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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is more than a little surprised when she comes face to face with herself. Kendall gets a call that Erica was kidnapped. Kendall blames Ricky. Scott goes to see Madison, but she makes him leave. Greenlee and Scott are completely beside themselves over Ryan and Madison bonding over the baby. Ryan tries to assure Madison that Scott is crazy over her. Madison has a contraction. Jack, Bianca, and Caleb watch the video of Erica. Erica confronts the woman who kidnapped her while Jane holds a gun on her. Ryan tells the doctor that the medicines aren’t working. Ryan vows to stand by Madison. Scott wants to be with Madison. Greenlee urges him not to give up on him and Madison. Griffin tries to relieve Kendall’s worries that Ricky kidnapped Erica. Kendall begs Griffin not to go to Ricky’s room. Colby checks the hits on her website and is surprised that people want to hear what she has to say. Colby tells Asher that she is the ďbreakup queen.Ē Asher urges her to give people a chance. J.R. comes in as Asher bolts from the room. Caleb realizes that Erica is being held at a quarry. Erica tries to talk to Jane who tells her that she put this plan into motion but now has to make some changes. Jack tells Bianca to call the police back and tell them that she made a mistake. Erica asks Jane if she is going to kill her. Ricky arrives to help Kendall and Bianca. Jack gets Asher to help them find Erica. Caleb refuses to put Asher in danger. J.R. refuses to let Asher help Caleb. Ryan tries to calm Madison down so they can stop her labor. Scott tries to find a way to help Madison. Madison tells Ryan what happened between her and Greenlee. An alarm goes off which alerts Jane that Jack is close. Jane picks up on the clue that Erica gave Jack about where she is being held. J.R. orders Asher not to do anything for Caleb. Colby listens to their conversation. Griffin sneaks into Ricky’s hotel room. He is disturbed by what he finds on Ricky’s computer.

Kendall tells Ricky that Erica was kidnapped. Ricky promises to stand by Kendall. Bianca manages to get rid of Ricky by telling him that there has been a leak at the Yacht Club. Greenlee meets Ryan in the waiting room at the hospital and tells him that she talked to some specialists concerning Madison. Scott sneaks into Madison’s room and tells her that he loves her. Madison opens her eyes and listens to Scott’s declaration of love. Ryan asks Greenlee what happened in the park. Greenlee explains that she and Madison exchanged words then she left. Griffin searches Ricky’s computer and sees a picture of the Slater family with Ricky's face in place of Zach's. The door handle begins to jiggle. Scott tells Madison not to give up on them. The machine begins to beep as the doctor, Ryan, and Greenlee come in. The doctor tells them that the baby’s heartbeat is beginning to drop. The doctor orders the baby to be taken immediately. Asher, Caleb, and Jack are caught in an explosion at the quarry. Kendall is upset that Griffin is not at the safehouse. When he comes in, she hugs him. Ricky comes home and realizes that someone was there. Ricky goes to see Bianca and tells her that there was no leak and accuses her of trying to keep him away from Kendall.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke starts to have a meltdown and Ridge barks for the press to stop with the pictures and questions. Ridge takes Brooke home and Eric ushers the press out; the press conference is over. Taylor tells Whip that he can go on home. She wants to talk to Brooke firsthand on what happened on the island to make her react like this. Tawny hopes her little text messaging works. Liam doesn’t understand why Hope is now telling him she can not share him with the baby and that he needs to move on with Amber. Amber seems pleased when he tells her that Hope said her final goodbye. Oliver tells Hope that he thinks Liam is doing a great thing in wanting to be there for the baby, but Hope needs to know that the baby will always take precedence over her. Brooke is embarrassed and feels like she needs to come up with some explanation for Jarrod and the others. Instead, Ridge apologizes for asking her to go through with this too soon.

Ridge encourages Brooke to talk to Taylor. He leaves them alone and advises her to open up and just tell Taylor what she went through. Carl shows up at Amber’s and demands his money from Tawny. He says he sees Liam’s car out front and if he doesn’t leave here today with a wad of cash then he is going to have to have a little conversation with Liam. She convinces him that Liam and Amber are in the bedroom right now. Hope is kaput, so he can do the math. Amber wants to make Liam smile. She knows he doesn’t feel like there is much to smile about right now, but there will be soon when the baby arrives. So maybe Hope is right. He needs to move on. She kisses him and tells him that she loves him. Meanwhile Hope is checking her messages and wonders why she is not hearing from Liam. Stephanie questions Thomas and says she feels they both are bottling things up inside. Taylor won’t quit until she finds out. Brooke tells Taylor that perhaps she will talk to someone professionally. Taylor says she will e-mail her a reference of a colleague that will help her process it all better. She can tell there is something terribly wrong.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Victor talked to Gus about Stefano.  She wondered who Stefano kept in the basement and why they were in there.  She couldnít use that as leverage so she had to go to Plan B.  She wanted to make Kate pay for what she did to her.  She said Kateís days of being lady of the manor were coming to an end.  Gus wondered if Vivian still planned to seduce Stefano.  He thought it was beneath her.  She didnít think so.  She was going to outwit Stefano and bring Kate to her knees.  Stefano was on the phone and found out there was no activity on the Morales account.  He wanted to know when Fake Rafe accessed it.  Stefano was suspicious that Fake Rafe hasnít used the card in two days.  Stefano thought that Fake Rafe didnít find the card or something happened to him.  Stefano called Marco and wanted to talk about Rafe.  At the safehouse, Rafeís fever broke.  He told Sami that he had the same memory of Sami helping him at the safehouse.  She asked if he remembered anything else.  He said he didnít.  She believed that he would.  Rafe realized that they were running out of time for him to get his memory back.  He said they had Fake Rafe in the bathroom and she has kids to take care of.  Sami knew it would happen quick.  He wondered how.  She had a theory on amnesia.  She said itís like a frozen river and itís spring and thereís a crack in the river.  The next thing you know, thereís going to be another crack and it will flood back to you.  He liked her theory. She gave Rafe memories of what happened between them.  While they were having a moment, Fake Rafe made noise in the bathroom.  Rafe put him on the couch.  Rafe warned her not to make a sound.  When Rafe took off the gag, Fake Rafe said they needed to feed him.  Sami suggested that Rafe go get breakfast so she could be alone with Fake Rafe.  She wanted the gun.  Rafe was concerned with her mental state.  She said no.  Rafe gave her the gun.  Sami told Fake Rafe that Rafe was getting his memory back. She taunted him about what he did to her and Rafe.  When Rafe came back, Sami left to go to the bathroom.  Fake Rafe told him how he and Sami slept together.  Fake Rafe asked if Rafe knew about that.  Fake Rafe told him that Sami complimented their sex.  Rafe hit him.  Rafe put him in the closet.  He asked Sami if she slept with Fake Rafe.

At the Cheating Heart, Chloe asked Justin if he could talk to Philip for her.  Justin was concerned that Chloe was going to hurt herself.  She said no.  She wanted to know how Parker is.  Justin wasnít sure if he could help since heís Philipís attorney.  She was sorry she asked.  She realized that she made a mess of things and left.  Adrienne and Justin talked about Chloe.  When Adrienne and Justin left, Chloe came back.  She got into it with Kinsey when Kinsey wanted to pick her brain about her career.  While Chloe was outside, she saw Quinn.  She said she had to go.  He thought they were friends.  She was surprised by that since he left her money.  He asked if friends could share a business transaction with each other.  Chloe said thatís not what sheís like.  Sheís not that kind of person. She walked away.  Stefano said he wanted to know where Fake Rafe was and when he accessed the account.  Vivian showed up at the mansion.  He wanted to know what she wanted. She said she was about to make him an offer he couldnít refuse.  She handed him a paper.  She said he could do damage to Titan and make more money than a small Arab nation.  Stefano was interested.  She told him Titan invested in some very high yield, but very high risk securities.  She was going to cover those risks when Brady took the company away from her.  Brady didnít do anything.  She said Brady didnít seem to know that if certain things happen, Titan will take very big hit fiscally.  She couldnít do this by herself.  She needed a partner and heís the only other person who hates Victor as much as she does.  Stefano thought the offer was tempting.  Kate stood in the doorway and watched.  Stefano told Kate that Vivian was there for a proposal. Vivian left the mansion.  Kate wanted to know if he accepted.  Stefano thought Kate was jealous.  She denied it. She was disappointed that he didnít see through Vivianís act.  Kate hoped that was the last time they saw her.  Vivian was at the Brady Pub and told Gus that she planted the seeds of doubt and it was only a matter of time before Kate went mad with jealousy.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Jason that he can't keep Jax from checking Josslyn out of the hospital while Carly is away. Jason reads to Josslyn. Elizabeth checks on Josslyn and becomes overwhelmed with emotion. She tells Jason that seeing Josslyn so happy and healthy makes her feel good about her decision to donate Jake's kidney to her. Jason blocks Jax from going into Josslyn's room. Jax asks Alexis if she can turn Carly's trip with Sonny into a reason for Jax to take Josslyn home with him. Brenda is annoyed that Sonny took Carly with him instead of her. She tells Jax to find out where Sonny's plane was headed, but he says that would tip Suzanne that they are on to her and she will disappear again. Suzanne tells Alec (her real grandson) that they are going to Switzerland and no bad people will find them there. Jax tells Brenda that he wouldn't be surprised if Sonny and Carly slept together. Sonny, Dante, and Carly arrive at Suzanne's house after she has already left. Spinelli remotely disables her car. Carly sees a picture of Alec on the mantle and asks Sonny if this other boy is a decoy. Sonny concludes that Lucien was the decoy. Dante agrees. Brenda storms into the penthouse demanding that Spinelli tell her where Suzanne is. Sonny & Co find Suzanne in the park. She admits that Alec is her grandson and that she is going to protect him from seeing violence. When Sonny walks past her she grabs him from behind and holds her knife to his neck. Dante aims his pistol at Suzanne and tells her to drop her knife. She refuses. Carly and Alec hear the shot from the car.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Deacon joins Nikki at the Athletic Club. Nikki asks Deacon if he is stalking her. Katherine tells Murphy that she is still the major stockholder and she will not allow Tucker to do this to Victor. Victor joins Nikki at the bar at the Athletic Club. Victor asks Nikki to have dinner with him. Deacon comes up and tells Nikki he has a table ready for them. Kylie asks Diane if she is going to be his date for tonight. Diane tells him that she has plans for tonight. Diane looks at the e-mail from Tucker. Billy and Victoria join Traci and Jack. Jack asks Billy about the bandage on his hand. Billy proposes a toast to Ashley and Tucker. Sofia and Malcolm join Tucker and Ashley. Abby watches from the sidelines. Abby tells Sofia and Malcolm how she had destroyed the wedding decorations, but everything is fine now. Katherine cannot believe that Murphy had said that this was sad how things had gotten between her and Tucker. Victor asks Nikki if she is having dinner with Deacon. Victor walks out when he finds out that Nikki is having dinner with Deacon. Tucker tells Ashley that he is looking forward to being married. Ashley picks Traci and Abby to stand up for her. Tucker finds out that Sofia is having a baby. Diane and Kylie walk in and sees Tucker and Ashley kissing. Katherine watches Nikki rummaging through a shopping bag at the bar. Katherine finds Nikki over Deacon. Katherine becomes upset over Nikki having dinner with Deacon. Victoria checks on Abby to see how she is doing. Abby watches the family making a fuss over Ashley and Tucker getting married. Diane tells Traci and Jack that she doesn’t think that this marriage will take place. Malcolm offers his sympathy to Billy and Victoria over Lucy being taken from them. Nikki comes to visit Victor and tells him that all she has ever wanted is him.

Nikki tries to complain things to Victor about Deacon, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Victor shows Nikki the annulment papers that he had drawn up to annul his marriage to Diane. Deacon asks Kylie has he enjoyed his “Roy Rogers.” Tucker confides to Sofia that he is scared at getting married. Traci tells Ashley that Tucker does want to make her happy. Abby steals Tucker’s cell phone and plans a bachelor party for him at the cabin. Diane sees Victor and Nikki arguing. Tucker sees the message concerning the bachelor party. Abby plans a girl’s night with Ashley. Katherine orders Deacon to stay away from Nikki. Abby tells Ashley about Tucker meeting Diane at the cabin. Victoria and Billy see Lucy in the park with the foster mom. Katherine promises to talk to Tucker before the wedding. Abby and Ashley hit Tucker on the way to the cabin.

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