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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is surprised when Ricky tells her that they are getting married today. Kendall and Bianca begin to make up all kinds of excuses as to why they should wait. Cara is drinking to celebrate Griffin’s birthday when Jake comes in to join her. Tad comes in and joins Krystal at the bar. Tad tells Krystal that he is falling in love with Cara. At the hospital, Amanda is upset when she doesn’t get the lab results back as to whether or not she is pregnant or not. With Erica’s help, Ricky continues to pressure Kendall to marry him while Griffin whispers in her ear for her to stop this marriage. Tad shows Krystal his honey-do list for Cara. Tad tells Krystal that Cara will love no one but Jake. The wedding begins with Ricky reciting his wedding vows and then it is Kendall’s turn. Kendall stalls in saying her vows. Griffin begs Kendall not to do this. Krystal and Tad form a pact that she will help him to stay away from Cara and he will help her to stay away from Jackson. Amanda comes in and orders a cup of decaf coffee. Amanda cries that she just cannot lose Jake. Cara becomes upset when she finds that Jake hasn’t been drinking with her at all. She starts to get up to leave and staggers into Jake. Ricky tells Kendall that they are going on their own private cruise. Jack arrives for the wedding. Kendall tells Ricky that she is ready that she knows what she wants to say. Amanda tells Tad that she just wants to be back with Jake the way things were. Griffin begs Kendall not to marry Ricky. Kendall asks Ricky for more time, but then agrees to a cruise with him.

Bianca catches Miranda hugging Ricky. Bianca advises Miranda to stay away from Ricky. Ricky overhears their conversation. Erica gives Krystal ample warning to stay away from Jackson. Kendall gets ready for her cruise with Ricky. Griffin sneaks into Kendall’s home. Amanda gets the bad news that she is not pregnant. But keeps the secret from Jake when he makes amends with her. Griffin finds out Kendall’s plan for Ricky and also finds a gun in Kendall’s purse. Griffin picks Kendall up and carries her out of the house. Bianca comes to the yacht looking for Kendall, but runs into Ricky instead.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Ridge that the berries took her back in time to a place with him. She still loves him after all these years. She’s glad he is there for her now. Whip reveals to Stephanie that the berries made Taylor very sexually aggressive. She became a whole different person. Stephanie overhears Thomas calling Brooke at the office and says he was held up, but will be there as soon as he can. Steffy rushes in and wants to see her mother. Everyone else leaves. At the office, Brooke confesses to Ridge that she ate the berries too. She was starving and thought she was going to die anyway. And they made her feel good and she convinced Thomas to eat some too. Ridge is skeptical that nothing happened if they blacked out and don’t remember what happened in that period.

Catching Thomas at the office before he sees Brooke, Stephanie questions Thomas about the berries and why he brought them home to be analyzed. She knows the berries were aphrodisiacs and something had to have happened between him and Brooke. They could not have stopped it. This is a miracle with Taylor wanting to get back together with Ridge. She informs Thomas that she has big plans for him. Ridge doesn’t understand why Brooke had plenty of opportunity, but had not told him about tripping out on the berries. They promised each other to be completely honest and here she is keeping things from him again. She says she knows herself well enough to know that she would never do what he is suggesting with Thomas. She says they are going back to the same old problem – that he would assume the worst. She apologizes and hopes once again that he can forgive her for keeping this from him. It seemed so innocent. He wants her to promise that nothing happened between her and Thomas as that would be crossing the line and something he could not accept. She promises him that there was an intimacy between her and Thomas that made them uncomfortable, but they didn’t even kiss and they woke up with all their clothes on so nothing happened between them. Stephanie tells Thomas that he is the heir apparent and she is going to put her money where her mouth is. This is just between the two of them, but she is going to change her will. When she dies she is going to give him her 25%. That with the 5% his dad just gave him will give him 30% and he will be the major shareholder and in control. He thinks this is incredible and he won’t let the family down. He doesn’t know how he can ever repay her. She does. She tells him that both he and Brooke ate the berries, yet she can’t remember that they had sex so he needs to remind her. Thomas corrects her and says they didn’t have sex. Stephanie says, "Oh yes, you did.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Rafe greeted Gabi.  Sami went to hug Will, but he backed away.  Will got smart with Sami and Rafe.  Will asked if Sami and Rafe wanted him and Gabi to pretend the last few months didnít happen.  Gabi told Rafe that she never wanted to see him again.  Rafe asked how he could make things right.  She wanted him to apologized and never do it again.  Rafe apologized and said he never meant to hurt her. Gabi wanted him to tell Sami what he did to her.  When Rafe couldnít do it, Gabi left.  Will went after her.  Rafe was upset with Fake Rafe for hurting his sister.  He said he would kill him.  Sami said after they connect Fake Rafe to Stefano and EJ. At the hospital, Carly asked Daniel if he wanted to get something toe at, but he said he had plans.  She figured they were with Jennifer.  When he left, Carly took out her pills and told herself that she didnít need them.  Despite that, she took them anyway.  At the Cheating Heart, Dario got a threatening call from Mike saying that he was going to smash Darioís kneecaps if he didnít get his money.  Dario wondered what he was going to do.  Adrienne handed him a bag with money thatís supposed to go to the bank.  At the park, Taylor told EJ that he had to be patient with her.  He said heís been patient with her.  She reminded him that she made a promise to Fay that she would look out for Nicole.  EJ thought she should keep that promise because Nicole is someone she needed to look out for. He told her that he was happy.  He said they are going to be together despite Nicole being a blackmailer.  He told her how beautiful she was.

Rafe was happy to be home and have his life back.  Sami saw a note and Rafeís wedding band on the desk.  She noticed that Fake Rafe wasnít wearing it and couldnít believe that he left it there.  She put the ring on Rafeís finger.  She called him her husband and said she loved him.  After they kissed, she noticed divorce papers.  She read the note.  It said to sign the papers and mail them to the lawyer.  She said that she hated EJ and Stefano.  Rafe said it was time to pay them back.  She wanted to play them the way she and Rafe were played.  She made a call to the DiMera mansion. She talked to Stefano who told her EJ wasnít there.  She wanted Stefano to tell EJ that she wanted to see the kids.  Sheís going to pick them up tomorrow at nine. He said he would give EJ the message. She said she might have to take Caroline for physical therapy so if she couldnít get the kids, Rafe would.  Stefano was shocked.  He wanted to know what she was doing with him.  He asked if she took him back.  She said heís her husband.  Stefano said that Rafe left.  She said Rafe is back and it was none of his business.  She wanted him to tell EJ, but not Johnny.  She wanted Johnny to be surprised.  She hung up.  At the pier, Mike confronted Dario.  Dario told him that he had the money.  Mike wanted the money.  Dario looked at the bag he had.  Melanie hid behind shrubs when she heard Mike and Dario talking about the money.  Dario said he could get the money by tonight. He asked for a few more hours.  He said Mike would get the money plus a profit.  If Mike beat him up, he wouldnít get anything.  Mike agreed, but warned him that he would pay if he didnít get the money.  Taylor and EJ kissed.  He said he wanted to be alone with her.  She wanted to go.  They kissed again when the phone rang. It was Stefano.  Stefano wanted EJ to come home now.  He told EJ that Hernandez was back.  EJ hung up.  Taylor asked what was wrong.  She wanted to know what was going on.  He couldnít tell her.  He explained it was about Stefano and wanted her to give him an hour.  She agreed.  When EJ got home, Stefano told him that Sami was back and Rafe was with her.  EJ wanted to know what he was doing back.  Stefano said thatís what they had to find out. Sami taped a wire to Rafeís chest. She told him that Fake Rafe couldnít control his temper.  Rafe thought he could pull it off.  She thought EJ would be calling soon. Rafeís phone rang.  It was EJ demanding to know what he was doing.  Nicole Taylor got into an argument over EJ.  Rafe showed up at the mansion.  EJ told him to explain what was going on.  Rafe said he was back because of Sami and what they did to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth is scattered when Nikolas goes to pick up Aiden. She accidentally calls Aiden Jake. Nikolas tries to convince Elizabeth to go on vacation, but she tells him she needs to stay busy. Ethan tells Kristina about Lisa's attempt to kill Robin and frame Patrick. He holds her hands while they talk about her kicking the Hydrocodone. Kristina asks Brenda for fashion advice because she thinks an older look will make Ethan notice her. Lulu and Lucky discuss Luke's drinking. Luke asks Dante to arrest him after he trashes the Haunted Star. Dante tells him to consider rehab. Luke yells at Lulu when she tries to clean up the Haunted Star. Tracy tells Lulu that it isn't her mess to clean up. Dante asks Sonny to talk to Luke. Luke tells Sonny he never wanted to turn into his father. He tells Sonny he knows what he has to do. Luke calls the whole family to the Haunted Star, apologizes to them all and tells them he is checking himself into rehab.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew passes out and gets rushed to the hospital before he has a chance to tell his parents that Nate knows he killed Eddie. After he comes to, he appears to be reliving riding in Cole Thornhart's car and becoming paralyzed after the accident. Bo and Nora assume that he will be ok. But the doctor tells them that Matthew has a fatal condition and they need to perform emergency surgery. Todd and Tomas are alone in the house, each threatening the other. While we see "original Todd" is an institution admitting that he might know who he gave his brain and personality to but knowing that nobody will kill him if he does not. Robert Ford goes to Capricorn with a nurse from the hospital who seems to like him and remembers when he was a nasty person and womanizer and remarks how she sees that he has changed. Jessica becomes Bess after a brief time of Tess replacing Wes. Brody urges Jessica to come back while Cutter urges Tess to come back. And Tess is ready to meet Cutter later at Capricorn after he tells her he has some things to take of that he won't tell her about. He goes to see Viki and Clint after Clint has found out that he has no legal grounds to invalidate his daughter's marriage to Cutter. Cutter tells Clint that he will get Tess committed and do what Clint wants for a price.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chance tells Nina that he has reenlisted and she is heartbroken and begs him to stay but he tells her that he feels a sense of purpose in the military and needs to find himself again. Chance tells Nina he couldn’t make things work with Heather or Chloe and he needs a fresh start. Heather interrupts the conversation between them and Nina tells her Chance is leaving town and its all her fault. Katherine fires Ashley from jabot to protect Tucker’s company once Ashley tells Jack he heads over to the mansion to talk to Katherine. Jack shows Katherine the new product that Ashley is working a deep moisturizer using cactus serum as the main ingredient. Katherine is impressed by the presentation and wonders if Jack can work with her and not against her if she puts him at the head of Jabot and jack tells her he will be what she needs him to be because he is doing this for the sake of his family. Victor also makes a pitch to Katherine to let Victoria run Jabot although he asks her not to tell Victoria that he said anything because he doesn’t want her to think that he is meddling in her affairs.

Daniel is given custody of Lucy and Phyllis advises him to keep Lucy for a month at lest before he makes a decision about giving her back to Billy and Victoria. Victoria is nervous about Daniel’s decision until she talks to Traci who advises her to do what it takes to make sure that there isn’t a custody battle because Lucy was born into chaos and she doesn’t need to be plunged back into chaos. Victoria leaves a message on Daniel’s phone telling him that he is Lucy’s father and she knows that whatever decision he makes will be the right decision because as Lucy’s father she knows that he wants the best for her. Rafe tells Billy that he needs to talk to the DA because the DA wants to bring criminal charges against him so Billy tells Rafe to tell the DA that he will tell him everything he knows about the baby broker but he wants the charges against him dropped and the investigation into Lucy’s adoption closed. Daniel leaves a note for Phyllis telling her he is sorry and he takes Lucy back to Billy and Victoria. Daniel tells Billy and Victoria that he wants to get the adoption underway and he asked to live in the upstairs apartment until the adoption is final but Lucy will live in the main house with her parents. Billy and Victoria are overjoyed and happily accept those terms and all three of them play with Lucy while Phyllis watches them from outside.

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