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AMC Recap Written by Eva

“Erica” continues to raise suspicions with Jack and Opal after Jack walks in on her argument with Opal “Erica tries to resolve things with Opal but Opal leaves still upset with “Erica.” Jack tells “Erica” that Opal is her best friend and she shouldn’t treat her so badly even though she has been through a lot she needs to understand that he family and friends also suffered while she was gone so “Erica “ promises to call Opal later and apologize to her. Ryan is devastated when Frankie informs him that baby Sara didn’t survive the pneumonia and bacteria in her bloodstream because she was just too tiny. Ryan doesn’t need to tell Madison who can tell by the look on his face that Sara has died. Ryan and Madison cry in each other’s arms and then head to the chapel to say good-bye to Sara while Greenlee tells Scott the news and he cries and heads to the chapel where he sees Ryan and Madison holding each other. Greenlee also calls Jack, “Erica”, Kendall, and Bianca who all head to the hospital.

“Erica” is supportive to Greenlee who wonders why “Erica is being so nice to her and “Erica tells her that she needs support too. Bianca wants to tell “Erica” the truth about Ricky but Kendall doesn’t think it’s a good idea since “Erica” hasn’t been herself lately. Griffin is able to recover the files on Ricky’s computer thanks to a program that Kendall got to recover files and Griffin finds a video of Ricky and Dianna in bed together and thinks they finally have Ricky. Kendall lies to Ricky and tells him she told the boys about their wedding and later Ricky goes to Kendall’s house to give Spike a present and finds out he doesn’t know about the wedding. Jane tells Erica the latest news about Ryan and Erica asks Jane if she is trying to take over her life because she doesn’t have family that cares about her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip leaves the room and Taylor takes a step and begins hallucinating. She sees Ridge on the beach in his Speedos. He offers her champagne and fine dining complete with music by the natives. She finds a ring in the sand. She wants to hear him say the words. He says he loves her and wants her to marry him. Whip returns and she urges him to help her find the treasure. He’s stymied by her behavior, but plays along. She thinks he is Ridge and starts getting amorous, then doubles over when she drifts in and out and realizes it is Whip. She collapses on the floor. Ridge shows up at home and Brooke feels guilty taking him away from work. He thinks it is important that he be with her and wishes she would open up more. He feels she must feel guilty…… for being rescued while two others were killed in the crash. The lab tech informs Thomas those are very toxic berries, hallucinogenic and dangerous. They are very unique to that part of the South Pacific and can cause delusions of grandeur and heighten your sexual awareness and desire, lack of caution and inhabitations. Under no circumstances is he to eat not even one right now. He says he is not stupid; he was just curious what they were.

Brooke tells Ridge that she will slowly start from the beginning of the crash and tell him what happened on the island. He goes to make tea first and she gets a call from Thomas. He tells her the berries are just what they thought, but will have no lasting effects on them. And under no circumstances is she to tell his Dad as he would still be upset and not understand. Brooke tells Ridge about the phone call, but that it was about the Taboo line. She tells Ridge she only wants to concentrate on those she loves and tell them every single day. Life is too short to be worried about anything else. She cried for sorrow, but also for joy. She tells him that she is now ready to talk about it, the time on the island and the time afterwards. Whip argues with Thomas as to what might have caused Taylor to collapse this way. It’s like she has been poisoned. Thomas fears he knows what happened. The medics arrive and they rush Taylor to the hospital.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Carly held up her pill bottle and asked herself what she is doing, but she took the pills anyway.  Jennifer met her for lunch, but Carly only had time for coffee.  Carly asked if Jennifer had a PR emergency and she said she did.  The missing drugs at the hospital were causing problems.  Jennifer grabbed Carlyís purse and looked in it for Carlyís phone because Jenniferís phone died.  Jennifer found Carlyís passport, but not the pills.  Carly gave her an excuse about why she had that in her purse.  They talked about Jack and Jennifer being soul mates and itís painful to lose it.  They talked about Daniel.  Carly told Jennifer that she and Daniel share a child and a profession.  They are friends. Carly said she was happy for Jennifer and Daniel.  Daniel assured Carly that she will be happy again.  On the pier, Taylor thought about her conversation with EJ.  She wondered what she should do.  Nicole heard her and suggested that Taylor leave town.  Taylor let Nicole know that she knows Nicole is blackmailing EJ into staying married to her.  Nicole wanted to know how Taylor found out.  Nicole told Taylor about Eric and how Taylor always wants the guys Nicole has.  Nicole told Taylor that she and EJ love the kids and the kids love them.  She is determined to keep her family.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ told Stefano that he would only be involved in DiMera Enterprises legitimate business from now on.  Stefano blamed this change on Taylor.  EJ brought up Ariannaís death.  EJ wasnít sure he was in the clear.  EJ didnít know what evidence Troy may have left behind.  EJ said heís doing this for Stefanoís sake.  EJ didnít want Stefano dragged down with him if something should happen.  Stefano left while Nicole showed up.

Nicole wanted to know who told Taylor that she is blackmailing EJ.  He said he didnít know.  Nicole warned him that he does what she wants now and he better not forget.  He reminded her that she had the upper hand before and didnít keep it for long.  He told her to remember that.  At the hotel room, Chloe realized that the only thing she knew about Quinn was that he is a traveling salesman.  Quinn thought about his deal with EJ.  He wants to see more of her.  She said she liked being cared for again, but she doesnít want to be clingy.  He wants to see her again.  He left for a meeting.  At the hospital, Lexie and Taylor talked about EJ and Nicole.  Taylor didnít want to cause trouble in Nicoleís marriage.  Lexie said that if Nicoleís marriage is in trouble, that it was Nicoleís fault.  Taylor told her that Nicole wants her to leave town, Taylor knew what she had to do.  Carly went back to the hospital and collided with Abby.  The contents of Carlyís purse went flying.  Carly didnít want Abbyís help to pick up her things.  Abby insisted and picked up the pill bottle.  At the storage shed, Sami and Rafe didnít believe that the card was canceled.  Rafe gave Sami a piece of paper and asked her to run an errand.  When she left, Rafe warned Fake Rafe that Stefano will either have him killed for being stupid or heíll be in prison with Stefano and EJ.  Rafe suggested that the best thing to do would be talk.  Fake Rafe insisted Sami came back with the laptop.  Rafe informed Fake Rafe that the card is still linked to his account.  He needs a passport.  Fake Rafe continued to get smart and got punched out.  He was put in another room.  Rafe got into the account and was surprised by how much money Fake Rafe was paid.  They were glad that the money was wired so they could trace it.  Rafe tried it but it was a dead end.  The money came from a dummy corporation.  There was no way to trace it back to Stefano and EJ.  They talked about EJ and he mentioned Ivanhoe.  He said that was the name of the dummy corporation.  Sami remembered that EJ got a lot of mail from Ivanhoe Corporation.  She didnít open it but she knew it was checks.  Rafe said they needed one of those checks to get the bank information.  He also said they needed the cops.  Outside the Cheating Heart, Quinn watched his cell phone video of Chloe taking the envelope of cash from his hotel room.  He said he would definitely see her again.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn quits his job so Jax can't use him as a reason to take Josslyn away from Carly. Carly begs him to stay because she is still afraid Franco is still waiting for an opportunity to grab Josslyn. Brenda hires a nanny that Jax suggested for Alec. Brenda is upset that Alec isn't bonding with her because he already bonded with Carly on the plane. She is afraid that their marriage is in trouble but he placates her. Brenda confides to Jax that marriage is harder than she expected. Sonny tells Jason that a child changes everything, and he wonders if he should break up with Brenda for Alec's sake. Brenda thanks Carly for helping to bring Alec back.

Alexis is concerned that if Sam and Jason have a child together, the same circumstances that caused him to give up Jake will still exist. Sam confides in Alexis that the thought of having another child is killing Jason but he won't say so because he wants her to be happy. Alexis suggests that Sam consider her motives for having a child. Michael notices Kristina's odd behavior and asks her if she is on something. She admits that she took Hydrocodone but that she didnít know what it was. She tells him about what Lisa did. Lisa locks Robin in her basement with an open gas line to the water heater. She tells her she intends to stage it to appear that Patrick killed his wife so that she will have her revenge on both of them. Later, Lisa goes back into the basement to see if Robin is dead yet, but Robin jumps up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and Brody go to The Minuteman but are too late to find Marty and baby Liam. They find Wes and Brody urges Jessica to come back and help him find his son. But Jessica is not there. Tess, however, comes back and doesn't want to help them. Brody then places her under arrest. Natalie is very worried about her baby and doesn't want to be stuck in a hospital room. John comes to see her and for the first time since they've broken up, he holds her in his arms and promises to get baby Liam back. Meanwhile, Clint confesses to everything on Blanca's show. Nora does not buy for a minute that he wants to come clean or have a conscience until she finds out, for the first time that he is dying. He urges Bo and Nora to let him take the wrap for killing Eddie Ford so that Matthew does not have to, stating that Matthew has a future whereas he does not. Aubrey and Rama realize that the truth might come out about Aubrey and Cutter's secret although Aubrey has no suspicion about Joey finding her out and declares she is now in love with him and done with Cutter. But Joey goes to apologize and bear his soul to Kelly, admitting that he now knows that Aubrey scammed him for his money and he's not going to be fooled any longer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sheri and Sam bring the little lamb back to Tucker. She is overwhelmed to get the lamb back. Adam finds out that Diane can cook just before she goes out for her run. Adam and Diane set ground rules for their living together. Traci joins Ashley and Jack at the hospital. Victor watches Diane from out of his living room window. Sofia walks into Tucker’s hospital room and finds him on a feeding tube. She is glad that Katherine did not abide by Tucker’s wishes. Sofia hugs Katherine. Detective Mauro questions Abby about the accident. Abby realizes that Detective Mauro thinks that Ashley had hit Tucker intentionally. Sofia tells Katherine about her life with her father and Tucker. Traci has an emotional meltdown in front of Abby and has to leave the room. Jack worries about Jabot and his father’s legacy. Diane asks Adam how does Kylie figure into this living arrangement. Victor visits Adam and Diane opens the door. Adam lets Victor know that he and Diane are roommates now. Ashley walks in on Abby and Detective Mauro talking. Abby lets Detective Mauro and Ashley know that she had been the one, who had set up the meeting between Tucker and Diane. Abby tells Ashley that it was her fault for the accident. Ashley orders Abby not to ever take the blame for the accident. Jack tells Traci that they need to rally around Jabot and Ashley right now. Jack offers his help to Katherine concerning Jabot. Katherine lets Jack know that Jabot is the farthest thing from her mind right now. Victor lets Adam and Diane know that he knew all along that she had slept with Nicholas.

Adam and Diane come up with a plan to get even with Victor. Sheri lets Tucker know that she, too, had lost someone. At the hospital, in talking to Jack, Victor comes up with a plan to make Jabot vulnerable. Victor comforts Katherine about Tucker. Abby watches Ashley spend time with Tucker. Jack fears that Katherine will give Jabot to Victor. Abby seeks comfort from Traci concerning Ashley and Tucker and what she had done to them. Adam and Diane arrive home and find out that they are locked out of their home. Ashley is arrested for running down Tucker. Katherine finds out that tucker has a son and that she is head of the company now.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

“Sheri” and Piper continue to bond after Sam and “Sheri” find Fanny who was lost in the bad thunderstorm. “Sheri” tells Piper that she has lost many people that she loves and it hurts a lot and isn’t easy but it gets better with time. Piper hugs “Sheri” and it is touched because Piper doesn’t hug everyone and “Sheri” tells Sam she is happy to have met Piper. Adam makes Victor believe that he and Dianne are sleeping together and Victor tells Dianne that he knew that she was sleeping with Nick and he only married her to keep her away from Nick Dianne is livid at Victor and she and Adam launch operation head explode. Adam returns from going to pick up Kyle with Dianne and is told he can’t use the driveway to get to his house because Victor owns all the land surrounding the house.

Traci is appalled that Jack can only think of taking control of Jabot before Victor gets his hands on it since Katherine is in charge of McCall Unlimited while Tucker is in a coma. The detective continues to pressure Abby and gets her to admit that she set up the meeting between Dianne and Tucker Ashley overhears and is very angry at Abby but tells her never to take the blame for the accident. Ashley goes to Tucker’s room and tells him she is the love of her life but Abby is her daughter and she can’t let her to jail. Sofia and Katherine argue because Katherine puts a hold on all the deals Tucker was about to close before his accident. Tucker’s lawyer arrives and tells Katherine that there is an addendum to Tucker’s will that puts $20 million dollars in reserve in case the son that Tucker searched for but never found comes forward. Jack asks Ashley to let him be in charge of Jabot so that she can take care of Abby and Tucker and Ashley doesn’t know if she should hug or slap Jack. Ashley is arrested for the attempted murder of Tucker and she is handcuffed in front of her family.

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