Tuesday 5/17/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Angie take a walk in the park, arm in arm. Tad, jokingly, tells Angie that Cara loves him. Angie is surprised. Somewhere in the world, an unknown person starts to make diagram on the wall. In the park, Jesse and Brot have a chat about the baby that had died. Liza watches them. At a clinic, Jake and Cara relive memories of when they had worked together. At the Slater house, Bianca and Kendall are relieved that Erica is home and is safe. The Erica imposter remembers how she has got the real Erica imprisoned. She is rejoicing to be lying in Erica’s bed and being treated like royalty when Jack comes in with her breakfast. They kiss after she gives him a bite of strawberry. Tad confesses to Angie that Cara still has feelings for Jake although he is married to Amanda. Ricky visits Kendall and Bianca. Jack fills Erica in on Asher’s condition. Erica tells Jake that she hadn’t meant for no one to get hurt. Fake Erica looks out the window and sees police cars outside. She is disturbed by the police’s presence outside of her condo. Jack receives a call from Jesse that he wants to question Erica about her kidnapping. Erica, in her fake room, yells for someone to answer her. Erica gets food which she doesn’t want. Looking through a photo album and remembering things that had been said, she knows what the imposter Erica is up to. Erica and Jack visit Kendall and Bianca and find Ricky there with them. Erica is overwhelmed when Miranda, Gabby, Spike and Ian bound into the room and hug her. With everyone present, Ricky drops down onto one knee and asks Kendall to marry him. Kendall is stunned.

Jake takes Amanda on a surprise outing in the park where they become romantic. At home, Erica tells Jack that she wants a very splashy wedding. Jack holds Erica’s hand up and notices that Erica’s engagement ring is gone. Fake Erica makes up the excuse that they had taken her ring at the hospital and hadn’t given it back. Liza comes into Krystal’s and asks to talk to Angie alone. Jesse comes in and is disturbed that Liza had been bothering Angie. Angie asks him if there is anything at all that he is not telling her. Jesse denies that there is anything. The unknown person still makes a diagram on the wall. Kendall, reluctantly, agrees to marry Ricky. Jack tells the imposter Erica that he had kissed Krystal. The imposter Erica forgives him. Jack goes to Krystal’s and orders the crab cakes which the fake Erica had ordered. The unknown person is revealed and it is none other than Dixie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks Brooke what is going on and if there is something he needs to know? Thomas speaks up and says they were just commiserating on what happened on the island. Dayzee joins them in a dress that Thomas designed for her and Ridge found the designs and notes and had it made as a surprise. He advises Thomas to put on a jacket so Dayzee won’t show him up. They are going to have a special dinner. The caterers are setting it up with special lighting and he even ordered a full moon. Dayzee tries to get Thomas to open up about the island, but he just wants to put that in the past. Ridge holds Brooke and tells her that he will always be there for her, but he just wishes she and Thomas both could open up more on their experience.

Whip argues with Taylor when he wants to reconnect with her as husband and wife and all she can focus on is Ridge who she still refers to as her husband. Ridge tells Brooke that he is not going to pressure her, but he feels so helpless that he can’t help her when she is struggling so. She tells him that he has done plenty and to just help her forget it. Thomas tells Dayzee that she is a beauty in the dress, but her real beauty shines from the inside. Brooke and Ridge make love and she tells him that this is all she wanted to think about when she was on the island. He wants him to promise that he will love her forever and she will just forget about the island. He says he will love her forever, no matter what.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Brady couldn’t believe that Melanie had to take care of Troy since he tried to kill her.  Melanie said she didn’t have to take care of him.  She was telling him bye.  Troy was downgraded from a coma to a chronic vegetative state.  He was being moved to a hospice.  She thought it was weird that Troy was never going to pay for what he did to her and Arianna.  The two talked about Troy and who he worked for.  Hope was at Maggie’s house to help her donate Mickey’s clothes.  They talked about Mickey and how he would want Maggie to move on with her life.  They also talked about Victor.  At the Cheating Heart, Quinn continued to listen to Justin and Chloe’s conversation.  Justin said he could help Chloe.  Justin thought it would be damaging for Parker to grow up without a mother even though he’s Philip’s lawyer and family.  He said he was going to try and get her visitation rights as long as she could prove that she’s responsible.  Chloe swore she could.  She would do anything for her son.  He told her not to get her hopes up since there’s no chance of her getting custody any time soon.  Chloe said not after what she did.  Justin said it all depended on what Philip was willing to allow.  If everything went right, Chloe should be able to get visitation. The two talked about Parker.  At the pier, Nicole wondered why Taylor went back to the DiMera mansion.  She flashed back to Taylor kissing EJ.  Lexie showed up and confronted her about blackmailing EJ.  Nicole tried to deny it, but Lexie said that EJ told her.  The two talked about Nicole blackmailing EJ and what it’s doing to the children.

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor asked EJ what Nicole had on him.  EJ wanted to know why she asked that.  Taylor knew he didn’t love Nicole.  She wanted to know why he pushed her away and turned to Nicole.  He said he married Nicole for the children because he needed to put them first.  She respected that, but she reminded him that he had one chance to tell her the truth and he lied.  She was about to leave, but he stopped her.  He said he hasn’t lied to her.  Taylor told him that he wouldn’t’ tell what Nicole had over him.  She told him that she overheard him and Nicole arguing.  She said he and Nicole were talking about the real reason he’s staying married to Nicole.  Taylor knew that Nicole blackmailed him and forced him to stay married.  She didn’t understand why he was letting her do it.  She asked if he offered Nicole a good settlement and the chance to see the kids.  He said Nicole doesn’t trust him.  He told her that Nicole wanted to have power.  Taylor wanted to know what would happen if Nicole told his secret.  He wouldn’t tell the truth.  She demanded that he tell the truth or set her free.  He said he would.  Quinn approached Chloe and the two talked about their night together. He asked her out on a date.  She agreed to go to dinner with him since she owed him.  Brady had a proposition for Victor.  Brady wanted to return a big chunk of Titan stock back to him if Victor gave Brady some information.  Brady wanted to know who Victor sold the organization to that Arianna was working undercover for.  This was during the drug ring.  Victor wanted to know why he should tell Brady.  Brady reminded Victor that he started Titan from scratch.  Brady promised to keep Victor’s name out of it.  Victor wanted Brady’s word that he would be involved with Titan again.  Brady said he did.  Victor told him that he sold it to EJ.  EJ was about to tell Taylor the truth when he heard Nicole’s voice.  Nicole walked in on EJ and Taylor.  Taylor claimed she was leaving.  Nicole wanted to know what they were talking about.  He told her that Taylor overheard their conversation.  He said Taylor knows she’s blackmailing him.  Nicole was surprised that Taylor knew what she was up to.  She wanted to know what he said to her.  He said he didn’t say anything.  Nicole was suspicious of EJ and Taylor talking about their marriage.  The two can’t stand each other yet they were talking.  EJ told her to relax.  He assured her that she didn’t hear anything about Rafe.  Nicole was glad because if Taylor did know about Rafe, Taylor would go straight to Sami and the police and then it would be over for him.  At the Brady Pub, Taylor and Brady ran into each other.  He warned her to stay away from EJ.  He told her that EJ killed the woman he loved.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly goes to Jax's room to see Josslyn and observes that he has put together a nursery for her. Carly concludes that is part of his plan to gain full custody. She tells him that his brother Jerry is just as bad as Jason and Sonny. Brenda is angry that Sonny took Carly with her to find Lucien. She asks him if they slept together. He tells her what happened in Texas and that Suzanne is at the PCPD. Brenda goes to the police station. Lulu tells Brenda that she should be grateful to Dante for bringing her son home instead of complaining. Suzanne tells Brenda that id she is any kind of mother, she will follow Suzanne's example and get Alec away from Sonny. Brenda vents to Jax who agrees with Suzanne. Brenda admits that she doesn't feel anything for Alec. Sonny tells Carly that he is going to help her fight for Josslyn.

Lucky and Siobhan discuss their interview with immigration to prove they have a real marriage. Elizabeth goes upstairs for a moment, and Cameron unlocks the door and goes outside. Elizabeth runs after him. Cameron calls Lucky and asks him to come over because Mom is sick. Lucky goes to Elizabeth's house and they talk about Jake. Robin and Patrick reminisce. Lisa drops by the Scorpio/Drake house while Kristina is babysitting. She says she is going to the bathroom but she goes to the basement to photograph their water heater. Kristina sends Lisa out the back door when Patrick and Robin come home.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Robert is getting "frustrated" with his failure to get his son back. But it appears he may be missing Tess. He goes to Capricorn and is stunned to see the person he knows as Tess dressed and behaving like a guy. Aubrey informs him that a new alter has come out named Wes. Cutter takes "Wes" to his and Tess's home at the Minuteman Motel hoping to get Tess to come back by stripping down to his shorts and attempting to turn her on. But the male Wes remains in control behaving like a male with no interest in Cutter, no memory of being Tess or married to him and remarking about all the hot women. Todd announces to Tea and to Blair that he now "knows" that Tomas did not shoot him. He asks them why they have a problem knowing that neither of them liked his accusing Tomas of trying to kill him nor the thought that it could have happened. But they know there is some secret going on. Nate tells Dani he does not buy that Tomas is innocent. She breaks up with him seeing that he is interested in Deanna. And we see the original Todd with the scar on his face in an institution appearing like he is ready to make himself known again.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel gets the DNA test results proving that he is Lucy’s father and he gets pressure from Victor not to disappoint Victoria. Daniel also gets pressure from Billy and Victoria as well as Phyllis who tells him that she will take full responsibility of Lucy but he shouldn’t give her back to Billy and Victoria. Billy and Victoria arrive at the hospital chapel in time to hear Phyllis and everyone argues in the end Daniel decides he has had it with everyone and tells them all that he is going to get the court order he needs to get Lucy out of foster care then he will make a decision about whom Lucy’s parents should be. Diane tells the police detective that she was meeting Tucker for a romantic fling the night before his wedding because he texted her to meet him at the cabin. Diane also tells the detective that she thinks Ashley found out about the meeting got angry and hit Tucker with Abby’s car on purpose. Ashley tells Jack that Tucker was meeting Diane at the cabin and Victor overhears the police detective questioning Ashley and tells her to stop harassing her or he will speak to the police commissioner.

Diane tells Victor what she told the police and he calls her a tramp that doesn’t know the meaning of the word family because she accused the mother of his child out of spite. Diane calls Victor a hypocrite because he is annulling their marriage because she told the police the truth. Victor tells Diane he wants her out of the ranch today and he will make sure that she doesn’t leave the marriage a rich woman she will only get a modest settlement. Katherine is heartbroken when the doctor tells her that Tucker has minimal brain activity and she should check about what he wanted as his last wishes. Sofia brings Tucker’s lawyer to the hospital and Tucker’s lawyer tells Katherine that Tucker didn’t want extraordinary measures taken to save his life. Katherine and Billy both meet at the hospital chapel and pray for God’s guidance with both their problems. Katherine complies with Tucker’s wishes and pleads with Tucker to breathe and asks God not to take her son and then Tucker takes a deep breath after the machines are turned off. Victor tells Ashley he can ask Michael to help her but she doesn’t think she needs a lawyer yet. Abby finally awakens and remembers that she hit Tucker with her car and panics that she may have killed him but Ashley tells her not to worry because she was the one driving her car and she hit Tucker. Ashley is unaware the detective is listening to the conversation from outside Abby’s room. Tucker’s lawyer meets with Sofia privately to let her know Tucker’s wishes about how to handle his business interests. Jack starts thinking of a way to persuade Sofia to give Jabot back to the Abbot family.

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