rafe said EJ was wrong because he was never leaving again. EJ and Stefano wondered why Rafe was back even though he has money.  It dawned on Stefano why Rafe was back.  Carly had a dream about Daniel kissing her in her office.  She didn’t went to complicate her life more than it is.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy wonders if Lulu is already worried that Luke will ditch rehab. Lulu tells Tracy that Lucky was fun before he got sober and now he is always serious and that she expects that Luke will change too. Tracy says she doesn't care who Luke is when he gets out of rehab as long as it saves his life. Maxie tells Dante that Lulu hasn’t been coming to work and that she is worried that Lulu will lose her job. Dante suggests to Lulu that she go to work instead of focusing on taking care of Luke. She doesn’t want to go to work so he suggests they spend the rest of the day in bed. Maxie goes to Haunted Star and tells Lulu that Kate will fire her if she isn't in the office in 15 minute. Lulu tells Maxie to tell Kate that she quits.

Carly thanks Jax for letting Josslyn stay at her house for the night. Jax asks Carly to switch days with Josslyn because he has meetings in Manhattan. Carly agrees. Jax then asks Alexis to file the emergency injunction to grant him full custody so he won't have to give Josslyn back. Alexis files the papers but warns Jax that it will backfire. Jason goes to Carly's and tells her that Diane found out that Jax is filing an emergency injunction. Carly pretends to be surprised when Jax and Alexis arrive with the paperwork. She invites them in where they see Josslyn happily reading with Jason.

Michael is worried about Abby and asks Jason to arrange to get them out of the country if the real killer isn't found by next Friday. Jason tells him that is a bad idea, but that if they reach a point where there no other alternatives, he will help them. Abby talks to Sam about her case. Sam says they have to find the shooter. Sam tells Jason that she has her last post-op exam with Kelly Lee and that the procedure was successful. The woman Anthony Zacchara hired to kill Brandon calls him and demands more money or she will tell Sonny Corinthos everything. Johnny tells Anthony that he knows that woman is the hit woman.  He warns Anthony that it is bad business to pay a blackmailer. Johnny calls Michael and tells him he has a lead on the hit woman. Michael hears Anthony in the background yelling about the jetty dock. Michael goes to the dock and Johnny tells him to leave because he is jeopardizing his parole. When the hit woman arrives, Johnny talks to her while Michael records the conversation from nearby. Abby goes to Johnny's house and finds Anthony duct taped to a chair. She refuses to unbind him because he is trying to frame her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and James are determined to have a night alone and he finds her a hotel where he can get a good rate and they can be alone and unseen. But it just so happens that Blair and Tomas are ready to do the same thing. The two "couples" run into each other. And there is "awkwardness" with mother and daughter not wanting to know what the other is doing. Tomas then leaves the table to get a room and meet Blair later, as does James for Starr. And it just so happens that Starr and Tomas get into the same elevator as do Blair and James. They have found each other out although both guys promise not to tell his date what he found out about the other.

Roxy invites Madame Delphina to help Natalie find her baby when the cops cannot help her. Natalie does not trust a psychic. But she seems to know some things that nobody else can figure out. She also knows that Brody is not "involved" in this. She reveals she knows that Natalie and Brody were kissing not long ago and thereby convinces them that she knows what she is talking about. Marty goes to find Todd and "persuades" him to hide her and baby Liam at his home revealing that she knows his and Tomas Delgado's secret and will reveal it and ruin Todd's life if he does not do what she wants.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis is on the computer and writes in her blog about Lucy, Daniel, Victoria and Billy. Kevin, Chloe, Michael and Lauren have drinks together. Billy and Victoria spend quality time with Lucy. Caleb and Colin have a talk about their plans for Lily and the twins. Rafe visits Billy and Victoria and find that they have Lucy. Rafe tells Billy that “Restless Style” had violated the gag order. Rafe tells Billy to read Phyllis’ blog. Neil tells Devon and Malcolm about Colin thinking that Lily was talking to someone. Sofia joins them. Lily comes into the living room and finds Cane there. Lily begs Cane to make love to her. Kevin and Jeff get a text from Angelo. Each fears for their life. Gloria comes up and wants to know what is going on. Jeff asks Gloria if she likes the “Godfather.” Lauren worries that Daisy will come back to town. Victoria and Daniel discuss Phyllis’ blog about Daisy and the baby. Billy visits Phyllis and lets her know that she is fired. Phyllis lets him know that he cannot do that. Billy reminds Phyllis that “Restless Style” is his and he orders her out of his life and away from his family.

Sofia, Malcolm and Devon discuss baby names for Sofia’s baby. Colin joins them. Colin and Caleb meet in the park to discuss their plans for Lily. A mysterious person watches them from the bushes. Lily orders Neil to leave and take the twins so they will be safe. Kevin gets a surprise when Angelo hugs him and kisses Gloria. Daisy reads Phyllis’ blog. Lauren visits Phyllis and tells her that she is no longer afraid of Daisy. The mysterious woman meets with Caleb.

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