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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Madison is still grieving as she looks at the babies in the nursery window when David arrives to offer his condolences and tell her about when Leora died. David tells Madison that the pain will never go away but she will learn to live with it. David then heads over to see Greenlee at her place and tell her she did nothing wrong because everyone keeps secrets in fact he still has some of his own. Madison and Ryan make arrangements for baby Sarah’s funeral and then Ryan tells Greenlee that making funeral arrangements for Sara was the hardest thing he has ever done because he couldn’t stop thinking about the type of person Sarah would have been as she grew up. Scott stops by the mansion to tell Marissa about the baby and she tells him that she will be there for him if he needs to talk and then gives him a hug. Marissa leaves for a meeting and JR offers Scott the company apartment in London so he can get away from his problems. Scott thinks that JR just wants him away from Marissa and he tells JR that no matter what he tries to do to get Marisa back it won’t work because she doesn’t love him anymore. Scott tells Madison he loves her and she tells him that she knows that what they had was real but she has no feelings anymore about him or about life. Scott leaves Madison but he sits in a chair in the hallway outside her hospital room.

Ricky gets Bianca alone on the yacht and demands to know why she doesn’t like him and Bianca again tells Ricky that it is just too soon for Kendall to get married. Bianca tries to leave and Ricky stops her because her trying to get away tells him that she knows everything so Ricky grabs Bianca and they struggle reminding Bianca of when Michael Cambias raped her and in the struggle she passes out. Ricky takes Bianca back to his hotel room at the Yacht Club and Marissa arrives and wants to call security when he sees Bianca’s condition but Ricky tells her she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and later Marissa wakes up inside a closet with Bianca and they can’t get out because they are tied up. Kendall and Griffin’s plan for him to sneak on the boat goes wrong when Ricky spots the private detective Ryan hired and later when Griffin tries to call the private investigator the man doesn’t answer his phone because he is either dead or passed out outside the yacht club. A panicked Griffin heads out on his way to the yacht when he can’t contact Kendall because her earpiece fell inside the water glass but he is stopped by a policeman. Kendall is also worried when the yacht starts to move and she is all alone with Ricky.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke begs Ridge not to make this into something it’s not. He doesn’t think she can tell him without a shadow of a doubt that nothing did happen between her and Thomas on the island. She says she knows that she would never do what he is suggesting with Thomas. She shouldn’t have eaten the berries to begin with, but she was desperately hungry and weak so she did. They sustained them and kept them alive. Trust her on this that nothing sexual happened. She swears that is the truth. Thomas doesn’t like what he is hearing from Stephanie. She is telling him that he can have her 25% of the company when she dies and it will be helping his mother and dad get back together as a family. His mother is never going to be truly happy again until she is back with Ridge. All he has to do is tell the truth of that he had sex with Brooke. Ridge will be upset, but he will forgive Thomas. Stephanie will make sure of it.

The doctor tells Taylor that the berry effect is now out of her system and she will sign her release form. Whip is anxious to get back home and things back to normal. Taylor doesn’t want him to fuss and tries to get him to go back to work. Clearly she is uncomfortable and wants to be alone. Ridge continues questioning Brooke and says it is hard to believe it was so innocent if she wouldn’t share the details with him. Stephanie keeps on with Thomas that this is an opportunity that might not ever come his way again. The future is him and Steffy and he needs to do what is best for him and his family. Brooke tells Ridge that Thomas loves him and so does she. They will never let him down. Thomas interrupts and cries as he tells Ridge that he is having flashes of what happened. He will regret it the rest of his life, but he can not keep this huge a secret from Ridge any longer. After eating the berries, on the island and in the cave – he and Brooke looked deep into each other’s eyes and they made love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Sami and Rafe’s apartment, Sami listened to Rafe, EJ and Stefano.  She hoped that EJ would talk about how they kept Rafe prisoner and tortured her with Fake Rafe.  Stefano told Rafe that he left town because Sami wanted him out of her life.  Stefano asked why he was back.  EJ thought the reason was obvious.  He thought Rafe liked to play games.  Rafe said what they did to Sami wasn’t a game. Sami heard EJ say that she was better off without Rafe in her life.  EJ said Rafe’s return was unwelcomed.  Things were going well until Rafe showed up and ruined it.  Rafe wondered how he ruined things.  At the pier, Dario was upset that Melanie hit Mike.  Dario had things handled until she came along and hit Mike.  Melanie checked Mike’s pulse and found one, but there was blood. She suggested taking Mike to the hospital. Dario thought Mike would kill him when he woke up.  Melanie said she saw Mike before and realized that he was at Dario’s apartment saying Dario owed him money.  Dario asked if Melanie told him where to find him.  She said no.  While they were arguing, Brady showed up, asking what was going on.  Brady noticed Mike on the ground.  Melanie told him that Mike was unconscious. Dario said he would be the dead one when Mike woke up.  Melanie said she hit Mike because she thought he was going to hurt Dario.  Brady wanted to know why Mike was going to hurt Dario.  Dario said he owed Mike money.  Dario said it was going to be fine until Melanie showed up.  When Mike woke up, Brady threatened him.  He gave Mike money and told him to forget everything that happened or else.  Mike left.  Dario was happy but if word got out that he can’t pay his debts…he stopped himself and thanked Brady.  At the Cheating Heart, Jennifer told Abby that Carly’s name was Katarina a long time ago.  Jennifer asked if Abby heard that name before and she said she did.  Jennifer asked when.  Abby flashed back to asking Carly about the name on the pill bottle.  She made up an excuse and left.  At the hospital, Carly was unconscious on the floor.  She finally came to.  A guard found her against a wall.  He wanted to get help, but she didn’t want it.  She asked him not to tell anyone.  

At the park, Taylor and Nicole continued to argue.  Taylor couldn’t believe that Nicole would hate her after what Nicole has done.  Nicole said that Taylor stole her husband and asked why she shouldn’t hate her.  Nicole wanted Taylor to admit that she’s in love with EJ. After much harassing, Taylor finally admitted it.  The two continued to go at it.  Taylor said she knew why Nicole was blackmailing EJ.  Nicole asked if EJ knew.  Taylor said he did and she confronted him.  He admitted it to her.  Nicole was surprised that Taylor still loved him.  Taylor told her that EJ gave up the drug operation a long time ago when he found out one of his guys killed Arianna.  Nicole was surprised by that.  Taylor told her to stop playing games because she knew that’s what Nicole had on EJ.  Taylor was curious as to why Nicole was acting as if she never heard that before.  Taylor tried to defend EJ.  Nicole told Taylor that she’s staying with EJ and the kids will be in her life.  She threatened to go to the police about the drug ring and Arianna’s death if Taylor didn’t stay away from EJ.  Nicole said EJ would lose everything.  She asked if EJ would love her then.  Nicole walked away. Sami stopped listening to Rafe, Stefano, and EJ when Caroline showed up.  Caroline said Will told her that Sami and Rafe were back together. She asked if Sami lost her mind.  Caroline assumed Sami didn’t want anyone to know because everyone would think it was a mistake.  The two talked about Rafe.  Rafe wanted to know how he ruined everything.  EJ started screaming at him until Stefano told him to calm down.  Rafe wanted to go back to their conversation, but Kate walked in and asked what Rafe was doing there.  Stefano didn’t realize she was there.  She wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe said he came to arrange a time for Sami to pick up the kids.  Kate was surprised that he and Sami were back together.  Kate insulted Sami.  Rafe didn’t want to hear anymore which made EJ suspicious.  He wondered what changed Rafe’s mind about Sami since she was ready to divorce him before.  EJ wanted an answer, but so did Rafe.  Rafe wanted to know how he ruined things.  EJ was having a hard time understanding what was going on because the last they heard, Rafe was alienating Sami and she was divorcing him.  She felt betrayed yet Rafe said the marriage is back on and defended her life she was the woman he loved.  Rafe said she is his wife and he should defend her.  EJ wanted to know what changed.  Rafe wanted to end the conversation, but EJ didn’t.  EJ said Rafe wasn’t leaving until he got an answer.  Rafe eventually left.  At the hospital, Abby confronted Carly about the name on the pill bottle being hers.  Carly said she was very sick.  Abby apologized.  Carly said she would be fine.  The pills will make her better.  Carly said she got the pills under another name so her family and friends wouldn’t worry about her.  Carly asked her not to tell anyone about this.  Abby agreed not to say anything.  When Abby left, Carly grabbed her pills and said this has to stop.  Stefano and EJ were suspicious of Rafe’s behavior.  They wondered if Rafe could have fallen in love with Sami.  EJ didn’t want the replacement around the kids.  Stefano was concerned that Sami might figure out that the replacement is an imposter.  EJ didn’t want to go there.  Stefano was relieved that the real Rafe was dead.  Stefano wanted EJ to eliminate the replacement before he caused problems.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Sonny walks into the living room and sees Brenda and Kristina having a heart to heart talk about Ethan. Sonny is against Kristina and Ethan being together and lets his voice be heard about it. Maxie comes to visit Lucky, but encounters Siobhan instead. Siobhan lets Maxie know that she knows that Lucky is Aidan’s father. The family is all gathered together to help Luke to have enough courage to go to rehab. Sonny reminds Kristina that Ethan is married to Maya. Kristina insists to Sonny that she will be with Ethan. Maxie asks Siobhan how does she know that Lucky is Aidan’s father. Lucky orders Luke to go to rehab now. Maxie orders Siobhan to stay out of this that this is a family matter. Sonny tells Brenda not to get involved in this mess with Kristina. Lucky accuses Luke of lying about going to rehab. Lucky starts to compare Luke to his father. Luke becomes angry and strikes Lucky. Maxie calls Lucky to check on him. Kristina arrives at Maxie’s to ask her advice on how to dress. Ethan comes to visit Sonny to discuss Kristina. Sonny orders Ethan to stop his friendship with Kristina. Sonny reminds Ethan that he is a married man. Lulu is disturbed by Tracey’s attitude toward Luck and his going to rehab.

Luke tells Lucky that he regrets hitting Jake. Luke calls Tracey for help. Brenda lets Sonny know that he is not handling this situation correctly with Ethan and Kristina. Sonny orders her to let him take care of this matter himself. Kristina visits Ethan at the Haunted Star. Ethan worries that he will be like Luke and Lucky. Tracey accompanies Luke to rehab. Luke meets with his doctor about his drinking.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Brody searches for Liam. He confronts Todd because Bess said Wes said Todd knows something. Brody handcuff Todd and Tea and then searches their house. Tea asks Todd if Brody will find anything. Brody finds nothing and leaves. Tea leaves to see a client. Marty emerges from her hiding place.

Tomas goes to Capricorn to see Blair. He tells her he wants a life with her. James decorates his apartment to make it feel like Rome for his date with Starr on the one year anniversary of their first meeting. He makes dinner for her and then they go to the Palace Hotel, where they run into Blair and Tomas.

Tess is annoyed to see Ford kissing a woman at Capricorn. Cutter tells Clint and Viki that he will have Tess committed if the price is right. He wants money and Clint's house. Cutter meets Tess at Capricorn. Viki arrives shortly afterwards with orderlies to take Tess to St. Ann's. Cutter signs the commitment papers, Clint wires him one million dollars, and Tess is taken away. Viki tells Clint that Cutter will not stop.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis watches Daniel with Victoria and Billy and Lucy. Daniel tells Victoria that he will move in to the garage apartment provided he get a big screen and cable. Phyllis comes in to interrupt. Jill interrupts Katherine doing work for Tucker Industries. Jill asks her does she want to have another stroke. Nina blames Heather for reenlisting in the service. Paul reprimands Nina for talking to Heather like that. Shari lies on her cot when Sam comes to visit her and tells her that Tucker wants to stop by. Shari makes the mistake and calls Tucker “Cassie.” Sam asks her as to who Cassie is. Nicholas spends time with Faith and tells her about Cassie. Nicholas sees Adam with Diane and orders Adam away from her. Nick finds out that Adam and Diane are going to move in together. Paul tries to tell Nina that this is Chance’s decision. Heather tells Nina that this is not her fault. Jill finds out that Chance is going back into the Army. Phyllis cannot believe that Daniel gave Lucy back to Victoria and Billy. Daniel promises Victoria and Billy that he will handle Phyllis. Sharon tells Sam that Cassie was her daughter and that she had passed away a few years ago. Shari tells Sam about Cassie. Katherine finds out that Chance is once again going into the military.

Nicholas tells Faith about Cassie and how a pic of her had hung in the coffeehouse. Diane tells Adam what her plans had been when she had returned to Genoa City. Sam and Shari have dinner together. Katherine is completely beside herself when she learns from Chance that he is going into the military. Jill gives him her blessings. Paul and Heather stop by the Chancellor’s to talk to Chance. Adam tells Diane about a dinner that he had eaten with Sharon on Thanksgiving day. Phyllis lashes out at Daniel for giving Lucy to Billy and Victoria. Phyllis sets up a plan via the internet to lure Daisy out.

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