Thursday 5/19/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/19/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

Colby comes to the hospital to apologize to Asher for the way she treated him before the accident but tells him that her Vlog is very important to her and she is very sensitive about it. Colby also apologizes to Asher for taking out all her anger on him when he should have taken it out on Liza and Damon. Colby tells Asher he should come home where he belongs to recover from his injury. Maya looks at the babies in the nursery and runs into Opal who tells her that Asher was adopted and has recently found his biological father Caleb and they are starting to build a relationship even though they are both very stubborn. Frankie sees Maya after Opal has left and she tells him that she wasn’t ready to raise a baby and she knows she did the right thing by giving up her child.

Scott brings Madison to see her baby and she tells him that she has to be alone. Ryan arrives a few minutes later and they touch their little girl though the holes in the incubator. Madison tells Ryan that their baby will be okay because the doctors wouldn’t let them touch her if she wasn’t getting better. Ryan brings Madison to her room and he gives her a card from Emma and a list of baby names Madison and Ryan decide to name the baby Sara and Madison wants her to have Ryan’s last name. Ryan decides to go take care of the birth certificate and after he has finished he is on his way to Madison’s room when he sees doctors rushing to see his daughter and Frankie tells him Sara has developed pneumonia. Scott asks Greenlee for an advance on his salary so that he can rent a bigger apartment close to the hospital for Madison and Greenlee tells him not to worry because she is paying for anything Madison and the baby need. “Erica” has Jack really worried and confused because she gives Greenlee a big hug when she sees her at the hospital. Jack thinks “Erica” should see a doctor but she assures him she is fine and will talk to hi, later because she has some place to go. Caleb is also puzzled when he sees “Erica” at Krystal's and she doesn’t respond when he calls her Dorothy she tells him that he has confused her with someone else. Caleb tells “Erica” he will always call her Dorothy because it’s just a habit with him. “Erica” tells Caleb he gave up on her so easily after he went to ST Barts to try and stop her wedding. Caleb tells “Erica” she made her choice very clear and there was nothing more he could do about it. Opal arrives after Caleb leaves and demands to know what her gal pal was talking to Caleb about but “Erica doesn’t feel like talking and heads home. Opal follows her home and tells her she isn’t leaving until they talk about her kidnapping and why she was flirting with Caleb earlier “Erica” tells Opal that she doesn’t want to talk and Opal should go stick her nose in someone else’s business. Jack arrives to hear the last part of the conversation and looks puzzled as he watches “Erica” being so rude to Opal.

AMC Recap Written by Mary

Emma asks Ryan how long her baby sister will have to stay in the hospital. Emma suggests that they name the baby “Tinkerbell.” Emma asks to see Madison. Madison wakes up and sees Scott watching her. Madison tells Scott that she needs to see her baby. Caleb sits by Asher’s bedside. Asher tells Caleb that he cannot move his legs. Jack tells Jane that he did not propose to Erica on the rooftop but in the hospital when she returned from West Virginia. Jane insists that she would never forget where he proposed to her. Jack urges Jane to see a doctor, but she puts him off. Jack wants to check on the investigation to find the kidnappers. Asher wants to know why he cannot move his legs. J.R. tells Asher that he will talk to his doctor to get him out of there. Scott agrees to let Madison see her daughter. Maya asks Colby how Asher is doing. Colby realizes how mean she has been to Asher lately. Scott wants to accompany Madison to see the baby, but she insists that she do it on her own. Madison looks lovingly at her tiny daughter. Colby visits Asher and apologizes, then insists that he come home with her. Ryan joins Madison in the nursery. Madison gets to touch her baby to let her know that they are there. At the hospital, Jane remembers when the doctor did surgery on her. Greenlee informs Jack about Ryan and the baby. She admits that what she did was selfish concerning Madison’s baby and keeping it from Ryan. Jane sees Jack hugging Greenlee. Jane hugs Greenlee and calls her “sweetheart.” Greenlee is quite surprised by Jane’s change of attitude toward her. Colby tries to talk to Asher.

Asher tells her that everything that he has said to her was wrong. Maya watches Colby with Asher. Opal walks up and asks Maya if she knows Asher. Opal tells Maya about Palmer. Jane comes in and sits down at a table at Krystal’s. Caleb walks up and calls her, “Dorothy.” Jane tells him that he must have her confused with someone else. Caleb tells her that he doesn’t think so. Scott tells Greenlee that he had been looking for apartments for Madison and her daughter. Greenlee offers to help. Frankie asks Maya had she been thinking about her baby. Jane reminds Caleb that she goes after what she wants. Opal sees Jane talking to Caleb. Jane asks Caleb if he is giving up. Opal hugs Jane as she is glad to see Jane. Opal tells Jane that she wants to know everything that has happened. An emergency happens with the baby. Greenlee visits Madison. Greenlee doesn’t want Madison to forgive her for what she had done, but she does tell Madison how much Scott loves her. J.R. asks Colby if she and Asher are “buds” again. Jane tries to blow Opal off to make her leave. Jack walks in and sees Jane kick Opal out. Greenlee apologizes to Madison. Frankie tells Ryan that the baby has pneumonia.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy that he didn’t come here for this; he’s married. Steffy reminds him that his wife pushed him away. She wants the man that she is refusing. Stephanie surprises Brooke by dropping by to see her. Stephanie feels badly that their relationship is just about back where it used to be. She’s hurt that Brooke doesn’t want to work on their friendship. She isn’t the girl she would have picked for Ridge, but they love each other and Brooke was kind to her when she was sick, so she respects that and wants to apologize. Whip comes home for lunch to spend more time with Taylor. He reminds her they haven’t been together for a while. He’s not her patient. He’s her husband and as such he’d like to know how she feels and be more a part of her life.

While she is straddled him, Bill tells Steffy that this would be so easy, but that isn’t the reason he is here. She tells him that he’s the most amazing man she has ever known. He saved her brother and Bill even told her that he loved her. She is not going to let him go. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is tired of trying. Stephanie gets it – she has rejected Brooke all these years so now Brooke is rejecting her. Brooke says they are a part of each other’s lives, but Stephanie only loves her when she is sick. Life seems to be all about Stephanie and Brooke doesn’t want to play this game any more. Taylor tells Whip that she doesn’t want to say anything to push him away or even compare him to Ridge. She needs both of them in her life. He wonders if that means her lying next to him without touching. He apologizes for always trying to find fault with her, but he’s only wants to find a way back to each other. Suddenly she gets dizzy and can barely stand. Alone she starts hallucinating and sees Ridge on the beach. Bill tells Steffy that he underestimated her. She’s the only person that has beat him in business. He meant what he said on the plane, but he doesn’t take marriage lightly. He will honor his commitment to Katie. She understands that he’s in love with two women, but wants him to promise that won’t be their last kiss. She will wait until eventually he will have to make a choice. Brooke tells Stephanie that she would love it if it was possible that Stephanie could like her despite her disapproval of her. Thomas gives a bag of the berries to a lab tech and asks her to please analyze them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Kate held up her phone while using the speakerphone feature.  She wanted Philip to hold up Parker to the camera so she could see him.  Chloe walked in and saw Parker.  Kate ended the call when Chloe tried to grab the phone from her declaring Parker is her son.  Kate believed that Chloe would have thought twice before leaving Parker on a pier when she decided to jump if she was concerned about being a mother.  Chloe started asking questions about Parker.  Kate got a call from Stefano and planned to meet him at Chez Rouge.  Before Kate left, she and Chloe got into an argument.  Then Kate left.  Quinn showed up and offered to comfort Chloe.  She wanted to fix herself up so they could start over.  While she was gone, Quinn got a call.  He said to the person that they knew what to do.  He was onto something else right now so the other person had to handle it.  At a storage shed, Fake Rafe wondered where Sami and Rafe were.  He was gagged and tied to a chair.  At a hotel, Rafe and Sami were disguised in hats and sunglasses.  She was happy that they found somewhere to put Fake Rafe and that Bo warned them that Tim was going to use the safehouse.  Rafe had a memory of their past.  A flood of memories returned.  Sami asked if he remembered.  He said he did.  He mentioned his sister and the kids.  He wanted to know how they were.  She said they were good and they missed him.  They kissed and happily went to bed.  

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor wanted EJ to answer her.  She wanted to know if he was responsible for running the drug cartel that Troy worked for.  He wanted to know who told her.  Taylor told him that Troy was the one who hit Arianna and left her to die.  She asked if Troy was selling drugs for him.  She wanted the truth.  He wanted her to think about what she wanted to say.  He asked if she wanted the truth.  EJ poured them drinks, but she threw hers in his face when he sarcastically said he was a good person.  She asked again if he was the reason why Arianna was killed.  When he looked at her, she realized he did.  He said that it wasnít on his order.  He said he didnít know anything about Troy being involved in Ariannaís death until he read about the attack on Melanie in the paper.  He had a flashback about finding out about Troy.  EJ told Taylor he wanted to turn himself in when he found out about Arianna.  She asked if he was going to turn himself in.  He couldnít do it.  He didnít want to go to jail because of his children even though the real reason was because Stefano talked him out of turning himself in.  Taylor didnít care for EJís reason.  He told her that this is the man he is.  He said he wanted to be the man she wanted him to be, but he couldnít be. The two continued to talk about his involvement in Ariannaís death. At the pub, Chloe noticed a drink on the table.  She asked if he was trying to get lucky again.  He said no she saw Daniel and Jennifer together and took a drink.  Daniel got a text and had to leave.  Quinn got her another drink.  When Jennifer went in the pub to talk to Caroline and get lunch.  Chloe wanted to leave.  At Chez Rouge, Stefano met Kate for dinner and told her he wasnít going to take Vivianís offer.  He didnít want to upset Kate.  Sami and Rafe made love.  Rafe said they had to deal with Fake.  At Quinnís hotel room, Chloe and Quinn made love.  She called out Danielís name.  She apologized.  He was okay with it and went back to making love.  Fake Rafe got the bindings free from one leg and rocked the chair backward.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ thought Taylor might forgive him if she never found out what he did to Sami and Rafe.  Sami and Rafe went to the storage shed and found Fake Rafe on the floor.  Rafe sat him up.  Sami kicked him.  Rafe said something about paying for something.  Sami pulled out Fake Rafeís card and suggested they use it.  Fake Rafe asked what it was.  Sami asked if it was his ticket out of Salem.  She asked if it was the money the DiMeras gave him to ruin her life.  He said he concealed it when he lost it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick suspects Lisa is involved when his account is frozen. Kristina confronts Lisa about giving her addictive prescription medication under the guise of vitamins. Lisa says Kristina wanted the Hydrocodone. Ethan vents to Johnny about Lisa tricking Kristina into taking drugs so she could easily access Robin and Patrickís house when Kristina was babysitting. Johnny asks Lisa what happened to moving on from Patrick. Lisa claims she hates the sight of Patrick. Johnny goes to GH to see Patrick and tells him that Lisa is still just as unstable and obsessed with him as ever. Ethan asks Kristina if she really got the pills from Lisa or if she just said that in a panic. He believes her when she says it was the truth and he warns her to cut off all contact with Lisa. Lisa goes to the Drake house when no one is home and lets herself in with a key. She goes into the basement and begins loosening a pipe on the water heater. Robin comes home, hears a noise, and goes to the basement.

Luke provokes Jason, but Jason doesn't bite. Carly yells at Luke. Jason tells Luke he isnít going to kill him; he wants him to live a long life of suffering. Alexis tells Jax that they got an equitable 50/50 split on Josslyn's custody, but Jax is adamant that Carly's house is not safe for Josslyn for any amount of time. Alexis says she won't help him take Josslyn away from her mother. She warns him that it will blow up in his face and he will be the one to lose custody. When Carly goes to pick up Josslyn for her court ordered time, Jax tells her that if she takes her, he will get an emergency injunction to grant him full custody.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew tells his parents that he is not going to let them risk their careers in order to let him escape the consequences of the fact that he killed Eddie Ford and that he intends to turn himself in. But Bo and Nora are determined not to let Blanca Morales "smear" their son although it is correct that he did shoot Eddie. Blanca goes to Clint's room where he announces on television that he will reward anybody who can find Marty Saybrooke his grandson, Liam, with a million dollars. Immediately, as soon as the guy who stays at The Minuteman Motel to produce porn films sees that, he recalls that Marty and the baby are staying next door to him and he's ready to cash in. Blanca reveals to Clint she knows that Matthew killed Eddie. He then knows he better do something about that. Destiny urges Dani not to give Matthew up for murder nor tell Nate, knowing he will kill Matthew for killing Nate's father and letting Nate confess when Nate could have gone to prison for life. Nate overhears their conversation and immediately goes to confront Matthew while he's alone in his parents' home. Nate knocks Matthew to the floor. When Matthew explains what happened when Eddie provoked him to shoot him, Nate concludes that Matthew better turn himself in or he will do it for him. Since Matthew intended to do that anyway, it appears not to be a problem for him. But Matthew appears to have suffered a blow to the head after Nate decked him. Bo and Nora rush to find Blanca right when Clint is going to announce on the news what he knows about the murder of Eddie Ford. And we hear Clint go on the record announcing that he (himself) has done it. While Marty is with the baby at The Minuteman, she runs into "Wes", who is in Jessica's body but assuming the identity of Brody's friend Wes Granger whom Marty stayed with. John and Brody go to find Marty after the film producer neighbor has identified her and tipped them off. But it appears it's too late and she and "Wes" have already left the motel room.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chloe finds Jana’s Ouija board behind the counter at the coffeehouse. Chloe tells him to take it and get it away from her. Colin suggests to Jill that she go back to the hospital to see Katherine. Jill lets Colin know that Tucker is stable. Jill and Colin start to leave when they see Neil walk in. Jill tells Neil that he had stopped by to see Lily but they are concerned about something that he had seen. Cane and Lily spend quality time together. Lily tells Cane that she thinks that he should go. Cane and Lily kiss. Tucker is still unconscious as Katherine sits by his side. The detective comes into Abby’s room to question her and encounters Ashley in Abby’s room. Ashley threatens to get an order to keep the detective away from Abby. Abby is brought back from her tests. Abby asks how Tucker is doing. Ashley tells her that Tucker is holding his own. Abby tells Ashley that she remembers that she was behind the wheel of the car. Ashley tells Abby only the things that she wants her to remember about the accident. Colin lets Neil know what had happened with Lily. Lily and Cane start to make love, but she stops abruptly. Chloe asks Kevin if there is anything that he would want to say to Jana. Lily tells Cane that she cannot lose touch with reality. Lily asks Cane if he is really here. Neil tells Cane to leave up to the family to take care of Lily. Abby questions Ashley if she is in trouble over Tucker. Abby asks if it was only an accident. Ashley tells Abby about the detective investigating the accident. Ashley lets Abby know that she had been right about Tucker that he was going to meet Diane. Katherine panics when she sees Tucker gone. Jill comes into the room and hugs her.

The doctor tells Katherine and Jill that Tucker had had to have emergency surgery. Katherine tells the doctor to put Tucker back on the ventilator, but the doctor reminds her that Tucker had a living will that forbade from being on life support. Katherine prays for God to let Tucker wake up. The doctor releases Abby from the hospital. Jill tells Ashley that they had had to take Tucker back to surgery. Cane begs Lily no to take his kids away from him. Neil visits Lily. Lily turns around to look for Cane and finds him gone. Kevin and Chloe set the stage to use the Ouija board to contact Jana. The Ouija board spells out, “Good-bye.” Katherine tries to change Ashley’s mind about Tucker that he loves only her. Abby prays a prayer for Ashley trusting everyone and that Ashley needs to know the truth. The detective finds Abby in the chapel. Abby lets her know that they aren’t supposed to talk.

The detective begins to question Abby more about the accident and Abby begins to remember sketchy details about it. Ashley walks in and wants to know what is going on. Jill visits with Tucker as he lies unconscious. Jill tells Tucker that Katherine is fighting for him and he cannot let her down. Katherine comes in and tells Tucker that she is going to save him despite what he wants. Neil visits with Lily and lets her know what Colin had said about her talking to herself. After talking to the detective, Ashley calls Victor and asks him to call Michael that she will need an attorney after all. Katherine orders the doctor to put Tucker in a feeding tube to save his life. Abby apologizes to Tucker for causing all this trouble. Colin meets with the Cane lookalike in the park and tells him about having Lily committed to a psych hospital and then he will scoop up the twins and go back to Australia.

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