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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Scott, Greenlee and Ryan stand vigil at the hospital while they do surgery on Madison to take the baby. Kendall reprimands Griffin for going to Ricky’s room. Ricky confronts Bianca for sending him on a wild goose chase to get him away from Kendall. Jack looks for Erica in the rubble. Caleb yells for Asher and finally finds him in the rubble. Jack finds Erica (or so he thinks) in the rubble. She comes to and is glad to see him. Jack checks to see if Erica is hurt. J.R. arrives to help Caleb to get Asher out. The doctor tells the little group that the baby is awfully premature. Scott takes the blame for Madison’s accident. Greenlee offers her help to the doctor and Madison. Ryan, Greenlee and Scott see the baby in a incubator and notices how little it is. Kendall questions Griffin if he had found anything in Ricky’s room. Griffin tells Kendall that Ricky had pictures of her on his computer. Bianca admits that she had made up the story to keep him away from Kendall. Kendall tells Griffin that she wants Ricky to pay for what he had done to Zach. Marissa stops by Bianca’s and finds Ricky there. Marissa asks Bianca if there is any word about Erica. Kendall is against Griffin trying to find out more information about Ricky. J.R. arrives to help Caleb rescue Asher from underneath the rubble. Both Asher and Erica are taken to the hospital to be checked out for injuries. Bianca gets a call that Erica has been found. Kendall also receives a call that Erica has been found. Kendall orders Griffin not to do anything stupid. At the hospital, Erica is checked out by Jake and is asked questions if she knows who he is. Seeing his name tag, Erica tells him that he is Jake Martin, Tad’s brother. Madison is brought out of surgery and sees Scott. She orders him to go away. Madison tells Ryan and Scott that she just wants her baby. Kendall assures Griffin that they are so close on getting all the proof that they need on Griffin. Erica acts as though her memory is sketchy about what had happened to her. Greenlee comes to check on Jack’s condition. Greenlee also asks about Erica.

Erica pretends as though she is glad to see Bianca and Kendall. Kendall finds out that Madison had had her baby. Bianca and Kendall notice something strange about Erica. Erica apologizes about the video that she had supposedly made. A boy comes in to get Griffin to help his grandmother. Griffin is reluctant to help the woman but then gives in. He then finds out that a lot of the people want to see him. Scott runs into Marissa at Krystal’s and finds out about Madison having the baby. Scott lets Marissa know that Madison doesn’t want Scott there. Ryan sits by Madison’s bedside. Madison makes Ryan promise to take care of the baby. Caleb thanks J.R. for helping him to get Asher out. Jack takes Erica home. Ricky tells Kendall that Bianca had made up the story about the leaking water to keep him away from her. Kendall walks over and takes Ricky’s arm. The real Erica is still held captive in her room at the quarry.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor can tell that Brooke is hurt and deeply afraid. Whatever happened on that island is haunting her and she needs to get it out. Brooke is hesitant and says it is all over now. Taylor wants to know what is terrorizing her so much. Thomas drops in and interrupts before Brooke can say more. Brooke thanks him for stopping this therapy attempt by Taylor, but points out to him that she won’t keep all of this from Ridge. She finally has some clarity in her marriage and she won’t keep things like this from Ridge again. At Ridge’s request, Dayzee shows up at Forrester’s with the dress that Thomas designed for her. That isn’t the reason he called. He wants her to be that person that Thomas can confide in about the accident and the island. He calls in his make-up and hair specialist and has a dress all ready for Dayzee to have dinner with Thomas tonight. Tawny manages to get Liam’s cell away from him while Hope is waiting with Oliver for Liam to text her back. Liam calls his Dad but only gets Katie on the phone. He is conflicted and tells her the latest that Hope has asked him to move on. Hope gets a text from Liam (really from Tawny) that Hope needs to move on. Liam tells Amber that his dad and Katie are not going to be moving into the Malibu house so he’d like to if her offer still stands. She is giddy with excitement even though he admits it does not mean that he is moving into her bedroom.

Taylor returns home to find Whip waiting in their bed. Surprise, he still lives there. Brooke tells Thomas that she has to share this with Ridge no matter how innocent it might have been and he will understand. He’s already told her that if she crossed that line with Thomas that would be the end of their marriage. She muses that Thomas has a young mind. If anything at all had happened he would remember it. They simply need to tell Ridge they ate berries and hallucinated and may have had some intimate moments, but nothing serious happened. Thomas responds that his Dad doesn’t even need to know that. Ridge walks up just in time to ask what he’s not supposed to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pier, Chloe wanted Quinn to leave her alone.  He reminded her of what they did last night.  She wanted to forget that happened.  He couldnít forget.  He started complimenting her looks, but she had to leave.  He stopped her and asked for another chance.  Daniel showed up and asked her if everything was alright.  She said she was fine.  She introduced Quinn as a friend.  She said she and Quinn were in the middle of something.  Daniel wanted to make sure everything was okay.  She told him that she wasnít a concern of his anymore.  He didnít need to look out for her.  He left.  Quinn asked who Daniel was.  He told her he had something important to tell her.  At the Brady Pub, Justin gave Jennifer an envelope and told her that the divorce from Jack was final.  Hope came in and comforted Jennifer after Jennifer told her about the divorce.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole wanted to serve EJ breakfast like a loving wife.  EJ threw the tray against the wall and threw his wedding ring in a glass of orange juice.  Nicole got the ring and followed him into the living room.  He questioned why she had to stoop to blackmail after everything she has gone through in her life.  She warned him that she would be watching him from now on.  Sheís going to be watching him with the children and what he says to them.  Sheís not going to let him turn the kids against her.  No matter what he said, she didnít trust him after what he did to Rafe.  He grabbed her arm and warned her to keep quiet or else.  She said she would only talk about Rafe to him.  As long as he was nice to her, everything would be fine.  They continued to talk about Rafe and her blackmailing him.  What they didnít know was Taylor was listening in the foyer as EJ was talking.  Taylor walked off.  When EJ and Nicoleís conversation was over, she gave him back his ring.  She felt sorry for herself when he left.

At the safehouse, Rafe asked Sami if she slept with Fake Rafe.  Sami got defensive.  She wanted to know why they were talking about it.  She wanted him to focus on his memory and on them.  Rafe wanted to know.  She finally answered him and said she did.  He was trying to understand.  She explained that she thought Fake Rafe was her husband.  She didnít see what he didnít understand.  Since Sami saved his life and knew he was the real Rafe, he wanted to know how she couldnít tell it wasnít him in bed.  She defended herself by saying she didnít know because he looked just like him and knew everything.  She recapped how she blamed herself for the accident to justify her behavior.  She tried to turn the tables on him by asking if he would have known if the DiMeras replaced her with another woman, but it was a waste because he said he would have known.  She appealed to him and apologized.  He said he understood.  They continued to talk about the situation when he remembered that he loved her.  She was thrilled and the two kissed.  Quinn asked Chloe why she was with him last night.  She said she was drunk.  He said he was too which was why he left the money.  He admitted to liking her, but she wanted to be left alone.  He offered to help her.  She didnít believe he could help her and walked away.  When Chloe was at the Cheatiní Heart, she called Justin.  He told her that he found Parker.  Secretly, Quinn was listening.  Taylor walked in the living room at the DiMera mansion and told EJ that she knew the truth.  She knew that him breaking things off wasnít his idea.  She gave him one last chance to tell her the truth.  She wanted to know what Nicole had on him.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

From the limo, Carly fears the loud noise she heard was gunfire. Sonny and Dante create a diversion to nab Suzanne. Brenda and Spinelli discuss Sonny’s decision in asking Carly to help locate Lucian. Jason and Jax disagree regarding Carly’s access to Josslyn. Alexis and Sam talk about motherhood. Lulu confides in Michael about Luke’s intervention. Dante arrests Suzanne. On the plane back, Carly and Sonny talk about Brenda’s possible reaction to Alec. Brenda is shocked to learn Lucian isn’t her son. Sam and Spinelli discuss his book. Jason asks Spinelli to look into Jax’s past. Jason watches as Jax and Alexis leave the hospital with Josslyn. Sam wonders if having a baby is the right thing to do. Lulu visits Dante at the police station. Brenda meets Alec for the first time. Alexis urges Jax to compromise with Carly. Carly is furious when she learns Josslyn was released from the hospital. Carly rushes over to Jax’s hotel room and confronts him about taking Josslyn. Jason updates Sam about Jax and Carly’s custody dispute. Brenda doesn’t think she can forgive Sonny for involving Carly in finding her son.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The "original" Todd with the scar of his face is alone in an abandoned building that looks like an institution with a mysterious man urging him to talk. Yet "old" Todd is non responsive and silent. Meanwhile, the man we know as Todd has left his hospital room without telling anybody where he's gone. Tea and Dani are frantic. He goes and talks to Tomas in his jail cell at first telling his brother in law he wants to kill him. But they later realize that they both know a "secret" they do not want anybody to know. Marty escapes with baby Liam before Brody can catch him. Before she's gone, she runs into Matthew and Destiny who question her for taking a baby that they know is not hers'. She pulls a gun on them and escapes. Later, we see the emotional attachment of the two teenagers each fearing the other could have gotten shot and revealing that they had sex not long beforehand. Marty takes baby Liam to a motel and admits she has a plan to appear that she has "rescued" him, bring him back to John and be a family after John marries her. Natalie regains consciousness yet remembers noting except that baby Liam is missing. Both John and Brody hesitate to tell her that Marty has the baby. While Deanna stays with Nate, they appear to be getting "comfortable" and Dani has suspicions.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria see Lucy with her foster mother and persuade the woman to let them talk to Lucy for a few minutes. They tell Lucy they love her and she will soon be home with them. Tucker is badly hurt in the car accident. Although they are able to relieve the pressure in his brain caused by the accident, the doctor tells Katherine that Tucker is in a coma and may never awaken. Ashley tells the police she was driving Abby’s car because Abby had been drinking. She accidentally hit Tucker because he came out of nowhere. She did her best not to hit him. Abby has a concussion, but she is fine even though her blood alcohol level is above the legal limit. Diane tells the police that she was driving behind Abby’s car and saw a blonde woman driving erratically on the road. Even though it was dark, she believes that the driver hit Tucker on purpose.

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