Monday 5/23/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/23/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is talking to herself when Jack walks in and questions her as to who she was talking to. Erica drops her keychain in the floor. Erica and Jack begins to kiss when Erica becomes more insistent. Amanda starts to get up out of bed and has a dizzy spell. Kendall comes home and finds Ricky in her living room. Ricky asks her why had she lied to him. At the clinic, Tad and Cara argue over the whereabouts of Griffin . Cara kisses Tad on the cheek as a way of thanks for helping Griffin. Jack is surprised as to the kiss that Erica had just given him. Griffin, on the computer, finds incriminating evidence against Ricky and Diana. Kendall explains to Ricky that she is sorry, but her children had been through so much that this just wasn’t the right time. Jack tries to take Erica to bed but she pulls away and tells him that she can’t. One of the neighborhood boys brings Griffin some homemade goodies. Griffin tells him that he needs some wheels. Kendall reminds Ricky that he had been pushing too hard. Ricky tells Kendall that he loves her so much. Ricky tells Kendall that he isn’t sure that she feels the same way about him. Ricky kisses Kendall. Kendall wipes his kiss off her lips as she gets a call from Griffin to get over there fast. Tad tells Cara that he is going out of town for Griffin. Cara become angry with Tad when he won’t let her accompany him. Amanda catches up to Angie at the hospital. They discuss what Madison and Ryan are going through right now with the death of their child. Amanda tells Angie that she may be pregnant. Jack is stunned by Erica’s response to his advances. Erica suggests that they go on a date. Jack asks Erica out on a date. Erica gets a call from Ricky to meet him for a talk. Griffin lets Kendall watch the video of Ricky and Diana making love. Griffin tells Kendall that he is going out of town to check on one of the casinos. Kendal takes off the engagement ring and flings it across the room. Griffin does his best to calm her down. Griffin helps her to find the ring while they talk about Ricky and how she will get back at him for what he had done to Zach.

Erica meets with Ricky to plan a surprise for Kendall. Amanda lets Jake know that she could possibly be pregnant. Jake is hurt by Amanda’s betrayal in trying to have another baby in order to fix things between them. Griffin manages to find the engagement ring. Bianca visits Jack and finds out that Ricky had called Erica for a meeting. Jack tells Bianca that he feels that something is wrong. Erica meets with Ricky and they plan a bigger surprise for Kendall. Griffin meets with a man, who tells him that the casino had closed. Griffin shows him a pic of Ricky and Diana. The man refuses to give him any more info. Jake is upset with Amanda over trying to have a child to cover up their problems. Jack beats himself up that she should never have believed the e-mails. Jack and Bianca find the keychain which doesn’t fit what Erica likes at all. Griffin tells Tad that Ricky and Diana were lovers. Tad tells Griffin that he had come to check out the casino. Griffin tells Tad that Kendall is engaged to Ricky. Cara asks Kendall had she heard from Griffin. Cara finds out that Kendall is engaged to Ricky. Cara tells Kendall that Griffin doesn’t believe that Ricky is a “good guy.” Tad tells Cara how worried that Cara is over him. Tad tells Griffin that he had gotten Cara a job at the free clinic. Tad wants to know what he should tell Cara about his whereabouts. Griffin begs Tad not to tell Cara about Griffin. Ricky tells the man that he wants the ship ready to sail by tonight. The man asks for more time. Kendall hurries home to see what Erica wants with her. Erica tells Kendall that she wants her to go out to dinner with her, Bianca and Jack. Erica calls Ricky to tell him that everything is all set. Amanda lets Angie know that she hadn’t gotten the lab results back yet. Cara has a drink to celebrate Griffin’s birthday. Jake walks in. Kendall fears that she is overdressed for just dinner out. Bianca arrives and doesn’t know about the dinner. Erica lets Kendall know that there is no dinner. Ricky arrives with a minister. Ricky tells Kendall that they are getting married right now, right here.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas shouts at the paramedics to help his mom and get her to the hospital. Ridge tells Brooke there is nothing that she can’t tell him. Just open up and tell him everything. Stephanie barges in – maybe she should have called first, ya think? Ridge gets a phone call from Thomas that he needs to get to the hospital; Taylor has been poisoned. Thomas answers all the questions at the hospital and informs them Taylor probably ingested the berries he brought back from the South Pacific and that made her sick. He admits to Ridge and Stephanie that he accidentally drugged his own mother. Thomas returns Brooke’s phone call and asks to meet her at the office where he’ll explain everything. He apologizes to his mother for putting her under so much stress and strain.

Taylor explains to Ridge that she went back to that special time when he proposed to her and it was so beautiful that she is not sure she wants to leave that place. It was real, it was perfect. She wants him in her life, she wants that future. Thomas overhears this that every inch of her body was on fire after eating the berries. She cries that it was such a deep, deep love and she knows the hole in her heart will never be the same again. She forgot what it was like to feel that. She will always love him; that is never gonna change. He hugs her and tells her that he loves her too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the storage shed, Sami didn’t want to involve the police.  Rafe said they’re going to need bank records and LUDs from his cell phone.  All of that was going to require court records.  They were going to need the police for that.  Sami reminded him that they can’t risk the kids.  If EJ figured out that the police were involved, it’s going to be a short reunion.  Rafe agreed to leave it with the two of the.  Sami assured him that they could handle it.  They were going to take EJ down.  Rafe asked her if she was ready.  Sami called Bo to talk about “Rafe” and his behavior at work.  Bo told her about the different way Rafe acted.  He also told her what Ciara said about how Rafe was nice to kids when adults are around.  Bo apologized for telling her all of the bad things about Rafe, but Sami thanked him because he helped more than he realized.  At the hospital, Abby asked Carly why she had pills for Katarina.  Abby asked if they were for a friend.  Carly said no. Carly said there was a patient.  Abby asked for the bottle.  Carly said it was a sensitive situation and she told her friend she’d handle it.  Abby noticed the label said it was a controlled substance.  Carly reminded Abby that she works at a hospital so she’s going to run across things that are nobody’s business.  Carly warned Abby that she better keep her mouth shut if she wants to keep her internship.  

At the park, EJ met Taylor.  Taylor told EJ that Nicole knows about them.  EJ thought it was possible and wanted to know what Nicole said.  Taylor said it wasn’t what she said, it was how she acted. She said Nicole isn’t blackmailing him because she loves him and wants to stay in the marriage.  She thought Nicole was blackmailing him because Nicole hates them.  He wanted to know what Nicole said.  She told him that Nicole was happy with him until she came to town.  EJ said that was true.  Taylor reminded him that she was the reason he asked for a divorce.  Taylor blamed herself for why Nicole is blackmailing EJ.  He said it had nothing to do with her.  Taylor wondered what Nicole would have done if he had asked for the divorce and she hadn’t known there was someone else.  EJ was certain that she would have accepted the terms and had a happy life with Brady.  Taylor said she talked to Brady, but he wasn’t having it.  EJ told Taylor that Nicole wants to get even.  Taylor said that Nicole wants her to leave town.  Taylor said Nicole is punishing them.  He said that wasn’t going to happen.  She wanted to know what he’s going to do to Nicole.  He said he was going to handle it and keep her out of it.  He wasn’t going to let Nicole hurt her.  They talked about Arianna. EJ wanted to tell Taylor everything about himself, but she stopped him.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.  She said she called the DA’s office.  She didn’t say who she was or who EJ was.  She just told them that someone told her they did something illegal.  He thought that was why she wanted him there. She said it was part of the reason. She told him that the guy told her he would tell the police if a crime could be proven.  She told the guy she would think about it and hung up.  She couldn’t turn him in.  He asked if she could live with what she did.  She couldn’t send him to jail because she didn’t want to live without him.  They kissed.  Carly apologized for snapping at Abby.  Carly lied about her patient not being able to get around easily.  Abby asked if that was why she was at a pharmacy so far from where she lives.  Carly said yes. Carly wanted to keep the information between them.  Bo walked in on the end of the conversation and wanted to know what they were talking about. Carly couldn’t tell him.  She said she was just giving Abby tips on hospital protocol.  Bo apologized. He felt like he upset Carly.  She said he didn’t and he should go back to what he was doing.  He was there to talk to her.  Carly couldn’t talk to him when she didn’t like him talking about their relationship.  She said she couldn’t tell him she was fine. Bo thought she wanted him to keep his distance.  He gave her her mail.  He asked if something was going on that she wasn’t telling.  She told him to leave her alone.  He said that wasn’t going to happen.  He noticed that something was different about her.  Carly asked about Hope.  He said Hope is better now that Ciara is back. She suggested that Bo go home.  The two talked about their breakup until she walked off.  Rafe talked to Fake Rafe about Fake Rafe finding the kids when he was going to leave Salem. When Carly was alone, she took more pills.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lisa is arrested for attempting to kill Robin.  Lisa pleads her innocence, even though a mountain of evidence says otherwise.  Sonny and Jason talk about mob life and its impact on children.  Brenda thanks Carly for helping rescue Alec.  Anthony catches Michael breaking into Johnny’s apartment.  Johnny is furious to find Anthony aiming a gun at Michael.  Jax and Carly fight over custody of Josslyn.  Brenda and Sonny have a heartfelt chat about their future.  Johnny and Anthony butt heads over the direction of the Zacchara organization.  Michael tells Jason about his run-in with Anthony.  Michael is determined to help Abby at any cost.  Patrick and Robin are thankful to move on with their lives.  Lisa calls Johnny for help.  Johnny refuses to help Lisa escape from jail.  Carly and Jason talk about Jake.   Jason urges Carly to fight for custody of Josslyn.  Anthony has plans to have Brenda killed.  Brenda and Sonny agree to a romantic night at home. 

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Joey returns to Aubrey declaring that he finally sees the light, knows that she and Cutter were scamming him and he's done with her. But she admits she truly loves him and wants him to give her a chance. He tells her he is going to divorce her and throw her out. But she reminds him if he does that, Social Services will take Ryder away from them. Destiny and Dani are still unaware that Nate overheard their conversation about knowing that Matthew killed Eddie. Destiny goes to see Matthew and he attempts to tell her that Nate knows but does not have a chance. She believes that Matthew is in the clear since Clint has confessed and urges Dani not to tell Nate. Matthew attempts to tell his parents that somebody besides them and Clint and Destiny knows who is not going to keep the secret for him. But before he can tell them, he falls over after having a terrible headache from when Nate assaulted him. Tea knows that Todd and Tomas are keeping a secret, as does Shaun. We then see the original Todd alone in a private hospital. A guy somehow knows that his "mind" has been given to somebody else but does not know who it could be. And nobody else knows that the original Todd played by Roger Howarth is still alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby wants to tell the police that Ashley was fighting with her and she grabbed the wheel and turned it and accidentally hit Tucker but Ashley tells Abby that she won’t let her take the blame for the accident. Michael asks Ashley to tell her the truth so he can do a better job in her defense but she insists the awful truth is that she hit Tucker no matter how much she wishes it wasn’t true. Katherine and Sofia continue to argue about how Tucker wanted his company run and Sofia is upset when Katherine wants to stop all deals to acquire Newman Enterprises stock. Sofia sits at Tucker’s bedside and promises that she will make sure his company is run the way that he wants it done.

Ashley is released on bail and she heads to the hospital to see Tucker but once Katherine learns from Collin that Ashley has been arrested for trying to kill Tucker she tells Ashley that she intends to take out an order of protection to keep her away from Tucker. Lily tells doctor Mason she doesn’t need therapy anymore and doctor mason calls Neil and asks him to watch over Lily because she needs her family right now. Neil gets more worried when Jill tells him that she talked to Lily earlier and she was a bit off. Neil asks Sofia to get Malcolm and Devon together and they will meet and discuss ways to keep Lily from becoming isolated from them. Collin meets with Cane’s evil twin brother Caleb who is getting tired of the plan and wants to kill Neil, Jill, and Lily and just take the twins to Australia. Collin tells Caleb to keep a cool head and stick to the plan and later he tells Jill he would love to take her, Lily, and the twins to Australia so they could see where Cane was born. Jill thinks that would be a good idea but wants to wait until Tucker has gotten better to go. “ Cane” returns to see Lily and tells her that she shouldn’t tell anyone about their relationship or they would try to keep them apart and Lily tells “Cane” she won’t let anyone take him away from her because he is the only one that makes her feel better.

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