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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jesse figures out that Liza is following him because she was ordered to do so by Mayor Blanco so the Mayor could get information she could use to fire him Jesse wonders what it feels like for Liza to be the Mayor’s lapdog. Jesse thinks Liza should spend her time trying to repair her relationship with Colby and Liza tells Jesse not to bring Colby into this because he has no idea what it is like to lose a child. David smiles as he tells Ryan and Scott that he made a mistake by telling Madison Greenlee hired Scott to keep her away from Ryan. Ryan tells Scott that David isn’t worth him going back to jail. David sees Liza talking to Jesse and tries to help but Liza tells him to leave because she can handle this on her own. Once Jesse is gone Liza tells him that the incident with Colby has taught her she needs too change and David doesn’t think she can ever change because they are just alike. Spike tells Bianca that he spoke to Erica on Jack’s phone and she told him that she was in danger and needed help and that she was somewhere in Pine Valley.

Bianca sees Caleb and tells him about the phone call and they head off to see Jack who is at Erica’s place passionately kissing Krystal. Jack and Krystal stop and decide to tale things slowly and then Caleb arrives and tells him about Erica’s call to Spike. Bianca arrives shortly after Caleb and tells him that what Caleb said is true everyone searches Erica’s place for clues and Jack discovers Erica’s emergency sell phone is missing so Bianca calls the police. The Captor’s employee goes into Erica’s fake room and takes the phone from her and Erica’s captor tells her their time together is coming to an end because if Spike is as smart as she claims he already told her family about her call. Erica’s captor makes her read a prepared ransom note which the captor puts on Video and sends to Erica’s family Jack gets the video and immediately tells Bianca the news. Erica notices that her captor’s employee left the door to the video room slightly open she goes in and is shocked to find a woman who looks just like her. Madison confronts Greenlee about Scott and Greenlee explains that she helped Scott get out of jail and get a job but he decided to tell Ryan the baby was his because he truly cares about her. Madison calls Greenlee a vicious machine and Greenlee tells Madison to stop blaming her for all her problems. Greenlee leaves and Scott calls Madison to try and apologize but she doesn’t want to talk to him and hangs up her phone. Madison feels a cramp and decides to go find Ryan but gets in a car accident. Jesse is with Madison as they bring her in to the hospital on a stretcher and Scott arrives for work and Jesse tells him about Madison. Jesse then calls Ryan and he and Greenlee rush to the hospital. Madison is glad when Ryan arrives to see her but throws Scott out of the room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With a new day, Thomas tells Brooke that she can not tell Ridge. They need to move on. Do not open this up. She says they shared some inappropriate moments and she promised Ridge she would never keep things from him again. She thinks he needs to know everything. They are going into a press conference and Thomas urges her not to risk telling him and making him unhappy. They were the only ones on the island so no one else can tell him anything. He’s hoping this press conference today will put an end to everything. Let him take the lead on this and it will be done. Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge was so determined not to leave that island without Thomas. He was there for her. Things have changed now; she needs to be with him. Oliver realizes that Hope keeps checking her voicemail hoping that she has a message from Liam. He retrieves his phone that he left at Amber’s. Tawny deleted Hope’s number and left hers instead. Brooke tells Ridge that she is not looking forward to this, but the best way is to get past it with the press conference.

Liam tells Amber that he doesn’t mean to hurt her, but he does want to get back with Hope and he promised that he would call her, thus he needed his phone. Tawny leaves messages that Liam thinks is from Hope. She tells him that she is with Oliver now, Liam is not to call. Whip calls Ridge aside and says Taylor appreciates all he did with her on the island, but she is back home now and he can handle it. Ridge makes a speech before he introduces his wife, Brooke, and son, Thomas. Thomas thanks his father first and then announces the kick-off of the new women’s Taboo line. The press can appreciate the new line, but want to hear more of how they survived with just the two of them on the island. Ridge steps in and says two pilots lost their lives and that is all that is going to be said today. Thomas and Brooke want to move on. He encourages Brooke to say a few words. She breaks down during the announcement that some of the proceeds will go toward drug abuse. She dissolves on Ridge’s shoulder. Taylor tells Stephanie that something powerful must have happened on the island and Brooke is having a difficult time dealing with it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Carlyís hand shook while she was trying to sign her name.  She checked her pocket for more pills, but she didnít have any.  She shook her hand before trying to sing her name just as Jennifer came along and teased her about doctorís handwriting being hard to read.  She gave Carly a memo about no more drugs being stolen from the hospital.  Lexie gave the memo to Jennifer in case they catch the person stealing medicine or if word got out about the stolen medicine.  They will need a press release to prove due diligence.  Carly wondered if Lexie knew who was doing it.  Jennifer said she didnít.  Carly asked if Jennifer knew.  Jennifer said no, but sheís going to find out whatís going on.  Jennifer said she asked Lexie if she could go through shift schedules and correlate them with when the medicine was missing.  She would be able to narrow it down.  She suspected that the person probably worked at the hospital.  Carly said the person was in a lot of trouble.  Jennifer agreed with her.  At the police station, Bo and Hope talked about Fake Rafe and why he left.  They also talked about the way the kids reacted to Fake Rafe.  At the Cheating Heart, Dario decided he didnít want to stay at Samiís place with his brother gone.  Adrienne offered for him to stay at her apartment since she and Justin were moving in the Kiriakis mansion.  Dario thanked her.  Dario asked Melanie (she was there to pick up an order) if it was going to be a problem for her.  She said she it wouldnít be a problem.  He thought she had a problem with everything he does.  Sheís usually nice to the people who save her, but he was making it difficult.  She offered to help him move since he doesnít have a car. 

At the safehouse, Sami was thrilled to have Rafe back.  She said she loved him even though he doesnít remember her.  She asked if he felt their connection.  He didnít want to hurt her.  She said it was okay.  They almost kissed when Fake Rafe started making noise.  Rafe brought out Fake Rafe.  Sami taunted him.  Rafe checked Fake Rafeís bandage.  He thought that it didnít look good.  It looked infected.  He thought Fake Rafe needed help.  Sami didnít care.  Rafe thought Fake Rafe could die.  She said let him.  Rafe didnít want to let him die.  She said she knew, but she wanted to let him think they would.  Rafe wanted to get something to clean it.  She told him where the medical kit was.  She flashed to sewing up Rafe.  Fake Rafe was back in the bathroom.  The two continued to talk about Fake Rafe, EJ, and Stefano.  They also talked about the kids.  He had a memory about her bringing his fever down while they were in the safehouse.  He looked at her and said he remembered.  In Carlyís hotel room, she looked at her Katarina passport and felt a hand on her shoulder.  It was Lawrence.  He taunted her.  She tried to make him go away, but it didnít do any good.  He continued to torment her.  When she opened her eyes, he was gone.  She made a call to a pharmacy and called in a prescription for one of her patients named Katarina Von Leushner.  Bo and Hope went to the Cheating Heart and saw Justin and Adrienne.  Bo and Hope congratulated them on their marriage.  When Bo had to take a call and Adrienne went behind the bar, Justin and Hope talked about what happened between them when she and Bo broke up. Carly went to the pharmacy to pick up her medicine.  She told the pharmacist that her name was Katarina.  He needed to see ID since the prescription is controlled medicine.  Carly handed him her passport.  Abby walked in and said her name.  Luckily the pharmacist didnít hear since he told Carly to sign for the medicine.  Carly asked Abby about her internship and left.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam is released from the hospital. Her abdominal pain reminds her of the pain she had with her miscarriage. Jason admits that he is still haunted by Jake's death. Josslyn is being released from the hospital. Carly and Jax have to decide who the baby is going home with. Carly tells him that if he tries to take her daughter from her, she will fight him with everything she has. Suzanne goes to a woman named Betty's house. Betty says she was afraid something went wrong. Suzanne says everything went perfectly, they will never find Lucien, she is off the radar, thanks to Brenda's foolish reward offering, and now she can raise her grandson in San Antonio as Sherry Scott. Suzanne and her real grandson Alec go to her San Antonio house. She tells Alec they are going on an airplane ride. Spinelli and Dante go to Sonny's house to discuss leads on Suzanne and Lucien. Brenda comes in and demands to know what they have found out. Sonny says that when they know something, they will tell her. Dante tells her that since she publicly announced that the child is with his grandmother, his kidnapping has become less of a priority to the police. Brenda has a tantrum and leaves to go see Jax. Spinelli tells Sonny and Dante that one of Theo's accounts was used to rent a car in San Antonio. Sonny says they have to get to her before she makes it to Mexico. Sonny tells Spinelli that he will break his leg if he tells Brenda. Dante tells Lulu he is enjoying working with Sonny and getting along. Sonny asks Carly to go to San Antonio to help take care of Lucien. Carly declines because Josslyn is being released, but Sonny talks her into it. Spinelli tells Dante that Suzanne's car is parked at a house owned by Sherry Scott. Spinelli slips and mentions to Brenda that Carly is helping in the search for Lucien.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly gets rushed to the hospital after getting stabbed by Marty and tells John what happened while still conscious but badly hurt. He then puts out an APB on Marty and warns Natalie that Marty may be after her. Natalie is on the rooftop in a struggle with Marty while baby Liam is there. At the end, Natalie falls or gets pushed down a flight of stairs and is unconscious. As soon as Joey finds out that Kelly has been hurt, he rushes to be with her, forgetting all about Aubrey while at Capricorn. He furiously blames John for what happened to Kelly and reveals he may have always been in love with Kelly. While at Capricorn, Jessica has come out with yet another alter, a male named Wes who was Brody's friend when he was a Navy Seal. "Wes" believes he is a male and has "interest" in Aubrey and Rama, disappointed to see that they are both married but mindful that neither are with their husbands. Cutter also notices that Joey seems to have abandoned Aubrey for Kelly. She is not happy with him for what he revealed to Joey not only about himself but also the suspicion cast upon her when Cutter revealed that he married Tess to get the Buchanan money. Clint is in his hospital bed talking to Viki who has found out that he is dying. She urges him to reach out to his kids although he tells her there's no point in worrying them when they all have their own lives and cannot do anything to change what has happened to him. She also asks him how it was that he somehow "gave" Dorian the taped confession of Echo telling him that she lied to Charlie about Rex being his son when he told her he did not intend to do that and didn't want to break up Charlie and Echo. He remembers Dorian blackmailing him when he was ready to die but does not tell Viki the whole story about what happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker sees Diane and tells her that he acted like a jerk when she first came to town and he apologizes for that he also tells Diane that Victor is a lucky man. Diane heads to the ranch to remind Victor how lucky he is and is surprised when Michael is there and hands her annulment papers and Victor tells Diane she gets a more generous settlement then what was in her prenuptial agreement Diane refuses to sign the papers but later Michael returns to the ranch and persuades Diane to sign the papers and tells her to consider leaving town because Genoa city is toxic for her. Diane sends a text to Tucker telling him she enjoyed their talk and wants to talk more with him. Nikki goes to an AA meeting and tells the group that it has been four days since she took a drink and that she has made some wrong decisions that led her to the bottle again but she has put distance between her and those people that led her to make those wrong decisions and she won’t make that same mistake again. Deacon is at the same meeting and he tells the group that he is sorry he hurt a very special lady and if she were there now he would tell her how much he regrets what he did to her. Victor tells Nick that he is dissolving his marriage to Diane and trying to get back together with Nikki Nick is happy but not surprised because he saw that coming and he wonders why Diane didn’t t tell him earlier when he saw her at Glowworm.

Tucker tells Katherine that he is using Chancellor Industries liquid assets to buy up Newman stock and then Chancellor Industries will sell him the stock at a loss and take the tax write off. Katherine is appalled that Tucker would talk to the board and do this behind her back, but she is even more hurt and angry when Tucker tells her that she is too old and sentimental and that is why she will always lose to him in business until she gives up the ghost. Traci is there to witness the exchange. Although she can’t hear what they are saying, she later tells Jack that Tucker looked cold and cruel when talking to Katherine. She thinks Abby may be right about Tucker, and it may not be a good idea for Ashley to marry him. Abby gets arrested for vandalizing Ashley’s wedding site at the park. Michael advises her to stop this because she is hurting both sides of her family, and they have been beat up a lot lately. Abby tells Michael he may be right, and Abby apologizes to Tucker and Ashley. Abby is waiting to be released from jail when the text comes in to Tucker’s phone from Diane. Abby reads it and sends a message to Diane from Tucker saying that he would like her to come meet him at the Abbott cabin tonight because he was intrigued by her text. Abby then goes to the cabin and once again apologizes to Tucker and Ashley and asks them if she can be a part of the wedding.

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