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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Caleb and Jack both miss Erica and they urge each other to move on with their lives and Caleb points out that if they both weren’t they could both go out for a beer and talk. Jack thinks Caleb should go back to his mountain but Caleb tells Jack he can’t do that now. Bianca is at Krystal’s retardant worried about Erica and tells Krystal that Erica must have a good reason to stay away since she hasn’t responded to the videos that they sent to her in the e-mails. Krystal tells Bianca that Erica should realize that she is hurting everyone she claims to love. Krystal tries to call Jack to check on him and realizes he left his phone on the counter and she tells Bianca that she will take it to him but Bianca tells her that she does enough for her Uncle Jack and takes the phone to return it to Jack. David sees Greenlee at the hospital and since he knows her so well he knows something is bothering her so he offers to listen but she wants him to leave and when he doesn’t Scott steps in and threatens to call security if he doesn’t leave. David knows that Scott and Greenlee are hiding something so he listens to Scott tell Greenlee that he doesn’t want to tell Madison that she got him out of jail so that he could distract her from Ryan.

Caleb talks to Asher in the park and thanks him for the work he has done on the Cortlandt Electronics website and Asher wonders how he could be in love with Erica and then turn off his feelings for her so quickly but Caleb tells Asher he once thought Erica was the reason he came to Pine Valley but now he realizes that Erica had nothing to do with it. David sees Madison at Confusion and lets it slip about Scott and Greenlee’s deal Madison pretends that she knew about it the whole time but a few minutes later runs off to the park. David tells Liza that he couldn’t waste the opportunity that landed in his lap to cause more problems in Ryan and Greenlee’s marriage. Scott Ryan come into Confusion later and David tells them he thinks he made a mistake but he doesn’t tell them about what he said to Madison. Krystal finds Jack at Erica’s place and he tells her he doesn’t know why he keeps trying to hang on to a woman who doesn’t want to be with him and Krystal wonders how she can help and Jack kisses Krystal which takes her by surprise. Greenlee sees Madison at the park and wonders what her problem is and Madison turns and says “you”. Erica thanks her captor for bringing her clothes and treating her in a civilized manner. Erica head into the closet and charges her phone. Bianca is at Confusion with Spike and she has to go get some food she sits Spike in a chair and he volunteers to hold the phone until she returns so Bianca tells him its not a toy and then leaves and points out to Spike where she will be and tells him she won’t be long. The phone rings and Spike answers and Erica whispers to him to tell Jack or anyone that she is in Pine Valley but since Erica is in a closet whispering so her captor won’t hear her. Spike is unable to hear most of what she is saying to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge feeds Brooke some grapes. Hope interrupts and tells her mom that she is sure she is glad she is not still stranded on that island and she is back in her own house, her own bed, eating real food. She’d like to talk to her about Liam. She is not seeing him, but they can’t seem to get over each other and she doesn’t know what to do. She is seeing Oliver, but she is not in love with him so maybe she just needs more time. Brooke reminds her that the baby will always be a part of Liam’s life. Hope can choose to be part of that or choose not to for the rest of her life. Brooke advises she would not hold out for something magical, it will only complicate her life. Amber thanks Liam for coming over. He doesn’t know anything about birthing classes and not sure he can help her there. She asks him not to say no right away; just keep an open mind. He tells her that he is still in love with Hope. He still wants a future with her. He will always be there for Amber when the baby comes, but not to expect more than that. Tawny hears this and later tells Amber that Liam is slipping away and she has to do something. Thomas surprises all by going back to the office late at night. Steffy senses that he’s not terribly happy and he makes a comment that not everybody has 25% of the company and they still have to prove themselves.

Liam shows up at Hope’s and they run into each other’s arms and kiss. He tells her that he still wants a future with her and that he told Amber that. Ridge tells Brooke that he will owe Thomas a debt of gratitude for the rest of his life for taking such good care of her on the island. Tawny finds Liam’s cell phone. She tell Amber that he has been texting Hope a lot. Everybody wants something; it just depends on who wants it the most. Hope tells Liam that she can not be the cause that he won’t be in the life of his baby. She will not call him or text him, but he can call her if she comes up with any answers other than what they are facing right now. Steffy goads Thomas and tries to get him to open up to her what really happened on the island. He was a hero to Brooke. There must be a story there. Ridge kisses Brooke, but all she can think of was the innocent moments she shared with Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the safehouse, Fake Rafe was shocked that Sami shot him.  She said she just winged him and told him to stop whining.  He asked why she shot him.  Sami called him a liar and said he wasn’t Rafe.  He called her a b*tch and lunged toward her.  Rafe stopped him. The two got into a fight.  Rafe knocked Fake Rafe out and tied him to a chair.  Rafe said he put the gun in a kitchen drawer.  Rafe said that he bullet grazed Fake Rafe’s shoulder. He told Sami that she was a lousy shot. She said she nicked him on purpose.  She didn’t want to kill him even though she would have liked to.  Rafe wanted to know how Sami knew he was the right Rafe.  She said every time she looked at that face (Fake Rafe’s) and thought that wasn’t Rafe anymore.  Then she looked at Rafe and knew he was the right one.  She said she prayed every night that she would get him back and now he is.  He said the problem was he didn’t remember seeing her until today.  She offered to tell him everything he needed to know.  She told him he was in a car accident.  She thought that was when the DiMeras made the switch.  Rafe believed that Fake Rafe’s story was true.  She said most of what he said was true except that everything happened to him.  She said that Fake Rafe knew everything about him, but Allie didn’t like him.  He wanted to know who Allie was.  She said Allie is her daughter.  She told him she had four kids.  Rafe asked if the two of them had four kids.  She said they were not biologically his, but they love him.  He wanted to know why they switched him.  She said they did it to break them up.  She said it was the only way the could because she would never leave him.  Rafe said he remembered being locked in a cell in somebody’s basement.  He said there was an older guy with an accent.  She told him that was Stefano.  They continued to talk about the DiMeras and his past.  She didn’t want to go to the police because EJ would disappear and she would never see her kids again. She wanted to let EJ think that his plan worked.  Rafe went along with the plan.  At Maggie’s house, Victor and Maggie talked about not seeing her again if Chloe stayed with her.  The two realized that they weren’t meant to be.  That upset both of them.

At Cheatin' Heart, Brady didn’t want to talk to Nicole.  She told him how she saw him hugging Taylor.  Brady thought she was acting jealous for a happily married girl.  She denied being jealous and said she didn’t want him getting hurt.  She said she knew Taylor better than he did.  She said Taylor wasn’t the little sweetheart everyone thinks she is.  She’s a cliché.  Taylor pulls this poor little match girl act because she knows men are suckers for it.  Brady stopped her.  He knew what she was doing.  Nicole said she was there for him.  Brady didn’t need any favors from her.  He warned her not to keep him on standby just because things may not work with EJ.  He told her to stop throwing Taylor under the bus.  Nicole said she wasn’t. Brady warned her that they were over.  The two continued to argue about Taylor until she left.  Lexie promised EJ that she wouldn’t say anything to Taylor.  EJ’s phone rang.  It was Sami.  Lexie went to check on the kids.  Sami asked about the kids and was going to check on them in the morning.  He noticed something was off in her voice.  She said things weren’t going well with Rafe.  She told him that she thought they could work things out, but now she didn’t think so.  She asked if EJ could keep Johnny and Sydney for a day or so. He agreed.  She said she needed some time to think things through.  She needed a couple of days before the divorce.  They talked about the kids and Rafe some more before ending the call. Lexie was sad that Sami and Rafe were going through problems, but EJ was happy.  Lexie and EJ talked about Taylor again.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady reminded Victor that Victor doesn’t run Titan anymore when Victor was making a deal.  Victor thought that was over when they made up.  Brady said it was a nice moment, but nothing changed.  The two argued until Brady left.  After Sami got off the phone, she and Rafe talked about EJ and what he did to Rafe.  Sami asked for Rafe’s help.  He agreed because he wanted revenge too.  Sami told him about Will and Gabi and promised that he would remember things soon.

GH Recap Written by Mary

While helping Robin with housework, Patrick tells her that this is what he missed. Robin is glad that he is home. Lisa listens to their conversation. At Kelly’s, Luke spikes his coffee with whiskey from a decanter. Carly walks in to distract herself from chasing Michael around. Carly tells Luke that he scared his family away. Lucky tells Siobhan that this is their wedding night and they need to celebrate. Lucky assures Siobhan that Elizabeth is fine. Michael orders Anthony to stay away from Abby. Patrick kisses Robin right before he leaves for work. Lisa smiles as she listens to Patrick looking for his credit card statement. Lisa holds Patrick’s credit card statement. Luke insists to Carly that he is not an alcoholic and reminds her that she asked him to gain some leverage on Jax. Luke says Carly owes him. Lucky tells Siobhan that Elizabeth watched their wedding ceremony from the hallway. Siobhan asks Lucky if he would have stayed with her if Jake were his son. Maxie apologizes to Matt because everything is moving too fast between them, and she doesn’t want to take the next step. Maxie shows Matt an engagement ring. Carly is confused as to how Luke wants her to help him get Tracy back. Carly agrees to let him move back in as soon as he finishes rehab. Lucky assures Siobhan that he and Elizabeth will never get back together. Kristina catches up to Michael and Abby at the docks. Michael asks her what is wrong. Kristina asks why he still hangs out with Abby. Kristina is distraught that a friend got into Princeton and she didn’t. Michael comforts Kristina when she calls herself a “failure.” As he closes the lid on the box, Matt tells Maxie that she wasn’t supposed to find the ring which isn’t for her. Maxie is upset that Matt is marrying someone else. Lisa places an order for long-stemmed red roses with a card from Patrick. Carly accuses Luke of being off his game when he thinks that she will fall for his line. Lucky tells Siobhan that he closed off parts of his life until he met her.

Maxie tells Matt that this is so unfair. Matt wants to explain, but she doesn’t want to listen. Matt informs Maxie that the ring is Patrick’s, who is planning something special for Robin. Patrick and Robin cannot find the credit card statement. Lisa comes up with a plan to communicate with Patrick without Robin finding out. Lucky unsuccessfully tries to leave without Siobhan seeing him. Matt and Maxie make love. Michael meets Abby at Kelly’s and lets her know about Kristina not getting into Princeton. Anthony comes home to find Johnny there. Johnny needs Anthony to let him know where he is. Anthony tells Johnny that he was tripping over the women today including Carly. Johnny orders Anthony to stay away from Carly or he is a dead man. At the docks, Luke tells Lucky that he misses him. Lucky is afraid that Luke will do something stupid and get himself killed. Robin and Patrick make love. Lisa writes an e-mail on the social networking site and smiles to herself. Michael tells Abby that he wants these charges to go away. Abby tells Michael that she visited Johnny. Michael agrees to let Johnny help them. Johnny warns Anthony to stay away from Michael and Carly. Anthony orders Johnny to play to win and that means all his enemies fall.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Clint's doctor tells him that his heart is failing and that he should start putting his affairs in order. Joey tells him that Tess married Cutter and Cutter wants to make a deal: Tess for cash. He asks Clint's honest opinion about Aubrey. Clint says she is a grifter and that the disc Joey destroyed contained the proof. Joey wants to end it with Aubrey and apologize to Kelly. Clint advises him not to do anything until Jessica is safe. Viki goes to see Clint and overhears him telling the doctor that he doesn’t want anyone to know he is dying. Cristian asks Rama if Vimal knows she is not pregnant. Aubrey tells Rama that Cutter is jeopardizing her marriage with his marriage to Tess. She reveals that she doesn’t love Cutter anymore; she loves Joey. A new alter emerges in Jessica - Wes, Brody's old Navy buddy. "Wes" comes into Capricorn and offers to buy Rama and Aubrey a drink. Charlie brings Viki the signed divorce papers. He tells Viki that his relationship with Echo is also over, and he is leaving Llanview. Dorian runs into a very drunk Echo at Capricorn and taunts her about being dumped. Dorian tells Echo that Charlie is leaving town. She offers to pay Echo's cab fare to the bus station, but Echo says she isn't leaving town; she is going to stay and get even with Dorian.

John goes to Llanfair looking for Natalie after receiving an urgent message from her. Viki asks John to be gentle with Natalie. Natalie is at John's apartment to tell him that he is Liam's father. Not noticing blood oozing under the bathroom door, she sees a note that says, Up on the roof" and when she goes there, Marty is up there with a romantic table set. Marty asks Natalie to leave because she and John are back together. Natalie plays a tape of Marty talking about the switched paternity test. Marty tells her that stolen evidence is inadmissible and that that conversation was subject to doctor-patient confidentiality. Natalie asks what Kelly thinks about Marty and John being back together. Marty says Kelly won't bee a problem anymore. John comes home and sees the blood under the bathroom door. He discovers Kelly on the bathroom floor. He calls 911 and reports that she has been stabbed but has a pulse. Up on the roof, Marty lunges at Natalie with the same bloody knife.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Tucker holds his hands over Ashley’s eyes as he prepares her for a surprise complete with a waterfall. Ashley hugs him as a thanks. They kiss. Tucker makes a call that he needs to see them tonight. Victor and Nikki kiss as they lie in bed together. Diane looks at the pic of Victor and Nikki in bed. Nicholas and Victoria look at a picture of Sharon and the caption which reads “Suicide.” Billy lets Nicholas know that Michael dropped Phyllis as a client in the custody suit. Jack tells them that Phyllis is forging straight ahead to gain full custody of Lucy and they should prepare for an all out war with her. Phyllis joins Daniel at the coffeehouse to discuss custody of Lucy. Daniel is deep in thought . Phyllis tells him that she is getting Lucy out of foster care and home with them. Abby comes home and yells for Ashley but is surprised to see Traci. They hug. Abby remarks thank God that she is here. Victor and Nikki cuddle together. Nikki looks on a bedside table and sees a picture of Kylie. Diane makes a call to Nicholas. Nicholas looks at the message but doesn’t say a word to Victoria or Jack. Nicholas tells Jack that he is sorry about him and Phyllis breaking up. Phyllis and Daniel meet with a lawyer about the custody trial. The lawyer tells them that Daisy’s parental rights have not been terminated. While with Diane at Gloworm, Nicholas gets a call from Phyllis and leaves to meet her. Daniel assures Phyllis that he wants Lucy to have a good life. Tucker and Katherine discuss what John Abbott meant to her. Katherine gives in and agrees to attend the rehearsal dinner with him. Traci assures Abby that no matter how hard things get, Abby can always call her. When she overhears Abby’s conversation with Traci, Ashley orders Abby to shut up about Tucker. Katherine refuses to have any dealings with taking over shares of Newman Enterprises.

Ashley reprimands Abby for comparing Tucker to Adam. Ashley stops Abby from taking another drink. Ashley wants to know why Abby is acting the way that she does. Abby calls Ashley “gullible” for marrying Tucker. Nikki reminds Victor that he is married to someone else now. Nikki kisses Victor good night as she hurriedly leaves. Tucker and Jack marvel at the extreme that Tucker went to for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Jack asks Tucker to reconsider his offer. Abby, once again, tries to warn Ashley about Tucker. Traci finds out that Abby sold her shares of Newman to Jack. At the coffeehouse, Nicholas confronts Phyllis about her and Jack breaking up. Nicholas asks Phyllis how she can go after his family like this. Phyllis tells Nicholas that this is none of his business. After Nicholas reminds Phyllis what Victoria is going through right now, she brings up what he did to Ashley concerning Faith. Abby visits the place where the rehearsal dinner is to be held. At Gloworm Katherine sees Nikki sitting at the bar, eyeing one of the bottles of booze. Nikki tells Katherine that she still wants Victor. When Diane returns home, Victor tells her that their marriage is a mistake. Diane wants to know if this is about what is going on between him and Nikki. Daniel listens to Nicholas and Phyllis’ conversation about Lucy. Phyllis tells Daniel that they have to find Daisy before she finds Lucy. Jack, Traci, Victoria, Billy, Ashley, and Tucker have a small celebration. Jack proposes a toast to the happy couple. Diane looks at a picture of Nikki and Victor in bed together. Diane is angry, so she picks up a plate and smashes it to the floor, vowing revenge on Victor. Abby, with bottle in hand and humming the “Bridal March,” tears down the decorations for the wedding then falls into the fountain.

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