Wednesday 5/18/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Erica confronts her captor Jane and demands to know her real name. Jane doesn’t tell her and Erica insists that she will never be able to take over her life. Jane gloats that she already has and tells Erica that Jackson kissed Krystal while she was away and Erica is very angry about it. Jane asks Erica to give her the engagement ring Jack gave her Erica doesn’t want to at first but Jane threatens to do something to Miranda and Spike if she doesn’t give her the ring. Erica tells Jane that Jack proposed to her on a rooftop at sunset when the proposal actually happened at her hospital bedside after she was rescued from the mountain. Jane then goes to Krystal’s restaurant to confront her and tell her to stay away from Jack. Jack arrives and “Erica“apologizes for her behavior and Jack assures her that she is the only woman he loves. Once at home “Erica” can’t stop talking about how beautiful her ring is and remembers her proposal on the rooftop at sunset. Jack thinks that proposal would have been a wonderful idea but it didn’t happen that way. Jack also tells “Erica” that he went to the hospital to pick up the ring but they didn’t have a record of the ring being taken from her. “Erica“ tells Jack that a nurse who was a fan had the ring and she got it back today.

Kendall tries to find out about Ricky but all he will tell her is that he became a minister because his father was a minister but he was very judgmental and he hopes that he is a better minister then his father. Griffin is disappointed when he goes to Ricky’s room again and discovers that Ricky wiped his hard drive clean of everything that was in his computer. Griffin calls Ryan to tell him the news and asks him to Check on Kendall because she is alone with Ricky. Ryan is all too eager to leave the hospital since he doesn’t want to answer Greenlee’s question about if he thinks she is to blame for Madison’s accident. Greenlee wants to go with him to see Kendall but Ryan tells Greenlee he has to do this alone. Greenlee heads home and Emma pleads with her to let her go see her little sister Greenlee doesn’t think it’s a good idea because she is very tiny and Madison isn’t ready for visitors either. Emma thinks Greenlee is lying so Greenlee takes her to the hospital to see her sister. Ryan tells Kendall about the condition of the baby and Kendall is supportive and tells him his little girl will be okay. Ricky tells Ryan he and Kendall are engaged Ryan is livid and tells Ricky to stay away from his family. Kendall covers and tells Ricky Ryan is upset because his little baby is in the hospital. Ricky leaves and Kendall tells him she thinks as Ricky’s fiancée she will have access to more information that she needs to put him away for the rest of his life. Griffin who has been hiding nearby listening to the conversation tells Kendall that this is a bad idea because Ricky may suspect that he broke into his room because he took all the information from his hard drive. Ryan returns to the hospital to find Greenlee consoling an upset Emma who is worried about her baby sister. Emma asks Ryan not to be mad at Greenlee for bringing her to see her sister and he tells Emma he isn’t mad at Greenlee for bringing her to the hospital.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells her sisters that she is holding up the best she can. She’s not sure she will ever be over the island adventure. Brooke is interested in how things are going with Bill moving back in with Katie. She confesses that she thought they’d go back to the way they were, but they haven’t been intimate. Usually they can’t keep their hands off each other. Donna wonders if something more is happening with Bill. Justin catches Bill in a pensive mood and he asks if there is something important on his mind. Bill says Steffy – he can’t get her off his mind. Justin knows the girl has been throwing herself at him, so wonders what happened on the plane and the island. Slowly Bill tells him that he feels Katie betrayed him in therapy and he has not been physical with her for weeks. Justin asks if this is against Katie or because of his feelings for Steffy. Steffy tells Thomas that she is happy his date with Dayzee went so well. She wants only good things for him. But she wishes he would open up on his island experiences. He replies that it was what it was and he just wants to put it behind him. He knows that she and Bill spent a lot of time searching for them so he’d like to know what happened between them. She reveals that even though he is a married man, he told her that he loved her.

Katie promises Donna that she is not going to let Steffy be an issue. She is keeping close tabs on her. She says she understands why Bill was upset when she left him. She will just have to work harder in proving her love for him. Thomas stops by Brooke’s when she doesn’t show up for work. She asks about his date with Dayzee and he tells her it went well, but Dayzee is very intuitive and suspects he is keeping things from them. Thomas says he can not tell Dayzee and Brooke certainly can not tell his dad. She is positive even in this other world that they could not have done anything like that. But she gave Ridge her solid word and she can not ignore that. Bill calls Steffy and says it is important. He needs to meet her right now. She’s at her grandparent’s guest house. She invites him in. She says she is glad he called; she wanted to see him. He’s been on her mind. He says he needed to see her, but before he can say more, she tells him to stop and she kisses him. He returns the kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel and Jennifer returned from their date.  She thought she would be sore for a week, but it was worth it.  He said the next time they would go to a nice dinner.  They shared a kiss.  Maggie wanted to know if Victor sent Melanie to her house.  Melanie said he did.  Melanie said that Maggie seemed surprised that Victor would stick up for her.  Maggie said she was and didn’t know why he cared.  Melanie told her that Victor is in love with her.  Maggie didn’t believe it.  Maggie told her about what happened when she talked to Victor.  Melanie told her that Victor was in love with her because he understood her so well.  Melanie left to meet friends.  As Melanie was leaving, she advised Maggie to step up to the plate.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin walked in while Victor was on the phone talking about a corporate takeover.  Justin asked if Brady knew what he was doing.  Victor didn’t care.  Victor said Brady doesn’t have the power to approve or disapprove of his decisions regarding certain branches of Titan.  Victor informed him that Brady gave him back a huge piece of the company.  Justin was surprised and wondered why he did it.  Victor told him that they both had something the other wanted.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ talked to Johnny about Rafe and the advice he gave him to fight.  He also told Johnny how Rafe was gone.  At the Brady Pub, Brady told Taylor that EJ was behind Arianna’s death.  Taylor wanted to know what happened.  He told her that EJ had her killed.  She didn’t want to listen to anything Brady was saying.  She was about to leave when Brady stopped her.  She told him that he couldn’t make false accusations.  Brady screamed that EJ was behind Arianna’s murder.  He wanted to know why Taylor was so attached to this.  She said she thought he was wrong.  She thought Brady accused EJ because Brady hates him.  Brady couldn’t believe she would defend EJ.  She wanted to know what proof he had.  Brady thought he shouldn’t have said anything, but Taylor wanted to know everything.  She apologized for yelling at him.  She wanted to know what happened.  Brady recapped when Arianna went undercover.  He also told her that EJ was running the drug cartel.  He thought EJ would get away with murder since Troy was in a coma.  Taylor wanted to know how he found out about this, but Brady wouldn’t tell her.  The two continued to talk about EJ. Victor was surprised to see Maggie at his house.  She wanted to thank him for talking Melanie into seeing her.  He was glad it all worked out.  He told her how Brady gave him back a piece of the company.  She was happy for him.  Victor was in a hurry to go to Titan, but Maggie thought he didn’t want to talk to her.  She thought he believed he would only disappoint her.  She told him that she doesn’t expect him to be somebody he wasn’t.  She knows he could be a terrible person to the world, but he has a heart of gold.  She thought he was a good man.  He apologized for thinking he deserved a woman like her.  He said he could never be the man she wanted him to be.  She apologized for wanting him to change.  They talked some more and then she left.  Taylor showed up to the mansion to talk to EJ.  She told him about the drug operation and that he was in the business of getting people killed.  She asked if he was responsible for Arianna’s death.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Steve gives Patrick and Robin strict orders no pages and no texts messages. Olivia visits Dante. Olivia is completely beside herself over what had happened with Brenda finding her real son. Olivia reminds Dante how she had lied to him his whole about who his real father was. Johnny orders Anthony to do as he asks in his home. There is a knock on the door and it is Lucky. Lucky attacks Anthony in Johnny’s apartment. Luke and Carly have a cup of coffee together. Luke finds out that Josslyn had been released from the hospital. Carly also tells Luke that Jake is suing for custody of Josslyn. Carly asks for Luke’s help in getting Josslyn back. Michael tells Jason that the police is telling Abby to go with the battered woman defense. Jason orders Michael not to be near Anthony. Jason tells Michael to stay near Carly that she needs him right now. Olivia comes home and hears music coming from her apartment. Olivia comes in and finds Steve singing a beautiful love song. Steve apologizes to her for being there. Steve sings Olivia a beautiful love song. Johnny separates Lucky and Anthony. Anthony begins to cry and ask Lucky why had he attacked him in his own home. Johnny accuses Anthony or provoking Lucky to attack him. Luke asks Carly as to how Jax had gotten his hands on Josslyn. Carly refuses to let Luke help her get Josslyn back. Jason lets Michael know that Carly had flown to Texas with Sonny to get Brenda’s little boy back and that had given Jax ample opportunity to take Josslyn.

Steve and Olivia spend quality time together. Ethan questions Kristina about the pills that Lisa had given to her. Kristina tells Ethan that this is her second bottle of pills that she had taken. Lucky tells Luke that they weren’t trying to gang up on him during the intervention. Lucky tells Luke that eventually the booze will win. Michael finds out that the attorney still thinks that the battered woman defense is the best way to go. Michael tells Abby that Jax is trying to take Josslyn away from Carly.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Marty has Liam in a room at the Minuteman Motel with her as she searches desperately for the tape that would prove Liam is John's baby if someone else got to it. The pornographer next door gets annoyed with Liam's screaming and threatens to call the police. Instead, he quiets Liam himself. Brody blames John for Liam's kidnapping because he was getting Kelly Cramer to the hospital at the time. The police put out an all points bulletin for Marty. John and Brody go to talk to Marty's Psychiatrist but she has gone missing. The receptionist tells them the last patient she saw before disappearing was Marty Saybrooke. John and Brody go into the office and find her stabbed on the floor. Natalie is awake in the hospital. Viki tries to dodge her questions about Liam, Marty, and Clint. Natalie discovers from the TV news that Marty kidnapped Liam.

Cutter kisses Wes in an attempt to bring out one of the female alters with no luck. Wes says Cutter should come out of the closet because it isn't fair to his wife. Cutter informs Wes that he is his wife. He explains the alter egos and tries to coax Tess out without success. Cutter tells Wes about Brody, Jessica, Natalie, and Liam. Jessica emerges. Cutter continues to try to coax Tess out, but Wes returns and punches Cutter. Dani sees Mathew kissing Destiny. Destiny admits to Dani that she and Mathew are not dating but have had sex. Blanca Morales goes to Bo's house and warns them that she intends to expose Matthew as Eddie Ford's killer in her next broadcast. Matthew tells his parents that Destiny inadvertently leaked the information. Blanca tells Dani that Matthew killed Eddie. Clint calls Blanca and asks her to help find his missing grandson. Blanca does a newscast from the hospital. The pornographer sees the newscast and recognizes Marty. He is excited to hear the one billion dollar reward. Marty, however is already leaving the hotel room. She runs into Wes in the parking lot.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael tells Kevin that the case is closed against him, because the coroner confirmed that Jana died of a brain aneurysm and nothing could have been done to save her. Kevin wants to have a memorial service for Jana, but when he calls to claim her body, he is told that a relative had her body shipped to England. Kevin is puzzled because Jana’s parents are dead, and she never mentioned any other relatives to him. Chloe considers dropping the custody suit against Billy but changes her mind when she and Billy have an argument, because he thinks that Chloe should break up with Kevin. Adam invites Diane to stay with him after Victor throws her out of his house without a cent. He makes it clear, though, that their relationship is to be strictly platonic. When Michael comes up with a plan to get Adam out of Sharon’s house, Victor is very happy.

Piper comes to take Fanny home and “Sheri" is sad. Sam finds a stray dog which “Sheri” helps bathe. Then they find the dog’s owner because of a chip inside its collar. Sam and “Sheri” get ready to hunker down in the barn until a bad thunderstorm passes. Piper returns to them crying because Fanny got out of her pen and begs them to find her. Sam and “Sheri” head out to find Fanny. Cane’s ghost pays a visit to Lily at her house and spends some time with the twins. Collin stops by Lily’s to drop off some baby clothes that Jill bought for them. He notices Lily talking to herself. When he comes in the house, Lily tells him she was praying. Colin later tells Jill what he saw, and she decides they should talk to Neil. Lily is talking to Cane when she notices that the twins are following him with their eyes. Just to make sure, she makes Cane walk to the corner of the room, and the twins follow him with their eyes again. Lily is stunned that the twins can see Cane.

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